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    Final Fantasy II Story
    Final Fantasy II Story
    This is the complete storyline of the Famicom game "Final Fantasy II" released
    in Japan (1988) by Squaresoft. This is NOT the story of the American Final
    Fantasy II, nor the story of the Japanese version of our Final Fantasy II,
    Final Fantasy IVj. This is for the first time, the story of the original
    FFIIj, never released here! This story was written by Zimeon Lundstrom, a
    e-mail friend of mine. Enjoy!
    In a world far away... The for long continued peace had come to an
    end. The emperor of the Empire Baramekia started to call monsters from the
    monster world, and thus tried to take over the world. To counter
    this, a Rebel Army arouse in the Kingdom of Fuun, but facing the
    massive attack from the Empire, their castle was taken, and they had
    to flee to the nearby town of Altea. And in this Kingdom of Fuun,
    there lived 4 young warriors, who had lost their parents by the
    enemy's attacks, and had to continually flee from the following
    enemy's hands... 
    Part I
    The Empire is trying to  take over the world. The kingdom of Phin has
    lost its castle, and four youths from Phin; Frioniel, Maria, Guy and
    Lionheart, try to flee after their paretns have been killed by the
    Empire's soldiers. But the enemy pursue them.
    The game begins with a battle against four mounted warriors. It is 
    quickly over, with Frioniel and the party getting killed.
    Frioniel wakes up in a small room where a white magician named Min'u 
    takes care of him. Min'u and a woman named Hilda speaks about a meeting 
    and then leave the room. Frioniel gets up, but cannot find the other 
    three. Leaving the room, he finds that Maria and Guy have been saved as 
    well. Maria is overwhelmed to see Frioniel alive. Lionheart was her 
    brother, and he has not been found.
    The three go to the meeting room, which is the throne room, where they 
    meet Hilda. they ask her to make them a part of the Resistance, but Hilda 
    refuses. When Hilda hears that the four have lost their parents, she asks 
    them to live in Altea, where they are now. The four learn the password 
    The four also meet the king of Phin who is sick. His daughter Hilda has 
    taken over most of the affairs. Hilda has a fiancee who is left in Phin, 
    a man named Scott. The four decide to go out and save him.
    Before they leave Altea, the four meet other parts of the Resistance. 
    Paul is a ninja thief who calls himself the best thief in the world. They 
    also meet Dobul, an old smith, and a depressed fellow named Gordon. 
    Gordon is Scott's brother, and prince of Kashuon, another country overrun 
    by the Empire. Gordon is ashamed of himself for just running away and 
    calls himself worthless, and just stands doing nothing.
    The four manage to travel northwards to Phin, where they learn from the 
    barman where Scott is. he is mortally wounded, and only manages to give 
    Frioniel a ring before he dies. The four have to go back to Altea with 
    the bad news.
    Hilda is full of sadness over the horrible news, but calms herself and 
    tells Frioniel that the only hope to stand up against the Empire would be 
    if they could find the metal named Mithril. There is a town nearby named 
    Palm, from which you can take a boat to a city called Poft. Rumours about 
    Mithril have been spreading from there. 
    There has also been a rumour about the Huge Battleship, a gigantic 
    Airship that the Empire is going to build.
    Min'u decides to go with the four, and thus you get your first ally in 
    the group.
    To be continued in Palm...
    Part II
    Palm is a very peaceful town. The Empire has not yet come that far, so 
    the town is nice and quiet. In the town, they find rumours that up north, 
    people have found Mithril. A fellow who has a boat says he can take the 
    four (four since Min'u are now with Frioniel, Maria and Guy) to the naval 
    city Poft for a fee. Poft is up north, so the four decide to take the boat.
    In Poft the four meet the master of Airships, Cid. Cid offers (for, of 
    course, a fee) to take the Frioniel & co to any city they want to go, 
    either Salamand, Bafusk, Semite Waterfall, or Kashuon. All those cities 
    have been overrun by the empire. Frioniel, guided by the almighty Sappari 
    Yousei, decides that they will lose precious training experience and 
    money from battling monsters if they ride in Cid's airship, so the four 
    decide to walk to Salamand, the Ice Town.
    In Salamand, all men are taken prisoners to the Cave of Semite Waterfall,
    to work there and extract Mithril. In Salamand the four also meet a 
    strange man named Josef, who refuses to tell Frioniel & co anything, 
    since he thinks they are spies from the Empire. His daughter Nellie has 
    been taken prisoner, and is being held in the Semite Waterfall Cave. 
