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"Mega Man 6, sadly, marks the beginning of Mega Man's slow decline..."

Mega Man 6 is a mixed package. It has its good points... but it certainly has more of its bad ones. It was obviously rushed, but that's understandable, as Capcom wanted to get Part 6 out before the NES's soon-coming death...

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics still live up to Mega Man standards... mostly. Mega Man still looks great, and the bosses don't look too bad, either... but the backgrounds are bland-looking, and the enemies, amusingly, are mostly the same color in any given stage. It sickeningly reminds me of Bubble Bobble 2. They're also incredibly small and not very detailed, unlike Mega Man 5. Also, very dissapointingly, the Mega Buster shots were REALLY toned down this time - the Level 3 Shot is about two times smaller than the one in Mega Man 5. Otherwise, everything looks like it typically should, though it could have been much better.

Music/Sound: 6/10

Blah. That's about the best way to describe Mega Man 6's music. It's still good, typical Mega Man music, but none of the tunes are memorable or catchy, and they're very empty sounding, and not very inspired. Additionally, a lot of the tunes are repetitive. At least Mega Man 1's music was catchy, and even inspired. The sound effects are also pitiful - a lot of them are choppy and weird, and EVERY one of Mega Man's special weapons (and even the Level 3 Shot) has the SAME sound effect as the usual Mega Buster shot (the one you get just by pressing B). And if it doesn't have that one, then it has no sound at all. Really sad, huh? The enemy shots all sound the same, too. It's really too bad the game was this rushed...

Story: N/A

The story in Mega Man 6 is pretty old, and very simple. Anyway, THIS time a new villain named "Mr. X" (ooh) has appeared and taken over the Robot Tournament, claiming that he has "been manipulating that fool, Dr. Wily, from the beginning". Like we can't see that it's really Dr. Wily in disguise. Really, Capcom. Anyway, "Mr. X" takes the robots and reprograms them so that he can use them against Mega Man and the world. This time, the robots are - Knight Man, with a powerful ball and chain; Centaur Man, with, a, uh, Centaur Flash that can somehow damage things; Wind Man, who can create raging tornadoes to blow his enemies away; Flame Man, who can create large fires; Blizzard Man, who can create deadly snowflakes and snowstorms to put his opponents on ice (haha, I made a funny); Plant Man, who uses Flower Power to hurt his enemies (?); Tomahawk Man, who can toss searing tomahawks at his unlucky victims; and Yamato Man, the deadly Robot Master of the Spear. Um, yeah. The creative team must have been asleep during the creation of Mega Man 6. Of course, Mega Man answers the call for justice, and takes on "Mr. X"...

Control: 9/10

Well, the Mega Man controls are perfect, as always - but what's this? A 9?! Yes, a 9 - because I noticed that the controls are a little slippy when using Mega Man's "Rush Jet" Adaptor. It's really hard to thrust exactly where you want to - you'll find yourself dropping onto spikes many a time. Otherwise, though, this is the game's best point. Enjoy it. ^_^

Fun Factor: 6/10

Well, this is classic Mega Man, so that's definitely not a bad thing... but Mega Man 6 just loses that special Mega Man "charm" that all the other games had. First off, is the evolution of Rush. No longer do you have the Rush Coil and Rush Jet - now you have the Rush Power "Adaptor" and Rush Jet "Adaptor" - both of which are kinda weird and just aren't as cool as the old Rush powers were. You can't slide in either of the suits, which really sucks. The robot weapons are boring and uninspired, and the extra items to collect are just as much so. This time, you can find four circuit plates ("B, "E", "A", T") that will, obviously, let you use Beat, Mega Man's robotic bird helper. These circuit plates are won by defeating the REAL copies of Knight Man, Centaur Man, Tomahawk Man, and Yamato Man, whom you can get to by coming back to the stages with the Rush Jet and Rush power Adaptors. It's not nearly as fun as searching the stages for the items like in Part 5. The one pro in this area is the introduction of the Energy Balancer item - an extra item that automatically refills the Weapon with the lowest energy when you pick up a Weapon Capsule, without you having to switch to it. This is a hard item to find, and it's fun to look for it, too. But that's about it. Everything else is just kinda bland, and the game drags on too long with the whole "Mr. X" thing. It's really unfortunate that Mega Man's NES adventures had to come to such a sad end...

Overall: 6/10

Mega Man 6 is the last NES Mega Man game, and most unfortunately, also the worst. The game just lost all its charm - probably due to the lack of interest in the developers, and also the rush. Things will get better for Mega Man, but not much - Mega Man 5 was the last great Mega Man ever to be made. May it rest in peace.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 08/07/01

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