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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CMoriarty

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    -Mega Man 1- (Nintendo Entertainment System version)
    "The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 1"
    By: Colin Moriarty
    E-mail: cmoriarty311@cs.com | AOL IM: CMoriarty311
    Version FINAL (released on June 14, 2001)
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    Table of Contents:
    I.)     Introduction to "The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 1"
    II.)    Versions, Various Notes, Et Cetera
    III.)	Storyline/Plot
    IV.)	Characters
    V.)	*Walkthrough*
    VI.)    Ending
    VII.)	Items
    VIII.)	Weapons
    IX.)    Damage Chart
    X.)	Special Thanks, About the Author and Closing Notes
    XI.)	Disclaimer
    Welcome to "The Complete Handbook to Mega Man 1" written by me, Colin
    Moriarty. Within you'll find information to help you beat this game and
    even more information to help you enjoy yourself as you play.
    This guide, as of June 14, 2001, was written well over a year ago, but I felt
    the need to make this the final version of the guide as I change a few 
    things, edit a few things, and whatnot. I'm busy writing new guides, and this 
    guide has been as complete as possible for over a year now, so I'm just going 
    to close it.
    You're still more than welcome to send your Mega Man related questions (or 
    any question you might have for any videogame I've written a guide for, for 
    that matter), to me via e-mail at cmoriarty311@cs.com, but no more 
    suggestions for the guide, and I reiterate - you CANNOT have this guide on 
    your site (only GameFAQs is authorized), so please don't ask. Onward.
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    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.]
    Versions of this guide:
    *Version 1.0 - Initial Release (January 02, 2000)
    *Version 1.5 - Second Release (January 03, 2000)
    - Fixed some odds and ends around the guide.
    - Added another holder of the guide, gamewinners.com. (now this can be found 
    at both gamewinners.com and GameFAQs.com).
    *Version 2.0 - Third Release. (January 04, 2000)
    - Added items to the "Items" Chart.
    *Version 2.5 - Fourth Release (January 06, 2000)
    - Minor updates in the character bios (Robot Masters' stuff, mainly), and I
    updated (minor update) the Damage Chart.
    - This will -probably- be the final update of this guide. Unless there is
    something new found for this game (in which case I'll update right away), 
    it's time to move onto new guides for you guys to use!
    *Version 3.0 - Fifth Release (February 01, 2000)
    - Okay, so I lied! Actually, I just updated Rid of AOL and I had to update my
    contact information. So if you now want to e-mail me, do so at
    quickman311@neo-tokyo.org and to message me on AIM, do so at QuickMan311.
    *Version 3.5 - Sixth Release (February 24, 2001)
    -Alright guys, this is it. I've edited a few things, changed my e-mail 
    address (it is now quickman311@neo-tokyo.org), updated a few things here and 
    there, and made it clear that this guide is to only be found on GameFAQs, and 
    if it's found anywhere else, let me know. If it's found on Gamewinners, let 
    it go, I gave Al permission to use it a long time ago, so I won't be mad at 
    him for that, that isn't his fault I suddenly changed my policy.
    *Version FINAL - Seventh and FINAL Release (June 14, 2001)
    - I took the liberty of adding an "ending" section to the guide, so that 
    people, aware that it is a spoilers section, can read about the ending and 
    see the closing credits as well, basically just for reference purposes. Also, 
    I added the "main screen" information (the basic game copyright information) 
    for reference as well, and it can be found below, right in Section III. 
    Additionally, I added an "About The Author" segment to Section X, if you're 
    so obliged to check it out, please be my guest.
    - This guide is now considered "closed and final" which means that it will no
    longer ever be updated. Your still welcome (and encouraged) to send questions
    regarding this game (or any other game I've written a walkthrough for) my way
    at cmoriarty311@cs.com, and if you want to chat about games, my AOL
    screen name (instant messenger only) is CMoriarty311. I no longer use mIRC 
    (at  EsperNet) or ICQ. Thanks for supporting the guide.
    Various Notes:
    Well, welcome to my guide for Mega Man. This game is a classic game for the
    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released in 1987 by Capcom, one of their
    first videogame releases ever. It features intuitive design, a stage select
    screen (where you can choose the order in which to beat the various stages of
    the game), and great character and enemy design as well. This game is a great
    challenge, and I hope my guide helps you in your quest to complete the game 
    in its entirety, the quest of gamers everywhere.
    * SECTION III: Storyline/Plot *
    The first Mega Man in a series of many, including five more for the
    Nintendo Entertainment System, is quite simple.