    Faced with these circumstances, Frioniel, Maria, Guy and Min'u decide 
    that there is no reason whatsoever for NOT going to the Cave of Semite 
    Waterfall, so off they go. Again using Min'u's canoe, they soon get to 
    the Cave. On the way they also pass a huge snow field, which they cannot 
    Well in the cave, the four finally reach the place where the prisoners 
    are being held. Even Paul, the master thief is there, ashamed of having 
    been caught by such amateurs. Nellie has been protected by Paul, and 
    Frioniel and friends let Paul take Nellie and the rest outside, while 
    they themselves go further into the cave in search of Mithril. When they 
    find is not only Mithril, but a very angry person holding the Mithril. 
    The four have to defeat him before getting the Mithril.
    Having got the Mithril, the four then rush back to Salamand, where they 
    find a very happy Josef, who apologises all he can for having been so 
    rude. The city of Salamand is now a lively and happy town, having the 
    empire's soldiers away. Frioniel and friends remind themselves of Dobuul, 
    the master smith in Altea, and go back to Poft to take the ferry to Palm, 
    and from there walk back to Altea.
    Back in Altea, Dobuul gets so inspired by the mithril, that he 
    immediately makes several weapons. However, they are not for free, so 
    Frioniel & co has to part from some difficultly earned money to get the 
    Hearing that in Bafusk, the building of the Great Battleship is underway, 
    the four then hurry there to see if they can do something to stop it from 
    being completed. Everybody knows that if the Great Battleship is 
    completed, the end of the world is near. In Bafusk, instead of the 
    useless Borgen who was the Empire's man before, the Dark Knight has taken 
    over command, and is ruthlessly ruling the town. However, a spy from the 
    Resistance helps the four down in the cave that will lead to where the 
    Great Battleship is being built. But before the four reach the 
    Battleship, they are discovered by the Dark Knight, who fights them, but 
    thinking they are too strong for him, flees with Borgen in the completed 
    Great Battleship. Even though having been able to steal an important Pass 
    from the Dark Knight, Frioniel, Maria, Guy and Min'u can only watch with 
    rising horror as the gigantic airship gains height and with a deafening 
    roar disappears over the horison. Heading east, the direction from where 
    the four came.
    Filled with fear, Frioniel and friends hurry back, but they are too late. 
    The Great Battleship has already attacked Poft, now nothing else but 
    smoking ruins. Cid informs them, though, that the source of energy for 
    the Great Battleship, is the "Sun Flame", a holy flame held in Kashuon. 
    If the Sun Flame is destroyed, the Great Battleship will stop moving.
    Luckily, the ferry is still left, so the four return to 
    Palm, only to find the before so peaceful town in rubbles. Fearing the 
    worst, the four return with heavy heads to Altea, there realising that 
    their worst nightmares have come true. The town of Altea has been heavily 
    attacked by the airship, and the town is empty. 
    However, most of the Resistance has been able to flee to underground 
    chambers. What before was the Resistance's secret rooms, are now filled 
    with wounded people, and more people hiding from the Empire's attacks.
    Faced with this, Min'u decides he cannot as a white magician, stay out of 
    Altea any longer. He decides to stay to care for the wounded.
    From the still weak King of Phin, the three learn that Gordon, Scott's 
    brother and Prince of Kashuon, disappeared from Altea in the chaos that 
    occurred when the Great Battleship came. Gordon had long before 
    sealed the door in Kashuon Castle, where the Sun Flame is held. 
    The King also informs them that the Goddess Bell is needed to break the 
    seal. Min'u also tells them that once every three years, the Festival of 
    the Sun Flame is being held. On that festival, the Sun Flame is 
    transferred to the Egil Torch. Normally, the Sun Flame cannot be 
    transferred to any torch, but the Egil Torch is something special.
    From the princess Hilda, they learn that the Egil Torch is being held in 
    Kahuon's Castle, just as the Sun Flame, and that the Goddess Bell is 
    hidden in the Snow Cave, far up north on the Snow Field.
    Having got all this information, Frioniel, Maria and Guy realise that in 
    order to stop the Great Battleship, they have to first go and get the 
    Goddess Bell in the Snow Cave, break the seal in Kashuon Castle, go and 
    get the Egil Torch and transfer the Sun Flame onto it. Then maybe the 
    Great Battleship would stop.
