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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.4 7/30/02
            ________  ________
        /||||/              \||||\
       |||||/   ___    ___    \||||
      |||||/  _/   \  /   \_   \||||
     |||||/        /  \         \||||
     |||||        /    \        |||||
     |||||       (______)       |||||
     |||||    ______________    |||||
     |||||    \____________/    |||||
      \|/ \    \__________/    / \|/     
           \                  /
    Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2002
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Story
    003.  Important Information
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Place One
      004b. Place Two
      004c. Place Three
      004d. Place Four
      004e. Place Five
    005.  Game Genie Codes
    006.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
    (NES) game called Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu.  In case you
    don't know, Jackie Chan is a dude who is in a lot of those
    Japanese fighting movies (Rush Hour).  They made this game
    about him, with a character who looks nothing like Jackie
    Chan.  Or maybe it did when this game was made.  You can
    email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject
    blank so I know that it's not spam.  If you want to use part
    of this guide for something, please ask first.  Now let's
    start this action-packed FAQ!
    (copied from manual)
    Jackie Chan and his twin sister, Josephine, were two of
    China's best kung fu fighters. Trained together from birth,
    they were a formidable team. All was fine, until their Master's
    arch enemy, the Sorcerer returned from behind the Great Wall to
    seize power and rule China. The Sorcerer put a spell on 
    Josephine and made her disappear, believing that neither twin
    would be strong enough to defeat him without the other.
    Along the way, the Sorcerer sends his henchmen to try to destroy
    Jackie.  Watching over the young Kung Fu master, his master
    guides and instructs him through the action-packed ordeal.
    Jackie must now rescue his sister and save China by defeating
    the Sorcerer and the evil monsters created by the Sorcerer's
    003-Important Information
    (All from the manual)
    How to use the controller
    A button: Jump
    B button: Punch and kick/Special attack mode
    Left/Right: Movement control
    Up: Press to activate special attack
    Down: Crouching position
    Start: Start or continue game
    Status window
    You will find a status window at the bottom of your screen as shown 
    - Lifemeter - 6 points max
    - Number of special attacks remaining
    - Psycho waves
    - Bonus jades collected
    Items and attack modes
    Item frog
    Kick or punch this frog and it will give you one of the following:
    Energy bowl
    - Eat it and you'll gain 2 life points
    Tornado attack
    - Number of uses - 7 times
    - Attacks the enemies while spinning in mid-air.
    - Press "DOWN" to stop and land where you desire.
    Bonus bell
    -	This is your chance to earn points to refill your life
    points, psycho waves, and gain continues.
    Psycho wave
    - Status window indicates number of uses remaining.
    Bonus jade
    - Will appear after defeating an enemy.
    - Collect 30 to fill up your life points and psycho waves.
    180 degree spin kick
    - Number of uses - 9 times.
    - Attacks the enemy you are facing.
    360 degress spin kick
    - Number of uses - 7 times.
    - Attacks the enemy as you spin around and kick.
    Sky attack
    Number of uses - 7 times.
    Attacks the enemy as you kick upwards.
    Effective against enemies in mid-air or ones that charge
    at you while jumping.
    Jackie is deep in meditation.  He then jumps up, does a cool
    move, and walks right to the master.  He pays the master his
    respects and walks off. 
    Jackie's at the bottom of a big scroll.  You'll have to
    fight your way to the top.
    004a-Place One
    Go right.  Hit the frog to get a special attack.  See how
    the bottom middle now has a thing.  By holding up and then
    pressing B, you perform that attack.  However, you can only
    do the number that's listed there.
    If you head right, you meet some dude with a sword.  Kill
    him and he'll leave some ball behind (most enemies do).  It's
    a bonus jade.  Next to it tells your number of physco waves
    (five in all).  Hold B and release it to do a physco wave.
    The special attacks, physco waves, and hit points are all
    able to be healed by the random thing a frog leaves behind.
    If you go right, you'll go across some waterfalls.  Birds
    attack, and more samurais.  If you stand still, you fall to
    a lower level of the waterfall, which has a lot of spikes.
    Jump to get back to the upper level.  Go right past the
    Past the waterfall is some sort of big pit.  Jump across the
    moving platforms in midair to avoid sinking in the pits.  Past
    the pits is an item frog.  Go right for more pits.
    Before this pit is a bell in midair.  You can get it and get
    taken to the master's secret level.  The idea is to jump from
    cloud to cloud, and jump on as many clouds before time runs
    out.  You get a bonus accordingly.
