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    FAQ by Tastii

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                                .-./ _=_ \.-.
                               {  (,(O O),) }}
                               {{ |   "   |} }
                               { { \(---)/  }}
                     ______    {{  }'-=-'{ } }    ______
                    / |  | \   { { }._:_.{  }}   / |  | \
                    \_|;_|_/   {{  } -:- { } }   \_|;_|_/
                    / |  | \   {_{ }`===`{  _}   / |  | \
                    \_|_;|_/  ((((\)     (/))))  \_|_;|_/
    ||                D O N K E Y  K O N G  F A Q  V 2.0                 ||
                      Donkey Kong for the NES FAQ V 2.0
                 Written by Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>
        /            F I L E   I N D E X                 \
       |  ________________________________________________|
       | /                                                 \
       ||  Title of Game:  Donkey Kong                      |
       ||  Platform:       Nintendo Entertainment System    |
       ||  Publisher:      Nintendo                         |
       ||  FAQ Author:     Justin Bailey aka Michael Galosi |
       ||  Last Updated:   August, Seventeenth, 2001        |
       ||                                                   |
    This work is written and copyrighted 2000 - Mike Galosi
    This FAQ is written and intended for personal and non-business use only.
    Only those with express written permission may post this FAQ on their 
    website except for GameFAQs.com . This FAQ is not to be reproduced 
    without permission for personal or public use in any way shape or form. 
    This includes other websites, magazines, or any other type of published
    article without express written permission. FAQ created, owned, and
    maintained by Mike Galosi aka Justin Bailey <theraven@kiski.net>.
     All copyrights are acknowledged and respected in this FAQ.
    This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:
    www.gameadvice.com and their partners
    If you wish to use my FAQ on your website, please email me and I will
    more than likely say yes.
    Donkey Kong is (c) of Nintendo - 1979, 1985
             "Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation,
              I just think, "What would Donkey Kong do?"  So far,
              it works fine, as long as I'm standing next to a
              pile of barrels on top of a weird ladder-structure."
                                                  -Todd Loushine
    |Table of Contents|
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Walkthrough
         A. Level One
         B. Level Two
         C. Level Three
    IV. Tips & Tricks
    V. Enemies
    VI. Cheat Codes
    VII. Frequently Asked Questions
    VIII. Special Thanks
    ||                   V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                    ||
    Version 1.0 - Initial FAQ and Walkthrough created through encouragement
    from Dingo Jellybean, Thanks! ^_^ (July 04, 2000)
    Version 1.1 - After pondering why my FAQ wasn't posted, decided to look
    at it without wordwrap, and found my problem. (July 12, 2000)
    Version 1.2 - Added some FAQ's and info about where my FAQ can appear.
    (June 30, 2000)
    Version 1.21 - Changed who can host this FAQ. (June 30, 2000)
    Version 1.3 - Reorganized the Tips section. Added difficulty rating to
    each level. (June 31, 2000)
    Version 1.31 - Changed who can host this FAQ. (Augest 2, 2000)
    Version 1.5 - Added a quote I found to the top of the FAQ. Added a new
    enemy to the Enemies list (Firefish). (Augest 2, 2000)
    Version 1.7 - Added more Tips and more FAQs.  Added another host for
    the FAQ. (Augest 3, 2000)
    Version 1.8 - Reorganized, thought I'd clean up the FAQ a bit. Also
    one new host for the FAQ. (December 3, 2000)
    Version 1.85 - Another host for this FAQ. (December 5, 2000)
    Version 1.86 - Tidied the place up a bit. (Decemeber 6, 2000)
    Version 2.0 - Revamped the layout a bit, added File Index.
    (August 17, 2001)
    ||                      I N T R O D U C T I O N                      ||
    Our favorite Italian plumber from New York, Mario (Jump Man back in the
    day), find's his darling girlfriend Pauline captured one day. Little
    did he know she was taken by his disgruntled pet ape, Donkey Kong.
    You're mission is to help Mario run through three construction sites
    to reach Pauline and punish the evil monkey Donkey Kong.
