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                THE KIRBY'S ADVENTURE (NES) F.A.Q. V1.00
                "Where are those freaking hidden rooms?"
                        and other tidbits!!!!!!!!
                           By: Dominick Roman
                               Joshua Roman
             Prepared for on-line services by: Jeff Bogumil
    This FAQ is Copyright (C) 1995 Dominick and Joshua Roman. 
    This FAQ is not endorsed by Nintendo of America.  All information
    is provided without guarantee.
    *** Welcome to the Kirby's Adventure FAQ! ***
    The primary reason for this FAQ is to hopefully show you how to
    find all the "hidden doors" so that you can finish the game with
    a score of 100%.  Since this great game has so many sub-levels,
    we have tried out best to "pin down" every location of all the
    "hidden doors."  Which wasn't easy because with so many hidden
    areas, it's so easy to lose track of where you are.  We were
    confused a few times trying to write down every location down and
    describing them.  So we've decided to describe every location as
    "Level, Stage and Area" (for example, Vegetable Valley, 1-4).  So
    we advise you that when you have entered a stage, to start
    counting every area you've passed until you've arrived at the
    indicated area.  Believe me -- it's easy to pass by the area
    indicated if your mind wanders off.  And remember, entering a
    room for 1-ups and any other power-ups doesn't count as an area
    (unless you need power-ups, just ignore these rooms).
    So if you still want to find all the "hidden doors" on your own,
    then stop reading this FAQ right NOW because the solution to
    Kirby's Adventure is about to begin:
    VEGETABLE VALLEY and ICE CREAM LAND do not contain any hidden
    rooms, so all doors at the end of each stage will turn white.
    1.4 -- (The "End of Stage" screen)  Continue to the right until 
    you see a door.  Enter the door.  To get to the button on the top
    of the screen, go to the bottom right of the screen and break (or
    inhale) the blocks to reveal a hidden door.  Enter the door.
    Break the star block and continue upward to the other door.  Jump
    on the button.
    6.5 -- Fly upward until you see 4 blocks to the right between the
    columns.  "Puff-out" the four blocks to reveal a hidden door.
    Enter the door.  Float upward and break the stone block (at the
    top of the screen) by puffing at it.  Immediately move to the
    right.  Enter the door and jump on the button.
    1.4 -- At the end of this area (close to the end of the exit), at
    the far top right there are blocks in the form of a cross.  Shoot
    the middle block to uncover the hidden door (technically, the
    door is invisible because it blends into the background).  Stand
    in the middle, push up to enter the door and jump on the button.
    3.2 -- (Blimp Screen) -- Stay at the top and fly to the FAR RIGHT
    until the screen stops moving.  Then fly straight down until you
    see a door.  Enter the door and jump on the button.
    6.3 -- Grab the enemy lamp to obtain it's special ability then
    light the room.  Go back to the beginning of this area and you
    will find a door which was previously hidden in the dark.  Enter
    the door and jump on the button.
    1.1 -- When you start this area, go to the first door you see at
    the bottom of the screen between 2 clouds.  Get the 1-up and
    enter the door.  Fall all the way down until you land on the
    blocks at the bottom.  Break the blocks underneath you so that
    you can climb down the ladder (or fly down) to the blocks below.
    Break the blocks a the left (starting with the two blocks on top
    of each other) to uncover a hidden door.  Enter the door and jump
    on the button.
    4.3 -- Enter the first small door you see which is on top of the
    waterfall (actually, the rest of the door is hidden in the
    waterfall).  Then enter the first door you see.  Jump on the
    5.1 -- In the first area, enter the door at the lower right
    bottom.  You'll notice that there are 2 enemies in this room.
