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    Single Character No Class Change Challenge FAQ by Sir Bahamut

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/26/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Version 1.5
     By:  Sir Bahamut   Real name: Kristian John Strømmen
     I.  General FAQ Information
      ~Purpose of the walkthrough
      ~About the Author
      ~Version History
      ~Copyright Info
     II.   Rules of the Single Character No Class Change Challenge.
     III.  Available Classes.
     IV.   Walkthrough.
     V.    Credits.
     -Section I: General FAQ Information-
     This FAQ will explain how you can beat the game using only one person, with the
     same job from beginning, to end.
     That means choosing one person to be the hero, then killing off the others
     and completing the game without reviving them.
     It is very difficult, so you should have lots of experience with FF3.
     Having finished the No Class Change Challenge helps a lot as well.
     About the author:
     This FAQ is written by Sir Bahamut. All strategies were composed by me(true,
     others found them as well without my help), with the exeption of level
     recommendations for Monk and White Mage.
     If you want to contact me:
     Sir Bahamut--E-Mail--------------kristian.strommen@c2i.net
      Make subject "FF3j SCNCCC"
      No unnecessary attachments.
      If you have valuable information, don't hesitate to send it.
      If you do give me information, include the name you wish to be called in
      the credits section.
      No non-constructive critizism(your guide sucks etc.).
      Don't send the same message many times.
      Remember, I will not be able to reply immediately.
      And you can also find me at the FF3j message board, if you don't want to
      send E-Mail. There I am known as Sir Bahamut.
     Version History:
      Version 1.0      Full walkthrough of White Mage, entire Black Mage and Monk
                       playthrough except Dark World.
      Current Version:
      Version 1.5:     Finished of the Last Dungeons for a Black Mage.
      Copyright Information:
      This game is a copyright Square, but this FAQ is a copyright Sir Bahamut 2003.
      This is what you may do with this FAQ:
      1. You may read it.
      2. You may download it to your computer.
      3. Send it to others as long as you don't charge them or change the FAQs
      This is what you may not do:
      1. Sell this guide for profit(unless consented by the author).
      2. Steal information without giving the author all the credit and asking me
         on beforehand.
      Websites may post this guide if they follow these conditions:
      1. The guide is not changed at all.
      2. The author get full credit.
      3. You send the author a Mail before posting it, telling me you are
         going to post it, and include the Web sites adresse.
      4. Do not post it without permission, and don't harass if denied.
      -Section II: Rules of the No Class Change Challenge-
      This section will explain the rules of the Singe Character No Class Change
      1: The only jobs you may choose from are the very first jobs you get(Wind jobs).
         Once you have chosen which job the chosen Light Warrior shall have, you can
         never change it at any point in the game.
      2: Don't cheat, not even to get your warrior Toaded or Minied.
      3: Don't abuse save states. Feel free to make backup saves over the real
         ones, but don't save after every battle. This is because using savestates
         almost removes the challenge, as you can manipulate the amout of monsters
         you meet in battle.
      4: No Fully Equipped Onion Kids. Even a Solo one is ridiculously easy.
      5: Do not use any types of upgrading, except the one that must be done.
     --------GENERAL TIPS--------
     1: Level up to the recommendations in this guide. They are true enough, very
        high, but this challenge is the second toughest challenge in FF3j, so don't
        expect an easy time.
     2: Save attacking items for when you really need them. This guide will tell you
        were you need them. Most importantly SAVE THE GODSWINES!!! They are extremely
        important in this challenge(do I need to mention Ahriman?).
     3: If you are using a Black Mage, saving Magic is always the best option.
        Think strategically, and count down the enemies HP, so you can use as little
        casts as possible(except when near a village of course).
     4: A White Mage should use Confuse, Exit, Aero2 and Rune Staffs(cast Ice3) to win
        battles. Mini and Toad work wonders once your skill is fairly high.
        For boss battles after Garuda, the main strategy is to cast Haste
        three times, then Cure4, and then start attacking, casting Cure3/Cure4 when
        necessary. Protect is also an option against bosses like Odin, and of course,
        the 2-Headed dragon.
     5: If your Monk is ever having any problems, level up to the point that one
        attack can kill any enemy in the dungeon you're stuck in.
     5: Save a lot. Remember to make backup saves every now and then, because you
        don't want to be stuck inside Salonia unable to beat Garuda etc.
     6: Always keep plenty of Potions, Hi-Potions, Antidotes etc. in stock.
     7: NEVER WASTE AN ELIXIR!!! Unless you want to go through hell trying to win it
        back from a Dragon in Sylx. If you're using a White Mage, you don't have to
        take this so heavily(Cure4).
        I'm taking it for granted that you have finished this game at least once(the
        more the better). I would also highly recommend finishing one of the other
        challenges(NCCC and SCC) before attempting this.
     -Section III: Available classes-
     These are the available jobs that you may choose from. I have written underneath
     them a bit about what they will be like to play this challenge with.
     Remember that the job you use here, is
     the job that you will finish the game with, so choose wisely.
     ONION KID:  No Onion equipment, so no option. Unless you have the patience to get
                 to level 99 on the Floating Continent(OKs start getting huge stat
                 increases from level 90 and up and at level 99 they have maxed all
                 stats making the game a piece of cake).
     FIGHTER:    Great class to begin with, BUT, once you're past the Fire Cave, he
                 will suddenly stop working, and catapult down to an abyss of weakness.
                 I think you get the point. Naturally, this doesn't mean he's
                 impossible, FAR from it. Take for added challenge. Blood Swords and high
                 levels will be your friends.
     MONK:       Without a doubt, the only job worth taking if you want an "easy"
                 and not extremely hard time finishing the game. Their attack power
                 increases by level so he will end up extremely strong. And then
                 I mean 26 hits for over 8000 at level 99. 9999 with a Gods Wine.
                 His defence isn't good, but it's better than the mages. His HP gain
                 is also VERY good(9999 at level 79!).
                 The Monk is definitely the easiest SCNCC job, if you want to
                 consider it easy at all, although it should be noted he will have
                 to do some big preperations for the Dark World.
     BLACK MAGE: The Black Mage is the hardest of the jobs you can take that don't
                 require insane amounts of leveling early on to complete. I should warn
                 you now, that the final bosses will require A LOT of patience(you need
                 to get many more Elixirs), but if you have the nerves, patience and will,
                 give it a go.
                 His powerful magic will decimate enemies(most of them), just think
                 Quake, Bio, Brak2 etc.
                 His defence and HP gain is not good, but since you'll be putting
                 him in the back row, he isn't too bad.
     WHITE MAGE: At first one would think this is the hardest job to pick, but this is
                 far from the truth. What makes this guy much easier than the Black Mage
                 is his Cure Spells(Cure4 namely) and Haste. The fact that he has
                 Confuse, Protect, Rune Staffs AND Golem Staffs in his arsenal doesn't
                 exactly hurt either. Mini and Toad work as instant death spells once
                 skill gets high enough.
                 The White Mage will be harder than the Black Mage up till Garuda.
                 Afterwards it will become much easier(but still rather challenging).
                 Choose if you want a challenge, but don't have the patience for Black
                 Mage. White Mage is arguably easier than Monk.
     RED MAGE:   Possible, but lots of leveling will be needed. Worse than Fighter, better
                 than Onion Kid.
     For an easy time, take Monk. White Mage starts harder then the Black Mage, but
     once you beat Garuda, the White Mage becomes MUCH more easy than a Black Mage,
     who will have a really tough time at the end.
     Fighter and Red Mage are not covered in this FAQ(for now).
     The other three are covered though, so using this guide you should manage to
     complete them.
     -Section IV: WALKTHROUGH-
       The challenge begins with a battle against four Goblins, which your Onion Kids
       will easily dispatch. Pick up the POTION and LEATHERSHIELD from the two chests.
       Equip the shield on any of the OKs, before examining the stone.
       Get another LEATHER SHIELD from the chest, before going left for a SOUTHWIND,
       then right for a POTION. Go up this time, for another POTION, and go right
       for the games first Healing Spring, which you should drink from. Now get the
       SOUTHWIND from the chest, and make sure you are level 3 before walking right,
       to find the Wind Crystal along with the first boss.
       BOSS: LandTrtl   HP:120    Weakness: Ice   Strong against:None
       Recommended level: 3-4
       Strategy: Constantly attack to win. Don't use any SouthWinds on him.
       Speak to the Crystal for the jobs and warp out after the intro.
       Now walk in to the city you see, Ur.
       Firstly, go and talk to Topapa, and use the Healing Spring if necessary.
       Once done, choose the warrior you will use, and give him the chosen job.
       Then go and buy the following:
       For a Monk:       2 Nunchucks
                         1 Leather Outfit
       For a Black Mage: 2 Daggers
                         1 Copper Ring
                         1 Leather Outfit
       For a White Mage: 2 Staffs
                         1 Copper Ring
                         1 Leather Outfit
       Equip and sell all unnecessary stuff. Once done, go and buy some Potions,
       Eyedrops and Antidotes(about 2 or 3 for now will do).
       Now get the Potions in the well(walk through the trees), and the Potion in the
       grass where the girl is picking flowers.
