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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 12/28/01

Blades of Steel didn't allow you to have 5 fat russians on a team

Ice Hockey was released by Nintendo sometime in the late 80's as part of their ''Sports Series.'' Don't let the sport series turn you off to this game, because there have been some bad ones. Ice hockey, on the other hand, is a fantastic game. It's just downright fun to play. It's a huge triumph over Blades of Steel. Here's why...

Graphics: The graphics won't stun you, but considering this is an early NES game, they are pretty decent. Your characters are fairly well drawn and the colors aren't too abstract. Blades of Steel may have had better graphics, but don't let that turn you off to this game.

Music and Sound: The music is really catchy in Ice Hockey. I find myself humming the team selection theme sometimes. The in-game music is also very well done. Kinda strange for a Sport Series game, eh? The sound effects are very well done. They are very accurate, and are not beeps and blings and what not. Overall, the sound is much better than Blades of Steel.

Gameplay: Bye bye Blades of Steel. Ice Hockey had the gameplay. You start off by picking your team. You can chooses the weight class for each member of your team. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Skinny guys are very fast and are good for faceoffs, but are poor shooters. Fat guys are very show, but excellent shooters. Average guys are in-between. Now let's hit the ice. The hockey is easy to play, and there are no complicated button maneuvers. The game even includes icing calls and fights. You don't actually fight. Both teams get together and go at it until the ref breaks it up and sends someone to the penalty box. I had 3 of my guys in there at once one time, but let's not stray from this review. After the 2nd period, even the zambonis roll out onto the ice. Great!

Replay Value: I get a lot of replay value out of this game. Playing it with a friend is a blast. I promise you, you'll never get tired of those zambonis rolling by. Well, some of you might, but die hard Ice Hockey fans won't.

Well, your probably asking yourself, ''Should I buy Ice Hockey?'' Yes, you should, it's not very expensive for such a perfect game. Oh, and don't buy Blades of Steel. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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