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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Masvega

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/06/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mega Man 3 for the NES
    FAQ by Masvega (masvega@hotmail.com)
    Version 1.01
    1. Version History
    2. Story
    3. Controls
    4. Weapons
    5. The Robot Masters
    6. The Dark Robots
    7. Dr. Wily's Castle
    8. Weapon Chart
    9. Passwords
    10. Tricks
    11. Disclaimer
    12. Credits
    1. Version History
    1.01 (12/6/99)
    -Created different spacing
    1.0 (??/??/??)
    -Finished the Passwords section
    -Added the final Break Man stage
    -Corrected the password to Dr. Wily
    -The initial release.
    2. Story
    After being defeated by Mega Man twice, Dr. Wily regains his sanity and 
    decides to help Dr. Light. They need energy crystals to finish their 
    peace-keeping robot and Wily knows where they are. They give Mega Man 
    the mission of grabbing the energy crystals and stopping whoever's in 
    3. Controls
    Control Pad Left: Move left
    Control Pad Right: Move right
    B: Fire the arm cannon
    A: Jump
    Down + A: Slide
    Start: Pause
    4. Weapons
    Arm Cannon: This is the default weapon. Mega Man shoots a little piece 
    of energy. It is possible to rapidly fire with this weapon.
    Gemini Laser: Mega Man fires a blue beam which ricochets off walls. It
    is fairly slow and only one Laser can be on the screen at any given 
    Hard Knuckle: Mega Man shoots out a blue fist. It starts out slow, but 
    gradually gets faster as it flies.
    Magnet Missile: A magnet is shot out and it is semi-seeking. If it is 
    shot in the direction of an enemy, it will most likely hit it.
    Needle Cannon: Mega Man shoots out a needle similar to the way his Arm 
    Cannon shoots energy. It can rapidly fire the needles.
    Rush Coil: This lets Mega Man jump higher than he could on his own.
    Rush Jet: Mega Man can jump on Rush and fly with him.
    Rush Marine: Mega Man rides this through water. It cannot be activated 
    while on land, but you can jump out of the water with it.
    Search Snake: Mega Man fires a snake that will run forward and climb 
    walls. Up to three can be on the screen at any time.
    Shadow Blade: Mega Man shoots out a four-edge blade which goes out and 
    then rebounds back. It can be shot in multiple directions.
    Spark Shock: Mega Man shoots a small electrical blast. It goes straight.
    Top Spin: Mega Man spins in the air, sort of creating a drill. Mega Man 
    must be in the air to use this.
    5. The Robot Masters
    Like every Mega Man game, there are several ways to defeat the Robot 
    Masters. The way I recommend is Top Man, Shadow Man, Magnet Man, Hard 
    Man, Gemini Man, Needle Man, Snake Man, and Spark Man.
    These level guides are divided into three parts. Tips for the level, 
    tips for Proto Man (if he's in the level) and tips for defeating the 
    I. Top Man
    Tips for the level:
    -When fighting the first Top Dispenser, stay on the ladder to give you 
    an easy shot.
    -The cats are simple. Jump over the yarn balls and shoot it. When the 
    fleas come out, concentrate on them. Try to hit them as they begin their 
    Tips for Top Man:
    -If done right, you can beat Top Man without being hit once.
    -Top Man will begin by throwing three tops at you. Jump over them.
    -His second attack is spinning around and moving towards you. Jump over 
    him. Note that he is invincible while spinning.
    -Top Man pauses between attacks. Use this time to hit him with the Arm 
    Cannon or the Hard Knuckle.
    -Beat him and get the Top Spin.
    II. Shadow Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Take out each of the hologram machines as soon as possible if possible.
    -When jumping through the platforms with the parachuter robots jumping 
    down, wait and inch over until the next one comes down. Shoot him and 
    then jump to the next platform.
    Tips for Proto Man:
    -This is simple. Shoot Proto Man as he moves around the room and slide 
    under his jump as he comes toward you.
    Tips for Shadow Man: 
    -With the Top Spin, this battle is easy. Without it, make sure you have 
    a couple Energy Tanks.
    -Shadow Man has three main attacks:
    -The first is just running into you, avoid it by jumping over him.
