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    Save State Hacking Guide by Ultimaflare99

    Updated: 08/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Ultimaflare99
    To hack savestates you need a Hex Editor, I use Hex
    Workshop, which you can 
    find at http://www.bpsoft.com
    Hex is system with 15 digits in "each place" from 0 -
    F, F being "15"
    For example AA = 170. *Hex Workshop comes with a
    20B0	1100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
    20C0	0000 0000 0000 0001 0000 0000 FF00 0000
    Most editors have the address located at the left hand
    column i.e. 20B0 or
    20C0. Each "byte" consists of two dights. So 11 is
    located at address 20B0,
    while FF is located at 20CC. So if say wanted to
    change your level,  
    to 21 You would go to the address that it's located
    in: 20C7, Then you would
    replace 01, with the number that you wanted (in this
    case 33). Also for numbers
    requiring more than 1 byte,the bytes are entered in
    reverse. For example 
    9999 = 270f. So you would enter it as 0f27, NOT f072.
    Current HP:   20C5
    Current MP:   20C6
    Level:	      20C7
    Experience:   20BA
    Money:        20BC
    ***Your Level must match the experience you have,
    chaning just the level 
    won't make a difference.
    Herbs:      20BF
    Magic Keys: 20C0
    Herbs and Magic Keys are always located at these
    addresses. Simply add in
    the number that you want.
    Everything else: 20C1-20C4
    NOTE: two items fit in each byte, so putting in AC
    located at adress 20C2,
    will yield Stone of Sunlight, and Silver Harp in that
    0: Nothing
    1: Torch
    2: Fairy Water
    3: Wings
    4: Dragon's scale
    5: Fairy Flute
    6: Fighter's Ring
    7: Erdrick's Token
    8: Gwaelin's Love
    9: Cursed Belt
    A: Silver Harp
    B: Death Necklace
    C: Stone of Sunlight
    D: Staff of Rain
    E: Rainbow Drop
    F: This one's weird, it simply shows the number of
    herbs you have, and you 
       can't use any herbs from this slot either.
    address: 20BE
    This one's annoying, basically each number will yield
    one possible combination
    of different armors.
    So 01 would give you only a small shield,
       02 would give a large shield,
       03 would give a silver shield,
    and so on until every possible combination of
    equipment has been accounted for.
    So to make it simple, simply enter FF and you'll get
    the best equipment.
    The stats appeared to be set to your level, changing
    them seems to have no
    effect, they simply revert to their proper values.
    I'll include them just
    in case any of you are interested.
    strength:    20C8
    agility:     20C9
    Max HP:      20CA
    Max MP:	     20CB
    attack:	     20CC
    defense:     20CD

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