    Dr. Light, famous pioneer of the field of robotics, has created nine
    new robots made to help in production and maintenance of Megaopolis, a
    major city where humans and robots alike live together in harmony with
    each other. Dr. Light's assistant, Dr. Wily had other plans, however.
    Dr. Wily, one night, steals six of the robots from the lab and re-
    programs them to do his bidding. With these robots, he plans on taking
    over not only the city, but the entire world! The three remaining
    robots, Mega Man, Proto Man, and Roll, must work together to stop Dr.
    Wily before his plans become reality!
    Mega Man must fight through six initial stages and then Dr. Wily's
    multiple-stage castle to finish the game. This guide is made to help
    you do just that.
    ----> [What appears on the screen when you turn the game on]
                        PRESS START
              TM AND ©1987 CAPCOM U.S.A., INC.
                        LICENSED BY
                  NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC.
    [Please note these character stats are no longer found in an HTML version at
    protoman.com. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.]
    |  How to read the Character Profiles...                                       
    |  Name: The Robots' Name                                                     
    |  Number: His Number of Creation                                             
    |  Weapon: His Primary Weapon                                                 
    |  Height: The Robots' Height                                                 
    |  Strength: How Strong the Robot Is                                          
    |  Dexterity: How Well the Robot Uses His Weapon/Ability                      
    |  Intelligence: How Intelligent the Robot Is/How Smartly He Attacks          
    |  Agility: How Quick the Robot Is                                            
    |  Stamina: How Able-Bodied the Robot Is                                      
    |  Difficulty: How Difficult the Robot Is to Defeat In Battle                 
    Name: Mega Man
    Number: #001
    Weapon: Mega Buster
    Height: 4'4"
    Strength: ???
    Dexterity: ???
    Intelligence: ???
    Agility: ???
    Stamina: ???
    Mega Man, the star of the program, is Dr. Light's star robot. It is his
    job to destroy the six stolen robots, and eventually, Dr. Wily himself.
    But can he do it? Can he save Megaopolis and the world? Only time will
    Name: Bomb Man
    Number: #006
    Weapon: Hyper Bomb
    Height: 4'6"
    Strength: 76
    Dexterity: 60
    Intelligence: 80
    Agility: 46
    Stamina: 90
    Bomb Man isn't very hard to beat. The regular arm cannon works fine,
    and will suffice in defeating him. His fighting style is easy. He'll
    jump around the room tossing Hyper Bombs at you. He'll jump back and
    forth, and he has good aim, so keep moving! If you get too close,
    chances are he'll jump to the opposite side of the room. Just keep
    movingand firing, and he'll be toast in no time.
    Name: Guts Man
    Number: #004
    Weapon: Super Arm
    Height: 5'10"
    Strength: 79
    Dexterity: 80
    Intelligence: 31
    Agility: 23
    Stamina: 129
    Guts Man is probably the easiest Robot Master to defeat in the game, if
    you're equipped with Bomb Man's weapon, the Hyper Bombs. Guts Man will
    mainly jump around the room. As he jumps, he throws big rocks which
    break upon impact with a hard object and hurdle at Mega Man. He's
    pretty predictable, because when he jumps in place and causes an
    earthquake, you know he's going to throw a rock at Mega Man. Try to
    avoid his earthquakes by jumping right before he does it. When he is
    defeated, you'll have his Super Arm, a very vital weapon.
    Name: Cut Man
    Number: #003
    Weapon: Rolling Cutters
    Height: 4'7" (scissors on head give him 3")
    Strength: 73
    Dexterity: 60
    Intelligence: 78
    Agility: 49
    Stamina: 112
    Cut Man has the tendency to pursue Mega Man rather than stay away and
    use his weapon from afar. Use this to your advantage. With the Hyper
    Arm equipped, use the two rocks present in his lair to defeat him. If
    you miss him with one of the rocks or you don't have the Hyper Arm yet,
    the arm cannon will do fine in defeating him. Be weary, however, of his
    Rolling Cutters, as they are force to be dealt with.
    Name: Elec Man
    Number: #008
    Weapon: Thunder Beam
    Height: 4'2"
    Strength: 91
    Dexterity: 60
    Intelligence: 77
    Agility: 47
    Stamina: 123
    The hardest Robot Master to defeat in this game, Elec Man only needs
    THREE hits with his Thunder Beam to kill Mega Man. The best and ONLY
    reasonable choice in defeating him is by using Cut Man's Rolling
    Cutters, so make sure to have defeated Cut Man before coming to Elec
    Man's stage. Elec Man's fighting style is quite similar to that of Cut
    Man's, although he may fight from afar from time to time as well.
