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"Why is Donkey Kong evil?"

As my tag line says, Why the hell IS Donkey Kong evil?
And why did he turn good all of a sudden? Oh well, some of lifes mysteries will never, ever be answered. The only REAL problem that is in the game is-WHERES THE FACTORY LEVEL?!?!?!? Oh well, things could be a lot worse.
But I’m here to review Donkey Kong. This game just simply rocks.

The graphics in this game are pretty average, but not completely unfortunate. Donkey Kong and Pauline look all right, but Mario looks kinda dodgy. The levels and enemies aren't that special either, but they are still ok.

The sound is very good, and is very well known. But the Sound effects are too loud and it gets hard to hear the music most of the time. The sound effects are just your basic ''beeps'' and ''bangs'' and the occasional ''bung'' but they still rock.

The controls are excellent and very tight. Very simple too- A to jump Control pad to move. Simple but effective.

This game is just THAT damn good. For some reason I just keep on playing and playing and playing until my eyes started bleeding. All the levels are extremely fun, especially the last level. The tight controls really help out as if they were sloppy and unresponsive the game would kinda suck. But they aren't. So that is good.
A nice touch is the hammer. When you get the hammer the music changes to a faster tune. You can also destroy any enemy except Donkey Kong. It makes the game a little more exciting.

This game is way too easy. The average gamer could knock it over in 20-30 mins on mode A. Mode B provides some challenge but in the end the game is easy peezy lemon squeezy. However even when you beat it you'll want to play it some more or beat your hi-score or see how many levels you can do before getting GAME OVER. That is what makes a great game.

This is a tricky question. You have to consider how damn easy the game is. You also have to consider how damn fun the game is. So it depends. Are you the sort of person who
a. Beats the game and never play it again
b. Plays the game for a while for the fun value, even if you do beat it 5000 times.
If you are a then I think you should only rent this game.
However, if you are b I think you should buy it. You'll probably get a whole lot more out of it.

Graphics- 7
Sound- 8
Controls- 10
Gameplay- 11
Lastability- 7
Overall- 9

In conclusion, this game is kool.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/26/04

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