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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IRogers

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                   D O N K E Y    K O N G    C L A S S I C S  
    For the Nintendo Entertainment System
    A FAQ written by Ian Rogers
    Drop me a line if you liked my FAQ, have a question, or just want to say 
    Version 1.1
    Revision History:
    Version 1.1
    A small update, I added a Frequently Asked Question about those buckets 
    that look like purses and one about Mario's name.
    Version 1.0
    First release of this FAQ.
    A long, long time ago (way back in 1981) a man named Shigeru Myamoto 
    (who went on to create The Zelda series and the Mario series) came up 
    with the smash hit arcade classic, Donkey Kong.  And that was how it all 
    I'm sure that most every video game fan has played Donkey Kong at least 
    once.  Maybe they didn't beat it, but they played it.  And I'm sure it 
    was fun.  Running around, jumping over barrels, saving a princess, heck, 
    who wouldn't like that concept?
    Along with the original came the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr.  Another 
    classic in itself, and it was another major success in the arcades.
    Now both of these hit games are available on one NES cartridge.  Well, 
    it has been available for a long time, but I'm just mentioning the fact.  
    If you don't have these games, I suggest you go to your local Funcoland, 
    used video game store, or yard sale, and buy yourself a copy!  Today, it 
    would actually be quite cheap....
    This FAQ contains info on both Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., the 
    games that make up the Donkey Kong Classics cartridge.  
    Table Of Contents
    I. Donkey Kong
      1. Storyline
      2. A Few Basics
      3. Level 1
      4. Level 2
      5. Level 3
      6. Enemies List
    II. Donkey Kong Jr.
      1. Storyline
      2. A Few Basics
      3. Level 1
      4. Level 2
      5. Level 3
      6. Level 4
      7. Enemies List
      8. Fruit List
    III. Game Genie Codes
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    V. Acknowledgments
    VI. Copyright Info
    So, let us begin.
    I. Donkey Kong
    The game that started it all.....
    1. Storyline
    You are Mario, a humble plumber.  What, you never heard of Mario?  Where 
    have you been for the last 20 years?  
    Anyway, one day, a giant monkey named Donkey Kong decided to run amok 
    and steal Mario's girlfriend.  He captured her and climbed up to the top 
    of a tall, tall building.  Donkey Kong then wreaked havoc up there, 
    creating obstacles and such.
    Mario, being the heroic fellow that he is, decided to do the right thing 
    and rescue his girlfriend.  To do so, Mario would have to climb to the 
    top of the building, and somehow defeat the evil Donkey Kong.
    2. A Few Basics
    I guess I'll start by listing the Game Controls:
    D-Pad Left and Right: Move around
    D-Pad Up and Down: Climb up and down ladders
    A: Jump
    B: No Function
    Start: Pause Game
    Select: No Function
    As Mario, your basic move is jump.  Jumping is very important, because 
    jumping over barrels and across pits is crucial to completing the game.  
    If you're used to platform jumping, you should find this game's jumping 
    no different from most games.  Simply pressing A will make Mario jump 
    straight up into the air.  But, holding left (or right) and pressing 
    jump will make Mario jump in that direction.  Get it?
    Ladders are also a big part of this game.  Every level has ladders that 
    you have to climb up (or down).  Climbing ladders is very simple, you 
    just go up to the bottom of the ladder and press Up.  Going down a 
    ladder is equally easy, you just go up to the top of the ladder and 
    press down.
    Another big part of this game is enemies.  Enemies will thwart you at 
    every turn, waiting for you to mess up and bump into them, so that you 
    will die, and lose a life.  Stay away from those enemies!
    To get a complete listing of all of the enemies, see Section 6.
    The last thing that I need to talk about is the Hammer.  The Hammer is 
    cool, you pick it up, and you whack it like mad.  If you hit an enemy 
    with a hammer (like a barrel or a seal) then that enemy is destroyed, 
    and you get a lot of points.  Excellent!
    3. Level 1 
    Description: Six floors, separated by ladders, stand between you and 
    Donkey Kong.  Four of these ladders are broken, but nine are climbable.  
    Donkey Kong stands at the top, throwing barrels at you.  The barrels 
    roll downwards, randomly falling down ladders or cliffs.  There are also 
    two Hammers that you can grab.  One is one the third floor, and the 
    other is on the fifth floor.
