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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dalez

    Version: 1.45 | Updated: 01/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -   Dragon Warrior Complete Game Info	                  V1.45     -
    -   by Dalez (dalez@intercom.net)                                   -
    -   Last updated  01/06/2001   09:34 PM                             -
    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***
      My E-Mail address has changed.  I can now be contacted via E-mail at
      I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    I	Intro
    		Updates to this FAQ	
    		Background of the Game
    		The story
    		Basic Tips
    II	The Walkthrough
    		The Quest of Erdrick
    		Garinham & Kol
    		The Mountain Cave
    		The Grave in Garinham
    		Rescue Gwaelin!
    		The Token of Erdrick
    		Preparing for Charlock
    		The Final Battle
    III	The Lists
    		Magic Spells
    		Experience Table
    IV	Conclusion/Credits
    Updates to the FAQ....
    * Reformatted the thing -- hopefully the tables and stuff
      should look right now :)
    * Corrected a few small errors, thanks to Denis Landry
    * More insight on getting the Cursed Necklace
    * Added selling price of Cursed Necklace
    * Initial Release
    *         PART ONE:  THE INTRODUCTION       *
    	Welcome!  Within the folds of this document, you will find 
    everything you need to know to get through Dragon Warrior for the NES 
    (Nintendo Entertainment System)!  Here you will find a walkthrough, 
    complete lists, and um... some storyline stuff.  At any rate, enjoy!
    -----------A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON THE GAME----------
    	Dragon Warrior can be thought of as (and usually is thought of as) 
    the grandaddy of all console RPGs that we know today.  It seems a little 
    strange that a game like Dragon Warrior is an ancestor of games like 
    Final Fantasy 7, but they had to start somewhere...
    	Dragon Warrior (originally known as Dragon Quest in Japan) was 
    released in the US by Enix way back in 1988.  It was the first real RPG 
    of its kind in the US, as it featured somewhat of a storyline (kind of) 
    and a world that you could explore... from the towns and castles of the 
    outer world, to the depths of the caves and dungeons that were scattered 
    around.  There were plenty of people to meet and monsters to battle, 
    quests to complete and puzzles to solve.  It also featured a built-in 
    battery (which was first seen in 'The Legend of Zelda') that allowed you 
    to save your game data so you wouldn't have to start from scratch each 
    time you played.
    	Well, that's enough background stuff.  Let's start to get into the 
    actually gameplay stuff!
    --------------THE STORYLINE------------
    	A very long time ago, in the distant kingdom of Alefgard.  The 
    majestic castle of Tantegel rose from the middle of the land, watching 
    over all its people.  The King, Lorik XIII, was among the fairest and 
    just of kings.  Everyone in the land was happy, as the hand of peace 
    stretched through the full length of the Kingdom, to each of the 6 towns 
    that were within the boundaries of the Kingdom.
    	Only one person was unhappy, but unfortuantely for Alefgard, one 
    was quite enough.  This man was one who hated such peace and prosperity, 
    and he distanced himself from everyone by deciding to settle in the 
    castle of Charlock, on an island to the southeast of Tantegel.  This 
    castle had been ruined for years, as the swamp steadily engulfed the 
    land around it with a stench of death and decay.  Here he could be with 
    the darkness he desired.  But as he wandered into the castle, he came 
    across a huge, winged dragon.  He thought most surely that he would be 
    killed, but as he turned to run the dragon suddenly lay down on the 
    floor in front of him.
    	The man was confused, but he told the dragon to sit up.  The 
    dragon did so.  He then told the dragon to roll over and play dead, 
    which the dragon did also.  It was then that this man began to call 
    himself the Dragonlord.  This man, the Dragonlord, decided that with 
    this power he could take over the kingdom of Alefgard and turn into a 
    world of darkness as he wished.  By stealing the Orb of Light from 
    Tantegel, the peace would end and evil would spread across the land.
    	The Orb of Light was a magical artifact that was once used long 
    ago by a hero named Erdrick to battle evil.  With this Orb of Light, 
    Erdrick sealed the evil that once plagued Alefgard.  The Orb of Light 
    had been kept at Tantegel for 100 years, but that would soon change.  
    One day, monsters began pouring from Charlock Castle and headed for 
    Tantegel Castle.  Leading them was the Dragonlord, riding on the back of 
    a huge red dragon.  The monsters stormed the castle and snatched up the 
    Orb of Light, killing any of those who resisted.  Then, they withdrew, 
    heading back to Charlock Castle, and they destroyed the bridge behind 
    them, so that no one could follow them (as if anyone would want to 
    anyway, right?)
    	Soon after, the Dragonlord utterly destroyed the town of 
    Hauksness, which was situated in the Domdora desert, far to the 
    southwest of Tantegel.  It appeared that the destruction of Alefgard was 
    not far away.  But, there was one hope.  Recently a warrior appeared in 
    Alefgard; a descendant of Erdrick.  This warrior is you.  The King was 
    requested an audience and now you find yourself in the throne room of 
    King Lorik XIII, awaiting your quest...
    ------------------BASIC TIPS------------
    	- As with in all Role-Playing Games, especially those of this 
    sort, TALK TO EVERYONE!  You never know what information you will 
    receive by talking to people.  You may even want to talk to them again 
    later, as many people will say different things at different points in 
    the game.
    	- Another point that can't be stressed enough when playing RPGs 
    is... SAVE OFTEN!  You also never know when God may decide to send a 
    power outage your way.  If you haven't saved lately you probably won't 
    be happy if it does happen.  You should also SAVE whenever you know you 
    are about to attempt some dangerous (like entering a dungeon) or after 
    you gain a level.  You can SAVE the adventure by talking to King Lorik!
    	- When your HP drops to a level that is considered 'dangerous', 
    the screen will turn orange.  This means that you better... (A)  Use the 
    HEAL spell or an herb  (B)  Get your butt back to an INN pronto... or 
    (C)  RUN like heck from the enemies until you accomplish one of those 
    two.  If your HP drops to 0, then you're dead!  If this happens, you 
    will find yourself back at the throne room, but half of your GOLD will 
    be missing.  So much for that Silver Shield you were saving up for...
    	- Torches.  Never leave home without them.  If you are going to a 
    dungeon then chances are very great that you are going to need an 
    exterior light source.  Later in the game you will acquire the spell of 
    RADIANT which allows you to see in dungeons, but before then you should 
    also have 2 torches on hand.