    -The second is sliding into you and then he comes up with sort of a 
    jumping uppercut.
    -The third is he throws two HUGE Shadow Blades which are difficult to 
    -To defeat him easily, stand close to him and hit him with the Top Spin 
    four times. You'll take some damage, but you'll win quickly.
    -Without the Top Spin, try to shoot him as much as possible and stay as 
    far away from Shadow Man as you can. When Shadow Man slides toward you, 
    slide away from him and shoot him as he comes up. Attempt to get through 
    the Shadow Blades, shooting all the while.
    -After you beat Shadow Man, you get the Shadow Blade (the most useful 
    weapon in the game) and the Rush Marine.
    III. Magnet Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Wait for the blocks to go through once so you can learn the pattern and 
    don't forget about the magnet.
    Tips for Proto Man:
    -See the "Tips for Proto Man" in Shadow Man's stage.
    Tips for Magnet Man:
    -Magnet Man has two attacks: 
    -The first is he jumps up and shoots three Magnet Missiles at you. Slide 
    to get past them.
    -The second is he uses his magnet to draw you towards him. Run in the 
    opposite direction to get away and slide if you have to. He is 
    invincible in this state.
    -Use the Shadow Blade, Spark Shot or Arm Cannon to defeat him.
    -Defeat Magnet Man to get the Magnet Missiles.
    IV. Hard Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Slide past the blocks that the jaws come out of.
    -Don't bother fighting the huge robot at the end of the stage. Just 
    slide under him and go to Hard Man.
    Tips for Proto Man:
    -This is the most difficult battle with Proto Man in the game.
    -Fire repeatedly at Proto Man, but make sure to avoid his shots and 
    avoid running into him.
    -You might want to use the Energy Tank you find in the level.
    Tips for Hard Man:
    -Hard Man has two attacks:
    -The first is shooting two Hard Knuckles at you. They are semi-seeking, 
    so be careful. Attempt to avoid the Knuckle and hit him with a Magnet 
    Missile. It isn't very important whether you get hit or not.
    -The second attack is that he jumps up in the air and comes down HARD. 
    Do not let him come down on you! You can hit him with a Magnet Missile 
    while he's in the air, but it's more important that you get out of the 
    -Once Hard Man is gone, you get the Hard Knuckle.
    V. Gemini Man
    Tips for the level:
    -This level is fairly straightforward. Just make sure to use the Rush 
    Marine to get the Energy Tanks and make sure you refill the Marine's 
    -Try to use the eggs as platforms so you don't have to use the Rush Coil 
    as much.
    Tips for Gemini Man:
    -He starts by splitting into two and jumping around the room. Stand in 
    the center of the room and jump over the copy that comes towards you. He 
    will only shoot when he's shot at. Hit him with the Shadow Blade and try 
    to get out of the way of his shot.
    -Eventually, the two halves will become one and Gemini Man moves a lot 
    more. Avoid running into him and avoid the Gemini Laser. Remember that 
    it rebounds off the walls.
    -Continue to hit him with the Shadow Blade until he is destroyed. The 
    Search Snake can be used as well.
    -Gemini Man's destruction gives you the Gemini Laser.
    VI. Needle Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Learn the patterns of the needles so you don't get hit.
    -Jump over the porpucines as they roll towards you and jump up or down 
    onto another platform so you are not hit by the spikes they shoot out.
    Tips for Needle Man:
    -Needle Man has three attacks:
    -The first is shooting at you with the Needle Cannon. Dodge as many as 
    -The second is using the needle thing on his head to hit you. Avoid this 
    by not getting close to him.
    -Needle Man also jumps at you. Slide under him when he does.
    -Hit him with the Gemini Laser four times to kill him.
    -After defeating Needle Man, you get the Needle Cannon. You also get the 
    Rush Jet.
    VII. Snake Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Jump and shoot the huge snakes' heads while avoiding their shots.
    -Use the Rush Jet to get past the last part of the level.
    Tips for Snake Man:
    -Snake Man's most lethal attack is simply running into you. You can try 
    to avoid it by jumping over or sliding under him, but it's almost 
    impossible to do when he's jumping.
