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    Boss FAQ by AKishan

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    Final Fantasy III: Boss FAQ
    Version 2.5
    by Amar Kishan on 8/6/01
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    This is a Boss Guide for Final Fantasy III (NES).   If you have anything
    to add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the
    guide. If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other than use for
    help), please email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in
    anyway without my permission first.  This guide is copyright 1998-2001
    Amar Kishan.
    - Reformatted guide
    - New strategies
    - Added EXP/Gil
    - Some new names
    - First version
    i.) Introduction
    ii.) Version History
    iii.) Table of Contents
    I.) Bosses
    II.) Credits/Disclaimer
    I.) BOSSES
    Location:  Altar Cave
    HP:        120
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    132 EXP, 500 Gil
    Strategy:  Attack with all your characters.  Since you don't have any
    magical means to attack it, other than items, stick to physical attacks. 
    Move injured characters to the back or heal them with a Potion.
    Location:  Cave of the Seal
    HP:        480
    Weakness:  Ice
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    160 EXP, 700 Gil
    Strategy:  Have Fighters or Monks attack and Black/Red Mages cast Ice. 
    White Mages should use a Southwind and stick to curing injured allies.
    Location:  Bahamut's Nest
    HP:        60000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    None
    Strategy:  You can't beat Bahamut, so run.
    Location:  Bay of Nepto
    HP:        60000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    None
    Strategy:  You can't beat Nepto, but you can't run either.  Hit reset.
    Location:  Nepto Shrine
    HP:        450
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Bolt2, Fire2, Ice2
    Reward:    240 EXP, 1000 Gil
    Strategy:  This boss is pretty hard.  You should use a magic-oriented
    party for this fight.  If you have Bolt2, Ice2, or Fire2, throw them back
    at the Big Rat to cause some good damage.  Aero will also do some damage,
    but you may not have a turn to waste with your White Mage.
    Location:  Tower of Owen
    HP:        980
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Break
    Reward:    360 EXP, 1200 Gil
    Strategy:  The only thing to watch out for in this fight is Medusa's Break
    attack.  Use your White Mage to cure the target with a Soft.  Everyone
    else should attack (Fire2 may work well).
    Location:  Underground Cave
    HP:        1400
    Weakness:  Fire2
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    500 EXP, 1500 Gil
    Strategy:  Have your Black Mage cast Ice3 and your White Mage heal the
    party.  Everyone else should attack Guzco.  This fight can be challenging,
    but if you keep your HP up you'll be fine.
    Location:  Flame Cave
    HP:        2100
    Weakness:  Ice
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    700 EXP, 1800 Gil
    Strategy:  This time around, Guzco isn't so easy.  Make sure your
    Fighter(s) is/are equipped with the Iceblade sword and Ice Armor.  Flame
    deals quite a bit of damage, so make sure to heal it when you can.  Have
    your offensive mages use Ice spells and your White Mage use a Southwind or
    2 if he can.  The Fighter class is the key to winning this battle,
    considering Salamandr's Flame does not do a lot of damage to him.
    Location:  Castle Hyne
    HP:        1600
    Weakness:  Variable
    Attacks:   Bolt2, Fire2, Ice2, WallChange
    Reward:    1040 EXP, 2100 Gil
    Strategy:  If you have a Scholar, have him use Scan to find out Hyne's
    weakness.  Have your Black Mage cast the according spell to toast this
    foe.  Otherwise, have your Black Mage cast Fire 1 and Ice 1 to find out
    Hyne's weakness, then exploit it on the third round (before he
    Location:  Sea Cave
    HP:        1950
    Weakness:  Bolt (?)
    Attacks:   Bolt2, Fire2, Ice2
    Reward:    1320 EXP, 2500 Gil
    Strategy:  If Kraken scores a critical hit, you may be in trouble. 
    Otherwise, his attacks don't do too much damage, so nail him with Bolt2 if
    you have an offensive mage, and attack with everyone else.
    Location:  Goldor's Mansion
    HP:        2250
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Bolt2, Fire2, Ice2, Ice3
    Reward:    1640 EXP, 3300 Gil
    Strategy:  Goldor is pretty tough.  Not only does he use Level 2 elemental
    spells, he occasionally attacks with Ice3 (which will hurt whoever it
    hits quite a bit).  Also, Goldor has the annoying tendency to attack the
    same character several times in a row.  To defeat him, have your Karateka
    use Buildup, your White Mage/Hunter cast Cure2 often, and everyone else
    attack.  Buildup will result in a LOT of damage to Goldor, but leaves your
    Karateka open, so watch out.