    Enemies: Rolling barrels, Flamers, Oil Barrel, and Donkey Kong.
    Scoring: 100 Points for jumping over a barrel
             500 Points for destroying a barrel with the Hammer
    Time Bonus: 5000 Points, minus 100 points per second.
    -The first two barrels that roll all of the way down will hit the Oil         
    Barrel and turn into the Flamers.
    -The Flamers will wander around the first two floors, mindlessly     
    climbing up and down ladders.  They can never come up to the third 
    -Watch out for the Oil Barrel!  If you walk up to it, you'll be safe, 
    but if you jump up on to it, you'll die.
    -Always run as fast as possible.  Not only will this help you avoid some 
    of the barrels, but it will also earn you a better time bonus.
    -When climbing up a ladder, always make sure that the floor above is 
    clear of barrels before you step on to the ladder.  Don't just sit and 
    wait while on the ladder, because that will leave you as a sitting duck 
    for barrels.
    -Some of the Barrels that Donkey Kong throws will just fly down until 
    they hit the bottom.  Be careful of these!
    -When jumping over barrels, make sure that you are running towards the 
    barrel at full speed, then press A when the barrel just about gets to 
    you.  If you're not running, you will usually just crash into the 
    barrels and die.
    -Always grab the Hammer!  Not only will you get some points, but you can 
    also wipe out most of the barrels for a little while!
    -When using the Hammer, stand in a spot where you can hit both the 
    barrels that come right at you, and the barrels on the floor above you.  
    -If you want to take a risk, stand just under the Hammer, and face left.  
    Now, wait for a barrel to come at you.  When it is a little while away 
    from you, grab the Hammer and destroy it.  This technique will cause you 
    to be able to destroy more enemies with the Hammer.
    -To complete the level, simply climb up the final ladder.  The victory 
    music will play, and Donkey Kong will grab your girlfriend and escape 
    4. Level 2
    This level may look complicated, but there's really not much to it.
    Description: This level's main feature are two little elevators with 
    platforms that move upwards at a steady pace.  You start off on the far 
    left, below two small platforms, and an Umbrella that you can grab for 
    points.  The first elevator is to your left.  After the first elevator, 
    there are two more platforms with ladders connecting them, and a Flamer 
    on guard.  The second elevator is to the left of that, then follows a 
    series of platforms and ladders at lead up, with another Flamer, and a 
    Bucket that you can grab for points.  Donkey Kong is at the very top of 
    the level, throwing springboards at you.
    Enemies: Springboards, Flamers, and Donkey Kong
    Scoring: 800 Points for grabbing the Umbrella
             800 Points for grabbing the Bucket
    Time Bonus: 5000 Points, minus 100 points per second.
    -Be sure to grab the Umbrella and the Bucket, they give you a lot of 
    -While you are waiting for the first elevator, make sure that the Flamer 
    is on the bottom platform, so it won't kill you as you cross.
    -If you stay on the elevator too long, the platform will reach the top 
    and you'll die!
    -It may look like there is floor at the bottom of the level, but if you 
    fall down there, you'll die.
    -When jumping on and off the elevators, wait until the elevator platform 
    is almost level with you, or maybe a little bit higher, then jump.
    -If you really want to save time, you can jump directly from the second 
    elevator to the upper platform, as opposed to waiting until it goes down 
    to the bottom.
    -The Flamer on the left is easy to avoid.  Just wait until he climbs off 
    of the platform you want to jump on, then go for it!
    -The Springboards that Donkey Kong throws will always fall in the same 
    pattern.  Just jump as soon as the springboard passes you, and you'll be 
    -Once you climb the ladder up on to the top platform, stay put and wait 
    for the next springboard to pass you by.  Then, run over to the final 
    ladder and climb up.  If you are fast enough, you should make it before 
    the next springboard comes.
    5. Level 3
    The Final Showdown with Donkey Kong!
    Description: Donkey Kong stands atop four platforms connected with 
    ladders.  You start off on a fifth platform down at the bottom.  Small 
    bricks cover the gaps in between the platforms.  There are 3 bonus items 
    that you can grab, which are 2 Umbrellas and a Bucket.  There are also 
    two hammers to grab.  A Fiery Fish is wandering around, and more will 
    appear out of nowhere every so often.  For once, Donkey Kong is not 
    throwing anything.
