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"Maybe Capcom did spend enough time working on it.."

Mega Man 5 was definitely a great game, but I expected mixed things from Mega Man 6. Was Capcom rushing the Mega Man games out of the gate too quickly? I mean, think about it. They make Mega Man 5, and then a year later, they have Mega Man 6, plus the newer games for Super Nintendo. Were they making a mistake by making this game? As it turns out, they did not, as this game is a blast (no matter what other reviewers may try to coerce you into thinking). I really enjoyed playing this game, and it is very fun, even today. I definitely recommend purchasing this game, especially if you are a fan of the series.

Storyline – Mega Man 5 advanced the storyline, and Mega Man 6 continues it, although in a different light. This time, Dr. Wily has attacked a Robot Tournament and turned all the robots that were participating in the tournament into evil machines, so Mega Man needs to destroy them. I like that storyline, at least now Dr. Wily isn’t making all the damn robots himself, that’s kind of unrealistic if you think about it.

Graphics – This is the best looking game on the NES. There, I said it. Look at the backgrounds in the game, they are truly incredible. From the sunset overtones of the Skeleton Man stage, to the watery futuristic underwater town of the background of the Centaur Man stage, the backgrounds in the game are well varied and are definitely top notch. The enemy designs in the game are great, and I especially like the boss designs, Capcom really stepped it up a notch in that department in the last 2 Mega Man games on NES.

Music and Sound Effects – Like all the other great Mega Man games, this game features outstanding music. I really like all of the music in this game. I remember once I got really bored, and was playing Mega Man 6. So I got my tape recorder and made a tape with all the songs featured in Mega Man 6, then I ended up listening to the tapes a few times. That shows you how much I liked the music in this game. The sound effects are also pretty cool, although there is nothing really new here in that particular department.

Gameplay and Control – The control in this game is solid, as I like how Rush can now do different things, more on that later. You still have to use the pause screen to change special weapons, and it’s still annoying. The game itself is very fun, as it encourages exploration. Collect 4 letters (RUSH) to get Rush, as opposed to the 8 (MEGAMANV) you needed to get in Mega Man 5. Rush can now turn into special adaptors for you, for instance you can now fly on your own using a helicopter propeller instead of using Rush himself to fly around. Very innovative indeed.

Replay Value – Man, I used to play this game all the damned time!

Challenge – It’s part six, so it’s the easiest of the bunch. Call it the Capcom effect.

Overall – Great gameplay , great graphics, everything about this game is great!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/13/01, Updated 03/13/01

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