    	- When you first start your adventure, remember that you are VERY 
    WEAK!  You will want to stay close to the castle where the 'not-so-mean' 
    enemies are.  If you wander too far from the castle too early, you are 
    apt to get ripped to pieces by a strong enemy.  Whenever you gain a 
    level of experience, you can wander farther away from the castle, but 
    pace yourself!  Don't try to take things too quickly or you may regret 
    it later :p
    	- SLEEP and STOPSPELL are two of your most important spells.  If 
    an enemy is rather tough, then try putting it to SLEEP.  While SLEEPing, 
    an enemy is helpless to your attack!  Also, if you are fighting an enemy 
    that likes to use spells (such as MAGICIANS), try using STOPSPELL to 
    even out the odds a little.  The last thing you want is an enemy putting 
    you to SLEEP and then killing you while you can't even defend yourself!
    	- The spell of REPEL is useful later in the game.  But note that 
    REPEL does not work in caves, and it will only REPEL enemies that are 
    weaker than you are.  This spell is pretty much good only for keeping 
    away Slimes, Red Slimes, and other weaklings when you are trying to get 
    from one town to another late in the game.
    *       PART TWO:  THE WALKTHROUGH          *
    	Here's where the game actually starts.  You will find yourself in 
    the throne room of King Lorik XIII when you first start a new game.  
    After listening to his story, you are now in control of your character.  
    Use the Control Pad to move around.  Pressing A brings up the menu, 
    which has 8 commands on it...
    TALK -- This will allow you to talk to the person in front of you.  You 
    must face the person in
    	  order to talk to him/her.
    STATUS -- This will show you a detailed description of your character.  
    On this screen you will
    and DEFENSE POWER, and
    	    any EQUIPMENT you have on.
    STAIRS -- This command will allow you to descend/ascend any stairs to 
    you are standing on.
    DOOR -- If you have a MAGIC KEY, using this command while facing the 
    door automatically uses
    	  a KEY and unlocks the door for you.
    SPELL -- This will allow you to cast a spell.  Not all spells can be 
    used in certain situations,
    ITEM -- This brings up a menu of all your available items.  If you want 
    to use one, move the
    	  cursor to the desired item and press 'A'.
    SEARCH -- This will allow you to search the ground at your feet.  You 
    may find an item!
    TAKE -- While standing on a treasure chest, this command lets you open 
    the chest and take up
    	  its contents.
    	Press B to exit any of these menus and get back to controlling 
    your character!  Note that if you stand still for a couple of seconds, a 
    menu will pop up.  This menu is like a mini-status screen... it shows 
    you your current LEVEL, HP, MP, EXPERIENCE POINTS, and GOLD.
    	Now, on with the adventure!
    -----------THE QUEST OF ERDRICK-----------
    	Now you're not going to get anything accomplished by sitting the 
    throne room, so let's dive right in!  The three treasure chests in the 
    throne room are yours for the taking, so... take 'em!  In the chests, 
    you will find a TORCH, a MAGIC KEY, and 120 GOLD.  The MAGIC KEY must be 
    used to unlock the door to the throne room.  Once you have collected 
    your treasure, unlock the door, and descend the stairs (after making 
    sure you've talked to everybody!).
    	You will now find yourself on the ground floor of the Castle.  
    Talk to everyone and you will find that Gwaelin, the King's daughter, 
    has been kidnapped.  You can't really do anything about it now, however.  
    There is also a wizard here you will restore your MP if you talk to him.  
    You might not recognize him now because you don't have any MP for him to 
    restore, but remember where he is, he may be important later!
    	When you are ready, exit the castle.  Now you will find yourself 
    in the outer world.  But before you go wandering around outside, take a 
    look at yourself!  You are unarmed!  The only way you have to defend 
    yourself against the enemies is by knocking them with your fists!  And 
    your bare hands are not the best choice for a weapon in this game.  You 
    better get some equipment FAST!  There is a town very close to the 
    castle.  Head for the town.  If you happen to get into any fights on the 
    way, use the RUN command.  At this point, even a Slime could give you a 
    good fight.  And you DON'T want to be killed by a slime :(
    	In the town you will find several shops as well as people 
    wandering around.  Gain more information from the people here and then 
    it's time to get some equipment!  There are four shops in Brecconary.
    Weapon Shop
    Bamboo Pole		10 G
    Club			60 G
    Copper Sword	180 G
    Clothes		20 G
    Leather Armor	70 G
    Small Shield	90 G
    Tool Shop
    Herb			24 G
    Torch			8 G
    Dragon's Scale	20 G
    Inn -- 6 G
    Fairy Water Shop -- 38 G per bottle
    *NOTE*  The Fairy Water shop is behind a locked door, so you won't be 
    able to get to it yet.
    	First go to the weapon shop.  Talk to the man behind the desk by 
    using the TALK command (as if you were talking to the desk) and buy a 
    CLUB and some CLOTHES.  With these you will have a fighting chance 
    against these monsters!  You don't have to worry about putting them on 
    because in Dragon Warrior, you are equipped with your new stuff 
    	After you purchase equipment, head over to the tool shop.  Note 
    that at the tool shop you can also sell items that you don't need.  Here 
    you will want to buy the Dragon's Scale, and perhaps another Torch.  
    Once you do this, go into your ITEM menu and USE the Dragon's Scale.  
    You will put it on, and your DEFENSE POWER is raised by 2!
    	(DIRTY TRICK)  Once you buy the Dragon's Scale and put it on, you 
    can sell it again and your DEFENSE POWER will still stay the same!  You 
    will only gain 10 G back, but 10 G is better than nothing!  After doing 
    this, do not try to buy another Dragon's Scale.  You cannot get any more 
    DEFENSE bonuses after you put it on once.
    	Now that you are armed and ready, head back out into the fields.   
    At this point, you are at Level 1, which means... you are very, very 
    weak.  You will want to stay very close to the castle and fight Slimes 
    and Red Slimes to gain EXPERIENCE points.  If you HP drops to the 
    critical level (meaning that the window turns orange), you should go 
    back to the Inn in Brecconary and rest.  Once you gain 7 experience 
    points, you will gain a level!  When you gain a level, your stats 
    increase... meaning your STRENGTH and AGILITY go up, as well as your HP 
    and MP!  Not all stats increase every level, but you will get different 
    amounts from level to level.  Now that you are level 2, go to King Lorik 
    and save the game!  You will probably want to go back to the inn as well 
    and rest if you are hurt.
    	Now it's time to go out and actually do something!  You may have 
    heard about Erdrick's Cave, to the northwest of Tantegel.  This is your 
    destination.  The cave is a little ways to the northwest of Tantegel.  