    Enemies: Fiery Fish and Donkey Kong
    Scoring: 800 Points for picking up an Umbrella
             800 Points for picking up the Bucket
             100 Points for taking out a brick
             500 Points for destroying a Fiery Fish with the Hammer
    Time Bonus: 5000 Points, minus 100 points per second, same as always.
    -In this level, you need to knock out all eight bricks, which will cause 
    the platforms to collapse. 
    -Remember, when you run over a brick, it will disappear, leaving an 
    empty space that you can jump over if needed.
    -Be sure to grab both Umbrellas and the Bucket!  They can give you lots 
    of points!
    -Don't bother trying to jump over the fiery Fish, you just can't do it!
    -Don't go near Donkey Kong!  If you touch him, you'll die.
    -Only grab the Hammer if there are Fiery Fish near you that you can hit 
    with it.  If there aren't, you'll just waste time.
    -Stay away from the Fiery Fish!  You can't jump over them, and they 
    always want to come after you!
    -If you die, then you will start again at the beginning, and all of the 
    bricks will be back in place.
    -When all of the bricks are knocked out, Donkey Kong will fall, your 
    girlfriend will be rescued, and you'll have beaten the game.
    6. Enemies List
    Name: Donkey Kong
    Description: A big ape that roars and beats on his chest.
    Appearance: Every level.
    Notes: Donkey Kong basically just throws barrels and springboards at you 
    in levels 1 and 2, but in the third levelhe just stands there.  You'll 
    die if you run into him.  
    Name: Barrel
    Description: A small, rolling, barrel-like object.
    Appearance: Level 1
    Notes: The barrels that Donkey Kong throws will roll down at you.  You 
    can either jump over them, or destroy them with the hammer.  Barrels 
    like to randomly roll down ladders, so watch your step!
    Name: Flamer
    Description: A flaming ball with eyes.
    Appearance: Levels 1 and 2
    Notes: These things can not be destroyed, due the fact that they can 
    never come into a position where you can hit them with the Hammer.  You 
    also can't jump over them.  So, it's just best to avoid them.
    Name: Springboard
    Description: A bouncing.....thing
    Appearance: Level 2
    Notes: The springboards that Donkey Kong throws will always bounce in a 
    predictable pattern, which makes them easier to avoid.  You can't 
    destroy these things either.
    Name: Fiery Fish
    Description: An orange/yellow creature that looks like a cross between a 
    fish and a seal.
    Appearance: Level 3
    Notes: These things are a real pain, mostly due to their tendency to 
    move very slowly.  Try to get them with the Hammer, to get some points 
    and get them out of your way!  You can't jump over them, so don't bother 
    Name: Oil Barrel
    Description: A barrel with "Oil" written on it.
    Appearance: Level 1
    Notes: I classify this as an enemy simply because it can kill you.  If 
    you jump on top of it, you'll die.  The first two barrels that crash 
    into the Oil Barrel become Flamers.
    II. Donkey Kong Jr.
    Yes, here it is, the ever-fun sequel to Donkey Kong!
    1. Storyline
    After the events of the original Donkey Kong game, Mario decided to get 
    his revenge on that big ape by putting him in a cage and holding him 
    By doing this, Mario crossed the line between peaceful hero, and 
    outrageous supervillain!
    And so, when it seemed that Donkey Kong was doomed to live in captivity, 
    his son, the baby ape Donkey Kong Jr. came.
    Donkey Kong Jr. was a little monkey, not quite as tough as his father, 
    but still, he was very brave and had to save his dad.
    The now evil Mario got word of Jr.'s plan, and took Donkey Kong and his 
    cage away into his secret stronghold in the jungle, which is where Jr. 
    must come to rescue him.
    2. A Few Basics
    Once again, I'll start by listing the game controls:
    D-Pad Left and Right: Move around
    D-Pad Up and Down: Climb up and down vines
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: No Function
    Start: Pause Game
    Select: No Function
    Donkey Kong Jr.'s moves are much not that different from Mario's, with 
    only a few exceptions.
