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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by EntropicLobo

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    Version 1.0     8/29/04
    Created by Matthew McIntyre (entropiclobo@yahoo.ca)
    This Guide is Copyright, 2004, Matthew McIntyre
    This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
    where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.
    Websites with permission to use this Guide:
    Cyborasaurus, the other Robosaurs and characters, and all
    things Spondylus are copyright BANDAI
    Version History:
    -3/27/2006, added 1up as a host.
    1.0 (8/29/04): Basic guide is complete
    Table of Contents:
    4)The Game
    4.1: Dinosaur
    4.2: Man
    5.1: Dinosaur
    5.2: Man
    6) Pass Words
    7) Contribute and Credits  
    ***Section 1)Introduction:
    Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus is a fun little game in which
    you can take control of your massive carnasaur-themed Robosaur,
    Cyborasaurus, and fight against the other robotic dinosaurs. You
    will also jump out of the cockpit to infiltrate and destroy the
    computers of the Artificial Intelligence Compounds (AICs).
    The game’s only seven levels - rather short, but it’s great to
    just pick up and play from any level (via password) as the
    difficulty doesn’t change very much as the game progresses.
    The levels don’t warrant a description in the ranks of absolute
    minutia, they’re all very similar, so this guide will more or
    less focus on help with the game.
    ***Section 2)Story
    Taken straight from the manual:
    "Something was terribly wrong in the distant ma-made Spondylus Solar 
    System. One by one the planets’ central life support computers had been 
    infected with a life threatening virus while the planet surfaces had been 
    overrun with giant computerized dinosaurs known as Robosaurs. Under 
    attack in his laboratory ion Alpha Planet, Professor Proteus, the 
    mastermind of the Spondylus System and founder of the Robosaur 
    project suddenly that this deadly sabotage could only be the work of his 
    former partner, the deranged Dr. Brainius. Years earlier, the doctor had fled 
    Alpha Planet after Professor Proteus had exposed him for performing forbidden 
    robotic experiments on human subjects. At last, he had returned to seek his
     revenge using the Professor’s own creations! But, little did he realize that
     Proteus had been hard at work for the past few years perfecting the 
    ultimate robosaur, Cyborasaurus.
    There was only one hope to save the Spondylus System. 
    Cyborasaurus must be released! The DYNOWARZ must begin!"
    Furthermore: The levels have a little story:
    The game begins on Planet Alpha, where Professor Proteus (the character 
    you control) fights his way through his laboratory past the Flying Hounds 
    of Destruction to reach Cyborasaurus. He then enters the AIC of Planet 
    Alpha, where he deactivates the infected Life-Support Computer (LSC) in
    an effort to return the environment to its normal state.
    He then boards a Molecular Transporter in his Cyborasaurus and teleports to
    the next planet.
    Proteus will travel through the next 6 planets battling his way to the AIC in
    Cyborasaurus, entering it, destroying the LSC, and then proceeding to the
    next planet via Molecular Transporter.
    ***Section 3)Control
    Just as the game itself is very straightforward, so are the controls.
    A Button: Jump
    B Button: Attack
    Control Pad Left or Right: Move character
    Control Pad Down: Crouch
    Down+A Simultaneously: Jump down (from platforms, etc)
    -Controls are the same for Proteus and Cyborasaurus
    Furthermore, on the first screen of Dinosaur Mode, pressing
    select will activate the Satellite Defence System, destroying
    all enemies on the screen.
    ***Section 4)The Game
    With the exception of Planet Alpha, the game progresses like this:
    Dinosaur Mode -> Infiltrate AIC -> Escape AIC -> Progress to Next Planet
    *When you boot up the game, you’ll be given two choices:
    To begin a new Game or to Enter a Password. Most Pass Words take you 
    to a different planet.
    You have two "health bars" in this game: Energy and Barrier. A capsule with 
    E on it will replenish Energy, your primary hp. A capsule with a B on it will 
    give you a barrier, a secondary hit meter. Barrier will be replenished with 
    B capsules as well.
    If your energy reaches 0, you’re taken back to the title screen. There will 
    be a new option there: Continue. This will continue you from the segment 
    you lost in if in Dinosaur mode, or the beginning of the AIC in Man Mode. A 
    password is specifically engineered to take you to the very beginning of a
    stage, however.
    When you defeat a boss in Dinosaur Mode, you’ll be given a key to the AIC. 
    When you escape an AIC, there will be a platform (this is the Molecular 
    Transporter). Jump on it to progress to the next planet. Each planet has a 
    different environment, but the game play remains the same throughout the 
    Spondylus System.
