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Reviewed: 02/12/00 | Updated: 02/12/00

Ok, so there are these two dinosaurs...

Bubble Bobble is indeed a strange game. As far as I understand, this is the story: You and your friend must rescue your girlfriends, who have been kidnapped by a giant elf and his henchmen of windup toys. You do this by trapping your foes in bubbles and turning them into popsicles, kiwis, and other odd sweet treats. In the end, you hit the mean old elf with lightning, save your girlfriends, and if memory serves me right, turn into humans. A very odd premise but a very fun game!
Bubble Bobble is a great two player game, up there with River City Ransom as the elite two player games on the NES. You fight the enemies in assorted stages, then move on to the next one and so on for about 100 levels. There are a few bosses along the way and a password feature to save your progress.
Bub and Bob (the heroes of this game; real names: Bubert and Robert) went on to greater fame in Rainbow Islands and the Addicting puzzle series Bust-A-Move. If you like this game, check out Snow Bros! On with the reviews shall we--?

Graphics=7.8 Fun, whimsical, and dare I say playful? This is a magic world of cupcakes, ice cream, and dinosaurs. Everything is ''Cuted'' out to the max; even the big mean bosses look cherubic and playful. The stages and backgrounds are very basic, and there isn't a huge variety of enemies. While cut and dry, it's still a decent looking game.

Sound=8.0 Some find the tinny theme to Bubble Bobble annoying, others simply hate it. I am kind of fond of the music-box, carousel-type theme that happily plays as you float from stage to stage. It WILL get embedded in your consciousness, I do warn you!

Play Control=8.5 You jump around a lot a spit bubbles. It is rather basic, which means there isn't a lot to screw up! Some of the power ups can actually make the game harder (such as the speed boost).

Challenge=4.0 Perhaps with all the whimsy going on, this game was made for little kids. Don't let that keep you from playing it though, this is a fun adventure game! So what if it's easy? It's addicting and fun!

Storyline=9.0 Save the girls, ok, that's nothing new. But the odd world you are immersed in is very amusing and strange. This game screams JAPAN NINTENDO LOGIC!!

Overall=8.0 If you like fun two player games, this is your cart. Don't let the floofy appearance deceive you! This game is a blast to play!

Fun Fun fun!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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