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"Bubble blowing dinosaurs Vs. wind up toys. The ultimate battle!!!"

Ahhh, Bubble Bobble. This game brings back memories. Watching Bub (or Bob, if you're playing two player) hop around the screen blowing bubbles to kill ghosts, wind up toys, and some red thing in 200+ levels is one of the greatest experiences on the NES. Ok, enough with the memories, lets get on with this!

''Now is the beginning of a fantastic journey! Let us make a journey to the cave of monsters! Good Luck!''

That, my friends, is the beautiful story to this game. It's so good, that to this day, modern man has yet to improve on it. The climactic end to it, Bub and Bob getting reunited with their girlfriends (which unusually look nothing like dinosaurs)is touching and thought provoking, and even puts Final Fantasy to shame.


The only bad part to this game is the graphics. They are nowhere near the quality that the rest of the game shows. There is no backgrounds, its just black, and the platforms are not that good looking either. BUT...they suit this game well. Their lighthearted style fits with the whole theme of the game. Still, they aren't that good looking, considering Mario(the Nintendo's first game) looks light years better.

There are only about 6 sounds in the whole game. The theme music, which is nothing more than twydolupootwydolupootwydolupoo repeated for a long time, the game music, which plays through EVERY level, it never changes, the popping sound, the jumping sound, the bubble making sound, and the dying sound. Still, what's there is done well, though the music makes you want to stab somebody.


This is the example all the games of today must follow. It's extremely simple. You must capture 4-12 enemies in bubbles, then pop them by hopping on them or sending a blue bubble or lightning bolt their way. The game may sound easy, and through the first 20 levels, it is. But after that, I dare you to try to beat it without dying. The game gets pretty challenging at the later levels. However, having a friend blasting stuff with you eases the challenge considerably. As a matter of fact, this game is 100% meant to be a two player game. You can't recieve the best ending without a partner, so find a friend to play this game with you, preferably one that doesn't mind controlling a bubble blowing dinosaur over a chainsaw wielding zombie killer. And if you're wondering if there's any bosses, the answer is YES!!! There is one main boss, that you defeat like any normal enemy but he takes alot more time and hits. Beat him, and you get one of the great endings to the game and play Super Bubble Bobble mode, the same levels only with more enemies and a higher challenge level. Beat that and you can get the ultimate prize, the power of love and friendship.

Replay Value:10

This game is super addicting. You'll be playing for a long time, and after you finally beat Super Bubble Bobble, you'll want to play again. and again. and again. and so on. I got this game 7 years ago, and I still play it. Even when Resident Evil and Super Smash Bros. Melee are staring me in the face, I'll pick up good old Bubble Bobble for my fix of insanity.

Buy or Rent?

Well, you can't rent NES games anymore, so if you see it, buy it! It costs about 5 cents at Funcoland, and with all the masterful gameplay that you'll get out of it, it's a must buy.

The final opinion

Although the graphics and music aren't good, this game is one of the simplest but funnest games I've ever played. The two player action is fast and fun, and it all collides to create the one of the greatest NES games ever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/09/02, Updated 08/09/02

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