    -Snake Man also shoots out three Search Snakes which are easy to avoid.
    -Hit him with the Arm Cannon or the Needle Cannon (recommended).
    -Once Snake Man dies, you get the Search Snake.
    VIII. Spark Man
    Tips for the level:
    -Take out the plugs before they can get annoying.
    -Use the Rush Jet to get by the rising platforms.
    Tips for Spark Man:
    -Spark Man has two attacks.
    -He creates a huge Spark Shock and throws it at you. Get as high as 
    possible and jump over it.
    -He also jumps around the room. Like before, slide under him.
    -Hit him with the Shadow Blade.
    -After Spark Man's defeated, you get the Spark Shock.
    6. The Dark Masters
    This section will have tips for the first section of the level, then 
    tips for the first Dark Robot, then tips for the second section of the 
    level, then tips for the second Dark Robot.
    I. Gemini Man Stage
    Tips for the first section of the level:
    -Try not to destroy all the eggs so you can use them as platforms. 
    Otherwise, you'll have to use the Rush Coil.
    -Also make sure you don't destroy the eggs over the spikes.
    Tips for Flash Man:
    -Flash Man mainly jumps around the room.
    -He also uses the Time Stopper and shoots a flurry of shots at you. 
    There is no way to avoid this.
    -To defeat him, use the Gemini Laser or the Needle Cannon.
    Tips for the second section of the level:
    -Use the sections where Bugs come out to refill all of your energy.
    -Use the Rush Marine or Rush Jet to get past the water spikes.
    Tips for Bubble Man:
    -Bubble Man shoots Bubble Lead at you. It's fairly slow, so it's easy to 
    -Avoid hitting the spikes at the top of the room.
    -Hit him with the Spark Shock or the Shadow Blade to beat him.
    II. Needle Man Stage
    Tips for the first section of the level:
    -Like before, learn the timing of the needles so you can pass through 
    them easily.
    -Pass up the Extra Life and just get the Energy Tank. You'll need the 
    Rush Jet later in the level, so you don't want to waste all the energy 
    Tips for Air Man:
    -Air Man's main attack is the squadron of Air Tornadoes he sends out. 
    They are indestructible.
    -Get in between the Tornadoes and Air Man and hit him with the Magnet 
    Missile or Spark Shocks.
    Tips for the second section of the level:
    -Defeat enemies on the platform and get energy for the Rush Jet if it's 
    not full before flying across.
    -Keep to the top of the screen, unless you're getting energy for the 
    Rush Jet.
    -When fighting the Giant Hard Hat, avoid the blasts it shoots out and 
    hit the cross on its helmet. Destroy the Hard Hats it makes.
    Tips for Crash Man:
    -Crash Man uses the Crash Bombs to attack you. They are your primary 
    concern. Concentrate on avoiding them.
    -Hit Crash Man with the Hard Knuckle to beat him.
    III. Spark Man Stage
    Tips for the first section of the level:
    -There is a section where there are three rollers over spikes. The outer 
    rollers spin clockwise and the center one spins counterclockwise. When 
    you reach the center roller, ride it from the right edge to the left 
    edge and jump. Or, you can just use the Rush Jet and bypass this 
    -Be aware of the two Giant Springs. One is after the section I described 
    above. The other one is on the other side of a wall you slide under 
    after defeating the first Spring.
    Tips for Metal Man:
    -Metal Man does nothing unless you attack.
    -Fire at him with the Arm Cannon while dodging the Metal Blades he 
    Tips for the second section of the level:
    -After defeating Metal Man there is a long shaft filled with spikes on 
    both sides. If possible, move one space to the left before the end of 
    the screen to get past it.
    -When the blocks come down, blast them and then slide by before the next 
    one can go through.
    -For the blocks that you cannot slide past, wait for the first block to 
    fall and then jump on it and quickly jump to the next block.
    Tips for Quick Man:
    -Quick Man will bounce around the room throwing Quick Boomerangs. Move 
    around to avoid being hit.
    -Hit him with the Gemini Laser. You can also use the Search Snake, but 
    it's much harder to hit him with it.