    After the bonus level, you get sent to the place you where.
    Go across the pits like you did last time.  Go right through
    this area.  You get another item frog.  You also face two
    tigers.  The tigers will crawl and pounce at you.  Try jump
    kicking them in mid-pounce.
    Jackie goes into a different part of the same area.  Go right,
    and you'll overlook a water area.  Throughout this area,
    nunchucks fly at you, propelled like helicopters.  That's
    something you don't see everyday.
    Jump to the platform.  Jump to the platform right of that,
    looking out for the attacking fish.  Jump to the platform right
    of this.  Get the item frog, and jump over the snake onto the
    platform there.  Duck to avoid the nunchuck.
    Submerge into the water and walk right.  Stand under the
    first platform you come to, and jump up when the nunchuck is
    out of the way.  Jump to the next two platforms (fish attack),
    over the snake, and to the platform right of that.
    Aha!  A hand in a basket is the thing that's throwing the
    nunchucks.  Jump to the platform the basket is on (don't
    hit a nunchuck in mid-jump) and trip it (down + B).  Walk
    Jackie goes to another part of this building.  The floor is
    covered in spikes.  Jackie looks funny when he hits a spike
    (sorta Super Mario 64, when Mario's butt catches fire and he
    bounces super high).
    Go right and jump over the gap.  Right of this platform is
    a thingie.  It'll tilt when you're on it.  You'll get the idea
    when you see it.  Move across the tilt thing to a platform.
    Some thing shoots spears at you.  When a spear passes over
    your head (it misses if you duck, that is), jump attack it.
    Go right across the next area, with more nunchucks and the
    tilting platforms.  Past it is a guy with some sort of weapon.
    Kill the guy, and get the item frog.
    Go across another gap with two tilting platforms and a spiked
    ball.  Kill the crab, and go across another gap.  Kill the
    weird guy here, and go right.
    Jackie makes it to another part of this building.  This part
    is the most foreboding.  It side scrolls right at a quick
    speed, so you have to move right as fast as you can, or you
    die.  It's extremely hard.
    It stops eventually.  Then you have to jump up and up along
    many platforms.  You'll make it to a high place, where you
    can go right to another part of this building.
    Go right.  Beat the white guy.  Now walk right across a
    waterfall (you don't get hit) and Jackie goes to another
    part of this building.
    Crickey, how many parts does this freaking building have?
    This is the last one.  Go right, and jump onto the second
    pillar thing.
    The statue in the background comes to life.  It moves its
    hands at you.  Jump attack the statue from the pillars.  At
    first it's easy as the statue stupidly uses the wrong arms.
    Eventually, the statue's face changes (it gets madder) and
    then it starts using the right arms.  Mess this up by going
    to the opposite side of the room, and then attacking again.
    When the statue dies, Jackie falls through a hole in the
    floor (where did that come from?).  He moves a short distance
    up in the scroll.
    004b-Place Two
    Even an idiot could do this part.  Go right until you fall
    off the platform.  Unfortunately, that's the end of all the
    Oh great, you're above a steaming pool of hot lava.  Go right.
    Attack the fire birds as they come at you (otherwise they
    will turn and attack you from behind).
    Jump to the blocks in midair, and jump to the blocks right
    of them (kill the bird).  These blocks are strange.  Stand
    on one that's not directly above hot lava.  Stand still,
    and the rock breaks into little pieces.  Look out for them.
    Go right.  Go onto the higher platform.  Wait for the guy to
    shoot some fire stuff at you.  Jump over the fire and attack
    him (two hits does him in).  Kill the bird that flies at
    you too, and go right.
    You'll have to move across this gap here by jumping from
    platform to platform.  The trick?  They're the falling blocks.
    Lucky the blocks break up only if you stand on them, so go
    across with a lot of jumping (kill the fire guy).
    Past a normal platform is more of the same thing.  However,
    weird guys with poles are putting spells on the blocks so they
    crumble twice as fast.  Move as fast as you can past them.
    Past the third one is an item frog.
    Go right up the stair-like blocks (they crumble).  Jump onto
    the platform that's moving left and right.  Let the block right
    of it crumble, and jump to the block right of the one you
    land on.
    Another bonus round!  Finish it and you end up where you
    Jump to the block right of you.  Jump to the higher block,
    and onto the platform that moves up and down.  Jump off it
    and walk across the blocks, and jump to the normal platform.
