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    FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

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    ----------------------------------- [ MEGAMAN 6] ------------------------------
    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    -------------------------- [ Nintendo Entertainment System ]-------------------
    The 6th and final game of the Megaman series for the NES. This one was released
    towards the end of the NES's lifespan thus the game (though made by Capcom) was
    released in the US by Nintendo themselves. Europe on the other hand got shafted
    on this one.
    Eight robots are being displayed at a show, as everyone knows; someone comes
    along and reprograms the robots to cause total chaos. The person behind this
    madness seems to be a new enemy named Mr. X. He plans to use the robots to
    dominate the world (sound familiar). Now as Megaman, you must destroy these
    robots and take out Mr. X. But even after you beat Mr. X, there is still a not
    so surprise waiting for you. Hmmmmmmmmm!!
    Buster Shot and most weapons: press B
    Jump: Press A
    Charge Shot: Hold B then release when at level 1, 2, or 3
    Climb ladders: Up or Down when overlapping one to grab then use up or down to
    Slide: Hold down and press A
    Power: When equipped, Hold B then release when fully charged.
    Jet: When equipped, Press and hold A when in midair.
    Life up
    Small one gives 2 bars of life and the big one gives 10 bars.
    Weapon up
    Same as above except for weapons.
    Extra life.
    Energy Tank
    A cylinder with an E on it. When low on energy, use it to fill yourself back up
    You can hold up to 9 E-tanks.
    Weapon Tank
    A cylinder with an M on it. Refills all your weapon energy.
    These are found by beating the true boss of the stage marked with a * next to
    the boss's name. Spell BEAT and you'll have BEAT available
    B - from Tomahawkman
    E - from Yamatoman
    A - from Knightman
    T - from Centaurman
         ENEMIES - MM6
    A robot seal who forms an energy ball over its nose and shoots it at Megaman.
    Grasshoppers who attempt to hop at Megaman to hurt him.
    Ben K
    It will spin a spear for a few seconds and block frontal attacks then throw the
    spinning spear forward. This leaves it open for attack for a few seconds.
    Brain Break
    Looks like a robotic nerd. When shot, it's glasses fly off and it gets mad and
    starts to chase Megaman.
    Hides inside of a brown jar and shoots in front and behind it. Shoot it once to
    make it pop its head out then attack its head.
    Cannon Joe
    The Cannon Joe sits in a chair and turns towards Megaman and shoots at him.
    These Cannons sits on top of a propeller and shoot exploding balls.
    You'll see these in Centaurman's stage. They run interference when Megaman tries
    to cross the water area.
    Texas Cowboy robots who shoot guns similar to wild western movies
    Count Bomb
    Step on these and it will count down to 0 and exploade
    Robots-spaped like curling stone (from the sport called curling). They bounce
    off of walls and slide across the floor.
    Cyber Gabyoall
    This version of the Gabyoall will rocket towards Megaman when he is level with
    Dachone Ltd. Ed.
    A limited edition version of the Dachone (from Megaman 5) that shoots pellets
    instead of lasers. It is faster but it can be attacked on any part of the body.
    Fire Boy
    Their purpose is to light the oil in Flameman's stage on fire which causes
    instant death to Megaman.
    Fire Telly
    Like the Fire Boy, they try to light the oil on fire to kill Megaman instantly.
    On another surface, the fire will stay there for a few seconds before vanishing
    A piranha robot that hops out of the water to attack Megaman when he hops over
    the pit.
    Gaman and Gamadayu
    You fight this duo when you take the shortcut in Yamatoman's stage. Gaman is
    the man on top and Gamadyu is the frog.
    Gorilla Tank
    They appear twice in Plantman's stage. It rides towards Megaman and shoots its
    fist at him or shoots bullets. You can drive it back by shooting its wheels.
    Heli Beetle
    They come out of trees and slowly fly towards Megaman.
    When above Megaman, it will drop a small missile towards him.
    Jet Beetle
    Unlike Heli Beetles, they dart across the screen.
    Dragonflies that fly in and drop explosives.
    As before, they hide in their helmets and show their faces when ready to spit
    bullets in a 3-way formation.
    Metall Potton
    They are considered Metall Dispensers.
    A machine with two drills that roll toward Megaman. They explode upon contact
    with a wall.
