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    Save State Hacking Guide by EmeraldThunder21

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    Final Fantasy 3 NES Save State Hacking Guide
    by: EmeraldThunder21
    Contact: Evolutionrise@hotmail.com or my AIM Screen Name (EmeraldThunder21)
    1. An NES Emulator with Save State capabilities
    2. A Hex Editor, which you can download a free demo of at www.bpsoft.com.
         There is also some free, full-version hex editor at
         (try HView or hexworks but they don't have as many feature HexWorkshop
    3. Some idea of how to hex edit because im not very good at explaining...
         But I guess I'll give it a shot for any beginners out there.
    When you open your Saved State File it'll probably be set up something
    like this, depending on which editor you're using.
    00000000 | #### #### #### #### #### #### 3E## #### | ................
    00000010 | #### #### E0## #### #### #### #### #### | ................
    00000020 | #### #### #### #### FF## #### #### #### | ................
    00000030 | #### #### #### #### #### #### #### #### | ................
    Each pair of ## represents ONE offset, going from 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-A-B-C-D-E-F.
    00000000 | 0001 0203 0405 0607 0809 0A0B 0C0D 0E0F | ................
    The value 3E represents the offset position 0C, E0 would be in position 14, FF would
    be 28, and so on. Also, somewhere down near the bottom of the offset's list
    it shows the actual offset itself so you don't have to count from the
    beginning of the row. Thats about all you need to know to use this guide.
    If you're still having problems (which I'm sure many newcomers would after reading
    this garbage) then contact me and occasionally if someone sends
    me an email with their Save State file attached, and specifications for what
    they want, I'll edit the hex myself.
    NOTE: When changing a character's status, open their 
    job selection screen and then cancel for it to work, and 
    if you change your job the status will return to normal.
    Also, For Level and Skill Level the max value is 62.
    -First Character Offsets-
    Level			101
    Job			100
    Max HP			10E,10F
    Current HP		10C,10D
    L1 Max MP		130
    L1 Current MP		131
    L2 Max MP		132
    L2 Current MP		133
    L3 Max MP		134
    L3 Current MP		135
    L4 Max MP		136
    L4 Current MP		137
    L5 Max MP		138
    L5 Current MP		139
    L6 Max MP		13A
    L6 Current MP		13B
    L7 Max MP		13C
    L7 Current MP		13D
    L8 Max MP		13E
    L8 Current MP		13F
    Skill Level		110
    Str	112
    Agl	113
    Vit	114
    Int	115
    Spr	116
    Right Hand          	203
    Right Hand Quantity 	204
       (01 unless the character is holding arrows, then 01 to 14 (20 decimal) )
    Left Hand           	205
    Left Hand Quantity  	206
       (Same as Right Hand Quantity)
    Head                	200
    Body                	201
    Ring / Hand         	202
    -Second Character Offsets-
    Level			141
    Job			140
    Max HP			14E,14F
    Current HP		14C,14D
    L1 Max MP		170
    L1 Current MP		171
    L2 Max MP		172
    L2 Current MP		173
    L3 Max MP		174
    L3 Current MP		175
    L4 Max MP		176
    L4 Current MP		177
    L5 Max MP		178
    L5 Current MP		179
    L6 Max MP		17A
    L6 Current MP		17B