    See how you're on a lower platform?  Jump to the higher one
    and walk right.  A fire monster attacks.  As soon as you see
    it, go to the leftmost part of the lower platform to avoid
    being injured (jumping wouldn't do any harm either).
    Another fire monster attacks as you go right.  And a bit
    right past him is the hardest part yet.
    The screen will start sidescrolling up.  The lava level will
    slowly get higher and higher.  You'll have to jump up and up
    and up to make it to the top.  The hard part?  You have to
    jump off of those crumbling bricks.  You won't believe it,
    but this is really, really hard.
    Once it's over, go right to another part of wherever you are.
    Hey, it's an ice-themed place.  First the lava theme, then
    the ice theme.  Original.  Wait, no it's not.  Wait, maybe it
    was when the game came out...I don't know.
    If you go right, you'll meet a guy who looks a lot like Krillin
    from DBZ.  You know, bald with six dots on the forehead and
    kicks a lot of butt.  If you're really DBZ pressed, try to
    imagine that you're playing as a young version of Gohan and
    not Jackie Chan (he's got the young Goku outfit, but when
    he dies he looks just like Gohan).
    ANYWAY, Krillin whacks a pole on the ground.  Three icicles
    fall down to the ground.  He spins around and then does it
    again.  You have to avoid the icicles, either by being far
    away or conveniently standing between two of them (not easy
    to stand still on ice).  Find some way to either kill Krillin
    or pass him by.
    Past Krillin, go up the stair like things and right.  You
    meet one of the dudes who shoot lava at you.  This time, he
    shoots an icicle.  You should try two jump attacks on him,
    and pray that you jump over the icicle he shoots.
    Past it, there are some ice platforms in the air.  Jump from
    platform to platform right.  This is tough due to the fact
    that the platforms are ice.  If you fall off, you'll have to
    continue right through some icicle dudes and pick up when the
    platforms above you stop.
    Past that are some lobster things.  They move left/right.
    You can kill them by tripping them, or you can just jump over
    them.  It's a pain in the butt, and you get rewarded with an
    item frog.
    Right of the frog is another Krillin.  Krillin is guarding
    some ice platforms in the air.  Kill Krillin and go right
    across the platforms.  If you fall off, your journey is a
    lot harder.
    Past the platforms, go down a slope (three mice attack).
    When it levels out, you come to some spear shooting enemies.
    Jump attack the first one as soon as you see it to avoid being
    Duck on the ledge left of the next spear monster.  Once you're
    in the clear (when a spear has recently been fired and it is
    reloading), jump attack it.
    Go right (an item frog comes).  Flying monsters that are big,
    scary, and pink (Pink!  They ARE scary!) attack.  Three of
    them do.  If they miss, they turn back to attack you.  That's
    Past the monsters is a guy who shoots an icicle.  Walk past
    him to another area.
    Boss fight time!  Go right and the boss appears.  It's a
    statue thing with a big arse pole stick in his hand.  You know,
    the kind Donatello uses (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).
    The statue slams the stick into the ground.  Some lava comes
    up.  Hope it misses you.  Attack the statue now, as the lava
    will fall down and come back up in the same places.  This
    happens three times.  You can do a lot of damage during this
    After a while, the statue (which also looks like Krillin)
    will make and evil face and the stick jumps around, trying to
    hurt you.  It's a good shot.  Try being as far away from it
    as possible.  It will come at you, so try to run under it.
    A good spot to stand in (I thought it was good, anyway) is
    directly right of the righter black space.  Try to damage
    the boss as much as possible during this time.
    Eventually the boss dies.
    004c-Place Three
    You move a large distance up the scroll.  All right!
    This first part is wacky.  It has a bunch of levels that
    go up.  You can fall down to a lower level.  So I'll do a
    level-by-level guide, starting with the first level.
    Level one: Hold onto the right button.  You walk through some
    water and get attacked.  However, you suffer no damage.
    When you hit something, jump over it and continue.  Jump on
    the turtle shell to ride up.
    Level two: Walk left across the platform.  Jump on the turtle
    shell when it goes close.  When it is close to another turtle
    shell, jump onto the shell that goes up and down.  Jump off
    it, and jump up across the nonmoving, close together platforms.