    It is far enough away from the castle to present a challenge, but you 
    should be able to come back from it alive :p
    	On the way, you may come across some GHOSTS or DRAKEEs.  If you 
    happen to encounter these creatures, your best bet is to RUN!  When you 
    reach the cave, walk up to the entrance.  Now you are inside Erdrick's 
    	Boy it's dark in here!  Hope you still have your TORCH...  Use a 
    TORCH and a patch of light will appear around your character.  This will 
    last until you exit the dungeon, so don't worry about being stranded 
    without light in the middle of the cave.  Another feature of this cave 
    that you will never see again is that there are NO enemies!  In fact, 
    this is the only dungeon in the game that is enemy-free, so feel free to 
    wander around at will.  Sooner or later you will find a stairway leading 
    down.  Take it!  On this floor, you will find a treasure chest (again, 
    sooner or later) that contains Erdrick's Tablet.  This is the thing that 
    you came all the way down here for.  Upon finding the tablet, your 
    character will read aloud what is said on it.  Basically it tells you 
    that three items are needed to reach the island where Charlock Castle is 
    situated.  To get to the Dragonlord's Castle, you will need to find 
    these three items!
    	Now that you have read the tablet and gained its infinite 
    knowledge, it is time to exit this cave.  If you remember your way out, 
    then that's all for the better.  If not... well you managed to find the 
    tablet by wandering around, so getting back out shouldn't be too hard... 
    	Back in the outer world, you will want to go back and rest (if 
    needed) and save your game.  Now you should hang around the castle and 
    chop up some more monsters until you reach level 3.  Once you gain your 
    next level, you will learn your very first spell, HEAL!  Joy!  Now you 
    can heal yourself without having to carry around a garden of herbs with 
    you.  Now that you have the HEAL spell you should be able to fight some 
    stronger enemies!
    	(DIRTY TRICK)  Once you get the HEAL Spell, the Inn at Tantegel 
    becomes, well, useless.  Remember that wizard at the castle?  If you run 
    low on HP, just go back to the wizard, talk to him, and restore your MP.  
    Cast HEAL until you are back up to full strength, and have the wizard 
    restore your MP for free again.  Voila!  You now have full HP and MP, 
    without having to pay the cost of staying at an inn!
    ------------GARINHAM & KOL-------------
    	Your next stop is the town of Garinham, to the northwest of 
    Tantegel.  But before you go heading out, a word of warning.  There are 
    MAGICIANs floating around that area, who have the HURT spell at their 
    command.  This spell can do anywhere from 1-10 HP damage to you.  Ouch!  
    The best thing for you to is continue to fight around the castle (you 
    should be able to chop up DRAKEEs and GHOSTs by now) until you reach 
    Level 4.  At Level 4 you will learn the HURT spell, and now you can get 
    rid of those magicians rather easily with it!  By then you should also 
    have enough GOLD to buy yourself a Small Shield at the weapon shop.  Buy 
    it; you need all the equipment you can get!
    	When you hit Level 4, go ahead and go northwest to Garinham.  
    There's not much to do here except talk to a few townspeople and perhaps 
    browse around the equipment shop.
    Weapon Shop
    Club			60 G
    Copper Sword	180 G
    Hand Axe		560 G
    Leather Armor	70 G
    Chain Mail		300 G
    Half Plate Armor	1000 G
    Iron Shield   	800 G
    Tool Shop
    Herb			24 G
    Torch			8 G
    Dragon's Scale	20 G
    Inn -- 25 G
    	Once you talk to everyone and learn their information, it's time 
    to head out once again and kill some monsters.  You can fight around 
    Garinham without the worry of being blasted by a Magician, now that you 
    have the HURT spell.  Just sit around and fight creatures until you hit 
    Level 5.
    	(DIRTY TRICK)  If you really feeling brave, there is a section to 
    the southwest of Tantegel where you can fight some pretty tough 
    monsters.  To the southwest of the castle, you will see a small section 
    of mountains, with a cave over to the west.  Go down through the 
    mountains as far south as you can, and stay on the bottom row of 
    mountains, so that you are as close to the area near the cave as 
    possible.  Around here, you should fight strong enemies such as 
    	When you hit Level 5, go and buy any new equipment that you can 
    afford, and then head to the east of Tantegel.  You should see a bridge 
    somewhat to the northeast of the castle.  Cross it and you should soon 
    see another bridge.  Yep, cross it too.  Now there will be a swamp to 
    the southeast.  Ignore the swamp for now.  If you go through the swamp, 
    it will damage you by 2 HP for every step you take!  YECCH :p
    	Instead, head north.  Be sure that you are prepared for the tough 
    fights that are around here.  If you tried the last 'dirty trick' you 
    will find those SCORPIONs and MAGIDRAKEEs are right here waiting for 
    you!  If you are really unlucky, you may run into a SKELETON.  If this 
    happens, RUN like there's no tomorrow!
    	As you head to the north, you will find a forest.  Nestled within 
    this forest is the village of Kol.  Stop in and check things out!
    Weapon Shop
    Bronze Sword	180 G
    Hand Axe		560 G
    Half Plate Armor	1000 G
    Full Plate Armor	3000 G
    Small Shield	90 G
    Tool Shop
    Herb			24 G
    Torch			8 G
    Dragon's Scale	20 G
    Wing of Wyvern	70 G
    Inn -- 20 G
    	While you're here there is a certain item that can be found by 
    searching.  There is a patch of water (this is supposed to be a 
    rheumatism bath) along the north edge of town.  Stand facing the patch 
    and take 3 steps down.  Then use the SEARCH command.  You will find the 
    Fairy Flute!  Someone tells you this later on, but I figured it'd be 
    easier if we got it out of the way now :)
    	Now that we have explored Kol and prodded information from the 
    townspeople, it is now time to head back out into the wilderness again 
    and combat the forces of evil.
    	If you can take on the MAGIDRAKEEs and SCORPIONs, then by all 
    means hang around Kol and fight them!  But if you find them to be a 
    little overwhelming, you may want to go back and fight MAGICIANs around 
    Garinham.  Either way, you should hang around and kill enemies until you 
    reach Level 6.  Again, you should buy some more equipment (you should at 
    least have the Copper Sword and maybe the Chain Mail by now, in addition 
    to the Small Shield).  To the west of Kol is a little passageway through 
    the mountains.  Through this passageway there are stairs.  (Stairs?  In 
    the outer world?)  This leads to what is known as the North Cave.  There 
    is an old man here who says that he is waiting for the hero to bring him 
    the Silver Harp.  Well, hero, don't let him down!  Remember where he is 
    so that we can bring the Harp back to him whenever we find it.
