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"Masterpiece of history! The best game out of all the classic Final Fantasy games!"

Final Fantasy is one of the longest going RPG series out there. I have played all the ones that have been made up to this point and it is really a great series. Some are better than others with each their own strengths and downfalls. Final Fantasy IIIj is a game that I give a 10 out of 10 for several reasons. I will go over a few short reasons why...

**MUSIC** (10)
The music of FFIII is one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in an older game. Some NES or even SNES games have such annoying soundtracks you find your self wanting to run your nails down the side of a chalkboard. Nobuo Uematsu the composer of most of the Final Fantasy's did a supreme job here. He went from the smaller soundtracks of the first two games to a vast soundtrack in this game. There is over 30 songs or tunes in this game that give it lots of variety. I rarely buy soundtracks for games. The music may be nice while playing but thats usually enough for me. FFIII is a soundtrack that I purchased before I even beat the game because almost every single song in the game was enjoyable. Now, don't expect to hear dolby digital surround sound while playing, or the London Orchestra is NES. However, the music and sounds for this game pushed the NES's synthesizers to their limits and the result was some very nice music. The battle song's drums may take a little getting used to, but overall the game had incredible music.

Many people complain about NES RPGs because they don't have the deep 'hrs of dialogue' kind of story that modern RPG's have. So when it comes to FFIII, guess what, neither does it. So why am I giving it a 10 rating? I think its fair to base a games rating on the age in which it came. If FFIII was released in 2004 I would give it about a 3 or 4 for a rating in story because the story doesn't get extremely deep like modern RPG's. However, the 'style' of RPG's in the late 80's was "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" and the story was just on the side as a 'nice addition.' The main focus on older RPG's was in the battles, dungeons, and items. As long as a main objective was being pursued (usually just save the world from a new evil) then the gamer was happy. Character development and deep plots were unheard of. So...after all of that, why did I give FFIII a 10 for story? I gave this game a 10 considering the gaming age it came out of and that was an age of little or basic stories. FFIII did contain a much more in-depth story than FF1 and FF2. There was the 4 main heros, of course, but there was a very unique NPC(non-playable character) character system in the game. In the bottom of the menu was a square and during certain parts of the game NPC's would join you and they would fill that square in the menu. They wouldn't fight in your battles but they played important roles in the story (which like I said was deeper than most NES games). The characters would join and leave at certain events in the game. Characters that would join were as such: A fighter named Desh, a Princess named Sara, an airship pilot named Cid, a kind girl named Elia, a wise old man named Doga, and several others. For an old game FFIII has quiet an in-depth story and it gets a 10 rating from me.

**Gameplay** (10)
The gameplay of FFIII is almost flawless. Several aspects of this game make it incredible. The first thing that stands out is the job system. This game is what started the job system that would later show up again if FFV, FFTactics, FFTacticsAdvance, and FFX-2. There are more jobs in this game than are in all the FF games to come after it. There are the typical jobs such as Fighter, Knight, WhiteMage, and BlackMage but their are also less heard of jobs such as Viking, Scholar, Kareteka(like an advanced monk) and Sage. Sage and Ninja being the 2 'ultimate' classes. Ninja being the ultimate fighter being able to equip anything, and Sage being the ultimate mage using ALL magic (white or black) and all summons. Another part that makes this game MUCH better than FFI or FFII, also on the NES, in the fact that the battle screen is SOOO much better. The eternally long battle screens from the first two games has been replaced with a screen that looks very much like FFIV (The blue boxes with HP/MP, names, and monster names under the battle, opposed to the time consuming windows that appeared on top of each other in FFI and FFII.) The HP gain/loss falls off the characters as in modern RPG's instead of in a separate window as the first two games. Another MAJOR improvement is the fact that if you set two characters to attack the same monster and the first kills it, the second doesn't just attack air, he automatically targets the next monster as now seen in later games. This is a very welcome improvement over the first two games. The last thing I'll mention that makes the gameplay just excellent is the magic system...(You could almost refer to it as Materia from FFVII) The magic in this game is more of a equippable item than a learned spell. One you buy it, the spell can be equipped on any character (even a fighter) Now, only certain job classes can actually use the spell but they can be swapped around all you want to after they are found/purchased. (*Hint: Because of the awesome magic system that ANYONE can equip spells, instead of filling your inventory with unused spells and summons that maybe your mages can't hold, give them to your fighters. Even though they can't actually use the magic, they can hold the spells in their inventory without crowding your menu.)

**Overall** (10)

Overall this game gets a perfect score. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of this game, from the comical beginning to the challenging ending. This is definitely a game to play. Jeremy

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/24/04

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