    They lob black balls but can shoot pellets if Megaman is within range.
    Their eggs emerge from shoots in the floor and when they hatch, they fly to
    Megaman's current location.
    When above Megaman, they drop fish on him.
    They lob bombs at Megaman, you need to hit them with a Power Punch or a Charged
    Shot to knock them on their back for an instant death. However, if they fall in
    the oil, you can use them to manuever through it without getting killed by the
    Power Slam
    They'll take flight and try to stomp on Megaman.
    Propeller Eye
    They home in on Megaman's current location, stop, open up to see where Megaman
    is, then fly towards him.
    They can easier suck Megaman in or blow him away. They switch functions from
    time to time.
    They'll drop in to the water and flip over and explode. This sends out three
    bits of it.
    Shield Attacker GTR
    Basically a Shield Attacker with a makeover.
    Shield Cannon
    They lob shots while protected then they raise their shield to shoot pellets.
    Tanooki robots that send bouncing exploding balls.
    Skull Walker
    They spring out of dispensers and move and jump towards Megaman.
    Spring Face Bomb
    They'll hop around and the head will explode in a suicide attempt if the body
    is destroyed first or Megaman gets close.
    A guant Squid that will shoot both ice blocks along the floors and homing
    missiles through the air. Both projectiles can be destroyed.
    Submarine Flier
    Hides in a cloud then drops into the water and shoots at Megaman.
    They are like the Skull Walkers but they eventually explode.
    A gun that shoots when Megaman gets close.
    Enemies that wall on ceilings and fire when Megaman gets below them.
    Twin Roader
    Rolls on two wheeks and tries to run into Megaman.
    Wall Blaster 2
    An upgrade of the Wall Blasters from Megaman 4.
         BOSSES - MM6
    Blizzardman (041)
    He moves back and forth on his skis and when he stops and does some type of 
    dance where he looks like he'd doing the twist, snowflakes will come out of 
    nowhere and attack you. This is his Blizzard Attack. His other attack reminds
    you of a Sonic Spin Dash where he rolls in to a ball towards you and hits the
    wall. Flame Blasts will melt his ice.
    Centaurman (042)
    His stage music is so soothing. He tramples around shooting normal bullets that
    split into many directions when it hits a wall. He also has the Centuar Flash 
    that can freeze you in place. The Knight Mace will make shot work of him.
    Flameman (043)
    He looks nowhere near his Battle Network counterpart although one attack is 
    similar. Flameman's attacks are 3 fireballs and a fire pillar that is similar
    to the Fire Tower in Battle Network series. Put out his Fire with the Wind 
    Knightman (044)
    Knightman is really not that hard. He jumps around a lot and when he stops, he
    throws his mace at you at different lengths. His shield will block your shots
    when he is not attacking but with the Yamato Spear, it will pierce through his
    shield and damage him anyway. AIN'T SO TOUGH NOW, HUH?
    Plantman (045)
    Plantman is too simple. He attacks just like Starman in Megaman 5. He'll shield
    himself, jump around, and then throw his shield at you. Put his butt on ice 
    with the Blizzard Attack.
    Tomahawkman (046)
    He tosses Silver Tomahawks that spin like Frisbees, dips and then flies up. His
    other attack is where he sends 3 feathers at you almost in an Iceman-like 
    pattern. The Plant Barrier is your best chance against him.
    Windman (047)
    This flyboy likes to use Wind Storms and charge at you wile flying. Much like
    Gravity Hold raped Gyroman in Megamman 5, the Centaur Flash will do the same to
    Windman. It hits him wherever he is.
    Yamatoman (048)
    One of the coolest bosses I've seen in the game have been saved for last. He 
    twirls his sword and sends a spear at you and if you get hit or dodge it, he 
    will run and retrieve it. His other attack is when he jumps into the air and 
    spins his sword and sends three spears at you. With the Silver Tomahawks, 
    you'll burn him at the stake. **rain dances**
    'Rounder 2
    There are two of them. They move around on a zipline and drop nuggets onto
    Megaman. It's best to stay in the middle and jump over them and hit them as
    they pass. Any weapon works on them except the Centaur Flash. The best ones to
    use are Flame Blast, Knight Cutter, and Yamato Spear. However, if you want to
    make this fight unfair, equip the Power Adapter and bash it into the opposite
    Power Piston
    It walks on the wall shooting bullets in 2 directions. The real danger is the
    falling rocks that drop randomly on the floor and explode with 1 inch radius.