    Name: Ice Man
    Number: #005
    Weapon: Ice Slasher
    Height: 4'4"
    Strength: 88
    Dexterity: 60
    Intelligence: 83
    Agility: 25
    Stamina: 109
    Ice Man is a pretty difficult robot master to defeat, unless you're
    equipped with Elec Man's Thunder Beam, in which case Ice Man will die
    in three shots! Ice Man is slow, and so are his attacks. He jumps up in
    the air slowly, and then comes back down slowly, all the while shooting
    the Ice Slasher at you. Even though his Ice Slasher comes at you
    extremely slowly, he shoots them strategically, so that they're nearly
    impossible to avoid.
    Name: Fire Man
    Number: #007
    Weapon: Fire Storm
    Height: 4'9" (with flame on head at full height)
    Strength: 82
    Dexterity: 60
    Intelligence: 78
    Agility: 53
    Stamina: 134
    Fire Man is predictable, and easy to beat with either the Ice Slasher
    or Mega Man's arm cannon. He walks up to you and shoots continuous
    streams of his Fire Storm at Mega Man. If Mega Man tries to get close
    to him, Fire Man will flee back further and avoid Mega Man. Just shoot
    your weapon at him, without trying to avoid his Fire Storm. If you keep
    shooting endlessly, he'll perish before you loose all of your energy.
    This is about as in-depth as a walkthrough can get. This walkthrough
    will help you conquer Mega Man I with ease. So please, enjoy it, and
    your best bet would be to follow it step by step. Of course, you don't
    have to, most things in the game are pretty self-explanatory. This
    walkthrough is more for reference.
    As the stage begins, you will be attacked by a few small, red hopping
    things. Avoid them or shot them, and collect any point balls, energy
    bullets, etc. that they drop, and continue on. Next, jump over the many
    holes being careful to not get hit by the enemies that jump out of the
    holes and split into four pieces. When you get through that, continue
    through the board, attacking the robots that come out of the floor and
    shoot at you. Jump up the two blocks, get the two energy pellets at
    your left, and go up the ladder.
    Next, you'll see four reddish-colored robots clinging to the left-hand
    wall. Go all the way up the ladder you're on, and shoot the one on the
    top. Next, go down the ladder that the robots are next to and shoot
    them, one by one. It's okay if you get shot a few times, just get the
    energy bullet on the bottom of the ladder, go back up the ladder, and
    up the next ladder.
    Right when you get up the ladder, a small green robot with a shield
    will attack you. When you don't shoot, he'll take the shield away and
    start shooting at you in intervals. This is when you attack him. When
    he shoots, jump over it and hit him a few times. Repeat until he's
    dead. Continue forward. You'll run into these missile-looking objects
    flying through the air. Shoot them from a distance, as they explode
    when they are defeated, which can injure Mega Man. Also, there are more
    of those red robots clinging to the walls, so make quick work of them
    as well. When you get to a ladder, climb up it, still avoiding the
    exploding missiles. Shoot the red things on the floor to freeze them
    for a few seconds, and go up the next ladder.
    Climb up the ladder as quick as you can, and jump across the three
    blocks to the next ladder. If a missile is tailing you, just keep
    going, you'll probably outrun it if you're moving quickly.
    This next part is kind of tricky. The floor is lined with spikes (which
    kill Mega Man with one hit), AND there are red balls floating around
    that are immune to Mega Man's shots except for when they open the shell
    to shoot at Mega Man. Be weary of these guys, they can cause a mess and
    they are quite tricky, as they shoot in a 360 degree way, shooting
    bullets in all directions. If one is directly over or under you, stand
    diagonally to it, as his bullets don't hit there. So proceed over the
    spikes, killing the red balls as you go. When you get back onto flat
    land, they continue to attack. Climb up the ladder, and jump back down,
    pressing your control pad to the right, so that you get into the block
    with the green guy holding the shield. Kill him, get the extra life
    (the little Mega Man head), and go back down the way you came in.
    Continue to your right, and attack the last green guy. Head into Bomb
    Man's lair. Take the ladder down, kill the red eyes (get next to them
    when they're on your left, NOT RIGHT, then shoot them to kill them.)
    Now you're about to face Bomb Man.
    Bomb Man's strategy is truly simple. He jumps around chucking bombs.