    4.1: Dinosaur Mode
    Pilot Cyborasaurus past enemy Robosaurs to the AIC of the Planet. The 
    sequence begins in an outside area. In the air, there will be a satellite. You
    may  call upon this ONCE by pressing the select button - it will destroy every
    enemy on the screen. The second portion is an "inside area" (like a cave). In
    both these segments you battle though waves of Robosaurs, jump over spiked
    pits, Pyramid Projectile Launchers, pits, and Thumper Mines. The satellite is
    not available in portion 2.
    The last portion is a fight against a boss Robosaur. The satellite is 
    not visible here.
    The bosses are:
    Level 1: Huge Theropod
    Level 2: Huge Pterodactyl
    Level 3: Huge Theropod
    Level 4: Huge Pterodactyl
    Level 5: Huge Pterodactyl
    Level 6: Sauropod
    Level 7: Sauropod
    Many of the larger/more advanced enemies drop weapon upgrades.
    The weapons are:
    Your standard attack. Cyborasaurus punches the weapon. It will use
    this when you start a new game or after you die (INCLUDING if
    you die in an AIC)
    **Launch Fist:
    Cyborasaurus launches his fist forward as a projectile. At the end of the 
    trajectory, the fist will fly up a small distance and travel back to 
    Cyborasaurus. The rate of fire is slow, you can’t fire again until your fist 
    -General Upgrade Trend: Increased Range
    -Upgrade 1: Faster fist
    -Upgrade 2: More power
    **Fire Ball
    Cyborasaurus shoots a fireball forward. This is a ranged projectile 
    which packs a fair bit of punch. 
    -General Upgrade Trend: The fireballs become bigger. 
    -On the first upgrade: One fireball shoots diagonally up and 
    forward along with the forward ball.
    -On the second upgrade, another fireball will join these two and 
    travel diagonally down and forward.
    Cyborasaurus lobs a bomb in an arc above its head. Beware: enemies
    within your trajectory will cause major problems, as they’ll be hard 
    to dispose of. -General Upgrade Trend: Increased Blast Radius as the
    amount of "lob missiles" increases (2 then 3).
    This is what I consider the most superior weapon in the game. 
    Cyborasaurus shoots a laser forwards. Unlike the other attacks, the 
    beams will travel through enemies and solid objects, making it extremely
    useful. It’s pretty weak against low-to-the ground enemies until the third
    upgrade, however.
    -General Upgrade Trend: The beam becomes thicker.
    -On the first upgrade, a fireball will join the beam and travel diagonally 
    up and forward.
    -On the second upgrade, a fireball will travel diagonally down 
    and forward.
    Some general tips:
    -Pterodactyls often have a barrier or energy capsule to give you, if you’re
    hurting, make sure to destroy any you come to.
    -Thumper mines are often placed close to an edge of a pit. Landing on
    it has a chance of knocking you to your death.
    -If an unwanted item is near a thumper mine that is potentially life
    threatening (as in, it may knock you down a pit), opt for the item 
    unless you’re  absolutely sure you can clear both. -Loss of life in
    Dinosaur mode will compromise any power-ups you had in Man Mode.
    -If an enemy you predict has a power up is near an edge,
    try to kill it before it reaches the edge. It will make avoiding unwanted
    weapons easier.
    -If you  start a planet with only your fist, use your satellite defence system 
    to destroy item-bearing Robosaurs so you may have a better chance
    of survival.
    -Don’t be intimidated of bosses if you only have punch. It’s 
    still possible to destroy them, it only takes longer.
    -Crouching is a very important skill to get the hang of. It will help 
    you evade a lot of damage.
    Man Mode
    Fight your way past the Flying Hounds of Destruction and over the 
    Platforms of Deception (you really have to love the naming in this game)
    to reach the LSC. Do battle with it to deactivate it, and then travel 
    back to your Cyborasaurus.
    This is much more platform oriented than the Dinosaur mode. In fact,
    there are those "Platforms of Deception" in each AIC! 
    Your weapon here is "GUN" which fires like Fireball 3. Upgrades for 
    the Gun, (P) capsules, allow you to fire it more than one spread at a 
    time. (ie Press B twice with GUN 2 to fire two spreads).
    The Platforms of Deception are just that - platforms. The platforms 
    in this game are in three types:
    1) Those that move on a horizontal plane.
    2) Those that move on a vertical plane.
    3) Those that fall away when you land on them.
