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Reviewed: 08/19/10

A good way to ease yourself into the series

Megaman is a game series that often known for its cheesy story lines, neat bosses, awesome music, but unrelenting difficulty. However if you are a fan who wants to start off with something easy, Megaman 6 may be for you. Don't get me wrong, this game is no walk in the park, but compared to other megaman titles, this one is actually pretty timid, especially among platforming veterans. However, even if you are a gamer who is looking for a challenge, there are definitely a lot of ways to keep this game interesting.

Story: 6/10
Its your average Wily scheme plot that is in almost every other Megaman game. The only difference in this one however is that the plot carries on to Megaman 7, which makes for really interest analysis. other than that, weak story, but thats not why we play these games now is it?

Graphics: 8/10
The visuals are stunning for an 8-bit game, and all the backgrounds and stages are well designed. The enemies have well designed sprites as well and the designs for the robot masters are some of the best in the series. Whats really interesting is if you go back and replay some stages in the game, the time of day in the level will be different, and so will the color pallet for some if the objects.

levels: 7/10
There are 3 factors that make a well designed Megaman game: Bosses, Levels, and Powers. The level designs are often pretty good, though sometimes they range from well thought out all the way through, to bits and pieces feel empty. A perfect comparison would be Plantman's and Yamatoman's stages. Plantman has a very elaborate stage filled with intricate puzzles, tricky enemies, and plenty of opportunities to make use of your abilities. Yamatoman on the other hand has sections that feel downright empty, and mo real puzzles other than some tough enemies and a death trap towards the end of the stage. The bosses can be hit and miss as well. bosses such as Centaurman, Flameman, Tomahawkman, and Wind man, will often put up a decent fight, while others such as Plantman, Blizzardman, and Knightman are a joke once you figure out there patterns. The powers however are some of the best in the series. sure you have your standards like a shield and a kill screen ability, but then there are powers like Silver tomahawk and Flame blast that have excellent reach and can hit enemies from different heights, and then knightmans ability which is especially useful against close quarter enemies at any angle. Blizzardmans is probably the only useless weapon of the bunch.

Difficulty: easy to mildly difficult
mega man 6 is probably the easiest mega man game of the original 6, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Its the perfect game for beginners to start the series with, and and there are a lot of opportunities to learn the ins and outs of an average Megaman game without being overwhelmed. This shouldn't scare away veterans though, there is still a lot of fun to be had with this game. its fun to work the abilities into your playthroughs, and sometimes even challenge yourself by beating all the bosses with an uncharged megabuster [which is very possible to do in this game] also its the best megaman to achieve Mister perfect in.

Re-playability: 8/10
It will definitely take you more than one playthrough to see all this game has to offer, and thanks to the alternate paths in several of the Robot Masters stages, you can definitely experience the stages differently each time. Since the levels and bosses are generally easy, you can pretty much start from anywhere and mix and match each stage you go to. Since the powers are so versatile, you can playthough through each game differently, and not have to rely on the same weapons constantly. Overall it will be a long time before you get board of this game

Even though it is by far the easiest of the megaman games, there is still a lot this game has going for it that keeps things interesting and fun. though probably more enjoyed by newbies than veterans, there are still a lot of reasons to love Megaman 6 and still a lot of reason of why it is one of my favorite mega man titles.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mega Man 6 (US, 03/31/94)

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