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"It's better than number 5 to say the least."

Mega Man 6 isn't exactly the crowd favorite when it comes to Mega Man games, but if I were to put my two cents in, I'd say it's still a respectable Mega Man game in its own right. Mega Man 6 is the last game on the Nintendo Entertainment System before it progressed onto the Super Nintendo, and I think it's a respectable game.

Robot Masters: Nintendo tried to be a little more creative in making cultural bosses. We got Blizzard Man from Canada, Wind Man from China, Flame Man from India, ...Oh you get the rest. The Robot Masters themselves have some unique looks to them, with one of them having FOUR LEGS! Some like Wind Man and Knight Man are pretty cool, but others like Flame Man and Yamato Man aren't that great.

Stages: This one has arguably the most diverse stage environments in the series. Sure, we have the recognizable Ice and Sky levels, but we also have a beautiful Forest level that surpasses the liked of Wood-Man or Napalm Man's stage. We have a Japanese Level, an Arabian Level, a Desert Level, and other cool locations. As far as gimmicks go, not much new is added, but the stages do have their quirks in this category.

Music: While not the greatest the series has to offer, it's still a big step up from Mega Man 5's musical score. Plant Man's theme has a nice rocking theme for its stage, Tomohawk Man's theme sets the mood for a deep desert theme, Flame Man's theme has a nice Arabian feel, over-all it's nice that Capcom actually payed attention to the stages when giving them their themes, unlike Mega Man 5 where it felt like the stages just got random melodies that don't match up well. One complaint I do have is that the melodies in Mega Man 6 are a little more complex than past games.

Gameplay: Again, another step up from Mega Man 5. With a better soundtrack, and more diverse locations the game-play itself feels a little more fun. The boss fights are a little better. Yamato Man is a pretty big pushover, but the others can give you a run for their money. I also like how more thought was put into the bosses. Instead of just a random assortment of projectile moves this time around, they actually have strategy and logic put in their moves.

Summary: All things considered, this is a respectable entry to the series. It's not as amazing as 3 or 4, but it's still an improvement over the lack-luster Mega Man 5 title.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/27/12

Game Release: Mega Man 6 (US, 03/31/94)

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