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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GWS_Wizard

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       __|       /   R A G O N      |  \/ /\  \/ /   A R R I O R 
      |________/                     \___/  \___/ 
     |_____   _____| 
           | |                FAQ Version 1.0 - April 1995 
           | |                Compiled by GWS Wizard 
      _____| |_____          
     |_____________|          With special help from: Mike664 
       Hello People! Here is the Dragon Warrior I FAQ v1.0! I know this game 
    may be old, but some of us old Dragon Warriors are hooked on this series 
    of games! And what better way to start of a series than with a classic 
    like this! Erdrick, Princess Gwaelin...who could ask for anything more? 
    The FAQ contains a monster list, EXP chart, weapons and armor charts 
    and a complete walkthrough by Mike664! 
    Message from Mike664: 
        Hey. What'sup everyone? Thanks to anyone who downloaded this. This  
        will hopefully make you happy. Keep in mind that the facts are based  
        on long hours of game playing, but the tips are solely mine. In case  
        you do not agree, there are basic tips that should apply to every- 
    So, let's get rolling! 
    ~~GWS Wizard~~ 
                   Lists of Monsters, Items, Weapons, and Spells 
    MONSTER        |  GOLD | EXP  | HP 
    Armored Knight |  140  |  70  |  90 
    Axe Knight     |  165  |  54  |  70 
    Blue Dragon    |  150  |  60  |  70 
    Dragonlord     |    ?  |   ?  |   ? 
    Drakee         |    3  |   2  |   6 
    Drakeema       |   20  |  11  |  20 
    Droll          |   25  |  10  |  25 
    Drollmagi      |   90  |  22  |  38 
    Druin          |   16  |   7  |  22 
    Druinlord      |   85  |  20  |  35 
    Ghost          |    5  |   3  |   7 
    Goldman        |  200  |   6  |  50 
    Golem          |   10  |   5  |  70 
    Green Dragon   |  140  |  45  |  65 
    Knight         |  130  |  33  |  55 
    Magician       |   12  |   4  |  13 
    Magidrakee     |   12  |   5  |  15 
    Magiwyvern     |  140  |  34  |  58 
    Metal Scorpion |   40  |  14  |  22 
    Metal Slime    |    6  | 115  |   4 
    Poltergeist    |   18  |  81  |  23 
    Red Dragon     |  140  | 100  | 100 
    Red Slime      |    3  |   1  |   4 
    Rouge Scorpion |  110  |  26  |  35 
    Scorpion       |   16  |   6  |  20 
    Shadow Knight  |  150  |  37  |  50 
    Skeleton       |   30  |  11  |  30 
    Slime          |    2  |   1  |   3 
    Specter        |   70  |  18  |  36 
    Starwyvern     |  160  |  43  |  65 
    Stoneman       |  140  |  65  | 160 
    Warlock        |   35  |  13  |  30 
    Werewolf       |  155  |  40  |  60 
    Wizard         |  165  |  50  |  65 
    Wolf           |   50  |  16  |  34 
    Wolflord       |   80  |  20  |  38 
    Wraith         |   60  |  17  |  36 
    Wraith Knight  |  120  |  28  |  46 
    Wyvern         |  100  |  24  |  42 
      Weapon     |  Cost   | Attack Power |      Where Found 
    Bamboo Pole  |    10   |      +2      |  Brecconary, Cantlin 
    Club         |    60   |      +4      |  Brecconary, Cantlin, Garinham 
    Copper Sword |   180   |     +10      |  Brec., Cant., Garin., Kol, Rimuldar 
    Hand Axe     |   560   |     +15      |  Garinham, Rimuldar 
    Broad Sword  |  1500   |     +20      |  Rimuldar, Cantlin 
    Flame Sword  |  9800   |     +28      |  Cantlin 
    Erdrick's Sw.|  Find   |     +40      |  Dragonlord's Castle 
      Armor      |  Cost   |  Def. Power  |  Where Found 
    Clothes      |    20   |      +2      |  Brecconary 
    Leather Armor|    70   |      +4      |  Brecconary, Garinham 
    Chain Mail   |   300   |     +10      |  Garinham, Cantlin 
    Half Plate   |  1000   |     +16      |  Garinham, Kol, Rimuldar, Cantlin 
    Full Plate   |  3000   |     +24      |  Kol, Rimuldar, Cantlin 
    Magic Armor  |  7700   |     +24      |  Rimuldar, Cantlin 
    Erdrick's Ar.|  Find   |     +28      |  Haukness 
      Shield     |  Cost   |  Def. Power  |  Where Found 
    Leather Shld.|    90   |      +4      |  Brecconary, Kol 
    Iron Shield  |   800   |     +10      |  Garinham, Cantlin 