       Now leave the village.
       Get into a battle and kill all but the chosen warrior. Win/run, and return to
       Ur for a rest if necessary. Now leave, and head North to the Altar Cave.
       Put your character on the front row, as both Black Mage, White Mage and Monk
       will kill the enemies with a 2-Hit.
       Get the two chests containing 1000 gil each in the secret passage through the
       right inlet. Proceed further inside for a COPPER RING, 2 LONG SWORDS, NUNCHUCK
       and the Black spell SLEEP. Give your Black Mage Sleep(use it on All if you
       get into trouble).
       Return to Ur and sell all excess stuff, and buy a few more Potions before
       heading towards the Warehouse.
       The enemies here will be slightly tougher here if you are a Black Mage or
       White Mage, but if you're around level 7-8, you should easily get through.
       Keep your health up with Potions.
       The Monk will easily kill these enemies.
       Pick up the POTION in the grass before entering the Warehouse.
       Collect all the items in the Urns before pressing the righ most candle.
       Proceed for some treasure. Sell all the useless stuff(like Cure) and make
       your way back to the inn for a free rest and a Potion in a Urn.
       Leave town and enter Kazus.
       There is a ZEUSRAGE and a MITHRIL HELMET in the grass to the left(walk through
       the trees). Now go and talk to Cid in the inn to learn about the Airship.
       Leave Kazus and walk into the desert ot the left for your very first Airship!
       Fly it to Sasoon Castle.
       On the second floor, you can find two chests each with a 1000 gil in, a LEATHER
       shield, and a super-useful ICE spell for your Black Mage.
       In the right tower you will meet monsters which can easily be dispathced with
       ICE. You will get some Arrows and stuff for a Black Mage, and at the top you
       will wrestle with a Griffin for a W.SLAYER(sell this). The Griffin will be
       slaughtered by ICE or normal attacks from Monk. A White Mage will have a harder
       time though, and should attack and Cure when necessary.
       NOTE: If you are using a Monk, I would recommend you repeatedly fighting the
             Griffin for a battle item. This is because you'll need as many as possible
             for Big Rat, and this is a guaranteed fight against a monster that drops
             a battle item. Feel free to savestate on the top floor for this one.
       Now walk back outside of the
       Castle and fly back to Ur for a free bed, and sell all you don't need(save Bow
       and Arrows if you have a Black Mage). Buy some more Potions(so you have about
       20) and a few EyeDrops and Antidotes.
       Now it's time to take out Jinn and release the curse.
       If you are using a Black Mage or a White Mage, you'll need to be level 14 or
       above, if you are using a Monk, 11 or above will do.
       Best place to level up is in the Mithril Mine. A Potion or single blast of
       Ice will be the strategy with a Black Mage. If you are Blinded, use Potions to
       finish the battle as Blind will lower both Magic hit rate and Magic Damage as
       normal accuracy and damage.
       A Monk can just hit his way through(at level 9 you get 4-Hits which ensures a
       kill). Use Eyedrops if Blinded.
       A White Mage can just cast Cure or throw Potions.
       Rest at the inn and get extra Potions often. Eventually you will reach level
       Now make sure you have 30+ Potions if you are a Monk, or 35+ if you are a
       Black Mage/White Mage. Fly your Airship over the lake to find the
       Cave of the Seal.
       Make sure Black Mage is on the back row(he already was wasn't he?), and Monk
       on front. A White Mage should be on the back as well.
       The enemies in here can be quite tough but Potions/Cure/Ice/4-Hits should help
       you through the cave. Remember to always target Laruwais first because the
       cast Glare(confusion).
       Get the POTION straight down to begin with, but ignore the CURE spell in the
       little room. Press the skull and get 500 gil. Soon you will meet Sarah.
       Continue through the cave remembering to keep your HP at top.
       After a while you will face Jinn.
       BOSS: Jinn.    HP: 450-500     Weakness: Ice.    Strong against: Fire.
       Recommended level: Monk=11+--------White Mage=14+----------Black Mage=14+
       Strategy: Monk should just continuously attack, using a Potion if he drops
                 below half HP.
                 Black Mage should cast Ice all the time and heal when necessary. If
                 you run out of Blasts, equip the Bow and Iron arrows and attack him.
                 A White Mage should just continuously attack him, Curing/Potioning
                 when necessary.
       After you have returned to the castle, go and talk to the King for a CANOE(more
       useful than it seems).
       Use the Canoe to cross the lake and get your Airship back. Return to Kazus.
       Buy all the newest spells and equipment for your character.
       You can go and get the two Mithril Swords in the mine aswell.
       Restock on items and rest if you need to.
       Now talk to Taca for the Mithril Bow and fly the Airship into the boulder.
       Walk over to Canaan.
       Rest if needed, before getting the ELIXIR by following the water path.
       Buy one BOLT spell for a Black Mage before going into Sarinas house for some
       Now go to Cids House and collect the LuckMallet in the Urn by the fireplace,
       before using the Elixir on Cids Wife for access to Cids secret storage.
       Here you will get a BLIND spell for a Black Mage and some more Arrows and
       a GreatBow(keep if you have a Black Mage).
       NOTE: Skip next part if you are a White Mage.
       This is were one would normally go to the Road to the Summit, to meet Desh,
       BUT, if you recall, you need to be Mini to get into TOZAS.
       Now this would normally be achieved by having a White Mage cast Mini,
       but you might have brought a Black Mage or a Monk, and you can't change classes
       to get one! There is no way to buy LuckMallets and no enemy drops them.
       This is were the Upgrade trick comes into use(check out OnionKid2002s FAQ for
       more info). You will have to use this trick to get LuckMallets(which Mini
       To upgrade LuckMallets, you need enough Money to have 99+8 Potions.
       This will result in you needing (maximum) 14850(for 99 Potions)+ 1080 for
       the additional 8, resulting in a whooping 15930 Gil!
       If you know the upgrade trick from before(or read the FAQ), you might
       wonder why you need an extra 8 Potions. This is because you need to upgrade
       EchoHerbs to get LuckMallets, and the ONLY way to get EchoHerbs at this
       point of the game, is by giving the Old Man in the entrance at Ur, Potions!
       The best way to get money is fighting in the Road to the Summit.
       The enemies there will give good exp. and money(over 100 each fight).
       A Black Mage should cast Ice on single enemies unless you meet Rukus, in which
       case you should cast Bolt, or packs of RustBirds and Firefrys, in which case
       you should cast Ice-All.
       Monk should kill all enemies in one 4-Hit, so there's no problem there.
       Once you have 99 Potions, and enough money for 8, your warrior should be around
       level 17-18.
       Now walk all the way back to Ur, and give the Old Man 8 Potions in return for
       8 EchoHerbs.
       Once you have these, arrange your item menu like this:
       X=random items and equipment
       U=Garbage bin
       X------X          For a Better chart, go to OnionKids FAQ.
       Once your menu looks like this, head out of Ur, and up to the Cave.
       Save your game outside, and enter.
       Get into a battle in here and win. If you get a Potion, you will now have
       8 LuckMallets in stead of EchoHerbs. If you do not get a Potion, simply reset,
       and try again.
       NOTE: If you happen to get two Potions or more after battle, your warrior will
             be upgraded as well. This means you will have, most likely, a level 99
             Monk/Black Mage in less the 80 Battles! Reset if this happens,
             unless you want to cheat your way through this challenge.
       Pretty soon you will have 8 LuckMallets, allowing you to continue to the next
       part of the game.
       You should already be familiar to the enemies here, so get the treasure if you
       wish. Continue up to the top to meet Desh. Run from Bahamut and jump off the
       Use the Revification Spring to revive everyone and use a LuckMallet on everyone.
       Then go out and get in a battle and kill off the other warriors. Return to the
       Healing Forest and restore HP and MP. Leave and walk down to Tozas.
       Get some MidgetBreads if you wish, and rest if needed. Head for Doctor Shelcos
       house and pick up the CURE2 spell and BURNING STAFF in the shelves before
       giving Dr. Shelco an Antidote. Proceed down the passageway.
       If you're a Monk you'll have to run and pray here, but if you chose a Black Mage
       you can cast Bolt/Fire/Ice-All to kill of all enemies(most of the time).
       A White Mage can use Aero, or just run.
       Soon you will reach sunlight.
       Head up to the cave.
       Collect 300 gil from the chest in the first room and rest if necessary.
       Sell the unnecessary stuff you got in Tozas and continue.
       In the next room go left and down for two chest holding 300 Gil each.
       Return and go right and down, then immediately right for FIR2, ICE2 and BOLT2
       for a Black Mage.
       Now leave the Viking Base.
       Ignore the Ship and walk up to the shrine.
       If you are a Black Mage, use only Fire and Ice to get you through. Ignore the
       treasure. If you are a Monk, put him on the Back row and run from every battle.
       A White Mage should run from all.
       Eventually you will make it to the Big Rat.
