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Reviewed: 02/14/00 | Updated: 02/14/00

Pure, Ridiculous Fun

'Bubble Bobble' is one of those all-time classic little games; easy to learn, tricky to master, and brimming with a charm all its own. Much like 'Bust-A-Move,' another Taito classic, 'Bubble Bobble' is adored even amongst non-hardcore video gamers. (I have two friends who hate most video games, but love to play Bubble Bobble.)
You control a little dinosaur-type creature (a friend can join you for the much-preferred silmataneous play), on a mission to rescue your girlfriends from some sort of heinous evil bad guy overlord. (Due to translation fuzziness and a rather slim storyline, the actual plot of the game is pretty much negligent.) But naturally, before you can rise up and destroy the head baddie, you must fight through dozens and dozens of levels, with increasing difficulty as you go along.
As the title implies, you fight by encasing the bad guys in a bubble and then popping it, which destroys the little buggers. (And they leave behind a fruit item to boost your score when they are killed, which is very considerate of them, one must admit.) Each level also has some sort of magical knick-knack to help you along, such as a pair of speed shoes, or a bomb to blast your enemies into smithereens.
That's about it, really. On the first level of the game, you wipe out the enemies, collect the goodies, and go on to level two. Lather, rinse, repeat. This may sound dull, but let me assure you, that after playing this game for who knows how many years, I still enjoy it.
Most of the game's fun comes from the colorful items you collect, and the non-stop action. The game is twice as enjoyable with a friend, so try to have a pal with you when you decide to bobble some bubbles. (You can share extra lives with a friend in case he runs out, or vice versa.)
The graphics in 'Bubble Bobble' are full of color, and very vibrant. All of the enemies are silly and fun to watch, and the many different items in the game make for great eye candy. The architecture of the levels make for some interesting shapes as well. (Some of the later levels, especially the 'secret' ones, seem to have a lot of secret messages inscribed in the landscape.)
The sound is definitely a mixed bag for some. The game has one song, and plays it pretty much non-stop. It's reasonably catchy, but most people tend to get pretty sick of it after a while. I think the repetitiveness of it is kind of funny, and I sing along without shame. But if you're overly sensitive to this kind of thing, the music might cause you to put a brick through your television at around level 67.
The replay value of this game is pretty deep; I've enjoyed it for ages, and it has maintained its popularity for years and years. It is not an in-depth game, but it sure is addictive. And great two-player cooperative games are few and far between, so to find one that is fun for so long is a rare and wonderful thing.
A silly title, and a silly and wonderful game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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