    Stay away from him and keep shooting while avoiding his bombs. Use the
    Mega Buster, it's the only weapon you have right now. =) When he is
    defeated, you get his weapon, the Hyper Bomb! Continue on to the next
    level, Guts Man!
    Guts Man's board is tough, but it's also short and easily beatable. The
    beginning of the board contains some Metools (that look like yellow
    hardhats, and we will refer to them in this walkthrough as Hard Hats).
    Kill them when they come out of their shell to fire at Mega Man, and
    continue up to a mechanism that has these little platforms going back
    and forth on them. Wait until the platform gets near, and jump on them.
    You must strategically find a way to get Mega Man to the other side.
    It's hard to explain, so I'll let you figure it out on your own. Just
    be aware of the gaps in the mechanisms that tip the platform over. When
    you get to these gaps, simply jump, and land on the platform on the
    other side of the gap.
    When you get out of the mechanism, proceed on to the right, killing the
    three green helicopter-like robots that swoop down to hit you. More
    over to the right you'll find two guys that throw rock picks at you
    endlessly. Kill them and proceed to find two more. Kill the first one
    before you get onto the platform he's on, then jump onto his platform,
    onto the next one, killing the final rock pick thrower, and go down the
    Now there are three choices, you can go down three different paths.
    Your best bet would be to go down the middle one. Get whatever items
    you come across in your fall, and proceed down.
    Down here you'll come across a rather large blue jumping robot, that
    takes away A LOT of energy if he lands on you. Kill him and proceed to
    the right again. Enter Guts Man's lair, killing the hard hats as you
    go. (if you're low on energy, keep going back and forth killing the
    hard hats, as they hold energy at times. They re-appear after you leave
    the screen, so going back and forth is effective).
    Guts Man is simple, now that you have Bomb Man's weapon, the Hyper
    Bombs. Throw them at him, keeping in mind that they don't explode right
    away. Try to read where he will be when they explode, a few seconds
    after they are thrown. He's toast after three hits with the Hyper
    Bombs. Just make sure to avoid the rocks he throws at you, as they
    split up into small pieces when they hit a solid object like the rocks
    under your feet or the wall. Now you have his weapon, the Super Arm!
    Move onto Cut Man's level next.
    At the beginning of the stage, there is a ladder for you to go up. Go
    up it and go to your right. Kill the blue swooping helicopters and just
    continue to your right for a little while. (pick up any items the blue
    guys drop, such as extra lives, energy pellets, and point balls).
    Eventually, you'll get up to a wall and a ladder with two red guys
    clinging to two different walls. Kill them both, pick up anything they
    drop, and go up the ladder on the top right of your screen.
    Next there are three more wall-clingers to kill. Kill them, and
    continue up the sets of ladders. Go up the next ladder on the top right
    of the screen. The next part is the same thing practically as the last
    part, with a different layout. Just kill the three wall-clingers, and
    go up the NEXT ladder in the right hand corner of the screen. =)
    (remember that you can shoot through walls, so you can kill the wall-
    clingers when you're behind them to avoid getting hit).
    In the next area, kill the first wall-clinger when you're still on the
    ladder. Jump over the ditch and climb up the next ladder. Kill the
    second wall-clinger when he is about to shoot, then jump up into the
    plank and do the same thing to the third-wall clinger. Go up the ladder
    into the next area.
    Go right and kill the little eyeballs and red jumpy things and go up
    the next ladder. This next area has an elaborate set of four eyeballs
    going in every which way. Kill all four of them, while avoiding them,
    and go up the next ladder. The same idea is in effect for the next
    area, except for there are eyeballs in more difficult positions in
    which to kill them in. Kill them and pick up any energy bullets and
    point balls you need.
    The next part has five eyeballs in a much more cramped area. Be careful
    when killing them, especially the first two in your path. They corner
    you in a tight area, and you'll most likely get hit at least once in
    this area. Go up the ladder in the top left corner after you kill the
    Watch out for the scissor-thrower as you come up the ladder. Go right,
    kill the three blue swooping-helicopters, get the large energy pellet
    down the small path, and go down the ladder.
    This next part has some of those floating red balls from Bomb Man's
    level. Shoot them if you want, and take the ladder down, and just keep
    climbing ladders down until you're out of that area. Do not just jump
    down the ditches, as you'll land on spikes that are below in the next
    This final area of the level has another large blue robot. Put on the
    Super Arm that you got from defeating Guts Man and pick up the blocks
    that are right under you. Throw three of them at the robot to defeat
    him. Go right and into Cut Man's lair. Kill the three orange guns that
    come out of the floor and the ceiling, and go into the next area to
    fight Cuts Man. (have your Super Arm equipped).