    The first thing that you should do is acquire the "special
    ability power" (Hi-jump) from the bird.  Perform the "hi-jump" to
    break through the blocks which are blocking the entrance to the
    cannon (which is at the right).  Once the blocks are eliminated,
    discard the "hi-jump" ability.  No grab the fire creature and
    acquire the "fire" ability.  Now position yourself approximately
    3 blocks away from the cannon cord.  Ignite the cannon cord and
    immediately fly upward towards the cannon.  Just as you're
    hovering over the opening of the cannon, exhale and fall into the
    cannon.  You should land inside the cannon, just as the cannon is
    about to fire.  Then you will be blasted upward to a platform.
    When you land, jump on the button.
    Note:  Believe me, this isn't as easy as it sounds.  If you don't
    get the bird the first time or you lose the "hi-jump" ability,
    just re-enter the room again; try to have the "hi-jump" ability
    with you.  This way, when you enter the room again, you already
    have the "hi-jump" power needed to break through the blocks.
    Just ignore the other bird flying by.
    6.3 -- Note:  You need the "hammer" ability obtained in Level 5's
    "Arena."  You will need to carefully and skillfully carry the
    hammer through this stage until you reach this area.  Fly upward
    and to the right until you see a platform with a door on top of
    it (which is located in the middle of the ocean).  Enter the
    door.  Stand on the top middle of the blocks.  Use the hammer to
    break the blocks underneath you to reveal a hidden door.  Enter
    the door and jump on the button.
    Note:  You will need the hammer in the first two stages.  At first 
    these stages may look simple enough to pass through, but depending 
    on how good a player you are, you *may* have to go back
    to level 5's "Arena" to regain the hammer (possibly you may have
    to do this a few times).
    1.2 -- Enter the first door you see.  Use the hammer to break the
    stone block in the middle of the screen.  Enter the door at the
    bottom of the screen and jump on the button.
    2.2 -- (The "Columns and Clouds" area)  Make your way to the door
    in this area and enter the door.  Hammer the nail in the middle
    of the screen.  Fall down and enter the door.  Jump on the
    3.2 -- (Boat screen)  Note:  You will also need the hammer in
    this stage.  But thankfully, the hammer can be obtained in this
    Defeat the mid-boss and acquire his "hammer" power.  Continue to
    the right and climb up the ladder.  Break the "create" at the
    right and continue right and fall (or fly) all the way down to
    the bottom of the boat.  When you have landed on the ground,
    continue to the left until you see the block at the end.  Break
    the block and stand in the middle of where the block was.  Press
    up and you'll enter a hidden door.  Fly to the door at the left
    and enter it.  Discard the hammer and acquire FireGuy's "Fire"
    ability.  Use your fire power to ignite the cannon cord.  When
    ignited, quickly enter the cannon.  You will be blasted upward
    where you will be taken to a platform.  When you land, jump on
    the button.  Note:  There's only one way to ignite the cannon
    underwater.  When you grab the FireGuy, *do not absorb it's
    power*!!!!  Position yourself between the cannon and cannon cord.
    Face toward the cannon cord and absorb the enemy's power.  In
    doing so, a stream of fire will spout from Kirby's mouth.  *This
    is the only way that the fire power will work underwater*!!!  If
    you haven't ignited the cannon cord (to which you should move a
    little closer) or missed hopping into the cannon, discard your
    fire ability and re-enter this room again to obtain the "fire"
    ability anew.  Now try again.  Extra tip:  If you are having
    trouble reaching the cannon before it ignites, just remember one
    word; "SWIM!!!!"
    4.2 -- Go to the foremost bottom right where a witch is on a
    platform guarding a ladder (keep playing until you reach her).
    Eliminate the witch, then continue right and enter the water.  Go
    down to the bottom left where you will notice a small opening.
    Stand in the middle of the opening and press up to enter a hidden
    door.  Jump on the button.
    5.4 -- ("End of stage" screen)  Absorb FireGuy's "fire" ability.
    Now break the blocks leading to the opening of the cannon cord
    and cannon.  Use your fire power to ignite the cannon cord.
    Quickly, fly to the cannon and time yourself to drop into the
    middle of the cannon before it fires.  You will be blasted upward
    to a hidden room where the button is.  Jump on the button.  Note:
    Press down on the directional pad when falling into the cannon.