    Jr.'s basic move is jump.  He can't jump very high, so that's a little 
    con of the game.  But, you can control the direction in which you jump 
    by using the D-Pad Left or Right Buttons while you jump.  Use this 
    technique to jump over pits and enemies.
    Oh yeah, and don't jump off of high cliffs and expect to survive!  In 
    fact, jumping off platforms that are even slightly higher than the 
    landing point will lead to death.  *Sigh*
    Now, we need to talk about vines.  Jr. loves to climb around on vines, 
    in fact, half of this game is climbing on them!  Climbing vines is easy, 
    just jump on to the vine, and you'll grab on to it.  Now, use Up and 
    Down to climb.
    You may notice that Jr. can only climb very slowly on a single vine.  I 
    suppose that's because the poor little guy is scared.  To climb faster, 
    you need to grab two vines at once.  This is easy.  Just grab on to one 
    vine, then press left or right to reach out for another vine.  If you're 
    holding two vines at once, it will make climbing a lot easier.
    You might also notice that going down on only one vine is much faster 
    than going up.  If you really paid attention, you would notice that when 
    holding on to two vines, Jr. climbs down much slower.  Therefore, when 
    going up, you should use two vines (if possible), and when going down, 
    you should use only one.
    That's about all I have to say on the subject of vines.
    And now, on to fruit!  Most normal apes would eat any piece of fruit 
    that they find, but not Jr.!  If you see a piece of fruit growing on a 
    vine, touch it, and it will fall down, killing any enemy in it's path!  
    You'll also get some points for simply touching the fruit in the first 
    Also, each level is full of enemies.  Be it birds, spark things, or a 
    different kind of birds, they're there, and will kill you if you run 
    into them.  So, try to watch out for those enemies!
    3. Level 1
    Description: A series of vines and platforms located under the goal at 
    the very top.  There are six vines suspended from the top platform, and 
    two more that you must use to climb up to the top.  There is also 
    another vine connecting two other platforms on the left of the screen.  
    In Game A, there are two Red Chompers already in the level, and Mario 
    shoots Blue ones from his magic wand.  In Game B, there are three Red 
    Enemies: Red Chompers and Blue Chompers
    Scoring: 400 Points for hitting a fruit
             800 Points for hitting an enemy with a fruit
    Time Bonus: 5000 points, minus 100 points for every second.
    Fruit: 2 Pineapple Bunches, 1 Apple, and 1 Bunch of Bananas.
    -The Blue Chompers that Mario releases will simply move towards you, 
    then climb down a vine and fall off of the bottom of the screen.  The 
    Red Chompers, however, are smarter, and can move around in any 
    direction, and will never fall off of the screen.
    -At the start of the level, just jump up and grab on to one of the 
    vines, then the other and climb up.
    -Watch out for the Blue Chompers!  They'll climb down your vine and kill 
    you if you're not careful.
    -Take note of the fact that climbing on two vines at once can be more 
    dangerous because there is more of a chance that an enemy will climb on 
    to one of your vines and get you before you can let go of it!
    -You can get an easy extra 800 points if you wait for a Blue Chomper to 
    climb on to the right vine, and when it does, drop the fruit on it!
    -Wait until the Red Chomper climbs down on to the lower platform, then 
    jump on to the top platform and jump on to the next vine.
    -When you get on to that vine, simply slide down to the platform below, 
    and you'll be fine.
    -Jumping between the bottom platforms is a breeze, just make sure that 
    you don't accidentally run off!
    -You can get an easy 400 points if you just hit the bananas to release 
    them.  However, if you time it right, you can get a Blue Chomper to fall 
    off of that vine, then release the bananas to destroy it, and get more 
    -When climbing on the vines on the far left, watch out!  Chompers are 
    always trying to get you when you're on them!
    -Make sure that there are no Chompers (Red or Blue) on the top platform 
    when you jump on to it.  If there are, you'll be in trouble.
    -When you reach the top platform, run as fast as possible, then jump on 
    to the final vine to climb up and reach the goal!
    4. Level 2
    Description: You start off at the bottom of the screen, where there are 
    three platforms, a springboard, and a moving platform that will help 
    transport you in between them.  In the middle there is a machine that 
    moves two poles left and right and across a rope.  There is also a 
    second moving platform below the rope.  After using the machine to 
    cross, you must climb across a series of vines to get to the top.  Mario 
    sends flocks of birds that fly across the screen in several different 
    straight lines.  The birds also lay eggs at a certain point after flying 
    Enemies: Birds and the Eggs that they lay.
