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"The Mega Man NES series is ended with a legendary entry!"

Mega Man 6 is completely ownage. It's like Mega Man 5, but even better! Which is pretty hard to accomplish. It seemed to get a lot of hate and for all the wrong reasons too. In my opinion it was a incredible game, but why? That's explained in the review... So, anyways onto the review.

Graphics:10/10:For sure, some of the best NES capable Graphics right here. Some of the level designs are just awesome. Enemies look great and so do the bosses. Backgrounds are very nice as well. Overall extremely good Graphics.

Gameplay:10/10:Mega Man 6 is a extremely fun game. You'll still be defeating eight master robots then going through the final set of stages. Like Mega Man 5 the levels are still very innovative and challenging. You'll be going through several unique and challenging and most importantly fun obstacles. Now, more deeper into the Gameplay.

You still go from the beginning to the end of the level. Levels are still innovative. Such as, Plant Man's level. You'll be jumping your way across springs shooting at flowers to use as platforms and killing fish that jump out of the water as you do that. Another example is, the first Dr. Wily's castle level. In this level you get to use one of the most awesome upgrades ever. The Rush Jet Pack it basically is a jetpack. It keeps Megaman floating while he is falling. The more you use it. the further down it's energy goes. When your not using it though it's energy recovers. In the specific level I mentioned you have to use it wisely. You have to fly across fans that boost you up and down while preventing yourself from falling into spikes at certain points. Some point simply involve jumping off a ledge and flying with the Rush Jet Pack to the next screen. Of course, it's not that easy and you need to plan your course of action before you start flying. Make even a slight mistake with your planning and you'll die. Well, that mostly explains how the innovations are. You, get the idea. Onto, the difficulty now.

The difficulty is still great. The game is pretty challenging, but satisfying, quick paced and fun. Levels will usually take a Game Over or two to get pretty good at and bosses are still quite hard. Enemies are fairly hard as well and have the right attacking capabilities to take you down, but remain fair. One thing striked me as odd though. Dr. Wily's Castle was disappointingly easy. Not so much the levels, but the bosses. They were arguably pathetic aside from the second level boss. Even Dr. Wily himself all three forms were fairly challenging at best. Either way, Mega Man 6 is a lot of fun, challenging, innovative and quick paced. So, it gets a 10/10 on Gameplay. Let's talk about Music now.

Music:10/10:The Music is still awesome in this game. While not quite up to the best sounding games of the series the Music is still very good. Sound effects are typical Mega Man fare though.

Overall:10/10:There's just no reason this game should receive hate. It's fun, innovative and challenging plus quick paced. The Graphics are superb and look fantastic. Music is still awesome. So, overall Mega Man 6 was a excellent just about perfect game to me so, it gets a 10/10. Give this game a TRY! You will NOT REGRET IT!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/30/08

Game Release: Mega Man 6 (US, 03/31/94)

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