    Hilda then tells them, that a man named Josef often is seen on the Snow 
    Field. Josef regards the Snow Field as his own garden, and he should be 
    able to help them. Frioniel, Maria and Guy find with lightening hearts 
    that they recognize the name, and they know the man named Josef. With the 
    smal hope of being able to defeat the Empire, the three decide to again 
    take the ferry to Poft and steer their steps to the City of Salamand.
    To be continued in Salamand...
    Part III
    Hilda is very sorry over Josef's death, but tells the three young 
    warriors that they must get the Sun Flame, or the Battleship will destroy 
    everything. She says that they must go to Kashuon, and she will herself 
    come to meet them in Cid's airship, to Kashuon, when they are finished.
    The three journey to Kashuon, where the big portal opens up to the sound 
    of the Bell. Inside they find Gordon, who had tried to himself get the 
    Sun Flame, but he had stopped since there were too many monsters. 
    Together with Gordon, they climb up in the Castle of Kashuon, where they 
    find the Torch of Egil, and they transfer the Sun Flame onto the Torch.
    When the four starts their journey home to Altea, they see Hilda 
    in Cid's Airship come towards them, to take them home. But! All of a 
    sudden, out of nowhere, the huge Battleship appears, and captures 
    Cid's Airship with Hilda in it!
    The three with Gordon travel back to Altea, where they learn that the 
    Battleship has been damaged, and has landed for repairs, far north of 
    Phin. Without hesitation, the three decide that they will go and save 
    her. Gordon comes with them, and they travel far up north where the 
    Battleship has landed.
    Thanks to the PassCard they found from the Dark Knight when they fought 
    him in Bafusk, the three manage to get into the Battleship, where they, 
    after much searching and killing the Emperor's minions, find Hilda, and 
    flee from the place while blowing the Battleship to parts. Dark Knight 
    appears once again.
    Back in Altea, the three find that the King is on the border between Life 
    and Death. He has not much left, but he tells Gordon that he has become a 
    brave man, and appoints him General over his forces. He also asks Gordon 
    to help Hilda in her sorrow over Scott's death.
    To Min'u (might be better written like Minyu) the King says that he must 
    go and break the seal on Altema (Ultima). Minyu accepts, and leaves. To 
    Frioniel, Maria, and Guy, the King says that they must go to Dist, the 
    City of Dragoons (Dragon Riders, Dragon Knights). The King tells them 
    that the Empire almost has eradicated all the Dragoons, but that some of 
    them should be left.
    The three thus journey to Palm, to find a way to travel to Dist. 
    Fortunately, they find a pretty woman called Leila, who says that she 
    too, is bound for Dist, and says that they can go with her. Maria thinks 
    this sound very suspicious, but the three have no real choice, and goes 
    together with Leila onto the boat.
    As Maria thought, though, everything is not as it should with Leila. She 
    is actually a pirate captain, and tries to rob Frioniel & friends. 
    Something which, of course, doesn't succeed. Frioniel, Maria and Guy 
    tries to persuade her to fight with them, and after some arguments, Leila 
    accepts to join them in their fight against the Empire. Thus they all go 
    to Dist.
    In the castle of Dist, the three with Leila are greeted by a young boy 
    who tells them to go away. However, his mother explains, that his father, 
    and her husband, was a Dragoon, and he was killed by Imperials. They 
    thought that Frioniel & co were Imperials, but when they have found out 
    the truth, they tell them that there actually is one Flying Dragon left. 
    It is dying from poison, though, and no one understands what it is saying.
    However, with the medallion, which is found in the Northern Cave, one 
    should be able to understand what it is saying.
    The three and Leila go and get the medallion, and back to the Flying 
    Dragon. The Dragon says that he is dying, but that he has a Dragon Egg, 
    which should be able to survive, and eventually hatch, if it is placed in 
    the Pool of Life, which also is in the Northern Cave of Dist. The 
    Dragon's last words are that he knows that one Dragoon named Richard had 
    gone to search for Ultima before the slaughter, and thus still might be 
    alive somewhere.
    Back in Altea, Hilda says that she wants to see Frioniel. The four go to 
    Hilda's room, and Hilda asks Maria, Guy and Leila to leave. Frioniel 
    stands, unsure as to what to do, but Hilda asks him to come closer. The 
    atmosphere becomes somewhat romantic, until the truth reveals itself, in 
    that that Hilda, tha Hilda that the three rescued from the Battleship, is 
    not really Hilda at all, but a monster in disguise! The four managed to 
    defeat the monster.
    Then horrifying new reach the castle: The real Hilda is actually held 
    prisoner, being as a first price in a battle-competition. Frioniel & co 
    decide to run to save her, and Gordon decides to go with them. Leila, 
    however, stays in Altea.