    Scoring: 400 Points for hitting a fruit
             800 Points for hitting an enemy with a fruit
    Time Bonus: 5000 Points, minus 100 Points for every second.
    Fruit: 1 Banana, 1 Pineapple Bunch, and 1 Apple
    -The Springboard can be tricky to use at first, but it can be mastered 
    with practice.  Just make sure that you don't jump too far, otherwise 
    you'll just barely hit it and end up bouncing off.  Instead, try to time 
    your jump so you will hit the Springboard directly.
    -The first moving platform is very easy to jump on and off of.  Just 
    make sure that you don't miss it!
    -When you're standing on the upper platform waiting for the bar to come 
    to you, watch out for the Birds that will lay eggs on you!
    -The first moving pole is hard to grab, because you have to jump at just 
    the right second.  Once again, this can easily be mastered with 
    -Once you've grabbed on to the first pole, let it take you right above 
    the moving platform.  Then, simply drop off.
    -Once you are on that moving platform, jump to the second moving pole.  
    Once on it, wait until it gets close to the vine, then move left to grab 
    on to it and let go of the pole.
    -On the top section, watch out for the birds!  They could fly in several 
    different straight lines, so make sure that you don't get in their way!
    -I don't recommend waiting around to try and hit birds with the fruit, 
    but I like to just hit the fruit and get some easy points.
    -Once you have climbed up to the top platform, be prepared to jump over 
    one of Mario's birds.  After that, just jump to the vine to reach the 
    5. Level 3
    Description: Four large platforms occupy this level, and two vines 
    connect them at the sides.  Four Orange Sparks rotate around the 
    platforms, one spark for each platform.  Mario will also release Blue 
    Sparks, which will go down each of the platforms until they reach the 
    bottom of the screen.  
    Enemies: Orange Sparks, and Blue Sparks
    Scoring: 400 Points for hitting a fruit
             800 Points for the first enemy hit with the falling fruit
             1200 Points for the second enemy hit with the falling fruit
             1600 points for the third, and so on.
             100 Points for jumping over a Spark, Blue or Orange
    Time Bonus: 5000 Points, minus 100 points for every second.
    Fruit: 3 Apples
    -This level is actually easier than the last one, in theory.
    -Before stepping on to a platform, make sure that the Orange Spark is 
    ahead of you, not behind you.  This will almost guarantee that you will 
    not be hit by it.
    -It is very difficult to hit an Orange Spark with the first fruit 
    (unless you wait for it to pass under your platform), but if a Blue 
    Spark is coming at you, you can hit it easily.
    -You could also jump over the Blue or Orange sparks, it earns you 100 
    -The first and third pieces of fruit require you to jump in order for 
    you to hit them, but the second one you can hit by simply walking into 
    -Watch out for the Spark on the top, it moves faster than normal!
    -In this level, you can actually use the same piece of fruit to hit more 
    than one enemy!  If you time it just right, and you'll get a lot of 
    6. Level 4
    Description: In this level, there are eight vines (or in this case, 
    chains) below the top platform.  Donkey Kong is held in his cage, and in 
    order to free him you need to put the six keys into their locks.  Each 
    key is located on a chain, and you must move it upwards in order to put 
    that key into the lock.  There are two Red Chompers wandering around, 
    and Mario is launching crows that fly down the screen at you.
    Enemies: Red Chompers and Crows
    Scoring: 400 Points for hitting a fruit
             800 Points for the first enemy hit with a fruit
             1200 Points for the second enemy hit with a fruit
    Time Bonus: Do I even have to say it?  5000 Points, minus 100 points for 
    every second.
    Fruit: 2 Apples
    -Your chief opposition in this level is those stupid Crows!  They fly 
    down at you, and there always seems to be more of them!  
    -The most important thing here is to beat this level as fast as 
    possible.  Not only will it earn you more points, but the longer you 
    stay in the level, the more likely a crow will get you.
    -When climbing up the chains on the left, use two at once so that you 
    can go faster.  
    -However, the chains on the right are guarded by the Red Chompers, so 
    using two chains at once can be dangerous.  Try to alternate between one 
    and two chains, this can help you avoid them, but still go fast!
