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Reviewed: 04/24/09

Exciting In A Way

Excite Bike is a Racing game developed by Nintendo. One thing I remember from my childhood is that this game was bought as a gift from my uncle who, since he didn’t know anything about games probably asked the guy at the store, “Is there a game for a young boy?”, and he game him a damn game with motorbikes! After some time, a friend of mine came over my house with a box full of cartridges to try them out. When he saw my Excite Bike he fell in love with it and persuaded me to trade it with his Metroid. So finally, I was happy because I had got ridden of a game that was collecting dust and got one that I became fanatical with it and my friend was happy because… because??? I don’t know why he was so happy about having Excite Bike, so I hope that you by reading my review will understand him better.

Graphics: 6.2/10
Design: 6.5/10

Does this Score seem high to you? Well for me it isn’t since when I give a score I take into consideration many things, like when it came out, for which system, blah, blah, blah. Excite bike is an ooooooooold title, very old, amongst the first NES ones. Its quite minimalistic in its design and I like that, it has that retro charm to it. A simple background, the road, your bike and most importantly the obstacles. The obstacles might seem simple now but back then, their pseudo 3D look looked good not to mention that most NES games didn’t even have decent graphics. That said I believe Excite Bike looked good for its time with the only problem in the graphic section being the overall variety.

Sound: 5/10
Music: 4/10

Sound effects are the one you would expect from an oldie such as this game. Nice and simple and fortunately not irritating and to say the truth when we talk about sound quality in old games there is irritating and no irritating sound effects so no problem from Excite Bike with that. Music on the other hand disappointed me a little, not because it was bad or something, but because it was totally absent, nothing apart from the main theme, (a music tune that lasts almost 10 seconds). Ok, I wasn’t expecting something special, just a simple tune as background, nothing more, nothing less…

Gameplay: 5/10
Replay Value: 4/10

A motocross racing game in the NES, how fun can that be? Well to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be so entertained from such an old racing title since I’m not a racing guy in general. The concept is pretty simple, you have a bike that moves in a straight line and can only move up and down in the 4 road divisions. You can use a special acceleration button in order to move much faster but if you hold that too much your bike will overheat resulting in you stopping for some seconds. The purpose in this game is to finish us fast as possible while avoiding all the obstacles in front of you.

When racing you’ll see some obstacles of various shapes that can be climbed with your bike. Depending on your speed you will fly in the air just like in a real motocross stage. Now in order to land safely you will have to adjust the position of your bike while in the air, something that is very easy and fun and won’t create problems at all. Sometimes you’ve gotta land safely on track, sometimes you’ve got to keep a certain angle in order to land safely on an obstacle that is right beside the first one, etc. Apart from these there are some obstacles that must be completely avoided, you will find oil that will slow you down and some power up items that will make you faster and erase the overheating gauge.

There could be some more obstacles, power ups and stuff like that to spice things a bit but like I’ve said we’re talking about an ooooooooold game… There is one thing though that is great and raises the replay value a lot. That is the Level Editor! You can easily create a track with the obstacles you want and try it out! You cannot save it of course but that’s not too much of a trouble. Anyway, Excitebike has somewhat of a retro charm on it but I don’t think that you’ll spent more than a month playing it.

-The best OLD motocross game
-Nice and easy controls
-A Level Editor!!!

-Not many things to do
-No music

Also Play:
I wish I knew a similar game…

Overall: 5.1/10

All in all Excite Bike although not the best game in the world, has that special retro charm some games had back then. The biggest fun in it is the Level Editor, after that there’s nothing… glad I’ve traded it with Metroid!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Excite Bike (European Version) (EU, 09/01/86)

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