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Reviewed: 01/22/07

Where it all Began for Link & Zelda

Along time ago, there was a beautiful kingdom called Hyrule, ruled by the Hylian king and his daughter Princess Zelda, the kingdom had enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity. Hyrule was protected by a Mysterious triangle known as the Triforce, split into 3 pieces known as Power, Wisdom and Courage, the Triforce was believed to be a very powerful object that could grant wishes to it's owner. However one fateful day Hyrule was invaded by an evil Man named Ganon, who eventually stole the Triforce of Power, it helped conquer Hyrule but his dark ambitions were not satisfied, so he began to frantically search for the other parts. The Triforce of Wisdom was separated into 8 different pieces by Princess Zelda and hidden throughout the land, she was trying very hard to make sure Ganon could not get his hands on it knowing it could grant him the power to govern all along with the Triforce of Courage which doesn't make an appearance in this game. When Ganon learns of Zelda's whereabouts he captures her and imprisons her in his lair high on Death Mountain. But before this she successfully sends out her nurse Impa to search for a warrior worthy of ending Ganon's conquest, which would not be easy due to Ganon's power and the fact he possessed the Triforce of Power. Ganon's minions find Impa and ambush her, but a split second later a young warrior named Link emerged out of nowhere and defeated the minions who had launched the ambush. Impa was very grateful and told Link the story about Zelda, Ganon, and the Triforce. After hearing all the details Link sets off on a quest to rescue Zelda, Destroy Ganon and win back the Triforce of Power. Come on Link, Hyrules fate rests on your shoulders.

You control Link a Young Warrior who has set out on a mission to stop Ganon's evil plans. The game is played overhead with many different screens, you have to search Hyrule for 8 different dungeons, within these dungeons are evil creatures sent by Ganon to find the Triforce of Wisdom. When you complete each dungeon you will find a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom, once you find all 8 pieces, you must then scale Death Mountain break into Ganon's lair and Destroy him, once you have done this you will then win back the Triforce of Power and be able to free Zelda. At the end of each dungeon is a boss character that must be defeated in order to progress and get a triforce piece. It is by no means easy because Ganon has some very strong fighters in his army and they will show you no mercy. However there are many people such as Merchants, Little Old Men, and Little Old Ladies hiding around the land who are more than willing to give you a helping hand by supplying items, and information that will help you enormously on your quest. Items include Bow and Arrows which can be used to destroy enemies (some enemies can only be beaten using the Bow), the Raft which can help you to float on water, Blue Ring which makes your armour stronger, and many more.

Because this is an NES game the graphics are very out dated, they were considered good graphics back in the 1980's but of course video games have evolved ever since. However they are still quite pretty and you can clearly identify all the different characters in the game.

Replay Value
Nintendo have added a second quest onto this to obviously give the gamers a reward for completing the game. This is much harder than the First Quest, which will keep you playing much longer. The first quest is quite difficult too so you could spend ages trying to complete this as well, so overall I'd say there is plenty here to keep you going.

I love the music in this game. Especially the Dungeon music which has that Dark feeling you would get if you were exploring a creepy Dungeon full of evil monsters, a thing I like about the Dungeons are that when you are in one of the rooms next to the Dungeon Bosses you will here a strange noise of a fierce creature thrashing around I think it fits in superbly with the fact you are getting ready to fight against a big strong monster. The overworld music is pretty much straightforward stuff which gives you the feeling that you are searching for all the Dungeons and some useful items that will help you.

1. Very Challenging.
2. Terrific Storyline.
3. Mysterious.
4. Brilliant end of level Bosses which all have their particular Strengths and Weaknesses.

1. Out of Date Graphics and Sounds.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game especially fighting against all the bosses and in particular Ganon, who is pretty hard to beat, but I succeeded. The second quest will help give you more value for money and an extra challenge. You could also give yourself the challenge of trying to go through the whole game without dying once, hard but something worth doing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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