       BOSS: Big Rat     HP.450-500    Weakness: None    Strong against:Level 1-2 Magic
       Recommended level: Monk=19+---------White Mage=17+--------Black Mage=19+
       Strategy: If you're a Black Mage three castings of Fire2/Ice2/Bolt2 should kill
                 A Monk should just be able to kill him throwing all battle items you
                 have collected. If the battle items do less damage than normal just
                 attack him till you die. It might take a few tries.
                 Throw a Potion when necessary.
                 A White Mage should cast Aero, and not waste any battle items.
                 Cast Cure when necessary.
       Pick up the EYE and start walking back out. A Black Mage should just unleash any
       spell-All, and a Monk/White Mage should run all the way.
       After making it back out, give Nepto his Eye back and use a LuckMallet on
       yourself before resting in the Viking Base.
       Now that you have the Enterprise, it's time to raid Argass Castle.
       NOTE: In all sea battles, if you are a Black Mage just use Bolt or Bolt2-All to
             clear the monsters.
       In the room with four torches press the rightmost torch to open a secret
       passage. Walk stright into the small wall seperating you and the two chests
       and walk down to make your way to 3000 Gil.
       Next, walk up the stairs for over 10000 Gil. Return to the room with the four
       Torches and go up the stairs to the Round Table. In the little block thing to
       the right you can do into it to end up finsing a BOMBSHARD, SOUTHWIND and
       Now leave the Castle and head for Tokkle.
       Collect all the treasure that lies scattered around in the grass and in the
       fireplace in the Elders house. You can get a 3-PART, FREEZING staff, KENPO,
       Sell the GreatBow(you should already have one), Freezing. Keep the Kenpo if you
       are using a Monk but keep the battle items(especially Gods Wine). Once you have
       all the treasure set sail to the desert to the west and get off at the end of
       it. Now walk down to the Ancients Village(use any Magic against the enemies).
       Buy Black Mage/White Mage a Wizard and Monk a HeadBand. Restock on items, making
       sure you have at least 50 Potions and about 10 of everything else.
       Make sure your Black and White Mage buy all magic they don't already have.
       Get the White Mage all elemental staffs.
       That's it for this town, so head back to the ship and sail to Gurgur.
       Get Toad and exit.
       Next up is the Tower of Owen, but in order to get in, you need to be in the
       Toad status. The thing is though, that you may have chosen Monk or Black Mage
       and you can't switch to get one, so you need to find another way besides
       casting the spell.
       NOTE: If you did choose White Mage you can skip this section, and head straight
             to the Tower of Owen.
       MaidKiss is out of the question because it only heals, not induces Toad.
       The ONLY way to get Toaded besides using the spell is by having Farjalugs cast
       it on you in battle.
       Farjalugs appear in the Tower of Owen(first floor aswell).
       The best way to get everyone Toaded is to go in  with everyone un-equipped and
       wait till you get into a battle against some Farjalugs. They will cast it at you
       at random, and the chance of hitting(a completely un-equipped) warrior is about
       As soon as you are in a battle waste turns(Defend, Attack a back row warrior etc).
       Heal with Potions if necessary.
       As soon as you are Toaded run/win the battle and get out of the Tower and
       back to Canaan. Get into a battle outside there and kill off the Toaded warrior
       (so he won't be cured of it in another battle). Once he is dead, rest at the
       inn, restock on items and return to the Tower. Once everyone are Toaded you can
       enter the Tower.
       NOTE: Using the spell to Toad the three dead characters is accepted in this
             challenge as long as the living warrior is Toaded using the above method
             it is still considered a SCNCCC, although I reccomend doing it properly
             for a greater sense of pride.
       Use EchoHerbs if you are Silenced by the PutiMages. Fire Magic is the best
       Magic wise, but if you are level 20 you can put a Black Mage in the front row
       and let the 6-Hits take care of business. Oshiyukis will give you most trouble
       if you are a Black/White Mage as they have high Accuracy and Attack power. Move
       to the back row if you meet them. Aero will also help.
       NOTE: It IS possible for a Toaded Black Mage/Monk to beat the Tower of Owen and
             Medusa, which will save you the trouble of getting Toaded again for the
             Underwater Lake. But if you attempt this, be prepared to reset a lot to
             make it to Medusa. Medusa is the same as normal, just attack and heal.
       A Monk can just stand in the front row and take out everyone with 6-Hits.
       Heal with Potions.
       Collect all the treasure in here. Nothing important but two battle items(Zeus
       Rage and SouthWind). Follow Desh instructions to end up at the top. Heal before
       talking to Medusa.
       BOSS:Medusa    HP: 900     Weakness: None   Strong against: Black Magic
       Recommended level: Monk=20+---------White Mage=19+----------Black Mage=20+
       Strategy: A Monk can just attack like mad and heal with Potions if she
                 physically attacks you. If her Break hits you, use a Soft so she
                 can't completely Petrify you.
                 A Black Mage can use the same strategy as a Monk.
                 A White Mage can use the same strategy as a Monk.
       After Desh says goodbye, you will be warped out. Now heal, and sail
       your ship to Gisahl.
       Walk straight up to the Magic Key shop. As soon as you enter the door, stand
       completely still, and walk left at once, then up and right to end up behind the
       counter where you can open the chest for a SHURIKEN! Since you obviously can't
       use it, sell it for 32750 Gil! Use the newly aquired money to buy all the spells
       available and 10+ Magic Keys. Remember the keys, or you will be forced to
       change jobs in Goldors Mansion(all his doors are locked).
       There are some Carrots in the chocobo stable but nothing else important.
       Now return to Argass Castle.
       Press the righmost torch again, and take the stairs to the very top.
       Use your newly purchased keys on the two doors for some Books, Arrows, Bows
       and a SCHOLAR for a Black/White Mage.
       Sell all the stuff you don't need and sail to the dwarven island.
       Just buy some Potions and such, and leave(rest if necessary).
       You'll need to be Toaded before jumping in the lake, so head back to the Tower
       of Owen. Use the same strategy as before to get Toaded, then return to the
       Dwarven Island, and jump into the lake.
       A Monk can just attack his way through the enemies.
       A Black Mage should use Ice-All against Bombs, Fire2-All and Fire-All against
       Puroburos, and Bolt2-All against Boulders and Mermen.
       A White Mage should use Aero, Confuse or Silence here, or just run if you want.
       Remember that Boulders use Glare, which is of the petrifying sort, so kill them
       The treasure in here consists of two ZEUSRAGES, two SOFTS and 300 GIL, all
       of which you should pick up.
       Eventually, you will reach Guzco.
       BOSS: Guzco   HP:1000     Weakness:Ice    Strong against: Fire
       Recommended level: Monk=20+--------White Mage=23+---------Black Mage=20+
       Strategy: A Monk can just attack and heal(which is really the Monks strategy
                 against most bosses).
                 Black Mage should cast 1 or 2 Ice3, and 1 Ice2, before healing, and
                 advancing to the front row and attack.
                 A White Mage should let loose all the Aeros he has, then advance and
                 attack, healing when necessary.
                 He's not that tough.
       After winning the battle, pick up the Dwarf Horn and walk all the way back out
       ignoring the line Kissing your Shadow.
       Go to the Altar and put the Horn back, just for Guzco to reveal himself and
       steal both Horns. Now rest if necessary and head back out to the World Map.
       Sail up to the Fire Cave and enter.
       FIRE CAVE
       Ice-All will be good enough to take out almost any pack of enemies in here.
       Use Ice2-All if you must, but don't use Ice3. Also, don't waste Ice magic,
       if you know the enemy only has like 10 HP left, attack normally, don't use
       Aero will also kill many monsters in one hit, and Confuse is also very useful.
       A Monk should of course, just attack like mad.
       Pick up the treasure in here if you wish. It consists mostly of POTIONs and
       HI-POTIONS, with some SOUTHWINDS in the mix.
       If you know the way through here, you should easily make it to the Crystal
       without having wasted all your Magic. If not, the way off the first floor
       lies all at the bottom left of the lava floor. On the second floor the
       exit lies on the upper left side of the Lava waterfall, and on the last floor,
       just press the rock. Simple.
       Once you reach the Crystal, heal, and enter.
       BOSS: Salamandr   HP:2200    Weakness:Ice    Strong against:Black Magic besides
       Recommended level: Monk=21+----------White Mage=24+-------Black Mage=22+
       Strategy: Both Monk and Black Mage should use the same strategy.
                 Attack twice(Ice3 if you are a Black Mage) and use a Hi-Potion.
                 If a Black Mage runs out of Ice3(shouldn't happen) before he dies,
                 cast Ice2 or Ice instead.
                 A White Mage should throw out all Arctic Winds(6 in total), casting
                 Cure2/Throwing a Hi-Potion every few rounds. Then just cast Aero,
                 before advancing and attacking with Freezing Staffs, healing when
                 Soon he will die.
       Talk to the Crystal, for the Fire jobs(like you need them) and warp out via the
       Save, and head back to the Dwarf Cave. Collect all the treasure. Sell all
       unneeded equipment(Gauntlet, Shield, Books etc.), and equip your Black/White Mage
       with the Scholar Hat if you are using one.