    Thus Frioniel, Maria, Guy and Gordon travel to the Battle Arena 
    (Toshinden ^_^) and participate in the competition. There they meet 
    Behemoth, and for the first time, the exited player can experience the 
    Boss Battle Music!! The four defeat Behemoth (in my case, Guy killed him 
    with ONE BLOW!)
    Now the four see their chance to get to the Emperor! however, the Emperor 
    has seen through their plans, and the four fall down through a trapdorr 
    into the Dungeons below. 
    in the Dungeons, the master thief Paul helps them to escape, saying he 
    dislikes to owe somebody anything (remembering that Frioniel & friends 
    helped him to escape from the Cave of Semite Waterfalls)
    In the Dungeons, the three also find the real Hilda, who they free, and 
    they all return to Altea.
    Back in Altea, the days are full of happenings. The Resistance has risen, 
    and decided to try to take Phin back. Gordon goes back to being the 
    General of the Armed Forces, and he and Hilda asks the three to go and 
    kill the master of Phin. Leila joins them again, and they all sneak into 
    Phin, this time lots easier, they find the present master of Phin, and 
    defeat him. The joy knows no limits, Phin is retaken by the Resistance, 
    and the Empire thus experience its first major loss. The days when the 
    tyranny from the Emperor will be gone seems by one single blow to come 
    visibly nearer.
    Having retaken Phin, Hilda and Gordon ask the three to go to Mysidia, the 
    Town of Mages, to get Ultima. Minyu has not yet returned from his 
    mission, given to him by the late King, and Hilda is worried he might 
    have met some trouble. 
    However, it turns out, to enter the Tower of Mysidia, a special White 
    Mask is needed. The White Mask is supposed to be hidden deep beneath Phin 
    itself. With the help of the master thief Paul, the three with Leila find 
    the secret entrance, they travel down deep beneath Phin, and finally they 
    find the White Mask.
    The four travel to Mysidia, only to find out that in order to get into 
    the Tower of Mysidia, a Crystal Rod is needed. The Crystal Rod is hidden 
    in Mysidia's Cave. only, to get into the Cave, the White Mask, and the 
    Black Mask are both needed. Having only the White Mask, Frioniel. Maria. 
    Guy and Leila must travel south to a small island to get the Black Mask. 
    There, in a cave on a tiny island, wher strange mask-bearing men live, 
    they find the Black Mask. 
    Using the White Mask on a statue of a Goddess in Mysidia, said to protect 
    Utlima, and using the Black Mask on a Doppelganger in Mysidia's Cave, the 
    four warriors finally manage to penetrate down into Mysidia's Cave, where 
    they after much trouble find the Crystal Rod.
    Finally having got the Crystal Rod, by which powers one is said to be 
    able to enter the Tower of Mysidia, the four travel there by boat. 
    however, just before the Tower, a huge wave chakes the ship, and 
    threatens to sink it. It is the huge sea creature Leviathan, one of the 
    creatures who protects Ultima, who attacks, and swallows the boat.
    Frioniel, Maria and Guy wake up inside Leviathan. Leila is nowhere to be 
    seen. The three try to find their way through Leviathan, telling 
    themselves that Leila must be safe somewhere.
    As they walk further into Leviathan, they encounter a small village that 
    has been set up inside Leviathan. It is all the people who have been 
    swallowed by Leviathan as they have come to try to break the seal on 
    Ultima. Almost everyone of them has a Crystal Rod, since it is the 
    presence of the Crystal Rod that makes Leviathan attack.
    In the village, the three encounter a man named Richard, and they 
    remember the last words from the last living Flying Dragon. Truly, 
    Richard is the last Dragoon in the world, and he accepts to join the 
    three. He know where a boat can be found, but no one has yet succeeded in 
    getting there. Together with Richard, though, Frioniel, Maria and Guy 
    manage to defeat the creature guaring the boat, and they succeed in 
    getting out of Leviathan's stomach. thus the three plus Richard go 
    further on, into the Tower of Mysidia.
    The Tower of Mysidia is the most difficult challenge the three has yet 
    experiences. They encounter three powerful magicians, who turn themselves 
    into hideous beings to fight them and protect Ultima. Even so, after much 
    blood, sweat and tears, the four reach the top of the Tower of Mysidia, 
    where they actually, finally find Minyu!
