Review by Ofisil

Reviewed: 10/19/07

A classic part of gaming history... but nothing more

Donkey Kong is a Platform game developed and released by Nintendo. First in the Arcades and after various ports in the NES, it was the second, if I remember correctly game designed by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. One the first platform games, if not the first, a true classic, consider by many the reason for the evolving of the modern gaming world.

Story: N/A

Donkey Kong, a huge King Kong-like ape has kidnapped Pauline the girlfriend of Jump Man, now called Mario, (yup! THIS Mario), so you set on a quest to save her. Now this plot seems very bad for today standards but back then it was something new for gamers.

Graphics: 5/10

We have 3 stages with the same black background, that are supposed to be construction sites. Although now this game is very old, all levels still look like what are they supposed to. Also Jump Man had very good animation for each time and for such an old game it still looks good.

Sound: 5/10

The only music you’ll hear apart from the classic main theme, are some 5-second tunes before each stage and after the completion of the game. After that no music… only sound effects. Again, like in the graphics section, this game although very old has good sound quality but a bit strange for today standards, at least it’s a bit funny hearing the sound of Jump Man running, (it sounds like farting!)

Gameplay: 6/10

The first legendary stage of Donkey Kong Jump Man has to climb stairs that are scattered in the construction site in order to reach Pauline. Donkey Kong throws barrels at him that can be easily avoided with a single jump. Barrels roll in the floor, make zigzags and fall from stairs. There are also two hammers that Jump Man can use for a brief time in order to destroy barrels. This sums up the gameplay of Donkey Kong. There are two more stages that feature an elevator, a spring and more stairs but the gameplay remains the same, jump from platform to platform, avoid falling down and touching enemies and reach the top. After completing the game you start over with more and faster enemies.

-Old school fun
-One of the games that helped the evolving of the gaming industry

-It’s an old, old, old, old game
-Repetitive gameplay

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Overall: 5.3/10

The game unfortunately is very old and has lost its former value. It’s a true classic more for its contribution to the game world instead for its gameplay. Nevertheless give it a try only to remember those times or if you are very young to learn how all started…

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Donkey Kong (EU, 10/15/86)

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