    You will fall a little bit faster than usual.
    6.1 -- Exit this area and absorb the U.F.O. in the next area,
    then re-enter the previous area.  Immediately, fly downward and
    to the left to find a hidden passageway.  Fire the supershot (or
    two) to destroy the blocks that are blocking the entrance to the
    door.  Press up to enter the door.  Jump on the button.  Note: To
    fire a supershot, keep pressing down the "B" button for a few
    seconds and then let go.  Remember to face in the direction you
    want first before you start to "power-up" your weapon because
    even though you can maneuver your U.F.O. in all directions, you
    cannot change the direction of firing your weapon while you are
    charging up your weapon.
    1.2 -- Note: You will need the hammer in this area.  Near the 
    end of this area, you will come across 3 creatures.  Break the first
    top block open to allow the creatures to go to you and eliminate
    them one by one.  Then jump to the top blocks and stand in the
    middle of them.  Fly upward and swing your hammer to the right
    (you will notice a door at the upper top right corner).  Not only
    will you need to continue swinging to the right, but you will
    also need to "puff-out" the blocks until you make a passageway
    for you to walk through.  Once a passageway is created, go to the
    door and enter it.  Fall on the button.  Note:  If you lose the
    hammer or were unable to make a passageway, you will need to
    start all over again.
    6.8 -- Before you reach the end of this area, grab a parasol, and
    fly upward until you're underneath the moon.  (Note:  You don't
    actually need the parasol, but it is fun to do so).  Press up and
    you will enter a hidden door.  Fall (or fly) slowly down.  When
    you land, jump on the button.
    And that's it....  The Complete Step-by-Step solution guide to
    this great game!!!!!  But wait, man!!!!!  Is that all the
    information you have on Kirby's Adventure?????   As a matter of
    fact, below are some more tidbits related to this guide.
    As you all know, even if you don't finish the game with a 100%
    score, you are rewarded with the option of playing "bonus games"
    which consist of 4 games:  the first 3 games are the bonus games
    found in Kirby's Adventure ("Crane Fever", "Egg Catcher", and "Quick
    Draw Kirby").  The 4th game is the "vs. Boss" mode in which you
    must battle all the bosses of the game, all over again -- one
    after the other.
    However, if you do finish the game with a 100% score, you are
    rewarded with a 5th bonus game called "Extra Game."  The "Extra
    Game" is actually the same Kirby game with these added
    difficulties:  you only get 3 life units and 2 lives to start the
    game with!!  (Though you can add extra lives, only during the
    There are two ways to get this "Extra Game":  if you play the
    game completely from the beginning and solve each door - one by
    one - in order, at the end of the credits (when the special
    ability status screen reads "Bye-bye"), press the Start button
    and a special "Extra Game" screen will appear.  The screen will
    mention the added difficulty of the "Extra Game"!  Oh, and by the
    way, you *can't* save the "Extra Game" either!
    The other way is when you go back to find the hidden rooms after
    you finished the game.  After you have solved the last section
    (after jumping on the button), the "Extra Game" screen will
    appear.  The "Extra Game" mode will appear in the "file name"
    sub-menu on the "Bonus Game" screen.
    Kirby's Adventure also uses an unusual (unique??) percentage
    meter.  This meter shows how far the player has gotten into the
    game by offering a ranking system.  There are 11 different
    ranking positions.  The ranking will change every 10 percent,
    depending on how far the player has gotten in the game.  The
    rankings will also show you how good of a puzzle solver you are.
