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"Square usually makes excellent games but not this time..."

I usually love SquareSoft games, I loved Final Fantasy Tactics, it's probably my favorite game. Final Fantasy 6-9 all made me put alot of well spent hours in. But i'm afraid unlike every other Final Fantasy besides 5 this game did not meet my expectations in the least. Atleast 5 had a normal battle system.

Gameplay: 1
I'm afraid just like everybody else I just can't look past the very horrible leveling system. I tried to be fair with the system, but it's just not any fun. You spend so much time trying to level up, and I do stress the trying part. You see the game would be great if it had a normal exp. leveling up system. The story is actually pretty good too bad I never bothered to finish the game considering how difficult it is. To higher HP you have to go to critical in battle! Advancing in the story takes forever considering how hard battles can become. The games Gameplay get's a 1 for attempting something new and
failing miserably.

Graphics n/a
I didn't expect much for graphics when I tried this game out the first time. I had already played 1 and 3 so that's the kind of graphics I expected. Well I was right, same exact graphics basically.

Fun Factor 2
The game is really not very much fun at all. Like I said your leveling will take forever considering how many characters you must level up.

Oh the story is good alright, but add that to a very pathetic leveling up system and it kills all the fun that was there. Square never disappoints when it comes to their game stories. If Square ever did a crazy thing like change the battle system completely and re-release this game then I would be first to buy it. (although crazy it sounds cool)

There's one thing that you can rely on playing this game, that you will be frustrated at the horrible leveling up system.

There's really no re-playability either, chances are you won't even make it through the game once. I believe someone else pointed this out, but you will foolish and look foolish
hurting your own men and curing enemy. Maybe this is how they came up with the confuse spell, watching players attempt to level up.

I must commend Square for one thing and that's they didn't release it here, i'm absolutely sure it would not have sold at all. But Square must have learned from their mistakes
because every game past this one was pretty good with the normal awesome battle system. I may not like 5 very much but it's far better than this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/24/01, Updated 08/07/01

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