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"A Pretty Fun Arcade Game That Pioneered a Genre of Video Gaming"

Gameplay: 8/10.
There was nothing great about this game, but it -was- one of the first platforming games ever, and that certainly counts for something. Also, this game started the Mario franchise which has grown to be the biggest video game franchise, period. This was basically the birth of the beloved platform genre (I believe there was one other game before this, but I am not sure), so it is definitely worth a start. There was not anything spectacular about the gameplay, however, and there were some pretty annoying parts. Mainly, you die if you fall. Not only if you fall from really far heights, but just from one platform to the next in really short distances, you can still die. Even if you are riding the rising ladders to get across the stage, you can die when jumping off or on to them. It is pretty annoying, but you learn to be careful about it quickly. It is a short game, but it is pretty fun.

Story: 8/10.
The story was fine. It definitely is not any great in-depth storyline or anything of the sort, but it at least has a short explanation. That is more than most games during the time, so I am giving it a pretty decent score for the story. Jumpman's (yes, he was called Jumpman at first) pet Gorilla stole his girlfriend because he was mad, and Jumpman has to go get her back. Simple, but still more than most games had at this point.

Graphics: 7/10.

The graphics were average for the day. Basically, you are just comparing them to other arcade games, and they all looked about the same. They say a "C" is average, so that is what I am giving this game. There is nothing special, but there is nothing disappointing, either. Not really any complaints to be made about the graphics.

Sound: 7/10.

The sound effects were largely average for arcade games at the time. There was nothing special about these, but the little tune they played when you got the hammer was kind of neat. Other than that, these sounds are the same arcade sounds that you would hear in any other game, pretty much.

Overall: 7.5/10.

This game was a good start for the platforming genre. If you have never played this game, and you like video games, you should. This game started the franchise that revived and popularized video games going forward. If it was not for this game, Super Mario Bros. would not have existed, and the video game crash of 1984 could have easily gone into 1985, and later, and we could be several years behind on the video games today. Anyways, enough about what this game started. The game is pretty good in and of itself, and although it is pretty easy, it is worth it to play through at least once.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/09/09

Game Release: Donkey Kong (US, 06/30/86)

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