    Silver Shield| 14800   |     +20      |  Cantlin 
      Item       |  Cost   |     Use      |  Where Found 
    Herb         |    24   | Recover HP   |  Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin 
    Torch        |     8   | Light Caves  |  Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin 
    Dragon's Scl.|    20   | Raise Defense|  Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin 
    Wings        |    70   | Rtrn to Cstle|  Kol, Cantlin 
      Spell      |  Level  |   MP Cost    |  Spell Effect 
    HEAL         |     3   |       4      |  Replenishes lost Hit Points (HP) 
    HURT         |     4   |       2      |  Hurls fire at an enemy in battle 
    SLEEP        |     7   |       2      |  Puts an enemy to sleep in battle 
    RADIANT      |     9   |       3      |  Same effect as torch, only brighter 
    STOPSPELL    |    10   |       2      |  Prevents an enemy from using spells 
    OUTSIDE      |    12   |       6      |  Transports you to outside of a cave 
    RETURN       |    13   |       8      |  Warp to castle from the outside 
    REPEL        |    15   |       2      |  Keeps monsters from attacking you 
    HEALMORE     |    17   |      10      |  Same as HEAL, only stronger 
    HURTMORE     |    19   |       5      |  Same as HURT, only stronger 
      Level      |    EXP 
    1            |   None 
    2            |      7 
    3            |     23 
    4            |     47 
    5            |    110 
    6            |    220 
    7            |    450 
    8            |    800 
    9            |  1,300 
    10           |  2,000 
    11           |  2,900 
    12           |  4,000 
    13           |  5,500 
    14           |  7,500 
    15           | 10,000 
    16           | 13,000 
    17           | 17,000 
    18           | 21,000 
    19           | 25,000 
    20           | 29,000 
    21+          | +4,000 
    NOTE: Level 30 is the highest level in the game. 
                          Dragon Warrior 1 Walkthrough 
    1st Step 
    The big tip that is pretty much prevalent (big word) in all RPGs is  
    When you start out, first buy a club. Now you can make a choice.  
    Either buy the clothes, or raise your gold by fighting butt naked,  
    and getting leather armor. Either way, fight until you've raised your  
    level at least up to 3. By now, you should have heal.  
    This is a big turning point in the game. There is an old man in the  
    castle who restores your magic points. Cure+free magic+lots of time= 
    high levels of experience. If you feel adventurous, listen to that  
    guy in Brecconary who tells you where Garinham is. If you want my  
    help, travel north from Tangetel, until you reach the sea.  
    (Stop by at the cave north of Tangetel to find Erdrick's Tablet,  
    the torch you get at the beginning of the game will be enough,  
    considering there aren't any enemies in the cave.) From the north  
    sea, proceed west. Near the western end of the continent is Garinham.  
    In Garinham, talk, of course, and if you took my advice and got lots  
    of experience, you also got lots of gold. Buy the handaxe, and chain  
    mail--or keep your money and wait for better armor. If you've reached  
    level 7, you should be able to brave the eastern continent where  
    lurk scorpions and if you are unlucky and under level 7, skeletons!  
    If you forge up north through the forests, you just may make it to  
    Kol. Search 5 steps south of the fountain for the flute. In Kol,  
    buy the full-plate armor for the terrrible price of 3,000 gold pieces.  
    Armed with the axe and full-plate armor (oh yeah--get the large  
    shield in Garinham) you should be able to run amuck around Kol,  
    fighting skeletons for experience. Warning! No matter how brave you  
    feel, until you've hit level 10, you'll be wolf food or warlock  
    kibble if you try to explore the southern continent across the sea.  
    Until you've got STOPSPELL (LV 10) you will be put to sleep by  
    Warlocks and until you've got at least 60 hps, you'll be simply torn  
    apart by wolves. Once you're strong enough, try to get to Rimuldar.  
