"This is simply horrible!!!"

We all have played or know about the mario games, right? Well, if you've played any Nintendo system then yes you do know of this series. I can't think of a Nintendo console that hasn't had at least one Mario game released for it. The vast majority of these were good (the N64 games I wouldn't know because I neither have an N64, want one or have the space for one(. The vast majority of the NES Mario games were quite entertaining (except the original Super Mario Bros), but this game is absolutely horrible!! It matters not that it has good control and good music (for the most part). It was just really bad in my opinion. Maybe because of its horrible storyline and lack of any real challenge. Also, it's way too short!
Control 10-10. All right, the controls are pretty good. I can't really criticize them. They worked, so they were good.
Audio 8-10. OK, for the most part the music is quite good. The only problem I had was the theme for the area between stages. It's a crappily rendered version of the castle theme from Super Mario WOrld (or should I say the castle theme from SMW is a far better rendition of this theme). The NES version sucked!! The rest of the music was pretty good, especially for the battle with the final and only boss of the game. The game also features an ending theme that is a very well rendered version of the original Super Mario Bros' main theme (and that's saying something). The SFX were hardly the NES's best in that department but they fit their purposes. So why the low overall score? Well, I'm getting to that!
Story 1-10. So Mario's been abducted and it's up to Luigi to save him. Very bad, even for a Mario game. In order to save Mario you had to go through various lands of our own world, Australia and Paris and such, to recover items and kill Koopa Troopers. Very horrible even for Mario.
Challenge 1-10. Uhm, that gets a real low score. Things weren't exactly hard to find. And ya know, I don't even believe it's possible to die! I know the Koopa Troopers couldn't kill me. Maybe that last boss could have, but why go all the way to the final boss just to find out if it's possible to die? You tell me.
Overall 1-10. Unless you're a little kid or just like pointless games with no challenge, then this game isn't for you. DOn't get it and expect a challenge. About the hardest thing in this game is not smashing it to pieces out of boredom!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/04/01, Updated 03/01/03

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