    Minyu is presently trying to break the last door into the Crystal Room, 
    but the door is sealed with very powerful magic. Minyu tells the three 
    and Richard to stand back, and blasts the door with all the magic he 
    holds in his body. The door finally gives way, but Minyu has burned 
    himself out, and the three can do nothing but listen as Minyu with his 
    last strength asks them to go and get Ultima, before he slowly decomposes 
    into ash in their hands.
    Overcome with grief at the death of their former comrade, but firmly 
    decided that his death not should be in vain, the three enter the Crystal 
    Room, where they find five Crystals, who in turn gives them Strength, 
    Wisdom, Intelligence, and the most powerful spell of all: Ultima! 
    With high spirits that the quest of Ultima is fulfilled, and that the 
    day of the Emperor's demise is near, but sad over the death of a faithful 
    friend, the three, together with Richard, return to Altea...
    ...only to find the city completely destroyed! Traveling further to Phin, 
    they find out that the Emperor has summoned a huge Whirlwind, and has 
    ravaged Altea, Palm and Poft! The Whirlwind is threatening Phin aswell, 
    and Hilda and Gordon gebs the three with Richard to enter the Whirlwind 
    and kill the Emperor. The bad news are only lightened up with the fact 
    that Leila is discovered unharmed in the castle of Phin.
    The problem is that no one can enter the Whirlwind unless they can fly 
    into it. Possibly hoping that the Dragon'sEgg might have hatched, 
    Frioniel, Maria and Guy go up into Phin's Mirror Room, which is supposed 
    to be able to reflect anything that is happening in the world. Reflecting 
    the Amulet they got from the Dragon, they see the Egg, which hatches on 
    lace, and a small but powerful Flying Dragon emerges. They see it flying 
    towards Phin, and as they stand watching the mirror, the small Flying 
    Dragon enters through a window!
    At last Dragon and Dragoon are united! The companions now find no trouble 
    to enter the Whirlwind. Before they do, they decide to once more go to 
    Dist, and have Richard revisit his old town. Elina (the boy's mother) 
    tells Richard about the dreadful slaughter of all the Dragoons, and 
    Richard grieves. However, he promises to return, and asks Elina to wait 
    for him.
    Inside the whirlwind, after many battles, Frioniel, Maria, Guy and an 
    infuriated Richard meets the Emperor, who proves to be a cowardle 
    weakling. The four warriors makes the process very short, and 
    triumphantly return to Phin with the good news that the Emperor is dead.
    Everybody in Phin is overjoyed to hear the news, and Hilda calls for a 
    gigantic party to be held as soon as possible. The party starts, and 
    everybody is enjoying themselves.
    however, in the middle of everything, a fatally wounded soldier suddenly 
    enters and delivers horrifying news: the Dark Knight, formerly known as 
    Lionheart, has taken over the throne as Emperor, and is starting to 
    rebuild the Empire!
    Frioniel, Maria and Guy are shocked beyond their imagination! Not only 
    has Dark Knight taken over the throne, but he is also their lost long 
    friend and brother, who they have been searching for ever since they were 
    separated after the flight from Phin.
    Maria says to Hilda that she is sure to be able to persuade her brother 
    to stop with the stupidness. hilda gives them the permission to go to the 
    castle Paramekia, where Dark Knight is said to hide. However, the castle 
    Paramekia is surrounded by mountains, and is impossible to enter by foot. 
    The flying dragon cannot fly so high either, so the three with Richard go 
    to the master thief Paul for help. Paul has since long bragged that he 
    has entered Paramekia several times to steal things. 
    As unwaited as might be, in Paul'shouse in Phin, who is lying deadly 
    wounded in the bed if not Cid! Cid has been wounded by the Whirlwind, 
    when it attacked Poft, but the Airship is supposed to be unharmed. Cid 
    curses the Emperor, and himself for not being able to recover from such 
    wounds. he tells the three with a harsch voice that since things are what 
    they are, he just might consider lending them the Airship. Coughing that 
    they are NOT to hurt his precious Airship, Cid departs from the world of 
    mortals, leaving only sadness and fine memories after him.
    The three together with Richard thus leave for poft, where they find the 
    Airship, and they use it to fly to Paramekia and they succeed in landing 
    on the roof.
    After much walking in the inner depths of Paramekia, Frioniel, Maria, Guy 
    and Richard reach Lionheart's throne. Lionheart has no intention of 
    listening to his little sister's morals, and says that the world is biult 
    on power, and that he finally has got the chance to get some, and will 
    not give it up just like that.