    Cut Man is simple with the Hyper Arm. Two hits and he's dead, but the
    only two shots you have are the two blocks under your feet as you walk
    in to fight him, so make sure not to miss. If you do, just hit him with
    the Mega Buster until he dies. Avoid his scissors as much as possible.
    When you beat him, you get the Rolling Cutters! Go onto Elec Man, he's
    our next target!
    Elec Man's board is pretty difficult, as Elec Man is himself. In the
    beginning of the board, you have four platforms, two at each side of
    the screen at different levels. You want to shoot at the red floor-
    crawlers to freeze them, and jump back and forth until you can get to
    the top platform on the right that has the ladder on it. Do this. (it
    takes a while to do it right, but just be patient). Two more of those
    red crawlers inhabit the next area after you go up the ladder from the
    previous section. Simply freeze them and go up the ladder on the top of
    the screen.
    Next, there are two blue-balled blocks that shoot electricity in
    intervals. Time your jumps so you don't hit into them when they are
    going. Go up the ladder. This next part can be a pain. On this tall
    ladder you climb, three green robots will float down from the top and
    the bottom. When you get in front of one of them, two eyes pop out of
    the top and the bottom of the robot, shooting electrical charges at
    you. It's practically unavoidable in this area to not get hit. Just
    make sure to not get knocked off the ladder too much, and keep moving
    up as much as possible. When you get through that part, you have the
    infamous Mega Man trademark, the appearing and disappearing blocks.
    It's hard to explain what to do here, but it's not hard to figure out.
    Just watch the pattern that the blocks appear and disappear in, and
    jump on them to get up the ladder on the right hand side. (don't bother
    with the left hand ladder, it just leads to the small blue energy
    bullets for weapons).
    This next part is simple. Just go across the appearing/disappearing
    block bridge over to the ladder. Go up the ladder and go left to eh
    next ladder, which you should also go up.
    This next part has a few blocks (not the disappearing kind) for you to
    jump on. Don't go get the energy pellet in the little crevice, it's
    actually a trick! You can get down there but it's nearly impossible to
    jump back up to the next block without getting knocked off because you
    hit your head on the ceiling. Go over the set of blocks and up the
    Here you have two choices; the left ladder (which is outside) or the
    right ladder (which is inside). Take the right hand ladder. More of
    those annoying green floating robots come to ruin the day. Shoot them
    or avoid them and continue upwards. (You'll get hit a few times; it's
    okay.) The next part has a set of ladders with more electricity
    shooters. Plan your climbs so you won't get hit and continue up into
    the next area.
    Here, run left and up the short ladder. You'll see a blue gun-looking
    thing behind three moveable blocks. Equip Guts Man's Super Arm and
    remove the three blocks. This is a special must-have item that shoots
    temporary little platforms for you to use to get to hard to reach
    areas. (this item is called the Magnet Beam, but we'll refer to it as
    many different things throughout this walkthrough.) Continue up the
    right hand ladder. More of the electricity shooters are here. Avoid
    them and continue up the ladder. Continue up the next set of ladders
    avoiding the electricity shooter on the top. In this next area there is
    a red-hopper. Make him come down the ladder and shoot him. Then equip
    the Super Arm again to remove the block. Unequip the Super Arm, equip
    the newly found platform maker, and use it to get up to the next area.
    There is another set of blocks to jump on. Jump on them and go the next
    ladder and up it. Avoid the two electricity shooters and go up to the
    next area. Avoid or kill the huge red-hopper and go into Elec Man's
    lair. If you're below half energy, I suggest having your Mega Man
    commit suicide, so you can have full energy to face Elec Man. Anyway,
    climb the ladder, avoiding the electrical charges, and fight Elec Man.
    Elec Man is absolutely no joke. He's hard, extremely hard. So make sure
    to have your Rolling Cutters equipped. Just fire them at him as quick
    as you can to destroy him. Remember, he only needs three hits on you to
    kill you, so make quick work of him or pay the price. When you defeat
    him, you get the Thunder Beam! Go onto the next stage, Ice Man's.