    Once there, talk to everyone--big info!--and don't pay attention to  
    the guy who talks about warrior rings, because...well, it is kind of  
    funny, never mind. If you've made it here, and you are in pretty good  
    shape, gain experience here fighting just around Rimuldar (don't go  
    south!) until you've got enough gold to buy the broad sword (gp:1500)  
    and the magic armor (gp:7700!) If you've got outside (LV:12) and  
    radiant (LV:9) you may want to earn that mucho gold in a cave on the  
    other side of the mountains to the west of Tangetel (directions later)  
    Watch out when you are deep in there though, there are Drakeemas!  
    (profile later) After you have healmore (LV:17) you may want to  
    explore the southlands, far far south of Tangetel. There, in the  
    deserted town of Hauksness, where dwell Starwyverns, search beneath a  
    certain tree. Unfortunately, before you can search, an Axe Knight  
    will attack. When fighting this ugly dude, remember that stopspell  
    will take away a big part of his advantage. Never stop hacking till  
    you're mortally hurt. Then healmore. Your prize will be Erdrick's  
    Armor. If you think you're hot stuff, try making it to Cantlin.  
    Before you step in between the walls around Cantlin, make sure you're  
    ready to fight...GOLEM. OH no! Don't worry. Play the Fariy Flute!  
    Then hit him as many times as you can. Owch. He woke up! Put him back  
    to sleep and keep it up till he's dead. What? Only 10 gold pieces!  
    Don't trip. Your reward is getting into Cantlin! Buy the Flame Sword  
    for the low low price of 9800 gold pieces. Talk to the old man across  
    the barrier for a lot of help. If you don't think you need the Silver  
    Shield yet, test yourself against the green dragon guarding the  
    princess. OOops. You should know where! But, if you feel too lazy to  
    think, go to the tunnel to Rimuldar and wander around in the maze  
    instead of going straight down. If you get attacked by the Green  
    Dragon, you're in the right place. Just keep hacking away and healing  
    when you need to. Don't forget to bring a key to unlock the door.  
    If you manage to destroy the evil green dragon, you will finally meet the  
    princess! She thanks you and leaps into your arms. Ughf! Heavy girl! Well,  
    you have to carry her all the way back to Tangetel Castle. Once you get  
    there, bring her to the king. Ta-da! You've finished the first step in  
    Dragon Warrior I. 
    2nd Step 
    The princess will give you her undying and helpful love. What's this?  
    You can use it! It tells you where you are located in accordance to  
    Tangetel Castle... hmmm. Remember what the old man in Cantlin said? Oh no.  
    Forgot it? He told you the precise location of the Token of Erdrick! It  
    is in the swamps accross the mountains south of Cantlin. The coordinates  
    are 70 south and 40 east of Tangetel. You should be strong enough to brave  
    the evil swamps. Be sure to bring some medical herbs and save some magic  
    to Return to Tangetel or bring a Wing. Now that you have it, what will  
    you do? Go see that old dude in the cave south of Rimuldar. Now he will  
    acknowledge you as Erdrick's heir! He gives you the rainbow drop! Now,  
    I purposefully left out the search for the harp, staff of rain, and  
    stones, because they aren't neccessary for finding the princess... now  
    you need 'em to make that durn bridge to the Dragonlord's island. The  
    harp is in Garinham. Unlock the door to the building in Garinham, and  
    push against the northern wall. Keep on trying! Oof! What's this? A secret  
    panel leading to the entrance of the Grave of Garinham? In the grave,  
    you should find the door in little difficulty, it is in the south-eastern  
    corner of the room, and then the stairs leading down. On the second floor,  
    ignore the other stairs (unless you are adventurous and agressive...  
    and have lots of time) and proceed to the opposite corner of the room.  
    Either travel west, then south, or travel south, then west. There are the  
    stairs you want to take. Follow the passage, and go down the stairs! Keep  
    on going till you find the harp! Now, the harp is a great item if you are  
    too lazy to walk around when looking for experience, but its main use is  
    a bargaining item to trade to the old guy in the northern cave (west of  
    Kol) for the staff of rain. The stones are hidden underneath Tangetel  
    Castle. To get to them, first, unlock the door so you can get to the  
    north-eastern corner of the castle. Go outside, and walk along the castle  
    wall till you find the stairs leading to the basement. Talk to the old  
    guy (Hmm... Mucho old guys in this game!) to get the stones of sunlight.  