    Donkey Kong, published in 1979 in the arcades and then in 1985 on the
    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), it has been a cult classic since
    it debuted.  Spawning several NES/Arcade sequels, three Super Nintendo
    adventure games, and a very expansive Nintendo 64 game along with
    several guest appearances on a vast number of games, Donkey Kong is
    perhaps one of the most popular and recognized videogames of all time
    (can someone say Pong?).
    ||                      W A L K T H R O U G H                        ||
    Level One:
          ===  |                          
    DK         |
          |   |
                    |                |
        |         |
       *                             |
    * = Start
    The classic Donkey Kong level known world round for the barrel jumping
    and hammer swinging fun it possesses. You're basic point of entry
    should be to run to the first ladder on the right, climb to the second
    floor and proceed left.  Now, depending on where the barrels are you
    will probably want to go up the first ladder, unless a barrel is
    coming down, which of course you should wait and jump and then proceed
    to the third tier. Run immediately to the fourth level before any
    barrels come barreling down (no pun intended.. well maybe a small one).
    On the fourth tier wait a few round of barrels, jumping then as they
    come, then make a dash for the last two ladders and up to Pauline.
    Difficulty: [1234(5)67890] - Jumping barrels can be tricky.
    Level Two:
      DK      -----                             
        |           |             |     --
        -           -             |  --  |
        |           |             --     |
    --- |   ---     |  --   ---          |
      | |    ||     |                    |
      | -    ||     -                 -----
      | |    ||     |    --            |
      | |   ---     |         --       |
      | |           |                 --
     *| -           -                    --
    --- |           |                    |
      | |           |                  ---
      | |           |              --
    --- |           |           --
    * = Start
    Jumping level, takes some skill. Grab the parasol and go to the bottom
    tier.  Wait for the fire to go halfway up the ladder and jump to the
    moving belts.  Jump over to the two ladders and then proceed to do the
    same for the second set of moving belts, but watch one when you jump,
    a significant jump will crush Mario on impact. Jump up the staircase
    and watch out for the bouncing thing-a-ma-mobs ^_^. Wait below the
    ladder till the flame passes up, then run up the steps and to the top
    of the ladder. Stand here until a bouncing thing jumps over you and
    then dash for Pauline. Congratulations, one more level left. One more
    note: The bottom might look like a floor, but let's just say it's
    electryfied, if you go down there you die.
    Difficulty: [12(3)4567890] - Definitly the easiest of the trio.
    Level Three:
              |  |          |   |
              |  |          |   |
            |           |         |
            |           |         |
          |     |           |      |
          |     |           |      |
         ------ ---------------------
        |          |                 |
        |    *     |                 |
    * = Start
    The rivet level, my personal favorite.  Donkey Kong doesn't throw
    anything on this level, no barrels or bouncing springs.  But, there
    are a number of flames to contend with, but the hammers provide
    significant defense, as does the someone dumb AI.  This level is
    kind of unfair because if two flames corner you, there's nothing
    you can do unless you have a hammer.  Start out by going up the left
    ladder and running straight across to the right knocking out the two
    rivets, then do the same on the next tier. On the third and top
    levels, do the left side first, then the right, by climbing up the
    ladder and getting the top rivet then the bottom. Don't touch Donkey
    Kong on the top level or Mario will die.  Repeat for the right side
    and *JOY*, Donkey Kong falls and bops his head on the metal beams as
    Mario and Pauline get it on up top ^_^.
    Difficulty: [123456(7)890] - Those flames can ruin a good strategy.
    ||                      T I P S  &  T R I C K S                      ||
    A few tips from an experienced Donkey Kong fan such as myself.
    -Never try to jump a flame, it just can't be done ^_^.
    -If you know two barrels are traveling relatively close together, as
    to be unable to be jumped, grab a hammer.
    -Don't always go for the hammer, it slows you down as you can't climb
     up ladders or jump with it.
    -Watch where you jump, if Mario jumps more than his height and a half,
     SPLAT!, no more Mario.
    -If you're going for a high score, level one is a good place to rack
     up points, you can stand on the third tier and jump barrels at a
     pretty steady rate to rack up a nice score.
    -Also try to grab the extra items (parasol and purse) for a few more
     points, although barrel jumping is the true key.
    -If you don't make it through at least two rounds (all three levels)
     without losing a life, forget about getting a real high score.