    Mettonger Z
    A Metall riding a machine. It's not danger at all. Stand on the ground to avoid
    the straight shots and time your movements to get through the bouncing ones.
    X Crusher
    It just swings back and forth dropping purple balls that split in two and race
    across the floor. Just stay on the left side of the screen and shoot it with
    Flame Blasts.
    Ride the platforms to where you are level with its head and shoot Yamato Spears
    into its eyes.
    The best weapon to use on it is the Wind Storm on the top of the Tank. It tends
    to shoot bubbles.
    Wily Machine 6
    The first phase has the machine trying to stomp on Megaman and shoot random
    balls everywhere.
    The second phase is the same except it takes shorter hops and shows Wily's face
    this time around.
    Wily Capsule
    As before, Wily appears in different spots to shoot spiral balls then he will
    disappear and reappear somewhere else and repeat the pattern.
    Blizzard Attack
    Obtained from Blizzardman. Four snowflakes home in on the enemy.
    Centaur Flash
    Obtained from Centaurman. A bright flash of light kills enemies on screen.
    Flame Blast
    Obtained from Flameman. It is a fireball that turns into a fire pillar when it
    hits the wall and can also melt ice barriers.
    Knight Crusher
    Obtained from Knightman. Works like a boomerang that returns to you after you
    throw it.
    Plant Barrier
    Obtained from Plantman.  Four leaves circle you and protect you from many 
    Silver Tomahawk
    Obtained from Tomahawkman. A spinning axe that flies, dips, then soars into the
    Wind Storm
    Obtained from Windman. A tiny tornado will scroll across the floor.
    Yamato Spear
    Obtained from Yamatoman. Similar to the Needle Cannon, it fires high and low in
    Obtained from Plantman. Allows you and Rush to hover and fly to high places.
    Obtained from Flameman. This enables Megaman to knock out blocks.
                               Weakness: Wind Storm
                                Get: Flame Blast
    Enemies: Fire Boy, Fire Telly, Met, Pooker, Cyber Gabyoall, Wall Blaster 2
    Since you'll need Power Adapter, let's start with Flameman first. Head right 
    and kill the Mets. Slide when you get to the point where you have to slide 
    since there is no Power Adapter yet, keep heading right and kill as many of the
    Fire Tellys as early as possible so they won't ignite the oil and create a fire
    that kills you instantly. Climb the ladder then kill the Wall Blaster 2s and 
    keep climbing. Move right and take out the Pookers with charged shots. Knock 
    one into the oil and you can use it as a hovercraft across the oil without harm
    from the fire if any. Keep moving and killing any enemies in the way until you
    reach a ladder and climb down. Kill the Wall Blaster 2s and continue down. 
    Now you got to deal with Cyber Gabyoalls who thrust at you if on your level. 
    You also got some Fire Boys to worry about too since they also ignite oil. Make
    your way to an E-Tank and keep moving right and kill as many enemies as you
    possibly can until you reach the gate. 
    Flameman's moves are tricky but once you learn how to dodge them, he's done 
    for. When he sends his flame pillars at you, jump towards him and you'll be 
    unharmed. But you have to be quick. He'll jump and will either throw one to 
    three fireballs at you or do one or two fire pillars at you then jump again.
    There is also a safe spot in the middle of the pillars so try to land there if
    possible. Hang in there and the Flame Blast and Power Adapter are yours.
                               Weakness: Flame Blast
                                Get: Blizzard Attack
    Enemies: Aurk-Aurk, Propeller Eye, Cannon Joe, Squidon, Teck, Curlinger, 
             Count Bomb, Shield Attacker GTR
    It is a cinch that Blizzardman is next since fire can work on ice since it
    actually works both ways in real life. Move right and kill the Aurk-Aurks and
    Propeller Eyes. Use Flame Blasts to get the 1-up and carefully jump out of the
    corner or the 1-up will be all for naught if you don't have the Jet adapter but
    still possible to jump to safety. Now hop across the Count Bombs to the top 
    path and get the large life-up and drop down and steer left. Kill the Propeller
    Eye and destroy the cracked ice block with the Power Adapter for the 1-Up, then
    drop down. Kill the Curlingers and Shield Attacker GTRs and climb down. That
    cracked ice block on the way holds a large life up.