       Now rest at the inn and leave. You should also have 30 Hi-Potions, and 60+
       Sail to Tokkle when you're done, but if you are a Black Mage, make sure you have a
       max MP. rest at Canaan if necessary.
       A White Mage will need to collect about 7+ battle items for Hyne.
       These can be gotten from Griffins on the world map outside the desert where
       Hynes Castle is. There are other places, but this is the easiest one. Save
       after every battle, and once you fight some Griffins, keep reloading till one
       of them drops a battle item(like SouthWind).
       The enemies in here are VERY annoying. This is because Pharaoh uses Glare(the
       Sleep kind) and Lamia uses Glare(the confuse kind). Pharaohs use Glare the
       most. A Monk should naturally just attack always, but a Black Mage should:
       -In a battle with four Pharaohs use Fire2-All, and Fire-All.
       -In a battle with Two/three Pharaohs and One/Two Lamias, should use Fire2-All,
        Fire-All, heal any damage, Advance to the front row, and take out the Lamias.
       -In a battle with more enemies, use Fire2-All, and Fire-All.
       -In a battle with less enemies(one or two) use Fire-All, and normal attacks.
       Remember not to waste magic, ESPECIALLY NOT ICE3!
       A White Mage should mkae good use of Confuse and Aero in here to win battles.
       As long as you don't use any battle items, you'll be fine.
       Talk to the man by the left wall for a LuckMallet, get Mini, and enter the hole.
       Walk to the bottom left at once, and through the secret passage.
       Pick up the chests if you want, the contain some attacking items.
       After a lot of walking and battling, you arrive to Hyne(no need to say you
       should heal?).
       BOSS: Hyne    HP: 2000    Weakness: Varies   Strong against: Physical attacks.
       Recommended level: Monk=23+---------White Mage=25+--------Black Mage=24+
       Strategy: Monk just attack and heal, throwing battle items if you feel lucky.
                 Black Mage should start by casting Ice, and if it does aproximately
                 300+, feel pleased as you kill him with a few blasts of Ice3.
                 If it does less, cast Fire or Bolt next round. Then cast Fire2 or
                 Bolt2 accordingly. Heal with Hi-Potions if necessary.
                 A White Mage should use any of the elemental staffs as items to find
                 his weakness, then throw the appropriate battle item. Heal with Cure2
                 when necessary.
       After the battle, the tree will take you bak to the Living Forest. Walk back
       to your ship(at Tokkle), using any spare magic you might have to win battles.
       Now return to Argass Castle.
       Walk up the stairs in the secret passage and unlock the room to the top left,
       and talk to the White Mage for two ELIXIRs. Head back and up to the Round Table
       and talk to the King(Arthur) for the TIME GEAR.
       Sail back to Canaan and use the TimeGear on Cid for a new airship!
       Now get 99 Potions and 50 Hi-Potions. Also make sure you have some Magic Keys
       and MidgetBreads(buy in Tozas).
       Once you have this, fly in any direction until you get off the Continent.
       Fly North-East(press up, then right, then up...), using a MidgetBread every now
       and then to reach a small island with a shipwreck on it(the top of the Sylx
       Tower can be found up to the right). Land, and enter the shipwreck.
       Walk through, picking up the BLOOD sword and ZEUSRAGE, before giving the
       lady in the bed an Antidote. She(Eliah) will join your party.
       Leave the ship and fly a little bit to the right and down to make your way to
       a Temple, which is of course the Water Shrine.
       Enter, walk straight forward(there are some Healing Springs to the right if you
       need them) and pick up the Crystal Shard.
       Leave, save, and enter the cave to the north.
       Roper, Agaria and VenomToad(will Poison you with normal attacks) are all weak
       against Bolt, so Bolt-All to kill them. If there are two, they will die
       at once, but if there are three or more, use Bolt-All, and physically attack
       them, or just Bolt2-All to kill them all regardless. Use Fire2-All and
       Fire/Ice-All on the rest. Note that you should advance and attack a lot, because
       a Black Mage wont take that much damage compared to the damage he can do.
       Also try and save all your Ice3 casts for Kraken.
       No need to say what a Monk should do.
       A White Mage should cast Confuse, and otherewise abuse the elemental staffs.
       Also, Cocktrices can petrify you, but it will take several attacks for them to
       petrify you completely, so don't get too stressed.
       NOTE: There are no treasure chests in here, so follow my instructions and don't
             go treasure hunting.
       On the first floor, just follow the path. Eliah will open the door.
       On the second floor, the exit is up and left after walking through the
       On the third floor, take the LOWER path, and on the fourth floor, just follow
       the road around till you get to the door.
       Now heal and enter. Kraken will kill Eliah and attack you.
       BOSS: Kraken   HP:1600    Weakness: Ice    Strong against: None
       Recommended level: Monk=24+-------White Mage=26+--------Black Mage=26+
       Strategy: Usual strategy for Monk(Attack-Hi-Potion).
                 A Black Mage should cast every single spell he has left, Ice3 in
                 particular. Once you get down to 400 HP use a Hi-Potion to heal.
                 Don't be afraid to use many in a row.
                 When you run out of spells(I had hardly any left), heal all damage
                 and advance. At level 26 you should be able to deal about 150
                 damage to him. Keep using Hi-Potions and he will fall.
                 A White mage should cast all Aero spells, then throw all remaining
                 battle items, before advancing and attacking, healing when necessary.
       Soon after, an earthquake will occur, and you will be warped out.
       You will wake up inn the inn at Amur. Get a Monk a BLACKBELT and a CHAKRA.
       There is nothing for a Black Mage/White Mage.
       Talk to Jiru in the house to the very right, and he will open the passage to the
       Get into the water and pick up some CARROTS from the patch of carrots(surprised?)
       and all the Thief Equipment from the Island to the North.
       Now go and sell the Thief Stuff and save.
       Enter again, and take the path to the sewers this time.
       Normal for Monk.
       TwinLiger and Storoper are semi-weak against Fire, and DrkFoot and GiganToad
       are weak against Bolt.
       Storopers will use Glare(the Confusing kind) and their regular attacks can
       Cast Fire2-All, and advance(unless you are already on the front row) and attack
       them normally. Normal attacks are a great way to kill enemies here,
       especially TwinLigers. Just cast Bolt-All, and attack them once.
       Heal after every battle here, as Storopers hit hard.
       A White Mage can use Confuse, and otherwise abuse elemental staffs agains the
       enemies with elemental weaknesses.
       The way through here is pretty straight forward. The first chest contains
       a CATCLAW. Use Fire-All to kill the Goblins, or attack all the time if you
       chose a Monk. A White Mage can cast Aero-All.
       There are two secret passages on the next floor. When the path suddenly
       splits, go down, and to the right for some useless equipment.
       On the left side you will find a POWER bracelet for your Monk. Equip it for
       +5 Bonus in Strength.
       Continue on the path and you will find Delila who will give you the Floating
       Shoes after a bit. One of the Old Men will use an Otterhead and you will be
       warped out.
       Walk back in to the inn and rest and buy some more Hi-Potions.
       Now leave town and walk South to find Goldors Mansion.
       Kill enemies in here with Ice3/Ice2 until you reach level 30 if you are a
       Black Mage. A Monk only needs 26. A White Mage should be level 28.
       The only hard enemy in here is NightMare. They will cast Glare(Confuse) a lot,
       so you might find yourself being Confused, then Cured, and then Confused again
       before you can do anything. Also, GoldBears cast Break so be careful.
       If you need to heal, there is a Chocobo Forest outside. Ride the chocobo back
       to Amur and rest.
       Once you are at the recommended level enter the Mansion and walk straight up.
       Follow the path around and collect 11 Shinys and Dragon Claw.
       Ride the chocobo back to town and sell them all for lots of money. Heal at
       the same time.
       Before entering the Mansion again, get your GodsWine from the Fat Chocobo if
       you put it there(ignore this if you're using a Monk).
       When you enter the Mansion again, go to the top right room. Take the secret
       NOTE: In the top left room, you will find Goldors personal library, which
             became a rather infamous riddle of mine(poor Onion, he went insane
             trying to solve it).
       In the big room, you can walk through the bottom bit of every wall, so do that
       to avoid random encounters.
       In the end you will find Goldor. Heal up fully and put your person on the front
       BOSS: Goldor   HP:2000    Weakness: None    Strong against: Magic(very strong).
       Recommended level: Monk=26+----------White Mage=28+---------Black Mage=30+
       Strategy: A Monk can just attack, thowing Hi-Potions when he reaches below
                 600 HP. Heal until you are back at close to full health before
                 attacking again.
                 A Black Mage should throw the GodsWine on himself the first round,
                 then attack. As soon as his HP reaches below 600, throw Hi-Potions
                 until you are back at around 900-1000 HP, then attack once more, then
                 heal again etc. You should finish him in 4 Hits, if you're unlucky 5.
                 A White Mage should use the same strategy as the Black Mage, just
                 swap Hi Potions with Cure2.
       Use your OtterHead to get out, and ride the Chocobo back to Amur.
       Restock on items, and fly your ship to Leprit for an Elixir and a TurtleShell.
       The Turtleshell is in the grass to the left, and the Elixir is down the chimney,
       and press the bottom right torch.