    Ice Man's stage is difficult, but pretty straightforward never the
    less. In the beginning of the stage you'll fight a bunch of green
    robots that run towards you. Try hitting them in the head, and not the
    body. If you hit them in the head, they'll explode, but if you hit them
    in the body, the body dies and the head floats after you at twice the
    speed! Continue to the right, killing robots as you go. Jump into the
    water. Unlike every other Mega Man game, you get no extra boost when
    you jump in water, so keep this in mind, Avoid the red things that are
    on the floor in the water and avoid or kill the flying penguins as the
    When you come out of the water, penguins will still attack you, so just
    keep doing what you're doing to either avoid or kill them. Jump down
    the little tube into the next area. Equip the Rolling Cutters and fire
    them at the red thing on the floor so they don't bother you. Unequip
    the Rolling Cutters and watch the appearing/disappearing blocks, so you
    can figure out the sequence. When you get to the top, take the tube
    down into the next area.
    Again, in this area, equip the Rolling Cutters and destroy the guy on
    the floor so he doesn't bother you, and again, watch the sequence of
    the appearing/disappearing blocks so you can figure it all out. Get to
    the other side of the wall and continue to your right. (Another option
    here is to use the platform maker that you got at Elec Man's stage.
    Simply go to the right wall and use them! It's all up to you which
    route you want to take, but I actually recommend doing it with the
    blocks so you get used to it.)
    Whichever way you get to the right, you're there! Now you're at a point
    where these floating things with eyes are all over the place. This part
    is a little difficult. You must get from guy to guy without getting
    shot out of the air by the shots they shoot out of their heads. There
    are two main sections to this; the part without the penguins and the
    part with the penguins. When you finally get to the part with the
    penguins, just shoot them as you go. Remember, keep using the item you
    got from Elec Man's board to help you along, if you need the extra
    boost or whatever. When you finish that part, continue to the right and
    down the pipe. Get the items here if you need them, and go down the
    next pipe.
    Kill the huge red jumping robots any way you can and keep going right.
    Enter Ice Man's lair. Kill the flying penguins as they come at you
    while you go right. Go in and fight Ice Man. (have the Thunder Beam
    equipped.) Ice Man is a piece of cake if you have the Thunder Beam.
    Just rapid fire him until he's done. Then, go to the final stage, Fire
    Man's level, with you're new weapon, the Ice Slasher!
    --STAGE SIX: FIRE MAN-------
    Fire Man's board is simple, in my opinion. Here's what you do. You
    start off in a complex system of ladders and platforms, littered with
    guns coming out of the floor and ceiling. Go up the ladders, and kill
    the guns as you go. A good technique to kill the guns is to kill the
    ones on the floor when you're low on a ladder so they can't fire and
    hit you, and at the same time you can kill them without shooting at
    Anyway, go right. Go down the next set of ladders and platforms, and
    kill some more guns. Go right again. Jump over the lava pit (and keep
    an eye on the three guys that were shot out of the pit as they come
    down and follow you're general direction, and can hit you and take away
    some energy.) Also, avoid the fire stream coming out of the floor. Go
    up the ladder.
    Go up the next set of ladders, and don't bother getting the energy
    pellets, as they are guarded by the fire shooters that come out of the
    floor, and you'll end up getting hit and lose more energy, so it's not
    worth it. Go up the next ladder into the next area. In this next area,
    avoid the two side-by-side fire shooters and go to the fire shooters
    that shoot horizontally similar to the electricity shooters found on
    Elec Man's stage. Just go right and avoid all of the "fire hazards" as
    you go. Make sure to get the three energy pellets as you come to the
    end of this area. (if you need more, just go down the ladder and come
    back up, as they'll re-appear. Do this as much as needed.)
    In this next area, avoid the two fire shooters and go down the ladder
    at the left hand side at the bottom of the screen. Now, this part can
    get a bit difficult. Just go right, avoid some more "fire hazards" and
    be weary of the guys that come out of the lava and then float back down
    towards you. When you get to the ladder, go up it. Continue through the
    system of ladders and enemies similar to what is found in the beginning
    of this stage. Keep going right, jumping over the lava pits, and enter
    Fire Man's lair. If you need energy before fighting him, keep running
    back and forth and kill the ceiling guns.
    Fire Man is simple. Just keep firing Ice Slashers at him. Don't worry
    about getting hit, just keep firing until he dies. When he is defeated,
    you get his weapon, the Fire Storm! Now, go to Dr. Wily's castle! It's
    time to fight the man himself!
    Okay, we're finally here! Right in the beginning is one of those huge
    hopping robots. Just avoid him and continue to your right. There is
    another one just ahead, and I suggest avoiding him as well, and just
    continue to your right. (avoid the next one as well! =P) Now, equip the
    Super Arm, and move the blocks that hinder you from entering the
    fortress. Now, continue right, and avoid the fire shooters that shoot
    from the ceiling. Go up the ladder.