    Kill the Squidon by getting next to it and pumping slugs in it then climb down
    and head right. You're now on a rising and sinking submarine. Take out the ice
    blocks and Cannon Joes as you go and be careful to avoid the spikes above and
    below the screen. If you got guts, destroy the ice block and return to normal
    and when the sub rises, slide to the right to get to the small life ups and 
    Energy tank at the end then head back the same way. At the end of the sub, hop
    across the Count Bombs and climb the ladder. Go for the ladder in this room and
    climb up then detonate the Count Bombs to reach the gate. 
    Blizzardman loves to ski around. When he dances back and forth, snowflakes form
    and home in on you. When he rolls into a ball, be prepared for a spin attack 
    that will hit you if you are not hugging the wall when jumping over it. 7 Flame
    Blasts will put him on ice.
                               Weakness: Blizard Attack
                                Get: Plant Barrier
    Enemies: Gabgyo, Batabattan, Heli Beetle, Jet Beetle, Propeller Eye, Tadahou,
             Gorilla Tank, Power Slam
    Two Heli Beetles and two Batabattans await you at the beginning. Kill them and
    break the cracked wood block for a life-up and 1-up. Climb the ladder, Watch 
    out for the Power Slam as you head for the ladder and climb up. Avoid the 
    Propeller Eyes and kill the Tadahous as you drop down to receive an item from
    Eddie. When you drop, you'll face a Gorilla Tank. Shoot its wheels to back him
    up and aim charged shots at its eyes. Move right and take out the Heli Beetle 
    and Batabattan and maneuver across the springs.
    Hold jump to jump higher but do not jump higher when underneath the spikes. 
    Head right and fight another Gorilla Tank. Kill it with 8 charged shots as 
    before and move along the springs again. Watch out for Jet Beetle charging in
    from the right and also watch out for Gabgyos hopping out of the pits. There 
    are balloons that become platforms when you shoot them, do so and gather the 
    small energy ups that the flowers hold. Watch out for Tadahous that bounce too.
    Soon you'll be able to face Plantman. 
    Plantman is way too easy. He activates his Plant Barrier, jumps around and 
    throws it at you. Hit him with you Blizzard Attacks to kill him.
                               Weakness: Plant Barrier
                                Get: Silver Tomahawk
                                     Beat Parts - B
    Enemies: Moler, Power Slam, Teck, Twin Roader, Skull Walker, Hotchkissn,
             Metall Potton, Colton, Shield Attacker GTR
    With Plantman gone, you now have the Jet Adapter. Head right, and kill the
    Coltons and destroy the very last barrel for an E-Tank. Drop down and kill 
    another Colton and continue falling. Avoid the Shield Attacker GTR and kill the
    Metall Potton and keep moving. Kill the Molers and Mets and climb up to get 
    Eddie's item and continue climbing. Fly up to the ladder and make it to the end
    to gather some useful items and drop down. Kill the Twin Roader and drop down
    and avoid the Power Slam and move right. 
    Kill the Metall Potton and climb the ladder and climb up and destroy the 
    cracked block and get the energy balancer and head back and climb back down and
    back to the spot where the Shield Attacker GTR was. Fly over it and head for 
    the ladder. Climb up and move right and take the top path and enter the gate to
    fight the real boss. 
    Get close to Tomahawkman and use up all your Plant barriers when he is not 
    stunned so you can get the victory. You may take some damage in this fight.
                               Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
                                Get: Yamato Spear
                                     Beat Parts - E
    Enemies: Tacahou, Teck, Propeller Eye, Gabgyo, Gaman and Gamadayu, Ben K,
             Spring Face Bomb, Shigaraki, Dachone Ltd. Ed., Cyber Gabyoall,
    Head right and kill the Shigarakis and destroy a cracked area and a Ben K.
    Destroy another cracked block and drop down Head right and kill the Gaman and
    Gamadyu team by shooting the eyes and proceed to the ladder and get the E-Tank
    and head up. Good shortcut wasn't it? In fact, that was the only way to fight
    that robot team. Head right and kill the Shigaraki and fly up to the top ladder
    and climb up. Knock out the Cyber Gabyoall and fly to the ladder. Kill the
    Ben K. and head right. Fly to the wheels and kill the Spring Face Bombs and get
    ready for battle against the real Yamatoman. 
