"The dieing robot..... Mega Man!"

A sixth game on one console? There is no doubt that is ridiculous and that is why Mega Man 6 is the worst game on the NES. The series was never the same after Mega Man 3 but Mega Man 6 is noticeably the worst game of the NES series. Mega Man for the NES is the beginning of a legacy that spans well over 50 titles and does not appear to be stopping any time soon. There are 6 Mega Man games just for the NES! Legend of Zelda has only two, Final Fantasy had three and Mario Bros. has 3. The NES Mega Man games aren't too much different than one another which would probably explain why the later games aren't received as well. The games were rehashed for the most part and there wasn't a whole lot of spark of creativity. Mega Man 4 is truly where you can start to see the decline and, Mega Man 6 is where the series starts to be in a slump.

Mega Man games aren't known for their enticing storylines but Mega Man 6 does have one. Mr. X sponsors a robot tournament but when the final eight robots of the tournament are about to go on stage, Mr. X teleports himself and the robots out of there. Mr. X tells Mega Man that he has been manipulating Dr. Wily for a long time but no longer needs his help. The storyline really is not exciting at all. Mega Man 5 at least had Protoman but Mega Man 6… blech. The eight robot master in this game are Blizzard Man, Flame Man, Centaur Man, Knight Man, Wind Man, Yamato Man, Plant Man and Tomahawk Man. Flame Man? Blizzard Man? Haven't we seen these before. Yeah, we have. the beginning of this game you will have the option of eight levels to choose from, one for each of the aforementioned robot masters. This is different from the original Mega Man which only had 6 to choose from. Your goal is to navigate through each level and have a final showdown with the robot master at the end. This isn't as easy as it sounds though because several of the robot masters can really only be easily defeated with their weakness. I personally approve of this way, I think it requires you to have more strategy than just waltzing through each level. Having these different powers at your disposal is really nice and adds a lot to the game play because let us be honest here, it would get boring just using your little blaster over and over again. There isn't anything new in this game.

Mega Man 6 is a very challenging game like the other Mega Man games. Difficulty wise, it is much more intense than a Mario game. While the difficulty can't quite compare to the original, that is actually okay, it is more balanced in this game. Simply jumping over a pit can be a challenge because you have to time your jump just right. One thing that is irritating about this game is that you have to be precise. You'll have to battle some tough regular enemies and you have to make sure you shoot well, or an enemy might run into you which would knock you off a block you were standing on. There are some block puzzles where the blocks will appear and disappear and you'll have to study their patterns and act accordingly. Of course, by accordingly I mean quickly. It can get irritating but once you have conquered it, it's quite satisfying and rewarding. I will admit I was often frustrated with this game. This is a very difficult game but it was still slightly easier than the other Mega Man games. There is nothing wrong with that though.

Mega Man 5 really drops the ball on the graphics and soundtrack. The graphics are exactly the same; there is no improvement at all from Mega Man 5. The soundtrack is also very disappointing. Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 have the best soundtracks on the NES. Mega Man 6 rehashes the beats of previous soundtracks and a lot of times it sounds horrible. Obviously no effort was put into these aspects. Hell, little effort was put into the game period.

Rating Breakdown:
Story: 5/10
Game Play: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Music: 2/5
Sound: 5/5
Difficulty: 8/10
Average Score: 6.8 = 68% = D (Rounds to 7)

Unique Abilities
Okay sound
Interesting game play
Balanced Difficulty
All previous abilities are still available

Rehashed story/ Bad soundtrack
A slump in the series
No updates graphically

Mega Man 6 is without a doubt the worst of the NES six-part series. It was ridiculous for Capcom to put 6 games on one system. They must have known that this would eventually cause Mega Man to be a joke in the industry later on.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/08/07

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