    Now! Go to the temple in Rimuldar, where the old guy (!!) behind the desk  
    told you this is where rain and sun meet. If you have all the items,  
    (staff of RAIN, stones of SUNLIGHT, RAINBOW drop) you'll be able to make  
    a bridge linking the southern continent to Dragonlord's island! HAR!  
    Now you can free the land of evil and win the game! Just make sure you  
    are at at least level 25 before you brace the Dragonlord in his lair.  
    He's one tough bugger, and even before you have the honor of getting your  
    butt whipped by his highness, you may be done in by the many monsters  
    that prowl the castle. Ignoring those two dangers, the other danger is  
    that of getting eternally lost. First, forget the two locked doors on  
    the first floor. They are just there to kill ya. (As if the Armored  
    Knights, Blue and Red dragons, Starwyverns, Stonemen, Wolflords, and  
    Wizards weren't enough.) Behind the throne is a stairway. Take it to      
    B1. Gulp. Here, just follow the stringy path and soon you'll find the  
    stairway to B2. Here, you can make 3 vital choices. Take the first flight  
    of stairs you see going down, and get lost; take the 2nd flight of stairs  
    going down, and perhaps finding your way to the Dragonlord where you  
    discover you can only hurt him with Erdrick's sword, or taking the other  
    stairs going up, and find the sword. Not that that is easy. You have to  
    take another long windy path that goes back down to another level, but  
    you will find the sword if you go down the right flight of stairs. After  
    you've got the sword, you may want to use outside to get out, or you may  
    want to go double or nothing and try and kill the dragonlord. For all  
    the brave adventurers, take the flight of stairs in B2 that I mentioned  
    went to the Dragonlord. Now, in B3, just look for the stairs that go  
    down. In B4, follow the path, (hey, if you are using Radiant, which may  
    be a good or bad idea, depending on whether you think you should save  
    your MPs or not, you will see the little room in the center where you  
    found Erdrick's sword. Keep going! Keep on following the path in B5, and  
    then you make it to B6. Uh-oh. If you are really unsure as to whether  
    you are in the correct passage, (one goes on forever) See how far away  
    the walls are. If they are up close, then you are in the wrong passage  
    and have been in the wrong passage for a long time! ARgh! Listen to what  
    I say! If, however, the walls are so far away you can't see them without  
    leaving your straight line course, you are in the right one. Of course,  
    an easier way would be to check how many times you've been in this room.  
    If you've been in it more than once, (meaning B7 looks just like B6) you  
    are lost. For those of you who made it to the little basement which more  
    closely resembles a castle, albeit one with swamps and enemies, congrats!  
    Just follow a passage. It will either lead to a treasure room (with  
    the Ball of light) or to the Dragonlord. Get the ball of light first,  
    then brace the evil dragonlord! Hmmm.... At first he seems like a wimp.  
    (He's in human form.) After he takes on his proper ugly mug, he'll try  
    hard to make you look as ugly as he is. Slash away with your sword!  
    Healmore when you have to! You should readily observe that he hits  
    around 40-70 damage points a blow. Factor that in... and if you are a  
    true warrior...you'll win!  
                               GAME GENIE CODES 
    1. SXOIVLSA : Infinite Magic Power 
    2. AEVGUIZA : Take no damage in swamp 
    3. VVOYYTSA : Start with 256 gold coins (This code is REALLY weird!) 
    4. VKOIVLSA : All spells use only one magic point 
    5. YAKKEVYA : Barriers cause half usual damage 
    I'd like to thank Mike664, for without his walkthrough, this FAQ wouldn't  
    be much at all. A witty, informative, and even funny approach to DW1! 
    I'd also like to thank Dr Gamewiz for getting me more invloved in Gamewiz 
    than ever before. If it wasn't for him, I don't think I'd ever have gotten  
    this done. Thanks Doc! :) 
    And I would definitely like to thank all the Dragon Warriors out there that  
    have made the DW Series instant classics! 
    ~~GWS Wizard~~ 

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