    	Now would be a good time to SAVE the game if you haven't done so 
    already.  I probably shouldn't have to tell you when to SAVE the game, 
    right?  At any rate it is now time to start fighting monsters again for 
    EXPERIENCE and GOLD.  By now you should definitely be able to take out 
    the monsters around Kol with little trouble.  Head around, beating up 
    the normal MAGIDRAKEEs and SCORPIONs (you may even be able to take on 
    SKELETONs at this point) until you reach level 8.  
    You will then acquire to new spells, SLEEP and RADIANT!  RADIANT will be 
    useful in the next part of the quest... it allows you to see in the 
    dungeons for a short period of time.  After reaching level 8, it's time 
    to head out for the next task!  Now you should be able to buy the Hand 
    Axe, which will prove to be very useful in the job ahead :)
    -----------THE MOUNTAIN CAVE----------
    	At Level 8 are you strong enough to venture forth into the 
    Mountain Cave.  If you went southwest of the castle to try that 'dirty 
    trick', that was the cave that I was referring to.  To reach it you have 
    to head west from Tantegel and cross the bridge to the south.  Keep 
    south and the cave will be on your right.  Around the cave is a swamp.  
    Take the time to go around it instead of plowing right on through it... 
    again, it saps 2 HP with every step.  2 HP a step isn't worth it just to 
    save a few extra seconds :p
    	This cave is considerably more complex than Erdrick's Cave.  It 
    consists of 3 levels and is jam-packed with enemies (D'oh!) but at Level 
    8 you shouldn't have too much trouble making your way through.
    	The main reason for coming to the Mountain Cave is to obtain the 
    Fighter's Ring.  When you put this item on, it will sometimes intimidate 
    the enemy and it may run away.  If you use this item in battle, your 
    character will adjust the position of the Fighter's Ring (as if to say 
    "Hey!  See this?  I could knock your head clean off, etc..) and this may 
    also cause the enemy to start hauling butt.  In addition to the 
    Fighter's Ring, there are also a few other treasures to be found, one of 
    which may be the Cursed Belt or if you are very lucky, the Cursed 
    Necklace.  Both of these items are, well, cursed... and they should NOT 
    be put on.  If you do put one of them on, your body will begin to be 
    squeezed by the item.  When you are cursed, you will not be allowed into 
    Tantegel Castle until the curse is removed.
    	If you go ahead and put the cursed item on anyway, there is only 
    one way to remove it.  (Well, suicide may work, but that wasn't the way 
    I was referring to)  There is a wizard in the town of Brecconary who can 
    lift the curse for you (free of charge!).  Talk to him and the item will 
    disappear.  Of course, this sucks because these items can be sold to the 
    tool shop for quite a tidy profit.  If you happen to come across one of 
    these items, sell it IMMEDIATELY!
    	Note that this is also a rather good place to get experience 
    points, as the enemies on the second and third basements are rather 
    strong.  Down there, you will fight juicy tidbits such as DRAKEEMAs, 
    POLTERGEISTs, DROLLs, and sometimes even WARLOCKs.  If you happen to 
    come across a WARLOCK, you should RUN.  They have the very nasty SLEEP 
    spell which will you make you snooze.  While you're sleepnig they have a 
    nasty habit of casting HURT and such spells on you.
    	Of course, the Fighter's Ring is on the third basement.  Once you 
    find it, get out of there!  You don't want to get killed if you can help 
    it, right? :p
    	Put the Fighter's Ring on using the ITEM command.  Now, some of 
    the weaker enemies will run when you encounter them, making your journey 
    a little bit easier!
    	If you did not reach level 9 in the Mountain Cave (which you 
    probably wouldn't have unless you actually sat and fought for a while), 
    you should do so now.  You will need the extra HPs as we are going to 
    have to cross that swamp whether we like it or not (although not many 
    would like it...)
    	You should buy the Iron Shield from Garinham before leaving.  Once 
    you are completely prepared (meaning rested, and having SAVED the game), 
    head for the swamp that is south of Kol.  You have no choice but to walk 
    through the damaging swamp to get to the Swamp Cave.  It is inevitable 
    that you will lose 20 HP (or more) so you might even want to bring along 
    an herb to compensate for that.
    	Once inside the swamp cave, use a torch or RADIANT.  A big word of 
    warning here.  The kidnapped Princess Gwaelin is being held in this 
    cave.  Don't wander around in the cave or you might accidently run into 
    her guard (which is a ferocious GREEN DRAGON).  If you do, consider 
    yourself monster food.  Instead, head striaght down to the other exit.  
    Go up and the stairs and you will be on the other side of the swamp 
    cave, on the island known as Rimuldar.
    	You will fight tougher monsters around here than you have seen 
    yet.  WOLFs, METAL SCORPIONs, and WARLOCKs will try and stop you from 
    getting to Rimuldar.  These enemies are very strong, so you should 
    either put them to SLEEP and attack or avoid them altogether.  In the 
    middle of the island you will find the island town of Rimuldar.
    	Rimuldar is home to the game's very first MAGIC KEY SHOP!  And not 
    a moment too soon, right?  Getting to it is rather tricky, however.  You 
    will have to circle all the way around outside the river that borders 
    the town and cross the bridge in the northwest corner.  Here you can buy 
    MAGIC KEYs for 53 GOLD a piece!  You will want to stock up on them as 
    soon as you can!
    	As always, get information from the townspeople and check out the 
    equipment and tool shops to see what you are going to have to save your 
    money for next.
    Weapon Shop
    Copper Sword	180 G
    Hand Axe		560 G
    Broad Sword		1500 G
    Half Plate Armor	1000 G
    Full Plate Armor	3000 G
    Magic Armor		7700 G
    Magic Key Shop -- 53 G
    Inn -- 55 G
    	*NOTE*  There is no tool shop in Rimuldar.  What a gyp!
    	*ANOTHER NOTE*  Behind two locked doors in Rimuldar, there is a 
    chest.  This chest contains some Wings.  This is another gyp because the 
    106 G that you must spend to get it is not worth it, as the Wings can be 
    bought for 70 G.  Don't bother with it.
    	Once you are doing wandering around town (and be sure to get some 
    magic keys!), there is something we must get.  Unfortunately, it is all 
    the way back in Tantegel Castle.  Enjoy the walk :p
    	Once you finally reach Tantegel Castle you will definitely want to 
    rest and save again.  In the castle there are a few locked doors.  