    Location:  Salonia Castle
    HP:        5000
    Weakness:  Wind
    Attacks:   Bolt
    Reward:    2200 EXP, 3400 Gil
    Strategy:  You should have an all Dragoon party.  Anyway, Garuda's Bolt
    attack will take off a LOT of HP (400+), so try to avoid it by jumping. 
    The higher your level, the more damage a Jump attack will do.  In the high
    20s, Jump attacks will do around 800-1000 damage, so Garuda will die in 2
    Location:  Salonia Catacombs
    HP:        7000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Atom Edge
    Reward:    5000 EXP, 5600 Gil
    Strategy:  Odin's Atom Edge will deal 400-600 damage to everyone, so you
    should watch out for it.  Have a Dragoon jump, Knights, Hunters and
    Masters attack, and Black Mages use Fire3.  Of course, White Mages and
    Hunters should cure when necessary.  Remember, if Odin uses Atom Edge when
    you're in the air, it'll miss (as if that comment was necessary)
    Location:  Fargabaad
    HP:        1100
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    4000 EXP, 4000 Gil
    Strategy:  Shinobi can hit for a lot of damage, so if you have a white
    mage, cure when your HP is low.  Quake deals a lot of damage to Shinobi,
    so use that with your Black Mage.  Every other class should just attack.
    Location:  Lake Dol
    HP:        7000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Big Wave
    Reward:    5000 EXP, 5700 Gil
    Strategy:  Leviathan only attacks if you have a Summoner in your party, so
    hopefully you've got some equipment for Summoners. He should summon Ramuh
    and possibly use a Gods Wine on your Mystic Knight. If you have any
    Dragoons, have then Jump with a Thunder Spear equipped. Black Mages should
    cast Bolt3 and White Mages should cast Cure3 after a Big Wave.  Basically,
    all other fighters should attack.
    Location:  Cave of Bahamut
    HP:        7500
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Mega Flare
    Reward:    2800 EXP, 3500 Gil
    Strategy:  Bahamut is actually defeat-able this time.  I suggest a
    Dragoon/Dragoon/Mystic Knight/White Mage party.  Have your Dragoons Jump,
    your White Mage use a Gods Wine on you M.Knight, and your M.Knight attack.
     After a Mega Flare attack, be sure to use Cure3 or Cure4 with your White
    Mage.  Bahamut can be tough; it may take you a few tries to beat him.
    Location:  Cave of Darkness
    HP:        6500
    Weakness:  Earth
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    4800 EXP, 4900 Gil
    Strategy:  Hekaton is a push-over.  Just nail him with physical attacks
    and Quake (with a Black Mage).
    Location:  Ancient's Labyrinth
    HP:        7800
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Flare
    Reward:    4400 EXP, 4500 Gil
    Strategy:  This guy is just as easy is Hekaton.  The only thing that could
    cause problems is Flare, which is still pretty weak.
    Location:  Dorga's House
    HP:        4500
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Brk2, Drain, Quake
    Reward:    3400 EXP, 4000 Gil
    Strategy:  Break 2 is pretty effective, so make sure to have some Soft
    Potions.  If you can, use Quake and Fire3 on Dorga.  Everyone else should
    attack (though white mages should Cure every once in a while).
    Location:  Dorga's House
    HP:        7000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Blzzard, WWind, Wall 
    Reward:    4000 EXP, 4200 Gil
    Strategy:  This will be more of a physical fight, considering Unne uses
    Wall near the beginning.  Haste your warriors, then hack away at her. 
    WWind reduces HP to single digits, a problem you may want to remedy with
    Cure3 early on.
    Location:  Forbidden Land Eureka
    HP:        7040
    Weakness:  Variable
    Attacks:   Flame, WallChange
    Reward:    4200 EXP, 3450 Gil, Full Moon Boomerang
    Strategy:  Well, Hyne is back, and this time he has a nasty Flame attack.
    Since you have more firepower this time, kill him with weapons rather than
    bothering with his stupid WallChange trash.  And Cure4 after Flame,
    otherwise you may end up whooped.