    The platforms are suspended over bottomless "black abysses" 
    and spikes. The spikes will harm you, but not instantly kill you.
    Pits will kill you instantly.
    In this mode there three enemies:
    -Wall/Floor Mounted cannons that  fire at you. They’re downed in two hits 
    by Gun 1.
    -The Flying Hounds of Destruction, which I gather are the flying enemies. 
    They fly  around the room moving in a circular path as they fire shots at you.
    -A humanoid, which I gather is an illicit experiment of Dr. Brainius, they
    can fire and jump towards you.
    -There are also mines like the Dinosaur mode phases, though they’re in 
    much less threatening positions.
    When you reach the LSC, you must pelt it until it is destroyed. The LSC
    will shoot at you, however. These shots are in bursts, so you can catch 
    a few breathers during the fight.
    -The LSC will often have enemies in the chamber with it. Destroy them
    They are the main threats to you in these battles, and because of the
    spread property of the gun, you’ll likely damage the LSC in the process.
    -When you fight an LSC where it has a clear shot of you anywhere in
    the room, keep firing, and jump when the shots come towards you. Try
    to land between the shots and jump again.
    If there is a platform above you, jump to it when the shots come toward
    you. Jump down in the next burst. Continue as much as necessary.
    -When the LSC shots are blocked by the room’s geometry, take your 
    time and systematically pick it off.
    -The difficulty of an LSC does not change throughout the game.
    -The seventh LSC is technically the final boss.
    -Staying far away from an LSC will help avoid its blasts. There’s often
    a platform of deception near an LSC - these make it much harder to
    dodge shots.
    -During the seventh LSC, it is possible to get a barrier item.
    ***Help with the Platforms of Deception:
    *You MUST land on TOP of the platform. Otherwise, you fly right
    through it.
    -When two horizontally moving platforms are in the room, time your jump
    so that you’ll land on the platform approaching you. Best to jump when it is 
    approaching you, and before the end of the path of the platform you are on.
    -Three vertical moving platforms: Jump at the minimum height of the 
    platform you are riding. The platform ahead of you is likely moving down
    at the time, and you want to catch it at its minimum.
    -When you have two horizontal platforms next to a dropper, jump from
    the first to the dropper. WAIT for the next platform to approach you, 
    you should still be able to make it even though you’re falling.
    -When two horizontal platforms surround a vertical: Jump onto the first.
    Jump onto the vertical as you approach it and it is low in its path. 
    Jump onto the next one as it approaches.
    -Dropper in the middle of a pit with two ledges: Just jump onto the 
    dropper and jump immediately.
    -Single horizontal platform under a path choked with enemies: 
    Destroying the enemies is the safest route.
    *The escape: 
    -Even though all the enemies are dead, you can still get hurt - and this will 
    influence how  much energy you start with in the next level’s Man Mode. 
    -If you die now, you’ll have to do the entire sequence over again.
    General Tips:
    -Weapon upgrades help, but they aren’t nearly as important as they are 
    in Dinosaur mode. Don’t fuss over missing a P capsule.
    -Spikes won’t kill you instantly, and they don’t take off a severe 
    amount of life, so if a  capsule lands on them, you may want to jump 
    in and get it (considering your energy is in good condition).
    -The Flying Hounds of Destruction are your prime capsule droppers. Try 
    to destroy them over solid ground.
    -Try to take out as many enemies from when you enter the room as possible.
    The distance makes it hard to hit them, but also hard to hit you.
    -If possible, take out mounted cannons first. They fire at a much more rapid
    rate than the Flying Hounds of Destruction.
    -There’s no rush, so take your time.
    Section 5)Enemies
    The Robosaurs in Dynowarz come in many different colours, but they
    don’t make much difference. Your larger Robosaurs are the item 
    droppers, your smaller are there for annoyance and the slow 
    depletion of your energy.
    In Man Mode, enemies are secondary to the Platforms of Deception,
    there are only three varieties with no sub-colours in them.
    5.1: Dinosaur Mode
    NOTE: I’m just naming these enemies as I call them from Dinosaur lore.
    -Robosaurs may walk over spikes, but fall into pits.
    *The Theropods:
    The "beast footed" dinosaurs which group many of the popular carnivores
    in the dinosaur world. These are the bipedal, predatory dinosaurs you’ll 
    encounter in your quest to restore Spondylus.
    -Small Theropods run at Cyborasaurus and jump into him. They’re a hard
    target for some weapon and can be relatively annoying. Don’t drop items.
    -Medium Theropods, are much like small theropods in that they jump into you.