    Behind one is another Magic Key Shop (Figures that you would need a key 
    to get to a key shop, huh?) but this one's prices are a little steep... 
    98 G for a key.  Head south, but stay along the border so that you don't 
    end up walking off the map and back outside.  That would be a waste of a 
    key...  You will see a stairway that leads down to the basement of 
    Tantegel Castle.  Down here is another wise man and a treasure chest.  
    Talk to the man, and he will give you the chest, which contain the 
    Stones of Sunlight!  This is the one of the three magic items that is 
    required to reach the isle of the Dragonlord!  *YAY*!
    	After obtaining the Stones of Sunlight, head back out and fight 
    monsters.  If you think you are strong enough to fight around Rimuldar, 
    go ahead.  I recommend the third level of the Mountain Cave instead.  
    Fight around (wherever you choose) until you hit level 10.  At this 
    point you will learn the spell of STOPSPELL (which is VERY useful 
    against those WARLOCKs).  Now you should be all right to fight around 
    Rimuldar, as long as you don't get careless.  You should also purchase 
    the Half Plate Armor if you haven't done so already.
    	South of Rimuldar is another cave like the one near Kol.  This one 
    is called the South Cave (which synchronizes perfectly with the one near 
    Kol -- the North Cave).  At Level 10 it is possible to reach the cave 
    but are you taking quite a large risk by doing so.  It is probably 
    better to wait until you are level 11 to head down there to the cave.  
    Around the cave, you will fight very strong monsters... WYVERNs, 
    WRAITHs, WOLFLORDs, and... the famed GOLDMAN.  The GOLDMAN is probably 
    the most useful enemy in the game because of the large amounts of GOLD 
    you receive when you destroy one.  You will get anywhere between 150-200 
    GP after each battle!  This is probably the best place to gain GOLD to 
    save up for your money, so take advantage of it.  Just be very 
    careful... the enemies around here do NOT play around.
    	At level 11 (or 10 if you are feeling brave) head down to the 
    south cave.  This is the place where the 3 items will combine to make 
    the item that you need to get to Charlock Castle.  Store the location of 
    this place in your overflowing memory so that you will know where to go 
    when we finally collect the three items.
    	If you aren't level 11 yet, go ahead and work yourself up there.  
    If you haven't bought the Broad Sword yet you should do it now.  Make 
    sure you have at least 2 magic keys and that you are fully prepared.  
    The next dungeon is going to the be the toughest one yet!  :|
    ---------THE GRAVE IN GARINHAM--------
    	Our next destination is the Grave of Garinham.  You can probably 
    guess where this is located.  So, head back to the town of Garinham and 
    open up that pesky locked door.  Inside are a few treasure chests.  Do 
    not open the door that leads to the guards.  They each will tell you 
    that they are busy and that you should 'Ask the other guard'.  So in 
    other words that is a royal waste of a key.
    	But, it would seem that this room is empty.  If you have talked to 
    everyone so far, you may recollect that one person said that to get to 
    the grave you must 'push on a wall of darkness'.  Head up to the 
    northwest corner of the room.  Take 2 steps right and walk through the 
    north wall.  You will come out on the other side.  Be sure you do not 
    exit the town or you will have to use your key over again!
    	On this side of the town, there will be an old man and a stairway 
    that leads down into the grave.  The man there tells you that you should 
    beware of the Silver Harp, as it attracts the minions of the Dragonlord.  
    So, you can probably guess that this is where we will find the Silver 
    Harp.  Right?  Right.
    	The Grave of Garinham is the most complex dungeon yet... it has 5 
    levels.  You will need to use another key on the first level of the 
    dungeon, so if you see a locked door then you will know that you are 
    going the right way :)
    	You will have to go back and forth between levels several times to 
    make it to the harp.  Try to remember where you going so to minimize the 
    possibility of getting lost.  The monsters down here are ferocious, and 
    you really can't afford to get lost :p
    	Down on the lower levels, you will fight enemies such as 
    KNIGHTS are no joke.  They are capable of doing 15 HPs damage in a 
    single strike.  It may be a better idea to run away then to try and slug 
    it out with them.  Once you do manage to find the harp, a good thing to 
    remember is DON'T USE IT -- especially not where you're in the grave.  
    When used, the Silver Harp will play a sweet melody, and BAM!  You'll 
    find yourself in a battle.  The enemy it calls depends on where you are, 
    but it will usually be a strong one for the place you are located.  So 
    just hang onto it for now, and concentrate on finding your way out of 
    the grave.  It may take you a few trips to learn the dungeon before you 
    can actually make it all the way down there and back.
    	Once out of the grave, you may have gained a level, and if you 
    did, that's all the better.  Just remember to go back and SAVE.  You 
    don't want to have to go through that all over again, would you? :p
    	Now that we have the Silver Harp we can finally take it back to 
    the old man at the North Cave.  Go back to the old man and give him the 
    Harp.  You will give you the contents of the chest behind him, which is 
    the Staff of Rain.  Congratulations!  You have found the second of the 
    three magical items!  Now, there is only one more left...
    ---------RESCUE GWAELIN!---------
    	Well, I think that the princess has waited long enough in 
    captivity.  It is now time to go forth and rescue her.  You should fight 
    either around the Rimuldar/South Cave area or you may even want to go 
    back to the Grave in Garinham to fight monsters.  At any rate, you 
    should fight until you reach level 13.  You should also buy the Full 
    Plate Armor as soon as you can.  At Level 12 you will get the spell of 
    Outside, which allows you to exit a dungeon instantly.  That would've 
    helped in the grave, wouldn't it?  Oh well.  You will also need a magic 
    key, as Gwaelin IS locked up in a cell.  
    	Once you are fully prepared (as always), head for the Swamp Cave 
    (you remember where it is, right?).  Those of you who wandered around 
    and ran into the Green Dragon (and got killed by it) will most likely 
    remember where it is, but if not it is not really hard to find.  Just 
    explore the right-hand side of the cave and you should come across it 
    	When in battle with the Green Dragon, there are a few things to 
    remember.  Dragons are highly resistant to spells such as HURT and 
    SLEEP, so it is pretty much useless to try and put the Dragon to SLEEP.  
    (well, maybe)  Your best bet is to just slug it out with the Dragon and 
    keep your HP up until it dies.  Once the Green Dragon is dead you can go 
    and unlock Gwaelin's cell (you DO have a magic key, right?)  Then you 
    can carry her (quite literraly, actually) back to the castle.
