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Reviewed: 07/12/00 | Updated: 07/12/00

Capcom: Yeah, let's make another uninnovative Mega Man game! That will sell!

This is the one of the most annoying things Capcom have done, in my opinion, making a lot of meaningless ''sequels'' to games that are basically carbon copies of the last games in the series with few changes. Now, I am not saying Mega Man 6 was a complete carbon copy of the other games in the series, because there was some innovations featured in the game. The problem is, the innovations that Capcom made in this game were, quite frankly, terrible. I mean, now Rush is not really a dog, but instead he is an adapter that plugs into Mega Man. What in the world was Capcom thinking? I wanted to like this game, but just couldn't.

Graphics (9/10)
I have to admit that the graphics in this game are the best I have seen in the entire NES series, ranging from all six games. The backgrounds in the game are varied and look outstanding, and the character and enemy designs scream classic Mega Man but they seem more up to date and futuristic (this is always a good thing). The stage designs in the game are great, as well, as all of the stages are designed great. I especially like the stage design in the Tomahawk man stage. The variety of enemy designs, character designs, and backgrounds in the game equal a graphical treat and some of the best graphics ever seen in a NES game, and definitely the best game in the NES Mega Man series. Overall, the graphics in the game are great!

Music and Sound Effects (5/10)
Yeah, thats right all you Mega Man 6 freaks out there, I did not like the music in the game that much at all! First off, the beats in the game are terrible and do not seem suited for the Mega Man series. I like the music in the game to a certain extent, especially the boss selection screen music and the music that plays when you choose a boss and it shows the picture of the boss (this music runs very well together, may I add). But, some of the music in the stages is just plain terrible. I especially did not like the music in the Yamato Man stage, I mean, ow annoying can a song get? The Flame Man and Tomahawk Man stages had good music, however. Sound effects in the game are okay, nothing special, most of them got annoying. Why couldn't they just recycle the same old sound effects, they probably would have sounded better. Overall, I was not a fan of the music or sound effects in the game AT ALL.

Gameplay and Control (5/10)
This is when the game really falls apart in my opinion. Capcom clearly rushed this game to beat the SNES to the market, because the quality of the gameplay has deteriorated greatly. First off, I got to wonder what Capcom's ''boss naming'' department was thinking when making this game. Yamato Man? Centaur Man? What in the world were they thinking? Then, of course, there is the famous animal friends. The stage designs in the game are creative, but I have to wonder what Capcom was thinking. Now, in four stages you can find letters to spell BEAT, Mega Man's animal friend, and in the other four you can get rush adapters. This time, however, you don't actually use Rush, isnetad he turns into an adapter for you. So instead of having the Rush jet, he instead will turn into a helicopter for your head and allow you to fly around by yourself. While this isn't the worst idea ever, I have to wonder why. Control is great as usual. Overall, this is a somewhat fun yet seriously flawed game with great control.

Replay Value: Medium
Yes, I am going to go ahead and give this game a medium in the replay value, even if it is my least favorite of the six Mega Man games. First off, you will probably want to play through the game a few times, because there are a lot of secrets to be found, and the game is somewhat still lots of fun to play, even if you can get past the serious flaws. So, overall, the game has decent replay value, but thats it.

Challenge: Very Easy
I noticed how the challenge of the NES Mega Man series has decreased with each passing game. The first game was the most challenging, the second was the second most challenging, etc. This was the easiest of the six, and I had no problem going through it, and you should have little problems with it as well. Overall, this is a very easy game that provides little challenge.

Overall (5/10)
What in the heck was Capcom thinking? Did they really have to make a sixth game? I mean, it is clear they rushed this game into the market so it would still be popular, but even then it was released a year AFTER the Super Nintendo had already been released. Why in the heck did they release this game then? It was clearly unmotivated and had serious flaws. The worst of the six NES Mega Mans, by far.

Would TerraBranford buy this game?
This is a mixed bag. I would buy it for a collection, but not to have just to play. I would buy it to collect all 6 Mega Mans, thats it.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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