       Next, fly to Dastar and buy RUNE for a Black Mage.
       Next up is Salonia and Garuda(!).
       Both Black Mage and Monk can beat Garuda at level 36, but I recommend 38 to make
       life easier.
       A White Mage can beat him at level 32, meaning you shouldn't bother going to
       the Ancients Cave.
       When leveling up, the best place is the Ancients Cave.
       I know what you're thinking, you can't get acces to there now, but actually,
       you can. The enemies there will give you 4800-5000 each battle!
       To get there, follow the western side of the continent with Salonia on it.
       You will notice many rivers flowing into the east between mountains.
       Stop your airship next to the forest where two rivers join.
       Ride your canoe east, and you will end up straight outside the Cave.
       Save and enter.
       The only enemies you will face in here, are lone Pyralis, and packs of one
       or two D.Zombies.
       PYRALIS   HP: Aprox 1500.    Weakness:Ice    Strong against: Fire(?)
       Recommended level: 31+ for both.
       Strategy: A Monk should just attack and use Hi Potion if necesarry.
                 Black Mage should cast Ice3 untill it dies(2 or 3 casts).
                 At the back row, he won't get hit enough to make Hi Potions
                 necesarry in battle.
       D.ZOMBIES HP: Aprox. 2000.   Weakness:Fire, Healing items. Strong against:No
       Recommended level: 31+
       Strategy: A front row Monk will be hit hard by one of these, but with the help
                 of Hi Potions you should win.
                 If you meet two of these though, the odds of survival are very slim.
                 A Black Mage should cast Fire2, even if there are 2, you should
                 handle them with little trouble.
       Remember to heal and save after every battle, and you should be at level 38 in
       no time.
       Now make sure you have around 80 Hi Potions(only needed right now if you have
       a Black Mage, but you might as well get them now).
       Save, and fly in to Salonia and get shot down over the castle courtyard.
       Head straight to the South Western part, and kill the bullies in the pub,
       with attacks, or a few Ice3-All/Aero-All.
       Once Allus joins you, talk to the old men scattered about for some Dragon
       equipment to sell.
       Rest at the inn if you used any magic or got injured by the bullies, and head
       over to the castle.
       After the chat with Allus, the King rushes down to kill the Prince, but
       turns the knife on himself. Gigames the comes and you get thrown into a battle
       against the legendary bird, Garuda!
       BOSS: Garuda  HP:5000  Weakness: Wind  Strong against:Multiple hits.
       Recommended level: Monk=38+--------White mage=32+--------Black mage=38+
       Strategy: This battle is a test in patience.
                 Monk: Attack until HP reaches round 600, then constantly use
                 Hi-Potions(they heal more then Thunder damages) until your HP
                 is about 1200. Then attack again, and use Hi-Potions when your HP
                 hits 600. He should fall eventually.
                 Black Mage: Cast Ice3 three times at him, then heal with Hi Potions
                 until your HP has reached top again(around 1800).
                 Now cast Ice3 again. In this battle healing comes before attacking
                 in all circumstances. Only attack when you know you can survive
                 two(preferably three Thunders). You better have MANY Hi-Potions for
                 this battle. When you run out of Ice3, normal attacks are better then
                 Ice2 etc.
                 If you're running out of Hi-Potions, use ONE Elixir(only one), and
                 start casting Ice3 again.
                 After a long time, he will fall.
                 White Mage: Same strategy as Black Mage. Cast Aero until HP is low,
                 cast Cure2/Hi Potions until HP reaches top again, then start
                 casting Aero again. Use 1 Elixir after you run out of Aero's.
       Now enter the left tower, and press the bit of wall between the upper right
       chair and statue. Follow the new passage to find two FenixDowns and a view
       of Odin.
       Leave the tower, and enter the right one for the Nautilus.
       Now head back inside the castle and take the secret passage between the two
       chairs on the right wall in the first room.
       You'll get lots of different stuff, most importantly a SCHOLAR hat for your
       Black/White Mage. Sell all useless stuff.
       Next, fly your new airship to north-east Salonia and buy two of all elemental
       rods if you're using a Black Mage, and two Rune Staffs and two Golem Staffs.
       Rune Staff will cast Ice3 in battle, and Golems will add Break to attack!
       Now buy a Black Mage a Black Robe, and a White Mage a White Robe, for +5 in
       Intellect and Spirit respectively.
       Also buy all the new magic from the shop,
       and restock on Potions. Equip your Black Mage two Ice staffs to begin
       Once you're finished shopping, fly to Dalug continent and through the mountain
       passage to Dorgas House(the random encounters are easily dispatched with
       a Monks normal attack, and Ice3/Aero). Save outside.
       After Dorga joins your party, buy all the new Black Magic for a Black Mage,
       including your your new best friend, BIO!
       Buy everything the moogles have to offer for a White Mage, including your
       new best friend throughout the game, HASTE!
       Use a LuckMallet to get small, and enter the Magic Circle Cave after pressing
       the candle.
       A Monk has to rely on running here. Put him in the backrow and pray.
       A Black Mage can equip two Light Staffs and cast either Bio-All or
       Bolt3-All depending on the number of enemies(Bio against 3-4, Bolt against 2).
       Remember to heal after every battle!
       A White Mage can cast Aero2/Aero, or Confuse. If you want to run, do it after
       confusing the enemies.
       On the first floor the exit is to the top right, on the second floor the exit
       is also on the top right, and finally, the last door is at the bottom right.
       Dorga will now enchant your ship so it can go underwater.
       He will then Warp you out. Before boarding the ship, return to the Healing
       Pots and heal. Then save before flying out and back to the Ancients Village
       for Potions and Hi-Potions.
       Next up is the Temple of Time and Noahs Lute.
       I'm sure you already know where it is, but if not, it's under water between
       the two "horns" on the southern tip of the Salonian Continent.
       NOTE: Go to Dorgas Village and buy Quake for a Black Mage to make life easy.
             Keep returning here to buy new spells as you afford them.
       Monk=attack and heal.
       A Black Mage should switch elemental staffs after MP and cast elemental3
       spells-All, or Quake and Bio-All to take out the enemies here.
       A White Mage should cast Ice3, Aero2/Aero or Confuse to win the battles.
       Use Magic Keys to open the doors here, and make your way down to the bottom,
       to find NOAHS LUTE.
       Use Warp/Otterhead to escape. Heal, restock on items, sell excessive armor,
       and board the airship to head to Unnes Shrine.
       Use the Lute on her, and laugh at her exercises, then leave.
       A Monk is going to have a great deal of problems in the next place, so
       you should level him up to 53+. A Black mage can get through at level 40.
       A White Mage can get past at level 45+.
       An easy way to level up is to head through the Undersea Cave.
       A Monk can use the normal drill here.
       A Black Mage should equip 2 Light Staffs and cast Bolt3-All on enemies.
       Switch to Quake and Fire3-All   when you run out of casts.
       Against the enemies you find in chests, cast  Brak2 on as many as you can,
       and Bio when you run out.
       A White Mage should use the usual, Ice3, Aero2/Aero, Confuse or attack with
       Collect all the treasure down here before Warping/Exiting and selling all
       unnecessary stuff.
       Heal, restock on items, and fly your airship to the Ancients Cave.
       You should be familiar with Pyralis and Zombie Dragons, but after floor 2,
       you will start encountering the infamous splitters!
       To begin with, you will only meet voluntery splitters(split at wish), but
       on floor 4, true splitters will make their appearance.
       A Monk needs 99 of both Potions. He must attack and heal. Just keep attacking,
       and eventually you will win. be prepared to try several times.
       A Black Mage should alternate Quake, Bio and elem3 spells on the monsters.
       Use Quake freely, but think ahead before casting. Switch staffs mid-battle
       if needed.
       A White Mage should abuse Confuse and Aero2. Use Cure3/Life on Dragon Zombies.
       After a try or two you'll get the Invincible!
       Head right and get back the Nautilus. Fly it to Salonia, then canoe back
       and get the Invincible. Now you have both airships available at Salonia.
       Buy Brak2 for a Black Mage if you don't already have it and sell any
       un-needed equipment you may have picked up in the Ancients Cave, and restock
       on items.
       If you haven't already gone through the Underwater Cave, do so now.
       Afterwards, head to the Catacombs by Salonia.
       Abuse Quake, Bolt3 and Ice3 if you're a Black Mage. Just don't use Bio and
       you'll be able to beat Odin.
       A Monk has to be careful because Trolls hit hard. Heal fully after every
       battle. Also, Fahans can cast Brak2!
       A White Mage should use the usual Confuse, Aero2/Aero, Ice3 and Golems.
       Just follow the path to the junction. Go right first and collect the
       treasure. Exit and heal if you want, then take the left path.
       In this room, walk straight up till you are facing the wall. The walk through
       the right wall to end up by 8 Chests. The top 4 hold Elixirs, and the bottom 4
       hold FenixDowns.
       All are guarded, but the enemies are very easy. Just use your strongest attacks
       on them, but don't waste spells like Haste, Protect and Bio, because you are
       going up against Odin straight afterwards.