    Level three: Jump on the first turtle shell.  Ride it, and
    it goes down and then right.  Avoid the bird, and jump onto
    the second turtle shell.  It falls as soon as you touch it,
    so jump off it right.  Go up more easy platforms.
    Level four: Jump onto the shell that goes up and down.  Jump
    off it onto the shell that's moving around in some weird
    pattern.  Jump off it to the platform left, and go up the
    easy platforms.
    Level Five: Go right.  There are three turtle shells.  The
    shells move diagonally, up and to the right, then down and
    to the left, and then it repeats the pattern.  Once you've
    got that figured out, you can easily jump over them to the
    easy platforms.
    Level Six: Go left.  The three turtle shells here fall as
    soon as you touch them, so jump across them as fast as you
    can to the easy platforms.
    Level Seven: Go right.  Jump off the first shell (falls when
    you touch it) onto the second shell.  Ride it (kill the bird)
    and jump off it onto a shell that goes up and down.  Duck on
    it and the pink turtle that attacks will miss.  Jump to the
    turtle right of it, and onto the one that moves around.  Get
    to the upper right corner and walk right.
    Hey, that's the end of the dumb level things!  Now you're in
    some sort of swamp thing!  Yay...I think.
    Go right and onto a log.  It'll ride you right.  Jump left off
    it and duck.  The current takes you right.  Provided you're
    ducking, you don't get hurt at all (heh heh heh).  You'll
    hit something and stop moving, so when that happens, jump
    up and get the item frog.  Then go right over the thing you
    hit (you fall down a waterfall).
    Do the same duck in the water thing.  Jump over the thing
    that you hit and continue ducking.  You go down another
    Duck again.  Too bad for you, a warrior goes into the water
    at you.  Kill him and continue the ducking thing.  (Ducking
    thing...that sounds naughty).  Trip the turtle that falls
    into the water at you and punch the snake.  Jump over the
    thing you hit and down a waterfall.
    Ride the water right and jump over the thing you hit.  Duck
    through the next area.  Before jumping over the thing you hit,
    wait for the hawk to pass.  Then jump over.
    In the next area, ride the log right and avoid the fish that
    attacks.  Jump over the thing that stops you and duck through
    the next area.  Jump over the thing and duck through the next
    area (close misses).  Jump over the thing you hit, and down
    a waterfall.
    Ride right, and jump onto a log past the turtle.  Wait, that's
    a moving platform.  Go across the moving platforms to avoid
    puffer fish.  Past the puffer fish is another waterfall.
    Ride right.  Jump over the thing you hit (beware of the turtle's
    boomerangs).  Duck through the next area.  Avoid the fish
    while getting the item frog.  Duck through the next area and
    go right for the boss fight.
    Go right.  Hey, an item frog.  Wait a tick...it's mutating!
    The mutant frog flies in the air.  Stand on the platform
    underneath it.  Do some special attacks until the frog turns
    Now go left.  Jump onto the lower branch.  From here, shoot
    some physco waves at the frog (hold B).  Do this until the
    frog dies.
    004d-Place Four
    Cool, you're near the end now.
    Well, this first part is somewhat easy.  Go right and onto
    the elevated ground.  Punch the pink thing that flies at you,
    and before going off this platform, trip the pink monster
    that flies down there (more pink monsters are in other places).
    Go right and duck under the pink monster that flies close to
    you.  Punch the other one and continue right.
    You'll meet two more guys that look like Krillin.  These guys
    have long weapons that they hold in front of them, and you
    don't have a good shot.  Try to hit them in their heads with
    jump kicks.  Past them, you walk into a different spot.
    You appear to be in the mountains.  It's snowy.  Go right
    and kill one of the pink things.  Past it is a yeti.  It
    pops out of the ground with a snowball and throws it in your
    direction.  To avoid the snowball, be close to the yeti.  Hit
    it when the snowball's gone.
    Four pink things attack you right of here.  Kill them all
    before getting the item frog.  Right of it is another yeti;
    this one is easier to kill.  Right of that is a tiger.
    Kill the tiger like you did last time.  That was long ago,
    so I'll refresh your memory: jump kick it when it is in mid-
    Continue right, past two yeti and another tiger to a different
    part of this level.
    Go right and face a yeti.  Walk on the lower ground here.
    Kill the pink thing that flies past you.  Continue right and
    jump on the cloud.  Much like Kirby's dream stars, you get
    taken to a new place.
    Hey, you're in some clouds!  You automatically bounce when
    you're on the clouds, and you can also do a super jump by
    pressing A on the clouds.  Cool!
