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"Its not as bad as some say..."

I bet many of you have played newer hockey games like EA's ever popular NHL series and NHL HITZ 20 02. And if you played this game today, youd think ''Woah! what a piece of garbage!''. But your totally wrong. This game was one of the early building blocks for virtual reality hockey. Although it may not have much of a replay value, and no season. It brought to the table many things that hockey games emulate even today.

One thing that this game has that I dont think I've seen a game have since is a controllable goalie. This allows for much more realistic gameplay. Now I know that it most cases now, the framerate is so high in the new games that it would be virtually impossible now adays to use a controllable goalie. But its just something that gives this game an extra edge where it needs it. And for its day, this game had a pretty interesting way to customize your teams. Theres the little tiny skinny guy who flies like a rocket up and down the ice, but hes not very solid, so if another player checks him, you'll be almost sure to lose the puck. The next step up is the average sized guy. He's pretty normal speed and has more stability than our pint sized player. And the biggest size is our sumo on skates. This guys huge!!! in fact, he looks like some sort of fridge with a jersey on it. This guys slower then molasis but hes like a steamroller. Slow and steady. The only players he CANT knock down are the goalies and other big guys. All in all, its a pretty good system for an outdated game like this.

The graphics, even to todays standards are easy on the eyes, the ice is clearly visible. The crowd is dark which makes the ice a little easier to see. The scoreclock is easy to see in the mess of things, and the players are easily distinguishable. There are 6 teams, USA, Canada, Poland, Ukrane, and Russia. Their jerseys are all very different colors which makes it easy as pie to know who your passing to.

The sound you may think, is an important part of any game. Well, the makers must have been thinking clearly when they were in the sound stages of the game. All the sounds are almost SNES quality. There isnt much in the way of music while they play. But when you or they score, the sounds are crazy! The reff's whistle sounds like a real one, the horns when people score are great. Even the crowd sounds real!!!. Its amazing whats in this game.

Well, if all that hasnt made you want to buy this game. I dont know what will. Ice Hockey is an original game as it is an original name. You wont get tired of it for at least a few weeks, which is alot longer than a majority of NES games are. If you can find this game anywhere, a friends house, a pawn shop, a used toy store.. anywhere! just pick it up! It'll be well worth the money.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/28/02, Updated 05/28/02

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