       Once you collected all the treasure, proceed up the stairs to find Odin.
       BOSS: Odin   HP:6000(?)   Weakness: None   Strong against: None
       Recommended level: Monk=54---------Black Mage=46---------White Mage=45
       Strategy: A Monk can just attack and heal as always.
                 A Black Mage should always cast Bio, never stopping to heal.
                 You should kill him first.
                 A White Mage should cast Haste 3 times, then cast Cure4,
                 and start to attack, casting Cure3/Cure4 if necessary.
       Once you win, he will grant you his power in the form of a useless summon.
       Warp out and sell him and the rest of the equipment you found, before
       resting and restocking on items.
       Now, it's time to do some leveling.
       A Black Mage should do all leveling in Bahamuts Cave. Get into battles in the
       first room and cast Quake once for up to 16000 experience.
       A Monk should try to level up here as well. If you can't handle the battles
       in the first room, go in to the second room and fight there. You could also
       alternate between here and Lake Dol.
       A White Mage should level up wherever you feel most comfortable. Confuse,
       Mini/Toad and Aero2 are all great spells to use when leveling.
       Once you're around level 50, you can run through Lake Dol easily.
       LAKE DOL
       Black Mage: Equip 2 Light Staffs, and cast Bolt3-All or Quake on the enemies.
       Try saving a few Quakes for Leviathan though. Cast Quake on packs of more then
       3, but Bolt3 on packs of 1 and 2.
       Monk: The enemies here will hit hard, and the giant crab(forgot his name) will
       cast Glare(the Sleep type), to render you useless. Always heal fully after
       battles, and Exit if you're having problems. This way you can keep going in
       and Exiting until you are at a high enough level to win.
       White Mage: Confuse, Mini/Toad and Aero2 will get you through here.
       All the paths in here leads to either treasure or the next floor, so search
       well, and pick up all the battle items, including the incredibly useful
       GODS WINE!
       After a bit of walking around, you will eventually meet Leviathan.
       BOSS: Leviathan   HP:6000    Weakness:Thunder    Strong against:Nothing
       Recommended level: Monk=55+----------Black Mage=51+------White Mage=50+
       Strategy: A Monk should always attack, and throw some Hi Potions if needed.
                 Remember to prioritize healing over attack, unless Leviathan can be
                 killed in 1 or 2 attacks.
                 A Black Mage should cast Quake, and then Bio when he runs out
                 of Quake. Never stop to heal, and you will win easily.
                 A White Mage should cast Haste 3 times, then cast Protect, then
                 Cure4, and attack till he drops, casting Cure3/Cure4 if necessary.
       Once you win, you will receive the Leviathan summon, which you can sell along
       with all the worthless equipment as soon as you Warp/Exit.
       Next up is Bahamut.
       The Monk should be able to beat Bahamut at level 57, but the Black Mage will
       need level 57-58.
       This is because his MegaFlare can deal anywhere between 800 to 1200!
       Once you're done leveling, head on into the cave.
       Black Mage: Just cast Quake on everything you meet. Don't use any Bio's though,
       you'll be using them against Bahamut.
       Monk: Everything will drop at one hit, but they'll still be able to damage you
       badly. Always heal fully after every battle.
       White Mage: Confuse, Mini/Toad and Aero2. Golem Staffs will also help.
       Pick up all the items in here, including another GODS WINE!
       Once the exit is within sight, remember to not enter before healing fully.
       BOSS: Bahamut   HP:7300     Weakness: None    Strong against: Most things
       Recommended level: Monk=57+-------Black Mage=58+--------White Mage=46+
       Strategy: A Monk should always attack, never stopping to heal. With some
                 luck the battle will be won.
                 A Black Mage should always cast Bio, never stopping to heal.
                 A White Mage should cast Reflect every turn to reflect his MegaFlare
                 back on himself.
       This battle is very difficult(extremely difficult for a Black Mage), and
       it might take you many tries. Once you win, you'll receive the Bahamut summon.
       I think you know what to do with it by now.
       Next up is the Cave of Darkness. A White Mage will need to be 50+ and a
       Black Mage needs to be 60+. A Monk can make it at level 61.
       CAVE OF DARKNESS(!!!)
       A Black Mage needs to make it through here using only 1 Elixir. Using Quake and
       Bio sparingly and casting Elem3 spells will get you through. Venom and Blind
       will also help a lot. It will take many tries, but you will make it in the end.
       Remember that Sirenos and Garb can be taken out with Kill and DeathClaw with
       Warp. Use an Elixir when you run out of spells.
       A White Mage should be able to make it through here using only 1 Elixir.
       Confuse/Mini/Toad and Exit are excellent ways of winning battles. Golems will
       also work. Aero2 is also good on single enemies.
       Use an Elixir when you're running out of magic.
       A Monk needs to be able to kill EVERY SINGLE monster in ONE hit.
       Floor 1:
       On the first floor, go straight down and through the passage to the right.
       Collect the Gods Wine from the chest, and talk to the M.Knight at wish.
       Walk down the stairs.
       Floor 2:
       Follow the path till the top, and take the lower passage till you evt. find
       your way to the next floor.
       Floor 3:
       Ignore the first passage on the left, and follow the path till the passage.
       In here take the second passage to arrive to the next floor.
       Floor 4:
       Take the lower right passage to get to floor 5.
       Floor 5:
       Ignore the two first passages. When you reach the third, go left, and at the end
       take the second passage.
       Floor 6:
       Take the top passage at the end here. Follow the path to reach the next floor.
       (here you will start encountering HellHorses).
       Floor 7:
       Ignore the right passage, and continue till you find all the passages. Take the
       left one. When you find four passages take the top one.
       Floor 8:
       Walk directly across the bridge, into the water, and when you get the choice
       of three passages, take the right one, to eventually lead you to the Boss.
       BOSS: Hekaton  HP: 6400    Weakness: None    Strong against: Nothing
       Recommended level: Monk=62+--------White Mage=51+------Black Mage=61+
       Strategy: Monk constantly attack.
                 White Mage cast Protect, Haste 3 times, then attack, healing with
                 Cure3/Cure4 when necessary.
                 Black Mage cast Bio every round.
       Now that you finally have the EARTH FANG, use an OtterHead to get out of there.
       Fly the Invincible over to the four statues, get out and run through them to
       destroy them. Fly the Invincible over the mountain and over to the Ancients
       Walk straight forward to meet the Earth Crystal, guarded by Titan.
       BOSS: Titan    HP:7500    Weakness:Wind(?)    Strong against:Earth
       Recommended level: Monk=62+------White Mage=51+-------Black Mage=61+
       Strategy: A Monk should attack and heal.
                 A White Mage should cast Haste 3 times, and start to attack, casting
                 Cure3/Cure4 if necessary(alternatively cast Reflect each round to
                 bounce his Flare back).
                 A Black Mage should constantly cast Bio.
       Once you have won, talk to the Crystal for the jobs, and leave.
       Rest, and fly all the way back to wherever you left the Nautilus.
       Board the Nautilus and ride it back to Dorgas House.
       Once inside, you will be transported to Dorgas Cave.
       The only enemy that can threaten you are packs of Nemesis, as they can use
       Glare, and their normal attack sometimes induces Paralyze.
       A Monk and Black Mage will have no problem in here. Just attack and Bolt3/Ice3
       to finish the battles.
       A White Mage should abuse Confuse, Mini/Toad,Aero2 and Exit.
       Take the left path, go down and follow the path till the door. Enter.
       Go left for a chest with 20000 Gil in it(but chances are you will already have
       all the money you will ever need. Continue and collect another 20000 Gil,
       before going through the door.
       Go as far up as you can and go left to a room with three BARRIERs.
       Leave and go all the way to the right and enter the door.
       Pick up another Barrier, enter the passage, and continue till you find a door.
       Heal, and enter to meet Dorga and Unne, two of the toughest bosses you will
       BOSS: Dorga  HP:4500   Weakness: None    Strong against: None
       Recommended level: Monk=65+------White Mage=52+------Black Mage=62+
       Strategy: He will start off with a Quake, followed by a Brak2. Then he will
                 cast Drain, before casting Quake again(if he physically attacks you
                 in between this, it does NOT count as a substitute for one of the
                 aforementioned spells, but as a side-dish so to speak).
                 Quake will do between 500 and 800, while Drain does about 500.
                 The real problem here is Brak2, which will instantly petrify you in
                 most cases!
                 If you can do 1500 per hit, you can kill him before his second Brak2,
                 which is no problem for a Monk and Black Mage, but a White Mage needs
                 Haste to do that kind of damage.
                 Firstly, the only way to avoid Brak2 is by it missing. Try and get as
                 high Magic-Evade as possible before trying to beat him.
                 So basically, this battle will take many tries.
                 A Monk should constantly attack, hoping to dodge Brak2.
                 A Black Mage should constantly cast Bio hoping to dodge Brak2.
                 A White Mage should cast Haste three times, then attack him.
                 You'll need to avoid two Brak2s, so prepare to try many times.
       Straight after beating this superhard boss, you'll be thrust into another!
