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Reviewed: 01/06/00 | Updated: 01/06/00

The Best of the first three

This game is the best game on NES and its a shame it never reached the U.S in legal cartridge version. It is arguably the best game of the series and best game ever. It is identicle to the first one with the big exceptions of thi sone has more jobs and a very complex nad intriguing plot, making this game just like #1 but better. With over double the jobs that were in the first one. The plot is one of the best. Overall if you have not played this game, you have not played the best FF on the NES.

Graphics 5/10- Even though these are NES sprites and 8-bit surroundings, the graphics accurately convey the mood and settings. Fantasy is different, Ive been a die hard RPG and fantasy story fan since FFIV and Phantasy star IV. Most die-hard RPGers know what i'm talking about.

Control/gameplay 10/10- More spells, jobs, weapons, bosses, GAME! There is no denying the fact that this offers all the first did and more in every subject clearly making it obsolete. FF #1 is still a good game but if you want the aroma that the first one gave off, FF #3 just emanates it. This game is a must Play/rent/buy.

Sound 6/10- The music is always top-o-the-line. Even though 8-bit is so 80's the music (especially for its time) is really good Would you expect any less from Squaresoft!

Story 10/10- Again Final Fantasy reigns king over other RPG's and the stories are a key element in thier unbelievable success. All the first 5 Final Fantasys focus on the Crystals in one way or another. This one focuses on four kids who are destined too become much more. The story as always opens up to an adventure od amazing proportions.

Replay 8/10- This game will be one of your favorites if your a fan of RPG's and you'll be playing it over and over. Lack of optional quests will leave you with a little hunger for more but overall this game is very fulfilling.

Overall 10/10- This game will go down in gaming history as one of the best RPG's ever. If you haven't played the classic FF's and are just playing ff7 & 8 over and over, your missing out. You so called "Diehard" RPGers are nothing but pozers. Sure FF 7 & 8 are good, but 3-6 are the best of the series and RPG's in general.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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