    -In this level, you can also hit two enemies with a single fruit.  
    Simply wait until a Chomper is under the fruit, and a Crow gets under it 
    too, and you'll earn 2400 Points!
    -Other than that, there's nothing else I can say, except Good Luck.
    7. Enemies List
    Name: Red Chomper
    Description: Basically just a red mouth with sharp teeth, and eyes.
    Appearance: Level 1, and Level 4
    Notes: This thing is a real pain.  It'll climb up and down vines, across 
    platforms, and follow you around.  If you get a chance, hit it with a 
    fruit so that you can get rid of it!
    Name: Blue Chomper
    Description: Same as the Red Chomper, only a bit more blue in color.
    Appearance: Level 1
    Notes: These little things are less annoying then the red ones.  Mario 
    releases them, and they will just find a vine and go down it until they 
    fall off.  Not very bright.
    Name: Bird
    Description: A blue bird.
    Appearance: Level 2
    Notes: The Birds are released by Mario, and they'll fly down, then turn 
    and fly across the screen in a straight line.  They're easy to avoid, 
    but you have to be ready to move.  Too bad Hitchcock isn't running the 
    show this time!
    Name: Egg
    Description: A white thing
    Appearance: Level 2
    Notes: When a Bird gets to a certain point, it might lay an egg, which 
    will fall down and kill you if it hits you.  About every other bird will 
    lay an egg.
    Name: Orange Spark
    Description: An orange ball of electricity that flashes.
    Appearance: Level 3
    Notes: These things will rotate around the platforms in a predictable 
    pattern.  Not very hard to avoid, luckily.  You can also get 100 Points 
    by jumping over them!
    Name: Blue Spark
    Description: A blue ball of electricity that flashes.
    Appearance: Level 3
    Notes: This is just like the Orange Spark, except that this one is 
    released by Mario, and will travel down to the bottom of the screen.  
    You can also get some easy points by jumping over it.
    Name: Crow
    Description: A black bird with a large beak
    Appearance: Level 4
    Notes: I hate these things!  There are always so many of them!  Anyway, 
    Mario releases them, and they'll fly down across the screen, and they 
    always seem to get in your way too.
    8. Fruit List
    There isn't really a point in having an entire section devoted to the 
    fruit in this game, but I feel that no part of a game, no matter how 
    small, yadda yadda yadda.
    NOTE: Every piece of fruit will drop down when you touch them, and 
    besides their looks, there is no difference between the fruit at all.
    This is the most obvious fruit of all.  You can actually tell what it is 
    without that much thought!  
    I'm not exactly sure about this one, but if I'm right, that is one big 
    apple!  Of course, do apples really grow in the jungle?  Of course not, 
    but this is no ordinary jungle....
    Pineapple Bunch
    Basically just two pineapples.  Not really a bunch, more of a duo, but 
    bunch sounds a lot better.  I'm not sure whether these are pineapples, 
    or mangoes, but since not that many people actually see mangoes on a 
    daily basis, I'm calling them pineapples.
    III. Game Genie Codes
    Since Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. are both different games, if you 
    enter Game Genie codes for one, they won't work for the other.  Get it?
    Also, these codes will also work on the original version of either game 
    (i.e. you can use them with either Donkey Kong, or Donkey Kong 
    Donkey Kong
    SXYAOP          Infinite lives 
    PETANA          Start with 1 life
    TETANA          Start with 6 lives 
    PETANE          Start with 9 lives
    AEVAVSIA        Controllable jump  
    EAKOLSLG        Keep hammer for longer
    Donkey Kong Jr.
    SZZGTP          Infinite lives  
    PATLST          Start with 1 life
    TATLST          Start with 6 lives 
    PATLSV          Start with 9 lives
    AEKGAUIA        Controllable jump 
    EAVGVIAG        Faster single vine climbing 
    PAXIPAIA        Can fall onto platforms
    EXSKSGEY + EXUKNGEY     Speed up
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is the difference between Game A and Game B?
    A: On Game B, enemies go faster, and sometimes there are more of them.  
    In other words, it's harder!
    Q: Was Mario called "Mario" in the original Donkey Kong game?