       BOSS: Unne   HP:4800   Weakness: None    Strong against: None
       Recommended level: Monk=65+-------White Mage=52+-------Black Mage=62+
       Strategy: Unne will use the following attack pattern:
                 White Wind
                 White Wind
                 White Wind
                 White Wind
                 White Wind will reduce your HP to around 5, Wall will reflect
                 all elemental spells and Bio. Blizzard will do around 250-300.
                 As you can see, WWind followed by Blizzard is lethal.
                 Also, like Dorga, any physical attacks do not count as a substitute,
                 but as an added attack.
                 A White Mage will have the easiest time against her.
                 Just cast Haste three times, then attack. Use Cure/Cure2/Cure3/Cure4
                 whenever she casts WWind.
                 A Black Mage will have the hardest time against her.
                 Start off by casting Bio(pray that it hits hard) the first round
                 The second round you should start casting Quake(it ignores Wall),
                 which will be your attack force from now on.
                 Throw a Hi Potion on the round she casts Blizzard(you should go
                 Of course, if she physically attacks you, and hits, you will
                 probably die. If you run out of Quake, you're just going to have
                 to attack.
                 A Monk should always attack, throwing a Hi Potion on the round she
                 uses Blizzard.
       After these extremely tough battles, search their bodies for the Eureka and
       Sylx Key, then Exit/Warp out.
       Return to Dorgas House and heal at the Healing Pot(the lower one).
       Now return to your Airship, and leave Dalug.
       The end is drawing near, and you're close to becoming a master of FF3j!
       All you have left now is the Ancients Labyrinth, Eureka, and the dreaded Sylx.
       Ancients Labyrinth is no problem, but Eureka, and Sylx are incredibly tough!
       Especially Sylx, will be your worst nightmare after this(damn those QumQums!).
       Anyway, before attempting Sylx, you need to do some leveling.
       A Black Mage should do all leveling in the first room of Bahamuts Cave,
       casting Quake in all battles for an easy victory.
       A White Mage should also do it in Bahamuts Cave. Just cast Confuse, then assist
       them in killing eachother by casting Aero2 or Mini/Toad or Exit.
       A Monk can do it in any of the rooms In Bahamuts Cave, healing fully in
       between battles.
       Exit to save, rest and restock often.
       A Black and White Mage and Monk should all be level 67+.
       Once this is done, make sure you have 99 Potions and 99 Hi Potions. Also,
       pick up all your battle items.
       Now enter the Ancients Labyrinth.
       The enemies in here are easily taken care of.
       A Monk should naturally just attack everything, except Dragon Zombies, who you
       can throw FenixDowns on.
       A White Mage should use abuse Rune Staffs, and cast Confuse,Mini/Toad and Exit
       to win battles.
       Also here, throw FenixDowns on Dragon Zombies to kill them instantly.
       A Black Mage should use Warp, and the first level spells along with Venom
       to win battles. Kill Dragon Zombies with FenixDowns.
       In the first room, pick up the Elixir in the right path, then exit via the
       Here only take the DarkScent which is the chest only two steps outside of the
       normal path.
       In the next room walk straight to the right.
       In this room, open the all chests, and immediately equip the PROTECT on
       a White/Black Mage for a great boost in Defence and a +5 in Vitality.
       Finally, walk out to find the Sylx Tower.
       Save if you feel you got through the Labyrinth well enough, then proceed
       in to Sylx, walk straight up and use the Eureka key to enter Eureka.
       The enemies here hit hard, and the Horse Enemies(forgot the name) will cast
       Toad, so beware.
       All three warriors can use the normal strategies.
       Run straight down to the next room.
       In here, walk down, then walk through the left wall to find a chest with a
       RIBBON. It is guarded though, but the monster can easily be taken out with
       Normal attacks/Break/Toad.
       Equip the Ribbon immediately(even Monk) and pick up the Elixir in the right
       room before leaving Eureka completely.
       Your next destination is the Sylx Tower. From now I will split up the guide
       to the White Mage and that to the Monk and Black Mage.
       This is because the White Mage can runup and beat the game fairly easily
       from here, while the Monk and Black Mage require additional preperation and
       Read on if you're using a White Mage, but skip to the Black Mage/Monk section
       if you're using them.
       Use Confuse, Mini/Toad, Exit and Aero2 as usual to win battles. You can also
       use battle items if you feel you need to, but never waste them.
       Remember that QumQums have very powerful spells, so always cast Confuse on
       them no matter what.
       Use Elixirs when you're running low on magic, and if you run out of Cure4 in
       a boss battle.
       In the first room walk straight up to the next room, ignoring the chests.
       Use the Sylx Key to enter the second floor.
       Keep going left and pick up the chest with the ELIXIR. The go down, right and
       through the false wall. Ignore the chest and walk down and to the left past
       the exit for another Elixir. Now enter the third floor.
       Go up and throught the false wall before going through the next false wall,
       which eventually leads to an ELIXIR. Enter the fourth floor.
       Here, walk all the way around to the fifth floor, ignoring the chests.
       Ignore the first chest before making your way through the false walls for two
       ELIXIRS. The next floor has no treasure, so follow the path till the next
       On the next floor ignore the chest and head to the next floor.
       Finally, walk straight up through the door.
       Now make sure you have at least 3 Haste spells, and 4-5 casts of Cure4.
       Feel free to use an Elixir. Make sure you are at full health and you are on
       the front row with Runes equipped, before looking in the mirror.
       BOSS: Zande    HP: 20000     Weakness: None    Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 68+
       Strategy: His attack pattern is Libra-Meteo-Libra-Quake-Libra-Flame-back to start.
                 Cast Haste twice, then attack, casting a Cure3 after his Meteo.
                 From there on just cast Cure3/Cure4 after Meteo(and perhaps Cure2 before
                 if you think you won't make it).
                 Attack as much as possible. He should be easy.
       You will now fight the Dark Cloud, and you WILL be utterly slaughtered.
       Afterwards you will be revived and fully healed(even your party members I'm
       Then you will be teleported to the final dungeon!
       The enemies here aren't much harder than the ones in Sylx, so treat them as
       NOTE: For all boss battles here you should be on the front row with dual
             Rune Staffs, save against the 2-Headed Dragon, where you should be on the
             back row, to begin with anyway.
       Remember to kill off your other party members in the first battle you fight.
       The first boss you'll want to kill is Cerberus, so take the top left path.
       In here take the left of the passages, then take the first passage to the
       right to end up at in a dark crystal room. Heal and walk forward.
       BOSS: Cerebus   HP: 25000   Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual.
       Recommended level: 68+
       Strategy: Cast Haste twice and start attacking. With a Ribbon, his Thunder will
                 deal around 1000 HP, so heal with Cure3/Cure4 when suited.
       After that easy battle, free the first Dark Warrior, and return to the main
       room. Take the bottom left path.
       Walk all the way to the left and down the path, taking the very first right.
       The wall two steps away from the chest is a secret passage, so walk down
       and through the entrance. Heal fully and get on the front row.
       BOSS: Echidna   HP: 30000   Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 68+
       Strategy: Her attack pattern is:
                 Cast Haste two times, then attack. Cast Cure4 the turn after she
                 cast Meteo(you should survive with ease), before attacking again,
                 casting Cure4 again after Flare and Quake. Basically, use her
                 Brak2/Death turns to heal and attack in between. Of course, if you ever
                 need to, heal in other turns.
       Release the Dark Warrior and return to the main room. This time take the
       bottom right path.
       Just follow the path around(ignoring the chest) to find Ahrimans room.
       Heal and move to the front row.
       BOSS: Ahriman   HP:35000   Weakness: None  Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 69+
       Strategy: His attack pattern is:
                 Cast Haste 2 times, then cast Cure4, then start attacking, casting
                 Cure3/Cure4 when necessary. I'd recommend using his Flame/Blizzard/
                 Thunder/Cure2 turns to heal in, and attack on all other turns.
       Save yet another Dark Warrior before returning to the main room.
       Take the top left path.
       In here, walk through the secret passage on the right wall(look for signs on
       the other side of the wall), and through the second passage to find the final
       Crystal Room. Stay on the back row and get fully healed before walking up.
       BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon   HP:25000+    Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual.
       Recommended level: 69+
       Strategy: This guy will only attack normally, but he hits VERY hard!
                 This is the toughest boss up here, and you will probably die a few
                 times fighting him. Make sure you start off on the backrow!
                 Cast Protect the first round, then Cure until he hits you
                 for low damage, then cast Protect again. Use the same strategy
                 until Protect becomes Ineffective. Then your Defence will be maxed, and
                 his attack will deal between 1-1500 Damage to you.
                 Cast Haste twice on yourself, healing if necessary. Now advance to front
                 row and start to attack, casting Cure4/Cure3 when necessary. Use an Elixir
                 if you run out of Cure4/Cure3 spells.
       Free the last Dark Warrior, before making your way back to the main room.
       This time take the entrance at the top.
       Walk up, right, up, left, up, righ, up and finally left to reach the door.
       Use an Elixir, before walking up to face the Final Boss!
       BOSS: Cloud of Darkness! HP: 45000  Weakness: None  Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 70+
       Strategy: This is it, the final boss! She will cast FlareWave every round,
                 dealing around 1500-2200.
