Review by Saint Michael

"Better than the first two. A lot better."

Final Fantasy III for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)


I found this game on e-bay only two months ago so when I say that this game is simply great this mean that it can still be played and this mean that Final Fantasy III is really a Masterpiece. Yes, I use the capital letter because this is not a common masterpiece: this is a legendary game.

Graphic: 9

Simple but complete, clean but the screen is filled with tons of objects. And still enjoyable nowadays! Skills and magics are simply amazing and it's unbelievable how good they are. This is also the first Final Fantasy with a summoner so there are also legendary spirits to call... I must admit that it's quite old but when you see a wonderful dragon that fights with amazing skills you must admit that this game's graphic is still beautiful.

Sound: 9

Before buying this game I bought the soundtrack and I said to myself that it was good... I was wrong... because it is simply great. If you play this game you'll be caught by its wonderful musics because the fantastic soundtrack doubles its effect while playing and the tunes that you hear are simply amazing. I can't complain about the sound effects because they're so good that you can make a soundtrack of only effects. You are definitely going to love the wonderful music of this game. You may ask: "Why the vote is 9 and not 10 if the music is so great?" .Well there is a simple answer to this question: It is a bit, but only a bit, boring in the dungeons. That may not seem a great problem at first sight but you should think about the fact that you need to be excited in the dungeons because if you are bored the evil monsters will eat you!

Game Play: 9

Turn based role playing game. That's how this game works. It may seem boring and old but after a few hour with this game you'll notice that it is original, well made and with some wonderful ideas. The job system (of Final fantasy V, Tactics and Tactics advance) was born in this game. Do you know what the job system is? Imagine this scene: You are playing with a party of three warriors of different kind and a wizard. You find a boss that is almost invincible because your attacks can't harm him. Now you can reset and change your Warriors into Wizards. You have the possibility to change job whenever you wish, isn't that great? There are more than twenty jobs and you can choose and change your party as long as you have points to do that. You earn Capacity points by winning battles so don't worry. The only thing that I don't like is that some jobs are useless.

Story and Longevity: 10

Great and fantastic story even better than the first two Final Fantasy games. It is always the same "light warriors and their crystals" legend but I don't mind because I love this kind of introductions! You start in a cave and you have to do... something! I don't want to tell you the details but I must say that this game's story is great, long and always funny. When you start to play you can't stop until you see the end of this wonderful game. Also there are four secret bosses and you will find also a lot of secret passage: half of the game items are found in these passages. So you must carefully look for them.

So there is exploration, there are tough battles and there are also a lot of characters and towns. Seriously I can't think that there's something to add to make this game better than it is now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/10/05

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