    Yamatoman spins his spear and sends an arrowhead at you. He will run to get it.
    Take advantage of him and hit him with a Silver Tomahawk. Yamatoman's other 
    attack is where he jumps and throws three arrowheads at you. 7 hits will due 
    him in.
                               Weakness: Yamato Spear
                                Get: Knight Crusher
                                     Beat Parts - A
    Enemies: Brown, Cyber Gabyoall, Brain Break, Shield Cannon, SW-525, Moler,
             Twin Roader, Skull Walker
    Drop down and kill the Twin Roader and get the 1-up with the Power adapter. 
    Drop down again and kill the launcher by shooting it then shooting the head 
    that comes out. Move right and kill the Moler and be careful of the rising and
    falling ceiling. Get to the safe spot then when it's safe, make a break for it
    and kill the Moler. Climb the ladder a few screens up, and kill the Skull 
    Walker on the way. At the top, head right and kill the Shield Cannons and climb
    the ladder for Eddie's item then climb up. 
    Move right and kill the Brain Breaks who get mad after you knock their glasses
    off and drop down. Avoid the SW-525s and keep falling down. Bounce around the
    floor and ceiling as you go right and avoid the Cyber Gabyoalls. Destroy the 
    block and drop down. Do the same for the Cyber Gabyoall and the other blocks 
    and face the real Knightman. 
    Knightman can guard himself all he wants but the Yamato Spear pierces his 
    shield. Take no prisoners and beat this sucker.
                               Weakness: Knight Crusher
                                Get: Centaur Flash
                                     Beat Parts - T
    Enemies: Pooker, Gabgyo, Chokero, Pelicaanu, Shield Cannon, Squidon, SRU-21/P,
             Submarine Flier, Wall Blaster 2
    Head right and kill the Pelicaanus and falling SRU-21/Ps and drop down. Kill 
    the Gabgyos and drop down some more. Head right and time your jumps carefully
    as you kill the Wall Blaster 2s and Gabgyos. Maneuver through the zigzag part
    and drop down to where the water rises up and down above you. Kill the Chokeros
    and wait for the water to be low so you can clear the spikes since the water 
    still works the same way as in other games. 
    Climb up, get Eddie's item, and keep climbing. Head right and avoid the Sub-
    marine Fliers as much as possible and climb the ladders. Let the SRU-21/Ps drop
    and keep climbing. Kill the Squidon or take damage and run through it and fly
    to the gate to fight the real Centuarman. 
    Centuarman trots around and shoots bullets that will split when it hits a wall. 
    Just stay grounded and you won't be hit. Centuarman is slick too. He likes to 
    vanish and reappear on the screen and his Centuar Flash freezes you. Take him 
    out with Knight Crushers. You should have all 4 BEAT letters now.
                               Weakness: Centaur Flash
                                Get: Wind Storm
    Enemies: Cannopeller, Power Slam, Twin Roader, Pandita, Cyber Gabyoall
    Last of the 8 robots to go. Head right and kill the Panditas and climb up a
    few screens taking out the enemies. At the top, avoid the Cyber Gabyoalls and 
    at the end of the trail, just fall onto the fan or the fan will blow you into
    the spikes if you jump. Head right and jump on the platform and jump to the 
    other side so it can catch you. Do the same thing with the other platforms till
    you get to a point where you fly and slide to the items and then climb up the 
    Slide under the Cyber Gabyoall and climb up and head right and kill all enemies
    as you travel as you drop down as well. Head right and kill the Panditas and
    carefully move through the fans. Fall onto the first fan and let the second fan
    lift you up to the ladder and the Pandita will miss its shot. Fly to the items
    if needed and get ready for a showdown with Windman. 
    Just hit Windman with Centuar Flashes when he is not stunned. Windman will try
    to suck you towards him or throw Blades at you. All your Centaur Flashes will 
    win the fight for you.