    Location:  Forbidden Land Eureka
    HP:        9000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Mind Blast
    Reward:    4800 EXP, 5000 Gil, Masamune Sword
    Strategy:  Kunoichi is the meaner cousin of Shinobi, who you fought in
    Fargabaad.  His Mind Blast attack will probably paralyze your magic users,
    meaning you have to hack him to pieces with weapons.  Fortunately, that's
    not too hard.  His physical attacks do 1000 or so damage, but yours should
    do a little more to him.  He's really not that hard.
    Location:  Forbidden Land Eureka
    HP:        12000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    5000 EXP, 5200 Gil, Excalibur Sword
    Strategy:  This guy has a lot of HP, but other than that is rather weak. 
    His physical attacks take off 700-1200 HP, which is not too bad.  Haste
    your attackers (Mystic Knight, Dragoon, Knight, etc.) and use Fire3 or
    Bahamut with Warlocks/Summoners
    Location:  Forbidden Land Eureka
    HP:        10000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Flare
    Reward:    5200 EXP, 5400 Gil, Eldest Staff
    Strategy:  Scylla is pretty easy.  Cure3 of Cure4 after a Flare, summon
    Bahamut, and attack her.
    Location:  Forbidden Land Eureka
    HP:        12000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Quake, Wall
    Reward:    5400 EXP, 5600 Gil, Ragnarok Sword
    Strategy:  The Guardian is tougher than Scylla, but is still pretty easy. 
    Simply Cure4 the party after his Quake attack and pound him with your best
    attacks.  He's the last boss in Eureka, so you have nothing much to save
    them for.
    Location:  Sylx Tower
    HP:        21000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Flame, Libra, Meteo, Quake
    Reward:    None
    Strategy:  I'm assuming you were smart and made a Ninja/Ninja/Sage/Sage
    party and bought as many Shurikens as you could afford.  Zande's Meteo is
    very powerful (4000 damage), so you need to Cure4 every round with one
    Sage. The other Sage should summon Bahamut, and your Ninjas should throw
    Shurikens at him (6000+).  He's tough, but with strong attacks he'll be
    dead in three or four turns.
    Location:  Sylx Tower
    HP:        65000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   FlareWave
    Reward:    None
    Strategy:  There's nothing you can do here except lose.
    Location:  Dark World (Northwest Path)
    HP:        23000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Thunder
    Reward:    6000 EXP, 6400 Gil
    Strategy:  His Thunder attack will do 600-900 damage to all, which is
    pretty pathetic.  Have your Ninjas either attack or throw Shurikens and
    your Sages use Bahamut (Cure4 when needed).
    Location:  Dark World (Southwest Path)
    HP:        32000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Brak2, Death, Drain, Flare, Meteo, Quake
    Reward:    8000 EXP, 7000 Gil
    Strategy:  This guy is tough.  Meteo can rack up to 4000 damage, and Quake
    deal up to 2000 damage.  Definitely have a Sage use Cure4 every round. 
    The other Sage should use Bahamut, while your Ninjas throw Shurikens at
    2 HEADED D.
    Location:  Dark World (Northeast Path)
    HP:        29000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   None
    Reward:    7000 EXP, 6800 Gil
    Strategy:  This Dragon attacks for a lot of damage, so you should watch
    out.  Try to get him out of the picture fast by throwing Shurikens and
    calling Bahamut with both Sages.
    Location:  Dark World (Southeast Path)
    HP:        35000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   Blizzard, Flame, Quake, Meteo, Thunder
    Reward:    9000 EXP, 7200 Gil
    Strategy:  This boss can be very hard.  His Meteo attack can deal up to
    4000, and he has access to all the major elemental attacks (Blizzard,
    Flame, Thunder, Quake).  As always, Cure4 with one Sage, summon Bahamut
    with the other, and throw Shurikens with your Ninjas.
    Location:  Dark World
    HP:        45000
    Weakness:  None
    Attacks:   FlareWave
    Reward:    None
    Strategy:  This is easy.  Throw Shurikens with your Ninjas, summon
    Bahamut, and Cure4. If you want, you can Fast a Ninja to get 9999 damage
    on the DarkCloud.  (Yes, this is actually a final boss)
    RPGClassics: Some of the Reward Info (mainly EXP/Gil for some earlier
    Squaresoft: Making the game
    Disclaimer: This guide is copyright 1998-2001 Amar Kishan, and Final
    Fantasy is copyright 1990 Squaresoft.  This guide is not official. Do
    not distribute or upload at all without my permission.  This guide cannot
    be reproduced in any way without my permission.

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