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Reviewed: 10/27/02 | Updated: 10/27/02

Big ones, small ones, and some the size of your puck.

This is my second review ever and I remembered this classic for the NES. This game was very basic and seemed easy enough because of the goofy players, but it wasn't. I still remember the days spent playing old NES games with either my parents or this one friend of mine. So lets get started.

What do you expect from an old NES sports game? Actually to be honest the graphics weren't all that bad. The players had some detail and the fans did to. My favourite non-playing part though was when the Zamboni flooded the ice after each period(me being Canadian and all) and I loved seeing the Fat guys and Skinny guys bump into each other (lol). For graphics I give it a 6/10.

There really wasn't much music but the ones there were were memorable to say the least. As for SFX they were good but not great. I rate the music and SFX a 7/10

Story Line
There was a story line? What do you expect, it was a sports game.

The controls were pretty basic and easy to understand. The computer had pretty good AI for it's time. The pregame pick a team of 4 choosing fat, skinny or normal players, added some strategie to be involved which is rare in a hockey game. For gameplay I give a 10/10.

WOW! This game had a surprising difficulty for an early 1990's NES hockey game. Compare this to the cheat of scoring and hiding behind your net found in Blades Of Steel. This game can be either ridiculously hard or ridiculously easy depending on your experience. As a seasoned pro (no applause neccesary) this game is easy but when I recently dug up my NES that I haven't used since I got my SNES 8 years ago, I found it a very challenging game.
For difficulty I give it a 10/10

Replay Value
This game is yet another example of those short but addictive NES games. I just invited a friend over to play with it and he never owned an NES, and he was very impressed and we've been playing it alot lately. For replay value I give it a 9/10 because it can be too easy if you know what you're doing.

Final Thoughts
This game owns a special place in my heart as I remember the weird Zambonies driving across the ice. So if you can find this game, buy it if not for the game at least for the Zambonies. My overall rating is 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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