    A: Actually no.  His original name was Jumpman (some say Jumperman) but 
    it was changed after the release of the original Mario Bros. game.  I 
    refer to him as Mario in this FAQ because it just makes things easier.
    Q: Hey, those aren't buckets!  They're Purses!  What gives?
    A: A kind soul (David F Webb <dwebbster@juno.com>) told me that they 
    were actually purses, not buckets as I had originally thought.  I still 
    call them buckets though, because old habits die hard.
    Q: In both games, why do you go all of the way back to level one after 
    you beat the last level?
    A: It makes the game more fun.  Besides, you can see how many times you 
    can beat it, or how high of a score you can get.
    Q: What does Donkey Kong want with Mario's girlfriend anyway?
    A: I sincerely do not know.
    Q: Why does Mario die if he hits the Oil Barrel?
    A: It's very dangerous to play near Oil Barrels, last year they killed 
    over 500 humble plumbers!
    Q: Wait a minute.....I wasn't paying attention, who created Donkey Kong?
    A: Shigeru Myamoto of course!
    Q: Hey, didn't he also create Mario, and the Zelda series?
    A: Yeah.
    Q: Is Donkey Kong Jr. wearing a diaper?
    A: I think so.
    Q: Why does Mario die if he touches Donkey Kong in Level 3?
    A: Think about it, could you take on a giant monkey all by yourself?
    Q: Can I play Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong Jr. with two players?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Can you destroy those flaming things with the Hammer?
    A: Nope.
    Q: Can you find the Hammer in Donkey Kong Jr.?
    A: No, that's a silly idea.
    Q: Can you destroy Donkey Kong with the Hammer?
    A: No!
    Q: Is there a way to earn extra lives?
    A: Finally, an intelligent question!  But, the answer is no.
    Q: Mario a villain!?  That seems crazy!
    A: Yeah, but we all think about doing bad things every once and a while.  
    Mario must feel that way too.  Besides, he was still mad about that 
    whole girlfriend thing.
    Q: Why did you devote an entire section of your Donkey Kong Jr. FAQ to 
    A: Do I need a reason for everything?
    Q: If Donkey Kong is so mean, why is he the hero in later games?
    A: Hey, Mario turned from bad to good, so people can change!  
    Q: Can I play Donkey Kong on N64?
    A: Actually, the answer is yes.  In Rare's game DK64, there is a hidden 
    bonus stage where you can play the original Donkey Kong game.
    Q: If Donkey Kong Jr. is strong enough to lift up his dad, why can't he 
    handle a little bird?
    A: Ah, the mysteries of life......
    Q: Hey!  Mario dies at the end of Donkey Kong Jr.!  So, why does he 
    appear in countless other games?
    A: He's not dead, he just got knocked out.  Or so is my understanding...
    Q: Why isn't Donkey Kong wearing his trademark tie?
    A: That's not for another 15 years or so, when Donkey Kong Country comes 
    Q: Which do you like better, Donkey Kong, or Donkey Kong Jr.?
    A: Donkey Kong is really the better game, but Donkey Kong Jr. is longer 
    and more challenging.  But I still like the original Donkey Kong the 
    V. Acknowledgments
    First off, the biggest thanks of all should go to Shigeru Myamoto, the 
    gaming genius who created Donkey Kong, and countless other great games.
    Also, thanks to Nintendo for distributing both Donkey Kong, and Donkey 
    Kong Jr.
    Special thanks to whoever came up with idea of packaging both Donkey 
    Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. in one game cartridge!
    Another round of thanks for David F Webb <dwebbster@juno.com>, who gave 
    me some useful info for this FAQ!
    Thanks to Gamesages for the Game Genie Codes!
    And, of course, a final round of thanks to Gamfaqs for posting this FAQ 
    on that great website.
    VI. Copyright Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Ian Rogers
    First off, this FAQ can not be altered in any way, shape, or form.  This 
    FAQ can not be posted on any website without prior permission from the 
    author (me).  Also, this FAQ may not be converted into HTML.  This FAQ 
    can not be sold or distributed in any way without permission from the 
    author.  So basically, don't go posting this FAQ on your website or 
    magazine without my permission.  Get it?
    Well, that's the end of this.  If you have any info or whatever, email 
    me (Ian) at <mr_bean88@hotmail.com>.  
    And that's all I have to say about that.

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