    L7 Max MP		17C
    L7 Current MP		17D
    L8 Max MP		17E
    L8 Current MP		17F
    Skill Level		150
    Str	152
    Agl	153
    Vit	154
    Int	155
    Spr	156
    Right Hand          	243
    Right Hand Quantity 	244
    Left Hand           	245
    Left Hand Quantity  	246
    Head                	240
    Body                	241
    Ring / Hand         	242
    -Third Character Offsets-
    Level			181
    Job			180
    Max HP			18E,18F
    Current HP		18C,18D
    L1 Max MP		1B0
    L1 Current MP		1B1
    L2 Max MP		1B2
    L2 Current MP		1B3
    L3 Max MP		1B4
    L3 Current MP		1B5
    L4 Max MP		1B6
    L4 Current MP		1B7
    L5 Max MP		1B8
    L5 Current MP		1B9
    L6 Max MP		1BA
    L6 Current MP		1BB
    L7 Max MP		1BC
    L7 Current MP		1BD
    L8 Max MP		1BE
    L8 Current MP		1BF
    Skill Level		190
    Str	192
    Agl	193
    Vit	194
    Int	195
    Spr	196
    Right Hand          	283
    Right Hand Quantity 	284
    Left Hand           	285
    Left Hand Quantity  	286
    Head                	280
    Body                	281
    Ring / Hand         	282
    -Fourth Character Offsets-
    Level			1C1
    Job			1C0
    Max HP			1CE,1CF
    Current HP		1CC,1CD
    L1 Max MP		1F0
    L1 Current MP		1F1
    L2 Max MP		1F2
    L2 Current MP		1F3
    L3 Max MP		1F4
    L3 Current MP		1F5
    L4 Max MP		1F6
    L4 Current MP		1F7
    L5 Max MP		1F8
    L5 Current MP		1F9
    L6 Max MP		1FA
    L6 Current MP		1FB
    L7 Max MP		1FC
    L7 Current MP		1FD
    L8 Max MP		1FE
    L8 Current MP		1FF
    Skill Level		1D0
    Str	1D2
    Agl	1D3
    Vit	1D4
    Int	1D5
    Spr	1D6
    Right Hand          2C3
    Right Hand Quantity 2C4
    Left Hand           2C5
    Left Hand Quantity  2C6
    Head                2C0
    Body                2C1
    Ring / Hand         2C2
    -Job Values-
    00	Onion Kid
    01	Fighter
    02	Monk
    03	White Wizard
    04	Black Wizard
    05	Red Wizard
    06	Hunter
    07	Knight
    08	Thief
    09	Scholar
    0A	Geomancer
    0B	Dragoon
    0C	Viking
    0D	Karateka
    0E	M. Knight
    0F	Conjurer
    10	Bard
    11	Warlock
    12	Shaman
    13	Summoner
    14	Sage
    15	Ninja
    Gold			1C,1D,1E
    Capacity Points		1B
    Item Quantity		E0 - FF
    Items Held		C0 - DF
    -Item Values-
    00	Nothing
    01	Kaiser Claw
    02	CatClaw
    03	Dragon Claw
    04	Elven Claw
    05	HellClaw
    06	Nunchuck
    07	Tonfa
    08	3-Part
    09	Mithril Rod
    0A	Flame Rod
    0B	Ice Rod
    0C	Light Rod
    0D	Ultimate Rod
    0E	Staff
    0F	Burning Staff
    10	Freezing Staff
    11	Shining Staff
    12	Golem Staff
    13	Rune Staff
    14	Eldest Staff
    15	Hammer
    16	Thor Hammer
    17	Battle Axe
    18	GreatAxe
    19	M. Star Axe
    1A	Thunder Spear
    1B	Wind Spear
    1C	Blood Spear
    1D	Holy Spear
    1E	Knife
    1F	Dagger
    20	Mithril
    21	M. Gauche
    22	Orialcon
    23	AirKnife
    24	Long Sword
    25	W. Slayer Sword
    26	Shiny Sword
    27	Mithril Sword
    28	Serpent Sword
    29	IceBlade
    2A	Tyrving Sword
    2B	Salamand Sword
    2C	King Sword
    2D	Tomahawk
    2E	Ancient Sword
    2F	Ashura 
    30	Blood Sword
    31	Defender Sword
    32	Triton Hammer
    33	Kotetsu
    34	Kiku
    35	Break
    36	Excalibur
    37	Masamune
    38	Ragnarok
    39	Onion Sword
    3A	Flame Book
    3B	Ice Book
    3C	Inferno Book
    3D	Light Book
    3E	Illumina Book