    IV. Shadow Man Stage
    Tips for the first section of the level:
    -After the third drop, move to the right to avoid the spikes at the 
    -Use the Rush Jet to bypass the platforms that are over the pit.
    Tips for Wood Man:
    -Wood Man starts by creating a Leaf Shield and dropping leaves on you.
    -Stand in between the leaves and jump over the Leaf Shield before it 
    hits you.
    -Hit him with the Needle Cannon while he is unprotected to beat him.
    Tips for the second section of the level:
    -Be aware of the Hammer Joes that are here. If it's at your level, then 
    wait for it to throw the hammer. Slide under the hammer and shoot away.
    -Like before when jumping across the platforms, inch over to the edge of 
    the platform until the parachuters drop down.
    Tips for Heat Man:
    -Heat Man will shoot three little fire bursts at you. Run away from 
    -Hit him with a Shadow Blade and he'll turn into fire and dash across 
    the screen. Jump over him.
    -Repeat until he's beaten.
    V. Break Man Stage
    Tips for Break Man:
    -After all four of the Dark Master stages are beaten, you fight Break 
    -Stay on the plateau and shoot Break Man continuously until he's 
    7. Dr. Wily
    Remember that your weapon energy does not refill between levels in 
    Wily's castle.
    I. Level 1
    Tips for the level:
    -Always get the Energy Tanks.
    -For the first Hammer Joe, stay on the ladder and shoot him. For the 
    last Hammer Joe, wait for him to throw the hammer and then hit him with 
    Magnet Missiles.
    Tips for the boss:
    -The machine pumps out a few turtles which run into you.
    -Gusts of wind push you to the sides and up into the machine. Try to get 
    off them before you hit the wall or the machine.
    -Focus on the turtles and hit them with the Shadow Blade.
    II. Level 2
    Tips for the level:
    -Slide through the jaw grates first and then use the Rush Jet when you 
    get a chance.
    -Try to take out the bees before they drop the eggs.
    -Always detour to get the energy for the Jet and the Energy Tanks.
    Tips for the boss:
    -It's the Rock Monster!
    -He starts out by simply forming. Jump over the blocks that are one or 
    two blocks high. The rest won't hit you.
    -After he is complete, he shoots a small blast at you from his eye. It's 
    easy to dodge.
    -The Rock Monster then goes to the other side the same way he did in the 
    beginning. Like before, only jump over the blocks that are one or two 
    blocks high.
    -The Rock Monster shoots another blast from his eye.
    -After this, he separates and moves across the screen differently. 
    Columns of rocks sort of zigzag across the screen. Try to take as little 
    damage as possible.
    -When the Rock Monster is complete, hit him in the eye with the Hard 
    III. Level 3
    Tips for the level:
    -Take out the Hologram Machines as quickly as possible.
    Tips for the boss:
    -There are three Mega Men. All three fire at you and all three can hurt 
    you, but only one is tangible. They then fade away and fade back. Now a 
    different Mega Man is tangible.
    -Shoot each Mega Man to see which one is real. Shoot it as many times as 
    you can.
    -Repeat until the boss is beaten. Use an Energy Tank if needed.
    IV. Level 4
    Tips for the level:
    -Just try to take as little damage as possible.
    Tips for the boss:
    -Wily has remade all 8 Robot Masters. The gateways are as follows. (I 
    used the first two letters of each master.)
     --           --
    |Ne|         |Sn|
     --           --
    |Ma|         |Sp|
     --   -- --   --
    |Ge| |Ha|To| |Sh|
     --   -- --   --
    -After you defeat them all, recharge (in this order) the Spark Shock, 
    Rush Jet, Search Snake and Shadow Blade. You won't need the rest of 
    V. Skull Stage
    Tips for the level:
    -Continue to refill the weapons given above.
    Tips for the boss:
    -For the beginning of the battle, hit the gun on the bottom with Spark 
    -When that part is defeated, Dr. Wily goes to the top of it.
    -Use the Rush Jet and shoot the capsule that Dr. Wily is in. Repeat 
    until Dr. Wily is defeated.
    -But, it's not Dr. Wily! There's one more stage!
    VI. 2nd Skull Stage
    Tips for the level:
    -Recharge the Shadow Blade and Search Snake if possible.