                 Start off casting Haste twice. Cast Cure3/Cure4 whenever your HP
                 reaches around 2500, and attack in between. Use any Elixirs you have
                 left at will.
               You have just beaten the entire FF3j using only one White Mage!
               Excellent work, you have every right to feel proud of yourself!
       The first thing you need to do, is get to level 99. Do this in Bahamuts Cave.
       Once you're done, you will have 9999 HP, 80 Intelligence(when BlackRobe is
       equipped, 75 if not) and a ton of Spell Casts.
       Next thing you need to do, is go through the entire Eureka.
       Ignore all bosses in there, as you can't equip the weapons anyway.
       Open all chests on your way, to get all Elixirs possible.
       At level 99, going through here and opening all chests is easy.
       Use the strategies you are used to. Note that The spell KILL will kill ALL
       enemies(save bosses) now you're level 99, and seeing you have 22 casts of it, life
       is easy through here.
       You should easily make it to the Healing Springs without using any Elixirs.
       Once you've collected all Elixirs, head back out.
       Next up, is going through Sylx.
       Using Kill, Quake, Drain, Warp and Elemental Spells, this place is dead easy.
       Do not under any circumstance use any Elixirs.
       In the first room walk straight up to the next room, ignoring the chests.
       Use the Sylx Key to enter the second floor.
       Keep going left and pick up the chest with the ELIXIR. The go down, right and
       through the false wall. Ignore the chest and walk down and to the left past
       the exit for another ELIXIR. Now enter the third floor.
       Go up and throught the false wall before going through the next false wall,
       which eventually leads to an ELIXIR. Enter the fourth floor.
       Here, walk all the way around to the fifth floor, ignoring the chests.
       Ignore the first chest before making your way through the false walls for two
       ELIXIRS. The next floor has no treasure, so follow the path till the next
       On the next floor ignore the chest and head to the next floor.
       Now you're at the top.
       You should now have 19-20 Elixirs. 20 is EXACTLY enough. 19 is 1 too little.
       If you have 19, you can either just run around on the top floor until you meet a
       Dragon. As soon as you enter Sylx, the first Dragon battle is 128 battles away
       (note that this is an approximate number).
       You could choose to continue fighting now, or you could return to the Invincible,
       and then return.
       Either way, when searching for a Dragon, be VERY conservative in Magic and Potions.
       Use Drain when low on HP instead, and only when you're really low on HP.
       Once you meet a Dragon, save in a savestate, and kill it. If it drops an Elixir,
       you can leave. If he drops an Onion Equipment, load the state and kill him
       differently(refer to me and OnionKid2002s FEOK FAQ).
       Once you have 20 Elixirs, you can leave and return to the Invincible.
       The next thing on the agenda is getting TurtleShells so you can beat
       the 2-HEADED DRAGON.
       Fly back to the Nautilus, and go to the CATACOMBS. Fight packs of Bosstrolls, they
       will drop TurtleShells now and then. Once you have a total of 13 TurtleShells(you
       should have 3-4 on beforehand), you're ready for the last Dungeon.
       Make sure you have 99 Potions and Hi-potions, 13 TurtlShells, 20 Elixirs and as
       many battle items as possible.
       Now make your way up Sylx again, using no Elixirs, and using no more than 5 casts
       of Bio.
       At the top floor, heal to full health using Drain, and enter the door.
       Go and look in the mirror.
       BOSS: Zande    HP: 20000     Weakness: None    Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: His attack pattern is Libra-Meteo-Libra-Quake-Libra-Flame.
                 Cast Bio every round. You should be able to kill him without healing
       Once he's dead, you'll fight the DarkCloud, and you will loose. Just attack every
       You will then be revived by Dorga and Unne, before leaving for the Dark World.
       Remember, you can't use ANY Elixirs outside bossbattles, or you're screwed.
       Also, avoid using Bio outside bossbattles at all costs.
       Instead, use Kill, Drain, Quake, Ice3, Shade, Blind, Venom and battle items.
       Start off going to the top right. Once in here, follow the wall until you see the
       "hole thing" on the right side of the wall. Walk through. Walk a bit up and do the
       same. Enter the Crystal room. USe Drain and Potions to heal before entering.
       BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon   HP:25000+    Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual.
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: This guy will only attack normally, but he hits VERY hard!
                 Your first priority is maxing your defence. Throw Turtleshells on
                 yourself every round, and throw an ELixir on yourself when you reach 3000
                 HP. After throwing 12 TurtleShells, you should have max defense.
                 Now start casting Bio every round, and only throw an Elixir when your
                 HP drops below 2000.
                 His attack will now deal between 1(!) and 2000 at critical hit.
                 Don't use more than 5 Elixirs in this battle. 5 should be enough.
                 If you get lucky though, you might end up using 4.
       Once he's dead, talk to the Crystal to free the Dark Warrior.
       Now head back to the main room. This time take the bottom left.
       In this room, go down the second road. Walk through the wall. Then go a few steps
       to the left and go down through the wall. You will end up straight next to the
       entrance to the next Crystal. Heal using Drain and Potions before entering.
       BOSS: Echidna   HP: 30000   Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: Her attack pattern is:
                 Cast Bio on her every round, save for healing.
                 You'll want to throw an Elixir on her second DRAIN, round 1 of the
                 In round 2 you'll want to throw an Elixir on her DEATH turn.
                 On round 3 you'll want to throw an Elixir on her BRAK2 turn.
                 Still in round 3, you'll want to throw an Elixir on her second DRAIN
                 Round 4, throw an Elixir on her DEATH turn.
                 5 Elixirs is enough to kill her with.
                 By the way, the healing pattern I showed now, is the one I used.
                 Feel free to change it. Just know her attack pattern, and as long as you
                 don't use more than 5 Elixirs it's fine.
       On your way back to the main room, use Drain and Potions to heal from the battle.
       Now take the bottom right path. Follow either road around until you get to the
       entrance of the Crystal Room. Heal before entering.
       BOSS: Ahriman   HP:35000   Weakness: None  Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: His pattern is:
                 Cast Bio always. Throw an Elixir on a Flame/Blizzard/Thunder turn, when
                 your HP is around 3000.
                 You can kill him using only 2 Elixirs.
       Return to the main room and take the last path. The top left one.
       In here, walk through the left wall. Then take the first secret passage to the
       right and follow it until you reach the last Crystal Room. Heal before entering.
       BOSS: Cerebus   HP: 25000   Weakness: None   Strong against: The usual.
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: He will cast THUNDER every turn.
                 Cast Bio every turn, and throw an Elixir when your HP reaches approx.
                 1500. One Elixir is enough.
       Now, you have defeated all Crystal Bosses. Only one left. You should have 7 Elixirs.
       Enter the door.
       Walk up, right, up, left, up, righ, up and finally left to reach the door.
       Walk through the door.
       Use any remaining Potions to heal yourself with. When you're ready, walk up to meet
       the final boss!
       BOSS: Cloud of Darkness! HP: 45000  Weakness: None  Strong against: The usual
       Recommended level: 99
       Strategy: This is it, the final boss! She will cast FlareWave every round,
                 dealing around 1500-2100.
                 Your Bio will deal between 1000 and 2000. Cast it every round.
                 Throw an Elixir once your HP drops to 2500 HP or less.
                 7 Elixirs should be JUST enough to kill her.
                 Once you've dealt enough damage, she'll crumble away into nothingness.
               You have just beaten the entire FF3j using only one Black Mage!
               Excellent work, you have every right to feel proud of yourself!
       =====THE LAST DUNGEONS - FOR A MONK=====
      I know I said I'd update and include this, but I really can't be bothered. But really,
      if you've come this far, you should know what to do. Get to level 99, stock up on Items
      and Elixirs, then run in and hope for the best. USe GodsWine against Final boss, Ahriman
      and Echidna.
      Stock up on Turtleshells on beforehand(fight Ogres in Catacombs) and use about 10-15 in
      the battle with the two headed Dragon. Remember to stay in the backrow while doing so.
      Once Defence is maxed out, stay in backrow and kick his ass. USe Elixirs wisely. You
      shouldn't use more than 4-5 per boss.
      Good luck!
     -Lots and lots of thanks to sqpat17, for beating the White Mage, thus proving it
      possible, giving me several strategies besides my own, and giving level
      recommendations. This FAQ wouldn't be the same without your help!
     -Lots of thanks to Sabin47, for playing through the Solo Monk, thus giving level
      recommendations and a few alternate strategies besides my own. This FAQ wouldn't
      be the same without your help!
     -OnionKid2002, for his extensive knowledge on the upgrade trick, and many
      encouraging words along this journey. I don't know what the FF3 board would be
      like without you, and my experiences here for that matter. Lots of credit to you.
     -Yoichi, for his excellent guide. Helped me remember what was in what chest!
     -CJayC, for this great site, and letting me help fellow FF3j players.
     -Square, for creating one of the best games ever.
       I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it satisfactory(if not, mail me).
       Good luck on your challenge!
                      Yours sincerely: Sir Bahamut.

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