    	When you return to the castle with the King's daughter, he will be 
    forever grateful (of course!) and the princess will give you her 'love', 
    which serves as a sort of compass.  When you use this item, Gwaelin will 
    communicate with you.  She will tell you how many experience points you 
    need to go up a level, and if you are outside she will tell you your 
    coordinates (how many steps you are away from the castle).
    	Now that the princess is back safe and sound at the castle, you 
    can now go forth and continue your quest for the third magical item.
    	You must now go back out and fight more monsters, so head back to 
    the south cave and fight around there, as you will be able to gain lots 
    of GOLD easily in that area.  Once you have fought long enough, you 
    should be able to cough up the 7700 G necessary to buy the Magic Armor.  
    The Magic Armor doesn't increase your defense any more than the Full 
    Plate Armor, but it is well worth the purchase because this armor is, 
    well, magical.  It will heal your HP just by walking around.  For every 
    4 steps that you take, the armor will heal 1 HP.  Not bad, eh?  By now, 
    you will probably have reached Level 14.  If not, just keep fighting.  
    When you do hit Level 14, you will learn the spell of RETURN.  This 
    spell will warp you back to Tantegel Castle when you use it, but it 
    won't work inside a dungeon.
    	When you do manage to get up to Level 14, it is time to head out 
    for the castle town Cantlin.  This is where the Fairy Flute that you 
    have been carrying around for so long will help you out greatly.  The 
    town of Cantlin is the most remote town in Alefgard...  it is a very 
    long way from the castle.  To get there, first go to the Mountain Cave.  
    From there head south and you will hit the Domdora Desert.  That town 
    over there is Hauksness, but DON'T ENTER IT YET!  The monsters there are 
    among the strongest in the game, as this town was recently overrun by 
    the Dragonlord and his minions are still there.  For now, pass by the 
    town and continue south.  Along the way, you will fight enemies such as 
    lucky you might catch a glimpse of a METAL SLIME.  The METAL SLIMEs give 
    you the most experience of any enemy in the game (which sounds very 
    strange, right?  The slimes SUCK), but this experience is not easily 
    obtained.  The Metal Slimes have only 4 HP, but the catch is, their 
    defense power is so high then often when you attack you deal no damage 
    at all.  And on top of that, slimes will be slimes... and this little 
    guy has a bad habit of running after you deal 2 or 3 HP damage to him.  
    Of course, if you are lucky you will get a critical hit and kill it 
    automatically.  If you do manage to kill a Metal Slime, you will get a 
    whopping 115 Experience Points!  Not bad for doing a mere 4 HP damage!
    	At any rate, you should run from most of these enemies.  But as if 
    that weren't bad enough, the road only gets worse.  When you cross the 
    bridge to the south of the desert, head northeast and pass by 2 bridges.  
    The third bridge leads into a little swamp.  If you make it this far, 
    you're pretty much there, but the chances are unfortunately good that 
    you will get rocked by the enemies nearby.  Around Cantlin, you will 
    fight enemies such as WEREWOLFs, WIZARDs, STARWYVERNs, and even GREEN 
    DRAGONs.  But when you get to Cantlin don't get cocky!  Even the town 
    has a guardian!  When you step up to enter the town, you will be 
    attacked by GOLEM!  You have probably heard from one of the townspeople 
    that Golem hates the music of the Fairy Flute.  So, use this to your 
    advantage!  While in the battle with Golem, play the Fairy Flute.  This 
    will cause him to shut his pretty little eyes and drift off to sleep.  
    Now you can chop him up with your sword.  If he happens to wake up play 
    the flute again, and repeat until he dies.  You will get an insanely low 
    amount of Experience and Gold for this, but don't worry.  You have 
    reached Cantlin... in one piece.
    	The town of Cantlin is large... is has numerous shops, one for 
    just about everything!  You will need a key to get to the weapon shop 
    that houses the two best pieces of equipment you can buy... the Flame 
    Sword and the Silver Shield!
    Weapon Shop #1
    Bamboo Pole		10 G
    Club			60 G
    Copper Sword	180 G
    Leather Armor	70 G
    Chain Mail		300 G
    Large Shield	800 G
    Weapon Shop #2
    Hand Axe		560 G
    Broad Sword		1500 G
    Full Plate Armor	3000 G
    Magic Armor		7700 G
    Weapon Shop #3
    Flame Sword		9800 G
    Silver Shield	14800 G
    Tool Shop #1
    Dragon's Scale	20 G
    Wing of Wyvern	70 G
    Tool Shop #2
    Torch			8 G
    Herb			24 G
    Fairy Water Shop -- 38 G
    Magic Key Shop -- 75 G
    Inn -- 100 G
    	Wow!  You can buy just about anything here!  Anyway, now that you 
    have visited here, it is time to go back to where we won't get killed.  
    You should head back to the Domdora desert and fight enemies around 
    there, where you will have more of a chance.
    	Before entering the town of Hauksness, you should build your 
    levels until you hit Level 17.  By then you will be strong enough to 
    enter the town.  You will probably even have enough GOLD to buy the 
    Flame Sword and Silver Shield (maybe)!
    	You will also have learned two new spells, REPEL and HEALMORE.  
    REPEL will keep you from getting into fights for a short time (doesn't 
    work in caves and only repels enemies that are weaker than you are).  
    HEALMORE will heal a lot of your lost HP... around 70 or even more!
    	Upon entering the town of Hauksness, you will find that the town 
    is well, destroyed.  The Dragonlord did a good job at obliterating 
    everything.  The only reason to even come in here is to find the 
    legendary Erdrick's Armor.  It can be found in a patch of forest behind 
    a shop.  So look for a building that might look like a shop if it wasn't 
    totally destroyed and walk around the forest around it.  In one patch of 
    forest that looks suspicious, you will encounter an Axe Knight.  Be sure 
    you are fully healed before you attempt to battle this fool.  He is 
    mega-strong and can put you to sleep (OUCH) so use the spell of 
    STOPSPELL immediately.  Then attack him and keep your HP up.  After you 
    defeat the Axe Knight, search the patch of forest to find Erdrick's 
    Armor.  This is the strongest armor in the game, and it has several neat 
    features.  It will heal 1 HP with every step you take.  Plus, it 
    protects you from the swamp!  Now you can walk through the swamp without 
    taking any damage!  Cool!
    	Once you get the Erdrick's Armor, it will automatically be 
    equipped.  You can fight the Axe Knight again at any time you wish (if 
    you need experience).  For now, exit the town of Hauksness.  Now you are 
    strong enough to fight the enemies around Cantlin at will, so we can 
    freely search the area for the third magic item!
