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"The arcade classic now on the Virtual Console. Save your five dollars."

Donkey Kong for the arcade and NES was a classic and a hallmark in the world of gaming. It was one of the five arcade games, that if you mastered, you were among the best of video game players. It is incredibly difficult and frustrating. For the casual gamer, you're lucky to get past the first escalator stage. This game requires months of dedication to get good, but I don't know many people who would take that time. Except maybe Billy Mitchell and Steve Weibe. Now that brings me to my next point; if you saw the King of Kong, those guys make this game look easy as hell. Don't be fooled and automatically buy this game on the VC unless you want to have a nostalgic experience, or if...I don't know. The only people I know who would play this hours upon hours are people who grew up in those days. This game will most likely not appeal to new-school gamers, so just save your money.

Gameplay: 4/10

Now let's get on the with the review. You are Mari...I mean Jumperman. Donkey Kong has kidnapped a girl name Pauline, and you must save her by walking on platforms, climbing up the platforms and dodging several obstacles. Just simplistic gameplay...that takes a big toll on you. The first stage is pretty easy, but that difficulty takes a drastic step and becomes incredibly hard. And that's where the problem comes in. Unless you're dedicated to this game, you won't get past that many stages, making it repetitive by doing the same stages. And if you are dedicated to this game, you're at the point where you just want to make a name and where the game is not even fun anymore. It's just straight competition. You must overpower the game and not the other way around. Now don't get me wrong, I know people who actually find entertainment in this game whether they're dedicated or not. But a lot of times, people find this game boring because of the difficulty and get frustrated. Mainly because they are used to 3D games and not any old-school games. Personally, I used to enjoy Donkey Kong, but it just lost the charm that I found so appealing in it. The gameplay is innovative, it just lost most of its entertainment value.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are sub-par. It's exactly the same as it's NES counterpart, they are colorful (Not in terms of Super Mario Bros. colorful since the background is black) and fine enough to have you appreciate them.

Story: 9/10

The story by today's standards, or even NES standards sucks. The story for those days was awesome. I basically explained it in the gameplay section already, so I'll repeat it. A girl is kidnapped by a giant ape, you must save her. It doesn't sound like much, but it was good. If a game today had that story, I would give it a low-ass score.

Final Rating: 6/10

This game used to appeal to me, I can't explain why, but I just don't find it that fun anymore. But like I said before, this game will most likely not appeal to new-school gamers. It's for people who want the nostalgic experience. So I'd just spend the $5 elsewhere, like on Super Mario Bros. 3, unless you truly are a fan of the game. There are many other better NES games on the Virtual Console to buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/16/08

Game Release: Donkey Kong (US, 11/19/06)

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