    The rankings are as follows:
    11) Hero of Lore    100% 
    10) Final Star      90%
     9) Great Ace       80% 
     8) Star General    70% 
     7) Dream Warrior   60% 
     6) Dream Hunter    50% 
     5) Star Herald     40% 
     4) Swift Hunter    30% 
     3) Li'l Travel     20% 
     2) Son of Wind     10% 
     1) Water Drop      1%-9%  } These are the exceptions to the 10%
     0) START           0%     } ranking system.  You begin the game
                                 with 0% which is "Start."  Only when
                                 you have played a little of the
                                 game, then the ranking meter will
                                 change to 1% ("Water Drop")
    While thumbing through the instruction booklet, page 19 stated
    that there were over 20 enemies "Special abilities" that can be
    acquired.  To be honest, we never realized that there were so
    many.  Actually, while playing, many times one tends not to pay
    attention to such things nor start counting them.  So we decided
    to find out how many "special abilities" there actually are.  The
    first thing we did was to write down, from memory, the weapons
    that we remembered using.  After finishing the list, we were
    really surprised by how many weapons there were.  And after
    playing the game once again, we realized that we had gotten every
    weapon written down!  Gee, guess that we were somehow mentally
    keeping track of all the weapons in the game.  There are a total
    of 26 "special abilities" to be obtained.  These "special
    abilities" are as follows:
    1) Laser    6) Stone    11) Tornado     16) Throw       21) Spark
    2) Beam     7) Sword    12) Ball        17) Backdrop    22) Light
    3) Hi-Jump  8) Parasol  13) Fire        18) Mike        13) Wheel
    4) Ice      9) Needles  14) Fireball    19) Crash       24) Sleep
    5) Freeze   10) U.F.O.  15) Hammer      20) Cutter      25) StarRod
    and finally,
    26) Mix
    The last two entries are very interesting additions.  Though you
    don't actually "acquire" the StarRod, you are automatically given
    the weapon in Level 8 ("The Fountain of Dreams") to use against
    the "Meteorite" boss and Nightmare, itself.  And while the "Mix"
    is not officially a weapon, technically, it is.  In order to
    obtain a "Mix", you'd have to inhale two or more enemies with
    "Special Abilities", simultaneously.  All previous "abilities"
    are mixed together until the "Mix" ability is absorbed, leaving
    you with only one weapon (whether it be the desired weapon or
    not).  You can consider this "special ability" as a "pot luck"
    We are all familiar with the "mike" ability.  We all know that we
    get 3 "mikes" to use.  But have you actually taken a close look
    at the type of "mikes" that Kirby uses?  Kirby uses 3 different
    "mikes!!!"  Every "mike" is used in the same order.  The "mikes"
    used in order are as follows:
    1) Megaphone 
    2) Microphone 
    3) Microphone with a mike stand (Kirby
    doing his rock 'n roll impersonation)
    With the U.F.O. ability, you are given the option of using 4
    different types of shots:
    1) One quick "B" button press -- you get "beam" shot.  
    2) One quick "1 second" "B" button press -- you get "laser" shot.
    3) One quick "2 second" "B" button press -- you get one "star"
    4) Charge up your weapon until the weapons stops blinking
    (use the "B" button) -- you get a 2 "star" shot, which is a
    Do you wanna see Kirby get pissed off?  Go play the "Crane Fever"
    bonus game.  Instead of positioning your crane to try to pick up
    Kirby, position the crane, so that the crane slightly passes by
    Kirby, making sure that the left grabber of the crane is somewhat
    directly over Kirby's chest (more or less near Kirby's mouth).
    Now lower the crane.  If positioned correctly, the grabbers
    should "pinch down" on Kirby.  You will know if you have done
    this correctly, if Kirby's face changes color and Kirby gets
    angry.  It's so funny!!!!!
    Here's an interesting tidbit:  If you play the "Quick Draw" bonus
    game during regular game play, notice when you reach a certain
    amount, baby chickies pop out from Kirby's mouth.  But when you
    play this bonus game during the "Play Bonus Games" sub-screen
    menu, no baby chickies pop out from Kirby's mouth.  Why??????
    Notice during the end credits, you'll notice that the programmers
    show what weapons to use against the bosses.  Keep this in mind:
    just because they show you the weapons used, this doesn't mean
    that these weapons are the best weapons to use.  For example:  we
    use the "Hi-jump" ability instead of the "Tornado" ability to
    battle against the Kracko boss.  And as a tip, the "Crash"
    ability is a good choice to use first, to use against any bosses
    that have extra energy past their energy meters.
