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"Very early hockey game.........average"

Ice Hockey is a very, very early NES game. It seems to be Nintendo'sversion of their early baseball game, titled Baseball. The game wasnot really good by any means. There is a one or two player option,or you can play the computer. The teams to choose from include USA,Sweden, Poland, Canada, Russia and "TCH" (I don't know the country).There are three categories of players: thin, fast guys, average guysand fat, slow guys. You get to choose how many of each type ofplayer make up your team. Periods lengths can be 7, 10 or 15 minutes.The zamboni makes an appearance between periods. As for the premise,simple: put the puck in your opponents net more times than they do to yours.

Graphics: 4/10

Your stereotypical 1988 NES graphics. They look much like the typeof graphics in Baseball, another early NES game. The ice surface isplain, the players are all clones of one of the three types and have nonames. The crowd is generic, but I still kinda liked the zambonicoming out between periods; nice touch for an early game.

Sound: 3/10

Very basic, early NES-like. It's not really music, it's more like many sounds being produced in succession. Believe me, you won'tremember the sound for long. Having said that, it is on par with thestandards of the time (which obviously weren't very high).

Gameplay: 4/10

A tough game to win. The nets seem to be huge, and your goaliesmall. Stealing the puck is hard, and the CPU goalie can be sharp.The only way to get good is practice. The limited options add somevalue, and the two player option means you can play an equallyinexperienced friend and neither of you will have an advantage.

Replay: 5/10

With a friend, some longevity is added, but without, not much. Eitherway, the only way you'll be playing this game again is for laughsor else you want to relive some old school NES.

Overall: 5/10

This game was really too old to recieve a high rating, given itsrudimentary graphics and sound. If you do have an old NES though,and are looking to collect old classics, take a look at Ice Hockey,because as humble as it is, maybe it paved the way for hockeygames we see today.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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