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"Wow...even today this game still rules"

The final Fantasy series is known as one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. Now close to its 9'th incarnation, people seem to have forgotten the classics, like The never released in the US Final Fantasy II and III. Fortunatley today, due to emulation, you can play both games translated in english!

A deadly earthquake has struck the land, 4 kids, looking for adventure, investigate. After defeating a giant landturtle, a crystal speaks to them, they say the world is in danger and they have been chosen to defeat the Ultimate evil. And so the story of Final Fantasy III begins. While not exactley the most original story ever developed (By todays standards anyway), it's not so much the story of FF III, its the presentation. Its the people you meet. It's the epic feeling you get playing.

Final fantasy III is the first FF game using square's job system. While it is not as intricate as the games that follow it, it does make for totally customizable characters, as you will want certain jobs for certain battles, giving the game a fresh feel al the time while playing. While too many RPG's in its time used the same hackneyed formula of Dungeon, boss, town, FF3, while using that formula, made it less painful by giving you the feeling of doing something new and exciting, my only problem with the system is that out of the many jobs available...just too many of them sucked (mostly because of the lack of skills each job gave). However, this is a problem that square fixed in later incarnations using the same system.

Graphically, FFIII maxes out the NES capabilities. while the graphics still suck (by todays standards), the are the best that the old NES could do, but there are lots of people that wont play it because it looks cheesy.

FFIII's music is done by FF veteran Nubuo Uematsu. the soundtrack is great, and fits the mood, just as you would expect, even on the NES primitive sound chip.

Go out and download this great title today its only about 350 K zipped, if you want an advernture like nothing else go otu and play FFIII

Gameplay 28/30
Graphics 5/20
sound 10/10
Value 10/10
Everything else 29/30

Score 82%

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/00, Updated 02/07/00

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