Review by RedHALOHitman

Reviewed: 03/10/04


There are 3 games that in my mind will always be remembered to me as ''NES Classics'',Super Mario Bros.,Duck Hunt,and Donkey Kong.These,in my mind,are some of the finest games ever made in the history of video games.These are the games I grew up with...with the exception of my brothers Atari that had the dreaded ET game...(Damn you E.T.)Anyways...onto my review of the game that made us all go ape on our NES...

For NES standards,these graphics are good.Jumpman (Mario) is well animated and colorful.Donkey Kong is also colorful and well animated.Princess (Peach) is also well animated.The platforms of the levels I guess are well made.I love the way Miyamoto made the way DK looks when he smiles,it just looks cool.All in all,the graphics for Donkey Kong arent the best on the NES (that rhymed lol)...but they get the job done,which is good.

Sound-7/10 The sounds arent the best.But sounds are where there needed.Like the ''How high can you get?'' jingle,Donkey Kong smiling noise,the ''BUMP BUMP'' of him smashing the platforms,and the famous ''Broing! Broing!'' of Jumpman.The noises seem primitive,but its still preety cool.

Donkey Kong is played like this,you play Jumpman,and you try to rescue the princess from Donkey Kong.To do this,you must jump over the barrels that Donkey Kong throws at you,while climbing up ladders.The game is fun for alittle while,but sadly,gets old.I loved playing this at first,then having the same thing happen,over,and over,and over,and over,got old.Its still refreshing at times,like actually yesterday I popped this into my NES and played for about 20 minutes...then began writing my review.

The controls for Donkey Kong is preety easy.You only need to move and jump and climb ladders.But my complaint about climbing ladders is that sometimes,Jumpman doesnt climb them,meaning you die because you get hit.This can be annoying.Which will lead to proably many deaths from the damn barrels that Donkey Kong throws.

The story is simple,Donkey Kong took the princess,and ran up a bunch of ladders and platforms,and put her on the top as he throws barrels at you.You,Jumpman,must save the princess! Simple,but it works.

All in all,Donkey Kong is a preety good game,but I'll always remember it as a NES classic.The gameplay,although it can be very boring at times,is still fun,and preety addictive.Well hey,it started Mario's saga,so it must be preety good! How can anyone get sick of that stupid looking drunk looking monkey with the ''How high can you get?'' music doodling in the background.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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