    Parting Questions and Comments 
    Below are some last thoughts that we hope that someone can answer
    for us --
    Does anyone know if there is an ending to the "vs. Boss" mode?
    If yes, please describe it.
    Does the "Extra game" mode have a different ending or is it the
    same as the regular game?  If different ending, please describe
    If you finish the "Extra game", are you rewarded with another
    different "Bonus game" or any type of extra bonus?  If yes,
    please explain.
    Is the Japanese version of Kirby's Adventure the same or is it
    different from the American version?  If there are any
    differences, please explain.  After playing the game so many
    times, we realized that the game might have been longer during
    Also, is there any chance that Kirby was (or is) featured in any
    "Anime Feature" in Japan?  Since many Nintendo characters (and
    other video game characters) appear in many animated movies and
    TV shows, there might be a possible chance that there's one of
    Kirby (comic books, maybe?).  Just recently, after years of
    realizing there might have been, we found out that there was a
    "Zelda" anime feature on video tape.  An acquaintance said that
    she had rented the tape out, but couldn't remember which rental
    place it was.  We knew there had to be one because we have seen
    many pictures with the feel of an animated movie or TV show.
    It's out there, somewhere.
    Is there any Kirby merchandise available in the U.S. and/or
    Any regular "built-in" codes and Game Genie codes for Kirby's
    Have you noticed that every now and then, a dark, shadow-y
    creature (wearing a metal mask and cape) throws at you a piece of
    candy (invincibility) during certain times throughout the game?
    This is the same creature who is the boss, who you must fight at
    the end of the "Orange Ocean" level.  Have you really paid close
    attention to this character?  After defeating this boss, he will
    take off his cape and mask.  Now take a good look at him.  Good
    Golly, Miss Molly -- it's Kirby!!!  Well, at least his twin
    brother, anyway.  Question:  Is the twin brother a bad Kirby?  Is
    so, why was he helping out Kirby throughout the game only to
    fight Kirby later on?  Where did this other Kirby come from?  Did
    DeDeDe have something to do with his creation?  Was this the
    first appearance of the twin Kirby in Kirby's Adventure or did
    the second Kirby appear in Kirby's Dreamland (Game Boy) first?
    Does the twin Kirby continue to appear in the other Kirby games?
    Just how popular is Kirby in Japan?
    Contrary to what is written on page 20 of the instruction
    booklet, you cannot combine 2 or move "special abilities."
    Actually this statement should have been clarified.  You cannot
    use 2 or more "special abilities" at the same time (though that
    would have been really cool).  What the instruction booklet is
    referring to is called a "Mix" ability.  And as far as we know,
    there is no new "special ability" to be found or used.  If you
    know of a *new* "special ability" found in the "mix ability" (and
    not found in the "special ability" list), please let us know.
    Oh, by the way -- the "Sleep" ability is not actually a weapon.
    Just use it for the fun of it or just to take a quick rest.
    Ain't Kirby cute!?
    If there is a "regular" or Game Genie code to increase the usage
    of the "mike" ability, what would happen to the "Types of mikes"
    order, if the "mike ability" is more that 3?  Will the "mike
    w/stand" continue to play until the "mike" ability ran out?  Will
    it reset and play all 3 types of "mikes" again?  Will a set of
    different "mikes" appear?  Or will nothing happen?
    And that's it!  Hope this guide has been of some help to you.  If
    can answer any of the above questions and comments, please send
    any information to the following address:
    Dominick Roman 
    Calle Haiti, BL-7 
    Santa Juanita 
    Bayamon, PR 00956
    Any information I receive, will be added to an "updated" FAQ.
    Also, I'll be interested in a used copy of "Kirby's Dreamland"
    (Game Boy), with it's original box and instruction booklet, at a
    really, really, REALLY cheap price.  Thanks for your time and
    By:  Dominick Roman and Joshua Roman
    [End of File] 

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