    ----------THE TOKEN OF ERDRICK--------
    	An old man in Cantlin says that at 70 steps to the south and 40 
    steps to the east you will find an item.  This item is Erdrick's Token, 
    the third and last item required to reach the Dragonlord's Castle.  You 
    will need Gwaelin's Love to figure out your exact coordinates.  It turns 
    out that 70 south and 40 east puts you directly in the middle of the 
    huge swamp south of Cantlin.  It's a good thing we got Erdrick's 
    Armor... or we could've been killed just searching for the token (and 
    that would suck, right?  :p)
    	So head for that big ol' swamp that is situated directly to the 
    south of Cantlin.  Use Gwaelin's Love to figure out exactly where 70 
    south and 40 east is, and then SEARCH.  You will find Erdrick's Token!  
    This is the proof that you are indeed the descendant of Erdrick!  Once 
    you have the Erdrick's Token, it's time to head back to the old man at 
    the South Cave.  Before you do, you should probably hang around and get 
    one more level up... putting you up to level 18.  The Dragonlord is 
    tough, and you need all the experience you can get!
    	After reaching Level 18, head back to the South Cave (which is 
    literally all the way on the other side of the world... you have to 
    circle around and go through the Swamp Cave again :p)
    Show the three items to the old man and he will make the Rainbow Drop.  
    With this Rainbow Drop you can create a bridge that leads to Charlock 
    	The question is, where do you make the bridge?  At the northwest 
    corner of the Island of Rimuldar you will find that there is one space 
    separating the island of Rimuldar from the Dragonlord's castle.  Well, 
    guess what?  This is where you use the Rainbow Drop!  Use it and the 
    bridge will appear in a dazzling array of colors!  This is your ticket 
    to Charlock Castle -- the isle of the Dragonlord!
    ---------PREPARING FOR CHARLOCK--------
    	Now we are almost ready to go to Charlock and strike down the 
    Dragonlord for good.  But before we go marching right into the fray, we 
    need to make some final preparations.  Go ahead and raise your levels 
    until you hit 20.  At Level 19 you will learn HURTMORE, which is the 
    best attack spell and the last spell that you will learn.  At Level 20 
    you should be strong enough to head down into the depths of the castle.
    	When you are finally ready, SAVE the game (of course) and head off 
    towards the Dragonlord's castle.
    	On the first floor of the castle, you will find the remains of 
    what used to be the throne room.  There seems to be no other way to go 
    save the 2 stairways behind locked doors... but they are merely dead-
    ends.  Go behind the Dragonlord's throne (Erdrick's armor will protect 
    you from the damage zones) and SEARCH.  A secret stairway leading down 
    into the depths of Charlock will appear.  This is the final dungeon....
    	Before we go to the Dragonlord's lair, there is one important item 
    in here that we should seek out.  That item is... Erdrick's Sword!  
    Without it you will not be able to put up much of a fight with the 
    Dragonlord.  As you did with the Silver Harp in the Grave of Garinham, 
    you will need to switch back and forth between levels several times 
    before you get it.  It turns out that the sword is the second basement 
    level, in the middle of the floor.
    	As was the case when you found the armor, Erdrick's Sword will 
    automatically be equipped when you obtain it.  With Erdrick's equipment 
    in hand, you are now ready to face the Dragonlord?  Are you ready :)
    ---------THE FINAL BATTLE--------
    	You will probably went to exit the castle and go SAVE the game 
    again before going down to face the Dragonlord.  That way if you die you 
    won't have to go all the way back through and get Erdrick's Sword over 
    again.  Once you have done so, head back to Charlock once again.  The 
    Dragonlord's lair is located at the very bottom of the castle.  You'll 
    know when you reach that floor because the entire area will be lit.
    	Along the way, the toughest enemies will try and stop you.  These 
    enemies include STONEMEN, ARMORED KNIGHTs, BLUE DRAGONs, and RED 
    DRAGONs.  You should try to save your HP and MP as much as possible for 
    the fight with the Dragonlord.
    	When you do reach the Dragonlord, be wary of his offer.  He knows 
    that you are strong, and he will surely try and conquer you without 
    fighting :)
    	So when he gives you his offer, say NO!  (Just say NO!)  This will 
    cause him to attack.
    	During the battle, just attack him with his sword.  After a few 
    strikes he will 'die'.  But as you may have guessed, the Dragonlord just 
    isn't that easy.  He will transform into a huge winged dragon -- his 
    'true form'.
    	The Dragonlord's defense is awesome... you will find yourself 
    doing only 6 or 7 HP damage with each strike.  Just keep your HPs up 
    using Healmore and strike when you have the chance.  If you find that 
    you are not strong enough, get another level up and try again!  The 
    Dragonlord will go down after you deal about 100 HP damage to his big 
    form.  Once you destroy the Dragonlord, it's over!  You've won!  
    Radiance streams forth from the Ball of Light and the evil is driven 
    from the land!
    *         PART THREE:  THE LISTS           *
    Item Name          |Cost      |Use of Item                    
    Ball of Light      |  Found   |This keeps the peace of Alefgard!
    Cursed Belt        |  Found   |Curses you when worn / sell it instead
    Cursed Necklace    |  Found   |Curses you when worn / sell it instead
    Dragon's Scale     |   20     |Raises DEFENSE by 2 when used
    Herb			 |   24     |Recover some of your HP
    Erdrick's Token    |  Found   |Proof of your heritage to Erdrick
    Fairy Flute        |  Found   |Puts Golem to sleep
    Fairy Water		 |   38     |Keeps away enemies for a short time
    Fighter's Ring     |  Found   |Can make the enemies run away
    Gwaelin's Love	 |  Found   |Used as a 'compass'
    Magic Key		 | 53/75/98 |Unlocks one door
    Rainbow Drop       |  Found   |Creates the bridge that leads to Charlock
    Silver Harp        |  Found   |Trade for Staff of Rain
    Staff of Rain      |  Found   |Combine with Stones of Sunlight
    Stones of Sunlight |  Found   |Combine with Staff of Rain
    Torch			 |    8     |Lights up dark areas
    Tablet       	 |  Found   |Contains Erdrick's advice to you
    Wing of Wyvern     |   70     |Warps you to Tantegel Castle
    Weapon Name		 |Attack   |Cost    |Where Found
    Bamboo Pole		 |   +2    |   10	  |Bought at Brecconary/Cantlin
    Broad Sword		 |   +20   |   1500 |Bought at Rimuldar/Cantlin
    Club			 |   +4    |   60   |Bought at Brec./Garin./Cantlin
    Copper Sword       |   +10   |   180  |Bought at Br./Gar./Kol/Rim./Can.