    In this next area, get the energy pellet if you can and continue up the
    next ladder. Now, in this next area, you can't get the energy pellets
    behind the removable blocks, so equip the Super Arms again, remove the
    three blocks on the bottom of the screen, and go down the ladder. Next,
    avoid the spikes and jump platform to platform while avoid the
    missiles. Go down the ladder in the bottom left.
    This next part is a bit annoying. It's what is found on Ice Man's stage
    kicked up a notch. Jump from helicopter to helicopter, and simply avoid
    the shots that they shoot from the sides of their head.
    When you get through that and you go up the ladder, equip the platform
    maker, amd make some platforms so you can get to the top of the ditch.
    Go left, make some more platforms, and go up the ladder. Go right and
    you're in the Rock Monster's lair!!!! (yes, THE Rock Monster!)
    When you get into the lair, immediately run to the right of the screen.
    Before you know it, blocks at all different place will come flying
    across the room. Avoid them best you can. Equip the Elec Beam. Fire it
    at his eye and keep pressing select! Just keep pressing it! If you did
    it right, he should die with one hit! Now we're onto the second level!
    On this level, you start off on a platform. Move to your right a bit,
    jump over the ditch, and kill some small green helicopters. This what
    you want to do for the entire stage! Just keep moving right and kill
    them. When you get to the end, you'll find that you'll fall into a
    false floor, and you'll fight Cut Man again! There are no blocks to
    throw here, so the Super Arm is useless. Instead, equip the regular ol'
    Mega Buster and fire away! When he croaks for the second time, (wasn't
    that easy?),  move to the left of the screen and you'll fall through
    another false floor. Now you're outside again. Go to the right and get
    the energy pellets, and then move right again, killing more guns, and
    then, guess what?... you'll fall through yet another false floor and
    fight the infamous Elec Man! When you defeat him for the second time,
    again move to the left and you'll find yourself under yet another false
    floor. Fall down it and move to your right again, avoiding this time
    the robots that come out of ditches and split into four parts!
    Move to your right, keep going, I can wait. Okay, there? Good. Go down
    the ladder you arrive at. If you feel the need to, use the Magnet Beam
    to get to the free guy over on that platform to the left. Kill some
    more eyeballs and go down the next ladder. Keep going down and killing
    the eyes. Now you'll start facing both eyes and the wall-clingers. Kill
    them all as you go, and just keep going down, and DO collect all energy
    you can for both Mega Man and his weapons. Eventually you'll get to a
    place where it's like a disco room! A portal like device will come down
    and clone you. You have to fight yourself!!!!! Ahhhh! No biggy though.
    Equip the Elec Beam and do the rapid-select trick on him, or if you'd
    like, simply equip the Mega Buster and take him out! Time to move on...
    You start off in an area with three eyeballs. Kill whichever ones are
    in your way and jump down the ditch. Equip the Elec Beam and kill the
    gun that is on the left side ceiling. Then, repeat this for the next
    few areas you come across. Now you're in a narrow path. Go right down
    this path. A rush of blue comes down the path so you can't stop walking
    and some penguins (from Ice Man's level) come from the other side. Kill
    them, and then the explosive type come down the path. Kill them from a
    distance. Enter the short doorway, and fight the Bubble Machine. You
    can either equip the Super Arm and kill that way or use the Mega
    Buster. Either way, take care of it and we'll move on!
    Jump onto the blocks and get on the ladder. Climb up it. (Avoid the
    green guys the best you can as you climb the ladder). Keep going up,
    kill the green guys that try to electrocute you, and go right. Avoid
    the guns, kill the guns, or get hit by the guns. Anyway you do this
    part, it's up to you, but get the heck out of there as quickly as you
    can! Go up the two ladders, and... does this look familiar? You know what
    to do here. (refer to Guts Man's strategy if you need help.) Get on the
    platform, and feel free to go get both the free guy and the "Yasashi"
    which refills all of your weapons back to full. Then, go into the
    You get teleported to another lair, this time, you'll be fighting Bomb
    Man. Unleash on him with the Mega Buster, and go back into the
    teleporter. Equip the Ice Slasher and get ready for Fire Man! Keep
    firing at him, kill him, and again, go back into the teleporter. Ice
    Man is in this, the final re-fight with the Robot Masters. Equip the
    Elec Man and clean his clock, baby! After that, go back into the
    teleporter again. Guts Man is last on your list. Equip the Hyper Bombs
    and kill the sucker! Go back into the teleporter yet again.