    They’re much easier to hit, however, and they trade this disadvantage off with
    the ability to launch a periodic shot at you and taking longer to destroy.
    -Large Theropods are the most like Cyborasaurus. They take longer still to
    destroy, and launch shots more often.
    -Large Theropod with Bazooka: Or at least what looks like a bazooka. These
    Robosaurs are much more prone to jumping and firing than the average large 
    -Huge Theropod: This guy appears as the boss of levels 1 and 3,and also
    as a standard enemy.  He takes the longest to destroy out of the theropods,
    can fire shots at you, and will give himself a little speed boost as he 
    approaches you and periodically when shot. They jump backwards when 
    they walk into a chunk of solid ground. This is a good time to strike.
    *The Ceratopsians
    Your friendly neighbour hood frilled and horned dinosaurs. They have 
    good stamina.
    -Triceratops: Walks towards you and periodically shoots.
    -Cannon Triceratops: A Triceratops with a cannon in its back. 
    Will jump at you and shoot.
    -Big Triceratops:  The most stamina in the family, these will steadily
    encroach on you and fire shots.
    *The Pterosaurs
    Pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs, but they’re in this game anyways. 
    They primarily swoop in on you, and are your source for 
    energy/barrier capsules.
    -Pterodactyl: Swoops in on you and across the screen.
    -Huge Pterodactyl: Swoops faster and is much larger - you’re 
    an easy target for it. Has the prestige of being the boss of levels 
    2, 4, and 5 as well as being a normal enemy. 
    *The Mammal-like Reptiles
    Again, they aren’t dinosaurs, but there’s one here: Dimetrodon. It’s
    the little bugger with the sail on back. Exactly like the small 
    theropod, it will jump around you and be a general nuisance.
    *The Stegosaurs
    Your good ol’ plated dinosaur: Stegosaurus appears in this game. He’s
    pretty threatening, as well. It will jump towards, shoot, and do the same
    little boost the huge theropod does. Added, the bugger has a huge degree
    of stamina - it would have made a fine boss.
    *The Sauropods: 
    The giants of the land are in this game and they are the most formidable
    Robosaurs set out to destroy you. They take a ton of punishment and fire
    towards you as they encroach. They have the honour of being boss of 
    levels 6 and 7, and not being a standard enemy. Level 7’s sauropod will
    also jump towards you. Let him jump OVER you. If you find yourself 
    stuck using the punch against one, you’ll have to jump up and 
    bludgeon its face. 
    *Pyramid Projectile Launchers
    Launch missiles at your Cyborasaurs. They’re hard to hit with some 
    of the more lower-levelled weapons, and attack at a higher rate
    than that of the Robosaurs.
    *Thumper Mines:
    Explode when you walk on them. They’ll knock you back a bit.
    5.2 Man Mode
    *Flying Hounds of Destruction:
    They fly around the room, moving in small circular patterns. 
    They’ll fire at Proteus.
    *Illicit Humanoid:
    Run towards you and fire. they have jumping ability.
    *Cannons: Fire profusely at Proteus. The primary -enemy- 
    threat in an Mode  because they’re the most difficult 
    to hit and destroy. 
    *Mines: Damage Proteus. They’re the least of 
    your worries.
    *Life-Support Computer:
    The most stamina of all Man Mode enemies, they’re the
    bosses of the AICs. They fire at Proteus so use some 
    discretion as you blast away.  All other enemies in 
    the segment are destroyed once the LSC is.
    Section 6)Pass Words
    Select Pass Word on the title screen. Move the control pad up
    or down to change the number. 
    Most passwords take you to a level, but only the very beginning.
    For example, if you decide to stop playing after getting into an
    AIC - your password will only take you to the beginning of the 
    planet in Cyborasaurus.
    Level Passwords:
    5431 - Level 2
    9892 - Level 3
    6315 - Level 4
    7452 - Level 5
    1697 - Level 6
    6425 - Level 7
    Enemy Viewer: 7777
    On the title screen there is a Robosaur opposite Cyborasaurus.
    Entering this passwords will allow you to scroll this
    with up and down to preview some of the enemies.
    Section 7) Contribute and Credits
    If you wish to contribute to this guide - either with new
    information or corrections, you
    may reach me at entropiclobo@yahoo.ca 
    I’d like to thank BANDAI for making this game, it’s quite fun.
    This Guide is Copyright, 2004, Matthew McIntyre
    This guide may not be used on a website or in any public forum
    where it is protected by copyright without the consent of the author.

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