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Reviewed: 08/19/02 | Updated: 08/19/02

Whee. Excellent gameplay, great graphics, great music.

Final Fantasy IIIj, one of the three Final Fantasy's never to see our shores, is arguably the best. You have the class system, which was present in Final Fantasy V ( Truly, should be in every FF. ). It's graphics were excellent, for the time. In fact, some icons and other things were kept until Final Fantasy VII. It's also the most original in the series, being the first appearance of multiple airships, moogles, the Class System, and not having ineffective attack.

Graphics - 9
The classes look good. You look at White Mage, and you know it's a white mage. You can never have played a Final Fantasy before, and you'd know that that cloud thing is the final boss. Also, note, that I'm judging this on how the graphics looked at the time.

Music - 10
Music... Very, very, excellent. The boss battle theme will have you anxious, hoping that your mage will pull off the spell before the enemy smites you. The overworld makes you want to explore. Well, it did for me. Almost ALL of the songs in this game I find myself whistling when I'm bored. Even now, I'm humming the Final Boss theme.

Storyline - 6
Until about the Tower of Owen, the game is a fetch quest. Go get the Airship, destroy Jinn, take me home, etc etc etc. Then you first hear of the mastermind at the Tower. After that, it's fetch-questy until you see Dorga, and she ( He? ) enlightens you into the plots. Then, the story escalates, and is really good. It's a little to fetch-questy, but the great battles more than make up for it. Unfortunately, there are many translations, so the story could be different depending on the translation.

Gameplay - 10
Ah, the big one. The one that should ( But doesn't. *sigh* ) determine how good games are. First, you start off as Onion Kids. Not hard. Then you attain the Job system, the gem of the game. You customize your party to whatever you want, and slay evil in the process. Riding the Nautilus is fun, who doesn't like zipping about? More classes are reveled to you later. The ONLY qualm I have with it are the Final worlds annoyance.

Overall - 8
The Job system, great graphics, excellent score of music, and fun battles make this a truly great game. However, it should be noted, that it has a point taken off for the fact that it wasn't officially released in America. Square hates us. And then they cut the FFIII WSC. Doubly so. My only hope is that Crystal Chronicles is indeed Final Fantasy IIIj. Ehh... ^_^;

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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