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"The first hockey game for the NES turns out to be pretty good."

The game: Um, well it's hockey, you know the game where you try to move a puck into your opponent's goal.

Graphics: 6: Alright for the first NES hockey game. You got a horizontal, Tecmo Sports like, type of view of the hockey arena, which looks good. The players look nice on the rink, but there tends to be flickering during the game.

Sound: 3: Most of the early NES games didn't have the greatest music, and that goes with this game, the sound effects are pretty bland too, but there is a nice little tune between periods when the zambonies clean the ice.

Gameplay: 6: There's no NHL licenses or anything here, so all you got is country teams like the USA, Russia, Canada, Sweden, etc. There's 5 players for each team on the ice(including the goalie), except in double overtime when there's 4 and the goalie is missing. Before the game you sorta get to ''customize'' your team. For your 4 main players you get to choose 3 body sizes for each of them: Skinny, Normal, Fat. The skinny one's skate fast and have weak shots, but the fat one's skate slow and have powerful shots, and the normal one's average at everything. The game incorporates a lot into a hockey game for being the first one on the NES, for example, you can get into fights, and the player who caused it gets to sit into the penalty box for a minute or two. And if the game ends in a tie there's a shootout for each team, and if it's still a tie, in double overtime there's no goalies for either team for the whole period. There's also an Icing penalty in the game too. So this game sorta has an NHL feel to it after you play it for a while.

Replay Value: 6: Up to 2 players can play the game, so you can go at it with a friend. Also there's a neat little code where you there's no goalie, and no matter what the puck doesn't stop, it's always moving.

Overall: 6: A fun little hockey game by Nintendo, that probably had too many features for a game that was released this early. You'll be wowed by this game for sure and if you want some Hockey fun for the NE, than grab this title.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/09/00, Updated 02/09/00

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