    Erdrick's Sword	 |   +40   |  Found |Found in Charlock Castle
    Flame Sword        |   +28   |   9800 |Bought at Cantlin
    Hand Axe		 |   +15   |   560  |Bought at Garinham/Rimuldar
    Armor Name		 |Defense  |Cost    |Where Found
    Clothes    		 |   +2    |   20	  |Bought at Brecconary
    Chain Mail 		 |   +10   |   300  |Bought at Garinham/Cantlin
    Erdrick's Armor    |   +28   |  Found |Found in Hauksness
    Full Plate Armor   |   +24   |   3000 |Bought at Kol/Rimuldar/Cantlin
    Half Plate Armor   |   +16   |   1000 |Bought at Gar./Kol/Rimul./Cantlin
    Leather Armor      |   +4    |   70   |Bought at Breconnary/Garinham
    Magic Armor        |   +24   |   7700 |Bought at Rimuldar/Cantlin
    Shield Name		 |Defense  |Cost    |Where Found
    Iron Shield		 |   +10   |   800  |Bought at Garinham/Cantlin
    Small Shield	 |   +4    |   90   |Bought at Brecconary/Kol
    Silver Shield      |   +20   |  14800 |Bought at Cantlin
    Spell Name         |Level   |MP Cost|Effect of Spell
    HEAL			 | LV 3   |   4   |Heals some of your lost HP
    HEALMORE		 | LV17   |   10  |Heals a lot of your lost HP
    HURT			 | LV 4   |   2   |Deals small damage to the enemy
    HURTMORE		 | LV19   |   5   |Deals large damage to the enemy
    OUTSIDE		 | LV12   |   6   |Warps you to the outside
    RADIANT		 | LV 8   |   3   |Lights up the area around you
    RETURN		 | LV13   |   8   |Warps you back to Tantegel Castle
    REPEL			 | LV15   |   2   |Keeps away monsters
    SLEEP		       | LV 7   |   2   |Puts the enemy to SLEEP
    STOPSPELL		 | LV10   |   2	|Stops the enemy from casting spells
    * NOTE *  The Gold and Experience you receive after a battle with a 
    monster is variable.  This numbers shown are the maximum amounts that 
    you can receive :)
    Enemy Name            |HP   |Gold   |Experience |Where fought
    Armored Knight	    | 90  |  140  |    70     |Charlock Castle
    Axe Knight		    | 70  |  165  |    54     |Charlock/Hauksness
    Blue Dragon		    |    70     |  150  |    60     |Charlock Castle
    Demon Knight	    |    50     |  150  |    37	|Domdora Desert
    Dragonlord		    |    150    |   0   |    0      |Charlock Castle
    Dragonlord (2nd form) |    100    |   0   |    0      |Charlock Castle
    Drakee		    |	   6      |   3   |    2      |Erdrick's Cave
    Drakeema		    |    20     |   20  |    11     |Mountain Cave
    Droll			    |    25     |   25  |    10	|Mountain Cave
    Drollmagi		    |    38	    |   90  |    22	|Grave of Garinham
    Druin			    |    22	    |   16  |    7      |Swamp Cave
    Druinlord		    |    35     |   85  |    20     |Grave of Garinham
    Ghost                 |    7      |   5   |    3      |Erdrick's Cave
    Goldman		    |    50     |  200  |    6	|Around South Cave
    Golem			    |    70     |   10  |    5      |Near Cantlin
    Green Dragon	    |    65     |  140  |    45     |Cantlin/Charlock
    Knight		    |    55     |  130  |    33	|Domdora Desert
    Magician		    |    13     |   12  |    4	|Around Garinham
    Magidrakee		    |    15     |   12  |    5      |Around Kol
    Magiwyvern		    |    58     |  140  |    34     |South of Domdora 
    Metal Scorpion	    |    22     |   40  |    14     |Around Rimuldar
    Metal Slime		    |    4      |   6   |   115     |South of Domdora 
    Poltergeist		    |    23     |   18  |    81     |Mountain Cave
    Red Dragon            |    100    |  140  |   100 	|Charlock Castle
    Red Slime		    |    4      |   3   |    1	|Around Tantegel
    Rogue Scorpion	    |    35     |  110  |    26 	|Domdora Desert
    Scorpion		    |    20     |   16  |    6	|Around Kol
    Skeleton		    |    30     |   30  |    11	|Kol/ Rimuldar
    Slime			    |    3      |   2   |    1	|Around Tantegel
    Specter	          |    36	    |   70	|    18	|Grave of Garinham
    Starwyvern		    |    65     |  160  |    43     |Cant./Hauk./Char.
    Stoneman		    |    160    |  140  |    65	|Charlock Castle
    Warlock		    |    30     |   35  |    13     |Mount.Cave/Rimul.
    Werewolf		    |    60     |  155  |    40     |Cant./Hauk./Char.
    Wizard		    |    65     |  165  |    50	|Cant./Hauk./Char.
    Wolf			    |    34     |   50  |    16     |Around Rimuldar
    Wolflord		    |    38     |   80  |    20     |Rimul/Gr. of Gar.
    Wraith		    |    36     |   60  |    17     |Around Rimuldar
    Wraith Knight	    |    46     |  120  |    28     |Domdora/Grave
    Wyvern		    |    42     |  100  |    24     |Around South Cave
    Experience Level              |Experience Points Required
    1					|0
    2					|7
    3					|23
    4					|47
    5					|110
    6					|220
    7					|450
    8					|800
    9					|1,300
    10					|2,000
    11					|2,900
    12					|4,000
    13					|5,500
    14					|7,500
    15					|10,000
    16					|13,000
    17					|17,000
    18					|21,000
    19					|25,000
    20					|29,000
    21					|33,000
    22					|37,000
    23					|41,000
    24					|45,000
    25					|49,000
    26					|53,000
    27					|57,000
    28					|61,000
    29					|65,000
    30					|65,535
    *         PART FOUR:  CREDITS              *
    	Well, this ends the Dragon Warrior Walkthrough!  I hope that this 
    helped you out.  If you see that anything is wrong, missing, badly 
    explained, or have any suggestions... feel free to E-mail me at 
    dalez@intercom.net.  I am willing to make any necessary changes or 
    additions if needs be :)
    This document may be distributed freely as long as it is not modified in 
    any way... but people never listen, right?
    ---------THE END!!!!--------

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