    However, in the middle of the argument, a ghastly sound comes from the 
    old Emperor'sthroune. Lighting sounds, and a vicious dark cloud surrounds 
    the throne as the Emperor returns from the realms of the Dead, bearing 
    black features with glowing eyes.
    The Emperor screams that he will send all of them, including Lionheart, 
    who has betrayed him, to hell, but just when his hellish spell is about 
    to take effect, Richard jumps in between, and yells to the rest to flee 
    on the Flying Dragon. Richard valiantly throws himself at the Emperor in 
    a brave try to attack him, but in vain. The Emperor's hellish fire burns 
    him to cinders. Half screaming with pain and anger, half hissing curses 
    at the Emperor, Frioniel, Maria and Guy jump up on the Flying Dragon, 
    taking Lionheart with them, in order to retreat for the time being from 
    the ungodly revived Emperor. Tears streaming down from their eyes blinds 
    them, but the Dragon knows how to flee when needed, and they are out of 
    the Paramekia castle before seconds.
    From the outside, they can see the castle of Paramekia crumbling, 
    reforming, changind, into a hideous, devilish thing. They fly back to 
    Phin as fast as possible.
    Hilda is terrified with the news, and even more terrified to find the 
    Dark Knight in Phin, with the three heroes. Maria tells her, though, that 
    he no longer is dangerous. However, before finish talking, the words get 
    stuck in her throat. Maria is overcome with sorrow over the many deaths; 
    Richard, Josef, Cid, Minyu... in tears she asks her brother to fight with 
    them to defeat the evil Emperor. Seeing her little sister in such a 
    shape, Lionheart reluctantly agrees, and joins the party. Thus the three 
    finally have reformed to four.
    First of all, the four go back to Dist to tell Elina the bad news that 
    Richard died, an evenso valiant but still, death. Elina says nothing 
    besides that she will leave Dist forever; it is too closely connected 
    with sad memories. She hands over the legendary sword Excalibur to the 
    group of four, saying that with no Dragoons left, there is no need of 
    keeping their hereditary treasure hidden.
    The four get to know that the hidoues castle that Paramekia turned into 
    when the Emperor was revived, is the hellish Pandemonium Castle, which is 
    said to be linked to the Portals of Hell. The only way to get into 
    Pandemonium is through the gateway Jade, which is located far East of 
    The four travel without delay to Jade, and pass through the difficult 
    pathways, and finally find the teleport into the Pandemonium Castle. 
    The Pandemonum Castle is indeed a devilish place. Traveling through 
    mazes, fighting dreadful beasts, and almost losing hope of ever coming 
    out, the four accidentally find the Sword of Swords, Masamune. This 
    lights up a bit their hopes of success, and they continue on.
    After many teleportations, traveling, monsterslaying, the four valiant 
    warriors finally stand in front of the Emperor from Hell. Remembering all 
    their friends who have suffered beneath the terror of the Empire, and 
    their families, brutally killed by his soldiers, the four attack the 
    Emperor with all their might. The Emperor defends himself with ghastly 
    spells like Meteo and Curse, but in the face of justice, helped with a 
    bit Masamune, some White Holy, and Guy with a Rune Axe, he finally meets 
    his ultimate End, and disintegrates into dust.
    The Emperor is dead! The four return, tired and still somewhat lacking 
    the bubbling feel of joy they thought they would experience after 
    succeeding, to tell the news to Phin.
    Hilda, Gordon, and even Nellie (Josef's daughter), who has decides to 
    work in the castle, thatnk the four with all their hearts. As Nellie 
    turns around, Frioniel thinks he can see Josef's image shimmering in the air.
    Maria wants all the four of them to live together again, like they did 
    before, but Lionheart says that they know too much about eachother now to 
    be able to stay together all the time. He starts to walk out, and Maria 
    asks Frioniel to stop him, but Frioniel says the same as Lionheart, and 
    does nothing as Lionheart walk out from Phin castle, and leaves them.
    As Frioniel, Maria and Guy, too, walk to the door, the air once again 
    shimmers behind them. Josef, Miyu, Cid, Richard...
    It is with a heart, heavy from all the sad memories of the past, but 
    still lightened with the thoughts of an unknown future at hand, as 
    Frioniel leads his friends out of Phin, reminding them that the real 
    adventure has yet to begin.
    The End of Final Fantasy II
    (c) Square 1988
    Written by Sappari.
    The Sappari Yousei - Zimeon Lundstrom - Stockholm, Sweden - sappari@proxxi.uf.se

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