Review by DarkMark42

Reviewed: 01/30/09

A good simple game.

Hockey is definitely an underrated sport. I haven't always been it's biggest fan, but I've been watching and liking it a lot as of late. Living in Brooklyn, my favorite team is the New York Islanders. And being a boy, I love video games. The classic Nintendo Entertainment System is still fun to play. One of it's more simpler first party games is one made by Nintendo, called Ice Hockey. There's no real glamor in it, just straight up pick up and play.

The game plays like any normal Hockey game. All of the rules are implemented into a fun little sports game. You don't have any NHL teams to pick from, just ones from the Country, like the US, Canada, Sweden, etc. I of course like using the US team. You get to pick what team you play, but there's not may of them. There's no franchise mode or anything like that.

You have a few different ways to play. You can play with a small, skinny, quick guy, a big, strong, and slow guy, or a balanced one. There's five players on the ice, obviously. But you can use five of the skinny guys, five of the big ones, five of the balanced. Or three balanced, one skinny, and one big. You could use different sets. I usually like the five quick ones as that's my game.

As I said, you play like a real Hockey game, but you don't even have to be a big fan of Hockey to like or understand the game. There's icing, overtime, shootouts(way cool!), and controlling the goaley is pretty intresting. You move him as you move your player. For example: you're moving the quick guy to the right, well, then the goaltender moves to the right. It's kind of hard and kind of easy. It'll take some time to get used to it. It could be tricky, but keep in mind that the Nintendo Entertainment System's limited button use has an impact on some games.

Challenge is a little above average, I've lost a lot of games but I've also won a fair share of them. The graphics are decent, nothing special but it was an early Nintendo Entertainment System game, and it takes time for developers to make full use of a system's abilities.

The music sounds nice and catchy. Sound effects are everything you'd imagine in a Hockey game. I'm surprised Mario wasn't a referee, usually he would be in a Nintendo sports game. Replay Value is good, you'll play it a lot, I just get lazy and forget to play. There's so many good games to play. Fun factor is of course existent and reflects on the fun game play.

So, overall, this is a good game, not big time, but decent and worth a shot.

Final Score- 8.0

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Ice Hockey (US, 03/31/88)

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