                                  Mr. X Stage 1
                                Boss: 'Rounder 2
                               Weakness: Flame Blast
                                         Knight Crusher
                                         Yamato Spear
                                         Plant Barrier
                                         Blizzard Attack
                                         Silver Tomahawk
                                         Wind Storm
    Enemies: Shield Cannon, Cyber Gabyoall, Cannopeller, Batabattans
    Run right and wait for the Shield Cannons to launch a ball then shoot them 
    before they shoot a ball then climb the ladder. Knock out the Cyber Gabyoall 
    and climb the other ladder. Throw a Silver Tomahawk at the Cannopeller and fly
    to the ladder and climb up. Take out the Cyber Gabyoall and gun and climb up.
    Instead of flying up the ladder, arm your Power Adapter and hop onto the two 
    switching platforms and on the top one run left instead of jumping to land on
    the lower platform and hop onto the higher platform again and knock out the 
    cracked wall. Knock out the Batabattans and the cracked blocks in your way. The
    last cracked block contains 4 1-Ups. Now climb the ladder and enter the gate to
    the right.
    The two 'Rounder 2s are tricky to hit. The best thing to do is stay in the
    middle and hit them on the sides with the Knight Crusher or the Yamato spears.
    In the middle, you can jump over them as they pass by and not take much damage.
                                  Mr. X Stage 2
                                Boss: Power Piston
                               Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
    Enemies: Molers, Mets, Skull Walker, Hotchkissn
    Run right and kill the Molers and Mets in your way. Be sure to collect the 
    weapon ups too. Jump carefully between the spikes. On the next screen, just run
    through the falling platforms and fly to over the spikes to the next screen. 
    In this section, watch out for the hidden gaps marked by a yellow strip on the
    walls. The first pit is safe to fall into as you can fly out of them but the 
    other pits will kill you. Keep killing enemies in the next two screens and 
    you’ll meet your next Mr. X boss, Power Piston. 
    Take out your Silver Tomahawks here and watch out for its Piston Bullets and 
    the rocks that fall down and have an inch radius upon contact with the ground.
    When Power Pistion is high then move to the left and shoot your Silver 
    Tomahawks so that they will float up to hit it in it's core. If it’s low, move
    right until the Tomahawks can hit it.
                                  Mr. X Stage 3
                                Boss: Mettonger Z
                               Weakness: Blizzard Attack
    Enemies: Cyber Gabyoalls, Ben K., Fire Telly, Pooker, Cannopeller
    Get the 1-up if you want it but be prepared to fight off the Cyber Gabyoalls. 
    Take the left ladder for an E-Tank then just fall down. Now climb the right
    ladder and kill the Ben K and climb the ladder. Head right and it’s best to fly
    here to make it safely through the platform. Be sure to knock out the Pooker
    then return to Jet Adapter and head right. Watch out for the spikes above. 
    Knock out the Fire Tellys and move take the lower path and knock out the blocks
    and Cyber Gabyoalls and climb the ladder. Shoot the Cannopeller and climb the
    ladder. Alternate between the Jet and Power Adapters as you head for the gate
    and just fly over the last Fire Telly to meet the boss. 
    Mettonger Z rolls around and will either bounce energy balls at you or shoot
    them forward in threes. If it shoots forward then stay grounded. If it bounces
    the balls then try to maneuver under each one. The best weapon to use here is 
    the Blizzard Attack. It’ll take all of your Blizzard Attacks to beat it if you
    have a full Bar.
                                  Mr. X Stage 4
                                Boss: X Crusher
                               Weakness: Flame Blast
    Enemies: Wall Blaster 2, Peat, Tadahou, Shield Attacker GTR, SW-525, Colton
    Climb up and get the weapon up and climb the ladder on the left. Kill the Wall
    Blaster 2s by climbing the ladder halfway then shooting to the left then 
    dropping down and flying to the top ladder. Take out the Wall Blaster 2s and 
    take the top sliding path and knock out the block below for an E-Tank. You can
    also take the top path to get the weapon ups out the blocks. Hit the blocks 
    over the columns to prevent Peats from coming out. Make it to the ladder and 
    knock out the blocks and avoid the Wall Blaster 2 as you climb up. Kill the 
    enemies and you have the option of going up or going right. The top path takes
    you through SW-525s and a 1-up before you drop down. Going right takes you 
    through tough jumps and Coltons. At the end of either path, drop down and head
    right. Knock the walls forward and there is an E-Tank you can get immediately,
    you have to move forward and backtrack to get it. Maneuver through the  Peats
    and Wall Blaster 2s and face Mr. X. 