    Tips for the boss:
    -It's Gamma, the peace-keeping robot!
    -The first thing you should do is use the Rush Coil or Rush Jet to reach 
    the platform on the right.
    -Wait until Gamma stops shooting and then hit his head with the Shadow 
    Blade. If you run out, any other weapon (except Search Snake and Top 
    Spin) will do.
    -After Gamma's head is destroyed, Dr. Wily takes the controls. There are 
    now two more platforms.
    -Immediately jump to the highest platform, and hit Dr. Wily with the 
    Search Snake or Top Spin.
    -He'll shoot out little shots, but they shouldn't hit you.
    -Eventually Gamma will explode, and you've beaten the game!
    Enjoy the ending!
    8. Weapon Chart
    This chart uses the first two letters of the Robot Master or Dark Robot 
    (Ma=Magnet Man, Fl=Flash Man, etc.). To find out how well a weapon works 
    on a master, find the weapon on the left side and follow it right. Then 
    find the master on the top and follow it down. The number where they 
    meet is how many hits is needed to defeat a boss with a particular 
    weapon. An X means the weapon has no effect on the master. For instance, 
    it takes 28 Hard Knuckles to destroy Quick Man and the Needle Cannon has 
    no effect on Metal Man.
    Weapon        |Sp|Sn|Ne|Ha|To|Ma|Ge|Sh|Me|Ai|Wo|Fl|Qu|Cr|He|Bu|
    Arm Cannon    |28|28|28|28|14|14|28|28|28|14|28|28|28|14|28|28|
    Spark Shock   | 7|28| X| X|28| 4|28|28|14| 7|28| X|28|28|28| 7|
    Search Snake  | X| 7|28| X|28|28| 6|28| X|28| 7|14| 7|28|28| X|
    Needle Cannon |14| 7| 7| X|14|28|28|28| X|28| 7| 7|28|14|14|14|
    Hard Knuckle  |14|14| X| 7| 4|14|14|14| 7|14|14| X|28| 4|14|14|
    Top Spin      |28|14|28| X| 7|28|14| 4| X| X| X| X| X| X| 7| X|
    Magnet Missile| X| X|28| 7|28| 7|14|28| 7| 7| X|28|14|28|28| X|
    Gemini Beam   |28|28| 4|28| X|14| 7|28|28|14|28| 7| 7| X|28|28|
    Shadow Blade  | 7|14|14| X|28| 4|14| 7|14| X|14|14|14|28| 7| 7|
    9. Passwords
    There are a few building blocks to a password.
    First is the number of energy tanks. Making a red dot in the following 
    places will give you the number of Energy Tanks that is beside it.
    Next is which Robot Masters you have beaten.
    Put a red dot in the following place to have the following robots 
    beaten. (Note: You can only place four red dots.)
    A3=Top Man
    B5=Gemini Man
    C4=Hard Man
    D3=Needle Man
    D6=Shadow Man
    F4=Spark Man
    F5=Magnet Man
    F6=Snake Man
    To get to Dr. Wily's castle with 9 Energy Tanks place:
    Red dots on: A6 and E1
    Blue dots on: A1, A3, B2, B5, D3 and F4
    10. Tricks
    To do the Super Jump: Hold Right on Controller 2 and then press A on 
    Controller I. Mega Man will jump higher than the Rush Coil will make him 
    You can use the Super Jump to escape from bottomless pits.
    The Phantom Rush Jet: You must defeat Shadow Man to be able to do this. 
    Select any stage after you have the Shadow Blade and the Rush Marine. 
    Fight until you get to a power-up. Press Start, move the cursor to the 
    Shadow Blade and press right. Press start again and collect the item. 
    This makes the Rush Coil the Rush Jet!
    11. Disclaimer
    This guide is copyright 1999 Masvega. Mega Man is copyright Capcom.
    This is an unofficial guide. If you wish to distribute this, feel free 
    to do so, as long as it remains unaltered, you give me full credit and 
    you notify me.
    12. Credits
    -Nintendo Power for the weapon chart and the Phantom Rush Jet trick.
    -Capcom for making this game.
    -CJayC for hosting this FAQ.

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