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"Sigh... let's not go there again."

Back in 1981, Nintendo released a little game called Donkey Kong in the arcades and it was a smash hit. This game was Donkey Kong and Mario's first game and it created the platform and ladder aspect that so many games used today. So Nintendo was thinking ''Why don't we bring this game on our best-selling console, so everyone can have the arcade at home!''. It was a good idea, yes it was. So um, why didn't it work out?
Donkey Kong is about Kong stealing Mario's girlfriend Pauline and now Mario has to jump over barrels, look out for springy things and take all the bolts from a building so that he can save her.
The good news is that this is a perfect arcade conversion, with picture perfect graphics very similar to the arcade version. And yet sadly, this is where its biggest flaw is. You see, this game has just 3 levels in it, like the arcade game. The levels consist of:
Level One:Walk up the ladders jumping over barrels and grabbing mallets to bash them and climb up to the top.
Level Two:Climb up the moving platform, climb down the ladders, jump up on to the platforms avoiding the springy things Donkey Kong sends you and climb up to the top.
Level Three:Walk over the bolts to make the building crash and make Donkey Kong fall on his head. Avoid the fire enemies.
In a way, that is the actual walkthrough for the entire game! Sad isn't it. It can be completed in 5 minutes and it is so boring the first time you play it, chances are, you won't want to play this a second time.
Nintendo could have put in at least 20 different levels, that way at least it was a challenge, but noooo, they had to make it arcade perfect. What developers need to know is that console games need more longetivity than arcade games.
The developers have also added in a Game B, which is just like Game A for some reason, and the two player mode is also boring, taking it in turns to see which player gets the highest score.
In the end, Donkey Kong is a good arcade conversion, but why couldn't have Nintendo have put more levels in?
This is good for a rental, in case you need a novelty to play with if you are EXTREMELY bored. As it stands, it just doesn't cut the mustard (or mashed banana, in Donkey Kong's case). Heh heh...

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/30/01, Updated 09/29/01

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