    3F	Boomerang
    40	Full Moon
    41	Shuriken
    42	Blizzard Book
    43	Giyaman
    44	Earth
    45	Rune
    46	Madora Harp
    47	Dream Harp
    48	Lamia Harp
    49	Loki Harp
    4A	Bow
    4B	GreatBow
    4C	Killer Bow
    4D	Rune Bow
    4E	Yoichi Bow
    4F	Wooden Arrows
    50	Holy Arrows
    51	Iron Arrows
    52	Bolt Arrows
    53	Fire Arrows
    54	Ice Arrows
    55	Medusa Arrows
    56	Yoichi Arrows
    57	Nothing
    58	Leather Shield
    59	Onion Shield
    5A	Mithril Shield
    5B	Ice Shield
    5C	Hero Shield
    5D	Demon Shield
    5E	Diamond Shiled
    5F	Aegis Shield
    60	Genji Shield
    61	Crystal Shield
    62	Leather Helmet
    63	Onion Helmet
    64	Mithril Helmet
    65	Carapace Helmet
    66	Ice Helmet
    67	Headband
    68	Scholar Helmet
    69	DarkHood
    6A	Chakra Helmet
    6B	Viking Helmet
    6C	Dragon Helmet
    6D	Feather Helmet
    6E	Diamond Helmet
    6F	Genji Helmet
    60	Crystal Helmet
    71	Ribbon
    72	Cloth Robe
    73	Leather Robe
    74	Onion Armor
    75	Mithril Armor
    76	Carapace Armor
    77	Ice Armor
    78	Flame Mail
    79	Kenpo Armor
    7A	Darksuit
    7B	Wizard Robe
    7C	Viking Armor
    7D	BlackBelt
    7E	Kinght Armor
    7F	Dragon Armor
    80	Bard Robe
    81	Scholar Robe
    82	Gaia Robe
    83	Demon Armor
    84	Diamond Armor
    85	Reflect Armor
    86	White Robe
    87	Black Robe
    88	Genji Armor
    89	Crystal Armor
    8A	Rusted Armor
    8B	Copper Ring
    8C	Onion Glove
    8D	Mithril Glove
    8E	Mithril Ring
    8F	Thief Glove
    90	Gauntlet
    91	Power Ring
    92	Rune Ring
    93	Diamond Ring
    94	Diamond Glove
    95	Protect Ring
    96	Genji Glove
    97	Crystal Glove
    98	Magic Key
    99	Carrot
    9A	Horn
    9B	Eye
    9C	Time Gear
    9D	Eureka Key
    9E	Wind Fang
    9F	Fire Fang
    A0	Water Fang
    A1	Earth Fang
    A2	Lute
    A3	Sylx Key
    A4	Midget Bread
    A5	?
    A6	Potion
    A7	HiPotion
    A8	Elixir
    A9	FenixDown
    AA	Soft
    AB	Maiden Kiss
    AC	EchoHerb
    AD	Luck Mallet
    AE	Eyedrop
    AF	Antidote
    B0	Otter Head
    B1	Bomb Shard
    B2	South Wind
    B3	Zeus' Rage
    B4	Bomb R. Arm
    B5	North Wind
    B6	Gods' Rage
    B7	Earth Drum
    B8	Lamia Scale
    B9	Gods' Wine
    BA	Turtle Shell
    BB	Devil's Sigh
    BC	Black Hole
    BD	Dark Scent
    BE	Lilith Kiss
    BF	Imp's Yawn
    C0	Split Shell
    C1	Paralyzer
    C2	Mute Charm
    C3	Pillow
    C4	Bomb Head
    C5	Barrier
    C6	Chocobo Rage
    C7	White Scent
    C8	Flare
    C9	Death
    CA	Meteo
    CB	W. Wind
    CC	Life 2
    CD	Holy
    CE	Bahamut
    CF	Quake
    D0	Break 2
    D1	Drain
    D2	Cure 4
    D3	Heal
    D4	Wall
    D5	Leviathan
    D6	Fire 3
    D7	Bio
    D8	Warp
    D9	Aero 2
    DA	Soft
    DB	Haste
    DC	Odin
    DD	Bolt 3
    DE	Kill
    DF	Erase
    E0	Cure 3
    E1	Life
    E2	Safe
    E3	Titan
    E4	Break
    E5	Ice 3
    E6	Shade
    E7	Libra
    E8	Confuse
    E9	Mute
    EA	Ifrit
    EB	Fire 2
    EC	Ice 2
    ED	Bolt 2
    EE	Cure 2
    EF	Exit
    F0	Wash
    F1	Ramuh
    F2	Bolt
    F3	Venom
    F4	Blind
    F5	Aero
    F6	Toad
    F7	Mini
    F8	Shiva
    F9	Fire
    FA	Ice
    FB	Sleep
    FC	Cure
    FD	Pure
    FE	Sight
    FF	Chocobo
    Thanks to L. Lloyd "BelGarion" for finding each character's equipment offsets.
    Copyright 2002 Scott Trainor

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