    -You get extra bonuses for speed, so don't waste too much time jumping
     a few extra barrels.  You can make up for it in speed bonuses.
    -Follow the patern that the barrels follow in level one and make sure
     you don't climb up the ladder when one is supposed to come down.
    -The springs in level two always fall in the same path, so note it and
     they are very easy to avoid.
    -You get an extra life for every 1,000,000 points you score.
    ||                          E N E M I E S                            ||
    Name: Donkey Kong
    Appearance: A giant brown monkey throwing stuff at you!
    Level(s): All
    Strategy: In the first two levels you must avoid the things he
    throws at you. In the last level however he just sits there and
    acts dumb, but don't touch him, you'll die that way.
    Name: Fireball
    Appearance: A red flame running around the level.
    Level(s): Level 1, Level 2
    Strategy: Avoid at all costs, bottom line. Unless of course you can
    smack it with a hammer.
    Name: Firefish
    Apperance: A fiery fish that chases after you.
    Level(s): Level 3
    Strategy: Run away! Run away! These can't be jumped so don't try.  The
    only way to rid the level of them is to smack them with the hammer.
    Name: OIL Barrel
    Appearance: Blue barrel with "OIL" on the front.
    Level(s): Level 1
    Strategy: Just don't touch it, VERY easy to avoid, as it stays
    still.  If a barrel hits it, the first two will turn into fireballs.
    Name: Barrel
    Appearance: Brown barrels with blue/red rims.
    Level(s): Level 1
    Strategy: Jump over them or smack em with a hammer.
    Name: Springboard thingy
    Appearance: Blue spring boards with white springs.. wow.
    Level(s): Level 2
    Strategy: Thrown in the same pattern, very easy to avoid.
    ||                       C H E A T  C O D E S                        ||
    Game Genie (c) Codes (Courtesy of GameSages)
    SXNGOZVG	Infinite lives 
    PENKNPLA	Start with 1 life
    PENKNPLE	Start with 9 lives
    If you know of any other cheat codes (Game Genie or whatnot) please
    e-mail them to me at theraven@kiski.net all credit will be given to
    the first person that sends them to me.
    ||       F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S           ||
    Q: Are there any hidden games within Donkey Kong?
    A: No.
    Q: Where's Donkey Kong's trademark tie?
    A: That didn't appear until Donkey Kong Country.
    Q: Why do you die when you hit the ground in level 2?
    A: It's electrified or something..
    Q: Why does Pauline have a bucket?
    A: It's a purse.
    Q: How do I turn into Super/Flying/Fire Mario?
    A: *Smacks himself in the forehead* You can't.
    Q: Can you play as Luigi?
    A: No.
    Q: Who made those awesome ASCII maps?
    A: Dingo "Call Me Daddy" Jellybean
    Q: Can you get extra lives, more than 3?
    A: You can get an extra life for every 1 million points.
    Q: Can I use your FAQ(s) on my website?
    A: Just ask for permission first and I will most likely say yeppers.
    ||                    S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                     ||
      -My mom and family for buying me my first NES at that early age and
       getting me hooked on videogames.
      -Dingo Jellybean for the very wonderful ASCII Maps, thanks!
      -CJayC for finally uploading my FAQ..
      -GameFAQs chat crew for the encouragement and good times.
      -GameSages for the Donkey Kong Game Genie (c) codes.
      -Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto for creating such a wonderful game.
      -And most of all, you, for taking you're time to look at my work
       (my first walkthrough, can you tell?)
    Any feedback (positive or negative) can be sent to theraven@kiski.net
                                 )     (            
                             /  ()     ()  \        
                            (N  N       N  N)       
                            J) (N  NNN  N) (L       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                            N) (N (NNN) N) (N       
                           NF (N (NNNNN) N) 4N      
                           4L (N (NNNNN) N) JN      
                           (N  N)`NNNNN`(N  N)      
                            4) () 4NNNF () (F       
                             N  4  4NF  F  N        
                             `) `)     (` (`   
                       J U S T I N     B A I L E Y
    [=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- E N D -=- O F -=- D O C U M E N T -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=]
           -Copyright 2000, 2001 - Michael Galosi aka Justin Bailey-

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