    Now you're in a room. Go right into the wall. This is it, the final
    fight with Wily! Equip the Elec Beam and fire it at the big ball on the
    front of his robot. (Use the rapid-select trick). Then when it falls
    off and there is a flashing ball on the front of his robot, use the
    Rolling Cutters on it. (And use the rapid-select trick again.)
    Congratulations! You've beaten Mega Man I!
    After defeating the final robot, Mega Man stands before the fallen Dr. Wily, 
    who bows before Mega Man's feet. You then receive whatever points you get for 
    completing that, the final stage of the game.
    After that, some text ensues, saying that Dr. Wily has been defeated and Mega 
    Man restored peace. "Fight Mega Man! For everlasting peace!" He then runs 
    through some basic 8-Bit scenery and the credits role underneath him, at 
    which point he eventually gets to his house, where Dr. Light and Roll are 
    outside waiting for him. He then jumps up in the air and on the bottom it 
    says, "Presented By Capcom USA.,"
    There aren't many items in this game, but here they are!
    - Energy Pellet (yellow): Restores energy to Mega Man's health meter.
    Big ones restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of
    - Energy Pellet (blue): Restores energy to Mega Man's weapons. Big ones
    restore a lot of energy, little ones restore a little bit of energy.
    - Yasashi: Found only once, right before your final battles with
    the Robot Masters and Dr. Wily. It restores all of your weapons
    back to maximum.
    - Extra Life: Looks like Mega Man's head. Pick it up to gain an extra
    Mega Buster - Mega Man's main weapon. You start off with this weapon.
    Hyper Bombs - Acquired from Bomb Man.
    Super Arm - Acquired from Guts Man.
    Rolling Cutters - Acquired from Cut Man.
    Thunder Beam - Acquired from Elec Man.
    Ice Slasher - Acquired from Ice Man.
    Fire Storm - Acquired from Fire Man.
    Magnet Beam - Found on Elec Man's stage. Used to make temporary
    platforms to aid Mega Man in many different tasks.
    Before we go onto the damage charts, there are two things I must explain. 
    First of all, I'll explain how I got these figures, and then I'll explain how 
    to read the chart.
    How these figures were obtained:
    These numbers and whatnot on the chart were obtained via careful calculation. 
    I simply fought every Robot Master with every weapon, including him own. I 
    then saw how many hits with each weapon it took to kill that Robot Master, 
    and put the figures on the chart. A -- symbolizes that the Robot Master is 
    immune to that weapon and that it doesn't effect him in any way.
    To read the chart:
    Simply line up the name of the robot master on the left side with the robot
    master weapon you want to beat him with on the top. There is a key below to
    read the symbols.
    MM = Mega Man
    BM = Bomb Man
    GM = Guts Man
    CM = Cut Man
    EM = Elec Man
    IM = Ice Man
    FM = Fire Man
    Robot Master          MM     BM     EM     GM     CM     FM     IM
    Bomb Man              14     28     13     --     13     07     --
    Guts Man              13     03     28     28     28     14     --
    Cut Man               11     14     28     02     28     14     --
    Elec Man              28     14     28     07     03     28     --
    Ice Man               28     07     03     --     14     14     28
    Fire Man              14     28     28     --     14     28     07
    ---Special Thanks goes out to:---
    *My family (Mom, Dad, Dagan, Dana, and Ali)
    *My peeps (Mike, Cody, Corey, Jason, Kevin, and the rest)
    *My Favorite Band (311) for keeping me company with background music while 
    playing through this and basically all videogames.
    *Capcom (for making such a great game and such a great series)
    *Nintendo (for making the NES way back in '85, my favorite system to this 
    day, even if I DO have like ten other systems, nextgen and all. You don't get 
    better than the NES!)
    ---About the Author--- [as of May 23, 2001]
    Well... as of the time I'm writing this, I'm about to finish up the 11th 
    grade. I live on Long Island, in New York, about half an hour from New York 
    City. I play ice hockey, I work at a deli, and I love videogames, especially 
    RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series 
    (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and 
    the Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 
    2002 to study History and Archaeology.
    ---Closing Notes---
    Thanks for reading the guide, and again, any questions, comments, 
    suggestions, or ideas can and should be sent to me, Colin Moriarty, at 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. Please, constructive criticism only, whether it be 
    positive or negative. I don't care which it is, but please, be polite and 
    above all, constructive.
    Thanks for reading.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) Colin Moriarty and should only be found on
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    (c) 2000-2001 by Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com) All Rights

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