    Go right.  Bounce off the tops of the clouds here (if you
    fall, do a super jump back on them).  You avoid two puffer
    fish this way.  Go onto the rocks at the bottom past the
    fourth cloud.
    Wait for the two toucans to pass.  Then get onto the lower
    cloud.  Do a super jump right off it onto another cloud (if
    you fall off here, a weird pink leg kicks you back to the
    start of this part while doing one damage).
    Super jump off this cloud onto a turtle shell.  Jump off it
    onto more clouds.  Bounce to the lower cloud, and super jump
    off it onto the higher cloud (missing the two toucans).
    Stay on this cloud for a while (try bouncing in place).  Jump
    to the next cloud when the puffer fish stops obstructing your
    Jump from cloud to cloud here.  Get off the clouds past the
    first puffer fish you see.  Use the sharp drop (press down
    while in midair) to do this, which helps you avoid a second
    puffer fish.
    Jump to the first pillar past the row of pillars.  Wait for
    another puffer fish to get out of the way before jumping to
    the pillar it guarded.  Jump off this pillar to the item frog
    (life upgrade).
    Get onto the higher of the three clouds here.  Jump off it
    to the high pillars.  Wait for the puffer fish to come at you,
    and jump over it while landing on the same group of pillars.
    By then, the puffer fish on the clouds below should gone.  If
    not, you have to wait a bit.  When it's gone, go to the clouds
    below and head right (super jump over the puffer fish).
    Jump to the cloud in the air, and off it to the pillar.  Duck
    under the toucan, and kill the next two that come.  Then get
    to the cloud right of these pillars.  Wait until a puffer
    fish is gone before progressing to the next pillars.
    Jump to the cloud right of these pillars.  Now jump to the
    turtle shell right of you, and jump off it to the turtle
    shell right of that, and jump off it to the lower pillar
    (in case you didn't realize, the turtle shells fall once
    you touch them).
    Wait for the toucan to pass before going to the higher pillar.
    Then jump to the turtle shell right of you and off it onto a
    pillar with an item frog (prep. for the upcoming boss fight).
    Go right.  Be on the left side of the second cloud, and wait
    for the puffer fish to attack.  It'll barely be on the right
    side of your cloud.  Easily jump over it and go right to meet
    the boss.
    Hey, it's the pink/purple monster that hits you if you fall
    down!  A nasty cyclops!  It opens its eye, and tries to hit
    you with its hand.  To do damage to it, hit its eye.  The
    eye will get redder and redder until it gets black.
    To hit the eye with a jump kick, you have to do a super jump.
    A physco wave on a plain bounce works, but you should try to
    save that for last.  The special moves also work well.  Attack
    the eye while avoiding the hand.  This boss should go down,
    no sweat.
    004e-Place Five
    Woah!  Looks like you're at the end!
    Go right.  Trip the bad guy from the safety of the ledge,
    and get the two lobsters right of there.  Then trip the bad
    guy just like last time.
    If you go right, the lights go out.  No matter.  Keep going
    right.  An enemy's outline falls to the floor.  Jump attack
    it ASAP and you should see the lights return.  Don't worry
    about that now, finish off the enemy.
    Ah, the light comes from a bad guy who holds a candle.  Go
    right past him (try to get the bat).  Of course, the lights
    go out.  Kill the enemy that falls like last time and continue
    When the lights return, go a bit right and jump onto the first
    platform you see.  The lights go off.  Jump up and to the
    right (mostly up) onto a high platform and continue right
    Kill the candle guy if you want to (get the bats first).
    Go right and you fight another of the falling enemies.  Keep
    going right, and get the item frog.  Shortly right past the
    frog, the lights return.
    Jump up the platforms hyah to the higher part and continue
    right.  Stand on the pillar right of the candle guy, and
    punch the falling enemy as it attacks.  Then kill the candle
    guy and continue right.
    Go right while jumping a lot.  Duck under the puffer fish
    that attacks if you can.  Go right, and the lights turn on.
    Go to the higher platform when a puffer is out of the way.
    The lights won't go off again from here.
    Go right, and jump over the spike ball.  Kill the two falling
    enemies, and get as far right as you can.  From here, you have
    to jump from platform to platform up (there's no penalty for
    messing up) until you get to another part of this area.
    Hey, a mechanical place.  Basically, the ground here is like
    the clouds before and the platforms all are conveyor belts
    that are moving right.
