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Many people have heard of Mario's humble beginnings as Jumpman in the 1981 Arcade game Donkey Kong. It brought Nintendo onto the videogame scene and popularized videogaming all over again. A few years later, and a mediocre port was released onto the NES. Why it's considered a classic remains a mystery.

As mentioned previously, Mario is known as Jumpman, (ironic, as Jumpman's jumps are hardly jumps at all), a little old carpenter who has to save his girlfriend Pauline from an evil primate known as Donkey Kong. Not the best story, but not many people play platformer/action games for their story. Now, to make up for a lacklustre story, most games try to be incredibly fun. Donkey Kong is an example of one that tried and failed. Jumpman moves at an incredibly slow pace, can hardly jump, and emits an annoying squeaking noise with every step he takes. Those were problem that both versions (NES and arcade) had. The emulation has far worse problems, however.

To start off, the most interesting level, the second one, was omitted from the NES port, and remains omitted here. This destroys a quarter of the original content, and eliminates the game's most fun level. Instead, you go in an endless loop through consecutively harder versions of the three other levels for as long as your mind can bear, at an agonizingly slow pace. The first level is the most infamous, with Mario jumping over Kong's infinite supply of barrels, climbing up ladders, and (hopefully) getting a hammer along the way. the third level, (or second, in this port), has enemies and some detached platforms for some differentiation, but this differentiation is ruined, as a similar concept is executed in the final level. Yep, just three levels in this watered-down port. Other than that, the gameplay is incredibly simplistic and can hardly keep your attention for very long. Add the weakness of the NES compared to an arcade machine, which resulted in poorer graphics and sound, and you'll be having almost no fun at all due to the SLOWNESS of this game, and if not that, the bare-bones gameplay.

I don't quite understand why this bad port is so highly praised, or included on the Wii Virtual Console and a "Classic NES Series" GBA cartridge. It is certainly not a classic on the NES, and is best left to the arcade.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/02/07

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