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    Subject: FF2 Cheats Document
    From: Luke Drelick <star@ocean.com>
    Reply-To: star@ocean.com
    Newsgroups: alt.games.final-fantasy
    Final Fantasy 2 - Hint Sheet by Luke Drelick
    Duky@worldnet.att.net =
    1. Thanks
    	[a] Who wrote this?
    	[b] Who offered insight?
    	[c] ATTENTION!!!
    2. The Tricks
    	[a] Perfect Stat Increasing Trick
    	[b] Avoid an enemy encounter
    	[c] World Map
    	[d] Chocobo in FF2
    a. This document was written by Luke Drelick as a brief hint sheet for FF=
    2. These are some strategies to make your characters into walking deities=
    , and make life through this challenging game much easier.
    b. I'd like to give thanks to a number of friends right now, who all made=
     this info file possible.
    Brian Pacula - Providing lots of help on actually playing through FF2, an=
    d is currently writing a great FF2 FAQ.
    Demi, Flobbasko, BigWierd - For doing a fantastic job on the FF2 Neo tran=
    slation, which, when released, will give this document a burst in popular=
    ity :)
    Ben Krause - For being the stupid ass who always asks me the "Frioniel ke=
    eps dying!!!" question on IRC :)
    Greetz to - Aerisu, Barret_Wallace, cygnus, Forneus, FredTC, Guyver, Henn=
    ig, Highwind, Kairu, Lord_Cie, MeRCeNaRy, Nemmers, Sytem, TheChocobo, VeR=
    TaiS, WeirdMan, xBig_D, Zenogias
    c. ATTENTION! If you have ANYTHING to add to this document, email me at "=
    duky@worldnet.att.net" right away! If you want to use this document on yo=
    ur web page, go right ahead, but please email me first to inform me, and =
    don't change the content of this document around.
    a. Here we go, the ultimate FF2 cheat! This is a way to turn your charact=
    ers into walking gods in about an hour. You can do any variation of this =
    cheat, but here's my preference. First and foremost, buy a "Cure" spell f=
    or the 3 main characters, as the 4th character you get could leave the pa=
    rty at any time. Second, make sure you have about 500+ gil (it all depend=
    s on how powerful you are). Now, get into a battle against real weak enem=
    ies (Goblins, Leg Eaters, Hornets), and start pounding on your own guys. =
    Keep on pelting your guys with damage, until they're all in their "low HP=
    " position. Save your game after every round, if you're using an emulator=
    , just in case somebody dies. Win the battle, and your guys should gain s=
    ome HP, and possibly Strength points or Defense points. Enter another bat=
    tle, and constantly cast "Cure" magic on your guys, who should have low H=
    P. Once all their HP is full, or all their MP is used up, win the battle,=
     and you'll gain more MP. I've noticed that the amount your Max HP/MP goe=
    s up increases when your Max HP/MP gets very high. My Frioniel has 1600 H=
    P, and every time his HP goes up, it increases 60+ points! Finally, after=
     completing these steps, go to an Inn, rest up, then repeat as necessary.=
     It's helpful to be at extremely high HP, due to the complexities of the =
    game's dungeons. Don't power up that many spells, only Cure, Fire, Ice, a=
    nd Bolt, or whatever spells you use constantly. Weapon points go up as yo=
    u kill enemies, and when they reach 100, the character becomes more adept=
     at using his/her weapon, allowing for greater hits. Build up the weapon =
    levels while fighting the strongest possible enemies you can at whatever =
    stage you're on.
    b. If you're playing FF2 through an emulator (which is very likely, due t=
    o the rarity of the actual cart), you probably know that the number of st=
    eps it takes to get into an encounter is determined as soon as you enter =
    the level. The same holds true with FF1 and 3, but strangely, not with th=
    e Dragonquest games. In case you're extremely lazy, are using an emulator=
     with a save state function, and don't want to get into a battle, do this=
     trick. Walk, and after every step, save the game. Keep doing this until =
    you get attacked. Load the save game RIGHT before you get attacked. Now, =
    go to the Status Screen and cast the Cure spell on one of your party memb=
    ers. Exit the Status Screen, save your game again, then continue walking,=
     until you get attacked again. Then, repeat. Unfortunately, for this tric=
    k to work, one of your characters needs to have gotten damaged, with HP l=
    ower than the max.
    c. Like in FF1, you are able to view the complete world map. When you're =
    on the world map screen, hold "B", and press "Select". This will bring up=
     a screen with a giant globe in the middle of it. Press a button on the d=
    irection pad to rotate the globe in that direction, but be wary, as the r=
    otation proceeds extremely slowly. The flashing brackets indicate the par=
    ty's current position, and any flashing dots indicate important locales, =
    such as towns, caverns, or castles. Note that this trick only works on th=
    e world map, and AFTER you've gotten the Ship (although you don't need to=
     be on the Ship to see the map).
    d. As a fact, I know that there is a Chocobo in FF2. When you go to "Patt=
    ern Edit" in NESticle, on the world map, you can see the sprites for the =
    Chocobo in there. I also recall that once, back last year, Demi (of FF2 N=
    eo fame) sent me a savegame with the character riding a Chocobo. The char=
    acter was near the giant desert southwest of Bofsk, where extremely power=
    ful antlions and other creatures lurk. If you know where to get the Choco=
    bo in FF2, PLEASE email me right away, so I can add it to this document!

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