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Reviewed: 10/31/06

An annoying game that had great potential...

An annoying game that had good potential...

I'm a big fan of RPGs. I've played and beaten every Dragon Quest and Final fantasy. Through both of those series, this game is down in my bottom 3. Why, you ask? Well you'll just have to read this review to find out.

Story: 9/10
This game has a simple and easy to follow story line. There are 4 kids fall into the fissure of an earthquake, and after they fight a landturtle guarding the wind crystal at the end of the cave, the wind crystal tells them that they have been chosen to save the world from darkness. They are then to find the other crystals in order to stop the darkness from destroying the world.

Music 9/10
The music. This game had a lot of great tunes. Every song was fitting for the situation. The Fighting music is intense, the boss music is even more intense. Not only that, the final airship music is barring incredible, the boss of the game music is magneficent too, and the final dungeon is pretty good too. The other music, such as the cave and town music are okay, but they do get the job done, which is good enough.

Gameplay 8/10
Again, its pretty simple and easy to do. You fight battles, and after you finish a battle, you get experience points. After you get a certain amount of experience points, you then gain a level. There are also something called "jobs" or "classes" in this game. Jobs are pretty much things that you can turn your character into for you to get just about any party of your choice. You can have a well rounded group of two fighters, a black mage, and a white mage, or you could have a walking tank of a party with 4 fighters...I mean it could go on forever! Anyways, you can change from one class to another if you have a certain amount of "capacity". You get more capacity when you win a battle. You get more powerful classes as you delve deeper into the game, which leads me to my next category...

Difficulty 10/10
This game is HARD! Just because it is 10/10 does not mean its a good thing. There are dungeons where you will want to throw things at your screen because it gets so frustrating. The dungeons just take away from the game, and make it NOT fun. One dungeon makes you have to go through the whole dungeon as a mini person, which makes all physical attacks just about useless, and you can only use magic. This means that no one in your party has a lot of health or armor, and all you can use is magic. Keep in mind, that you have to buy spells, so the money you were saving for some good armor for your fighters has to go to waste on some stupid magic you'll never use after this dungeon. Also, if you run out of magic with your characters, well...that means you are in pretty bad shape.

There is another dungeon, that has to be king of frustrating dungeons in RPGs. First of all, all your characters have to be a certain class where you can only use a certain type of sword. If you don't, you are probably thinking, "what's the worse that could happen"? Well, how about the enemy splitting into two!? If you think that's bad, wait until you see the dungeon these monsters are in! This dungeon is one of those dungeons where you have to walk into the walls and just bump your way across, going blind sightedly hoping that you'll be able to find the way to the next floor, not another dead end. Not only that, this dungeon is long…Put that all together, and you have one hell of a dungeon….

There are some dungeons that are okay, but for the most part, they are very long, hard, and frustrating….

Graphics: 6/10

They have a lot of different hero sprites for the classes, but there was really no improvement for the overall graphics of this game from ff2, and even ff1! Although things are updated, Square just used recycled graphics for the most part. They could have at least made a couple more improvements, but in my book, just new battle sprites and new walking hero sprites with a lot of other things being recycled just doesn't cut it for me...

Replay Value: 3/10
This game is around 20-30 hours long. The only reason its so low is because of this game's dungeons! They take away from the fun, and I've practically had nightmares of them, and the thought of ever doing them again will make me want to throw something out the window.

Pros and Cons

terrific music

simple and easy to use battle system

simple and easy to follow story


Frustrating dungeons that take away from the fun

Recycled graphics

An annoying game that had great potential...

Score (not an average) 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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