    Jump over the bad guy to a conveyor belt.  Here you have to
    jump from belt to belt over the spike balls (the down while
    in midair really helps).  Falling kinda makes you hit all
    the spike balls, which as you can guess, is uncool.
    Jump over the next bad guy onto the conveyor belt.  Jump
    over the spike ball by jumping off a belt before it.  Go
    carefully across the next area as the weird helicopter
    nunchuck bad guy attacks.
    Past the helicopter nunchuck freak, jump from belt to belt
    (the belts in midair) through the next area.  In the next part,
    kill one of the dudes with an icicle.  This is pretty much
    it for this part.
    Right of here, you have to jump from belt to belt up.  This
    is harder than you think.  Try the walking left across the
    belts over the jumping.  It's much slower, but works better.
    Anyway, you get to the next part once you've gone up the
    platforms from hell.
    This next part is just like a previous part.  It side scrolls
    right, and you have to work to keep up.  It is really #%@#-ing
    hard.  Good luck to you.
    I'm sorry, but there's not a really good way to describe the
    next part.  Basically, you have to jump from platform to platform
    up.  There are certain things that fire stuff, so you have to
    avoid them.  Do a lot of ducking in this area and just be
    really careful and you should do well.
    Once you're done, head right.  There are many pillars that
    you pass behind, along with spike balls floating around.
    Try to defeat the falling enemies while not getting hit by
    the spike balls (and you don't see much by being behind the
    pillars).  The bonus stage you can reach with the bell helps
    some.  This part ends with a freaky looking elevator that takes
    you up.
    Woo hoo!  You're finally in the last part of the game!  Just
    need to find the jerk that stole your sister and you'll be
    out of here.
    It's not that easy, as the jerk has hired some dragons to
    whup your butt.  Go right and a stone dragon turns to life.
    Stand on the lower platform in midair to avoid being hurt by
    the dragon's fire.  Jump attack the dragon wisely here.
    The dragon dies and you get an item frog while you go right.
    Now there's another dragon.  The place to stand on is right
    of that tall pole (it's the second lowest part in this area,
    just above the ground).
    You get another item frog as it's on to the third (and final)
    dragon.  There isn't a place to hide here.  You have to do
    timely jumps right to avoid being hit.  And hit the dragon
    at the same time.  Tough.
    Past this dragon is the master, who heals you two life points.
    Right past that is the jerk who took Josephine.
    Jeez, this is tough.  You should try to constantly avoid her.
    Just be close enough so you can do a jump kick and attack her.
    Do this a lot, but especially when she shoots out some werid
    move (is that a double ki?).  But what's messed up the most
    is that the bitch has a heart on her forehead.  What's up
    with that?
    Once the bitch is dead, she turns into a bubble and flies
    off.  Go right and you see Josephine.  She refills your life
    totally.  Despite being as good at karate as you are, she
    doesn't wish to join you in continuing your quest.  Totally
    Go right, and jump onto the cloud the master summons (nimbus?).
    Go down, and you meet a boss.
    The bubble reforms into a giant spider.  You can't come too
    close to touching it without taking damage.  Try some special
    moves on it until you're out, and then try physco waving
    from a distance.
    The spider shoots stuff at you.  One is a red thing that
    splits into three pieces (it's circular).  The other is a
    red thing that follows you around.  Do a figure eight to
    try to avoid this thing.
    Jump attacking the spider also works.  This is good when
    the following red things are around, as you quickly go to
    the bottom of the screen.  DOn't worry about falling as the
    nimbus catches you.
    Beat the spider to see the ending.  Hope you liked the game!
    005-Game Genie Codes
    Infinite special attacks?  Wow, that'll make boss fights
    a lot easier.
    Nine Tornado Attacks on pick-up: 
    Nine 360 degree Spin Kicks on pick-up:  
    Nine Sky Attacks on pick-up: 
    No Tornado Attacks on pick-up: 
    No 180 degree Spin Kicks on pick-up: 
    No 360o Spin Kicks on pick-up: 
    No Sky Attacks on pick-up: 
    Unlimited special attacks: 
    Max energy from Energy Bowl: 
    Less energy from Energy Bowl: 
    Another cheat (this one from the manual):
    Secret Code:
    Press - UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, DOWN, B, A
    Then press B on the other controller.
    You now have 99 continues.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2002.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
    general information)

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