    This battle is (to quote Mai Shiranui’s win quote from the game King of 
    Fighters 99’) “Too easy you ask, you’re too weak to be easy.” Just stay on the
    very left and jump only over his energy balls since he will not touch you while
    he is swinging left to right. 7 Flame Blasts and Murder is all she wrote. After
    the battle, Mr. X will reveal himself to be none other than “Guess Who?” That’s
    right, it’s Dr. Wily. LOL @ the fact that he misspelled failed. He claims he 
    still has enough power to destroy you and says let the final battle begin. He’s
    right because this is the last NES game.
                                  Dr. Wily Stage 1
                                Boss: Mechazaurus
                               Weakness: Yamato Spear
    Enemies: Met, Fire Telly, Cyber Gabyoall, Shield Cannon, Cannopeller, Ben K.,
             Cannon Joe, Squidon
    Maneuver through Mets and Fire Tellys and fly to the end and drop down. Kill 
    the Shield Cannons and keep falling. Knock out the Cyber Gabyoall and kill
    the Cannopeller and get the life up if you need it and drop down. Kill the 
    Cannopeller and fly through the fans and drop down. Kill Shield Cannons here 
    and be prepared for a tricky part. Fall 2 screens through the middle then steer
    right and land on the fans. Kill the Cannopeller and drop down to the left and
    kill the Cannon Joe.
    This is a tough spot, grab your Jet Adapter and jump then hit the Fly Button,
    you dip a little bit then rise up and steer left to fly across the ceiling and
    drop down. Run right and hit Fly to dip as you fall to the right and move left
    and drop down. Head right and take the hit from the Ben K. if you can afford it
    and run right, same goes for the Squidon and soon you're at the gate. 
    Mechazaurus awaits you. Hop onto the rising platforms and hop off of them 
    before they reach the ceiling and shoot its eyes with the Yamato Spear. Be
    sure to avoid the fireballs it spits out too.
                                  Dr. Wily Stage 2
                                Boss: Tank-CS2
                               Weakness: Wind Storm
    Enemies: Curlinger, Shield Attacker GTR, Brain Break
    Knock out the wall behind you for an E-Tank then run right. Kill the Curlingers
    and the Shield Attacker GTRs and climb the ladder. Now for the reappearing/
    disappearing blocks, hop left two blocks, then up two blocks in which you're at
    the top then wait for a block to appear next to the slide area then slide to 
    the ladder and climb up. Run right and kill the Braiin Breaks and drop down 2
    screens. Run right and kill the Brain Breaks and enter the gate. 
    Tank-CS2 rolls on three wheels and lobs bullets and shoots bubbles at you. Aim 
    your Wind Storms at the middle of the boss and kill it in 7 shots.
                                  Dr. Wily Stage 3
                                Boss: All 8 bosses
                               Weakness: Same as before
    Enemies: Gabgyo, S-R300, Wall Blaster 2, Yamatoman, Plantman, Knightman, 
             Centaurman, Windman, Blizzardman, Flameman, Tomahawkman
    Kill the Gabgyos and avoid the spikes. The fan/wind hybrid can help you or hurt
    you. Make it to the ladder and climb up to kill the Wall Blaster 2s and fly to
    the ladder. Get ready for the traditional 8 boss copy battles. Here is the 
    order of bosses.
    Yamatoman		      Blizzardman
    Plantman		      Flameman
    Knightman Centaurman Windman Tomahawkman
    Use Wind Storm on Flameman.
                                  Dr. Wily Stage 4
                                Boss: Wily Machine 6 (Phase 1 and 2)
                                      Wily Capsule
                               Weakness: Silver Tomahawks (all 3)
    Enemies: Metall Potton
    Drop down and steer left and get the weapon up for Silver Tomahawk. Drop to the
    floor and head right and kill the Metall Dispenser and enter the gate. Use all
    the Silver Tomahawks as you can on all 3 forms then switch to Mega Buster for
    the rest of the battles. In the end, you finally catch Wily and off to jail he
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    You for reading
    Capcom for making the game.
    Mother (Chiguretha Lamphear) letting me give her original guide a facelift with
    more up to speed information.
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