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"A poor game that is very overrated."

The Final Fantasy series had 3 games on the NES, but only one of those three was ever released in english. But thanks to the wonders of emulation, people can play this game without having the benefit of being fluent in japanese.
Many people give this game rave reviews,(mostly out of blind devotion to the FF series). I will offer a more objective analysis of this game so you can see what it really has to offer, getting past all of the fandom.

Graphics 5/10
Pretty standard for an 8-bit RPG, The sprites have slightly more detail than the previous games of the series and the overworld and towns views have been improved as well. The battle animations are pretty good each spell having a unique effect. The graphics werent anything impressive overall, but they get the job done.

Plot 2/10
The plot starts out as a pretty standard NES story, you play the role of 4 young boys who were out in the mountains looking for an adventure when an earthquake lands you in the shrine of the wind crystal, whom decides you would make good light warriors. The story overall was pretty boring and the nearly impossible difficulty of the game made the game drag along slowly. Thus, compounding the problem. By the time you get to the end of the game, the story gets a bit confusing making it hard to enjoy.

Gameplay 6/10
Note that the only reason this game gets such a high score is that it introduced the job class system, but in this game, It was not done very well. The main idea of this system is to pick any combonation of classes you like, but in this game that is not true. There are times when changing to a specific job is mandatory to even have a chance of winning in battle, For example a couple times in the game, you are forced to be in ''mini'' status in which your defense and attack abiliy is nearly zero and all you can do is use magic. meaning that in order to have a chance you must change all your characters in magic using classes, and even then your defense and choice of magic is so pitiful you die in a few rounds anyway. The previous games were difficult, but at least there was a way of using strategy to beat a stronger enemy, In this game however, whoever has the most brute power wins. not fun at all. Thw whole point of having the job system is to be able to customize your heroes any way you want to, in this game that is nearly impossible because there are a few powerful classes and the rest are basically useless.

Control 10/10
Its an RPG and you have four buttons and a direction pad, enough said. youll only use one of the buttons most of the time.

Fun Factor 1/10
The game was to hard at the begining and too easy and the end due to the lack of balance between the classes. So using the party you want is very difficult. There are two classes at the end that are so much more powerful than the others, the point of using other classes is lost.Thus defeating the true purpose of the job class systm in the first place.

Overall 4.8/10(poor)
This game, while not very good introoduced a gameplay system that was done much better in Final Fantasy 5.

Rent or Buy?
Since the only way to play this game in english is via a ROM, you may as well give it a try if you feel inclined, you may feel different than i do, but i doubt it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/28/03

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